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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 16, 2008 12:20 PM

Saturday notes

Posted by Bob Condotta

Tyrone Willingham began his daily media briefing by telling us that he had compared the list of those who are injured today with the team's injury list at a similar point last season and found there isn't much difference.

Without giving exact numbers, Willingham said UW has two more injured players this year than it had last year at this time. He acknowledged that the fact that Jake Locker is one of them is one reason there may be more of a spotlight on the injuries this year. But he said in general, he doesn't see any real difference between this and other camps.

"The numbers are very comparable,'' he said. "It's just the stuff that happens.''

Willingham said that only one player will miss the Oregon game due to an injury suffered so far in camp --- walk-on linebacker T.J. Poe, who suffered a clavicle injury and is out an extended period.

Every other injured player, he said, could be ready to go for Oregon.

Still, the team is getting some more bumps and bruises. Safety Nate Williams suffered what Willingham called "a little owie'' during practice on Friday. Williams appeared to have his knee wrapped in ice. But Willingham said he should be back today.

Willingham also revealed that WR Charles Hawkins is out with a groin pull and that WR Cody Bruns has been limited with a muscle spasm suffered when he took a helmet to the back.

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Posted by Roddy Radiation

12:32 PM, Aug 16, 2008

I remember the last few camps have gone just like this. The media makes a big deal out of some minor injuries and then game week, most everyone is back and ready to go. It is called football.

Posted by gildobie5803

12:41 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Not to be a downer (i'm optimistic for the season), but I'm sure the fact that Savannah and Shaw are gone add to the "injury" discussion. Hate to see an underdog team shorthanded to start the season.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:24 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Boise Truth,

Thanks for your details regarding BSU's WR growing pains last year two threads back.

I think there will be a lot of competition among the young WRs this year and I am certain they will all fight like mad to improve their blocking. My thought is downfield blocking is not easy and is one of the areas where experience can be most useful.

As people have pointed out, our spread offense is highly dependent upon the quality of the downfield blocking we get from the WRs. UO excelled in this area, I thought, last year.


Regarding your thoughts 2 threads back...

I tend to think that it is easier to block as a WR when the DBs play up at the line. I always thought the hard part was running up to them and engaging them if they are 7-8 yards off the line. They have the advanatage of seeing the ball carrier and you, while you cannot see the ball carrier, and they have a chance to evade you (the blockera bit) as they come up to the line. I think we saw an example of that with Kirton last year, in the apple cup. He was running downfield between Rankin and WSU's last defender and was trying to slow down to engage the defender and blow him out of the way. The DB simply side-stepped him and was able to get Rankin pretty easily. My thoughts are that it is a really difficult skill to learn...getting into the downfield DB, engaging him, and being able to drive him where you want him to go. It also helps if you agile, and not a 300 lb lug like Kirton has become. (While he looked really bad on that play and took a ton of heat for it, I think it is a much harder play to make than most people realize).

Posted by 78dawg

1:27 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Okay, this is totally off topic, but since this blog has a lot to do with recruiting - I'm adding it here:

I don't subscribe to dawgman or realdawg but I do check their front pages often, and is showing the cougs getting verbal commits from Gino Simone and Kirby Moore plus another commit I don't know. These two wideouts were both offered by the dogs and both were at practice on Tuesday last week. Man I was feeling so good after Coleman commited, but this is a bummer. I know the cougs have to get "some" in state guys but I was looking forward to these guys playing on the right side of the state.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:28 PM, Aug 16, 2008

just in case you hadn't seen my question on earlier threads, I will repeat it here:

Is Freeman, the short guy from LA, getting a look in the return game on special teams? Lappano I think commented about how elusive and quick he is.

(I suspect you just haven't had time to look into this since they aren't giving you much access to the players and coaches and there are bigger more important stories you need to get to instead...)


Posted by HowlinHusky

1:29 PM, Aug 16, 2008

There's nothing for the media to talk about other than injuries and Ty's status so the injuries seem huge.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:32 PM, Aug 16, 2008

78 dawg,

That is very relevant news, and yes, a major, major bummer.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:37 PM, Aug 16, 2008

78 dawg,

I hope that our staff continues to go very hard after those guys. I think that is fair game.

Wulf went very hard after Mackay last year when he committed to us.

I wonder if the prospect of WR playing time in teh WSU program is pretty good starting next year? They lose Brandon GIbson, they are going to throw a lot, and I am not sure whom they have besides Jeshua Anderson? Maybe there is a lot of opportunity there?

In our own WR set, we have a large cohort in this freshman class, many of whom appear to have a lot of raw talent.

I wonder if that had something to so with Moore and Simone going elsewhere. Simone really surprises me, with Garvais here.

Bad news, to say the least.

Posted by Bob Condotta

1:37 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Two thing ---

Michael makes a decent point in that in the absence of having any real news to cover, we probably sometimes overemphasize injuries. A lot of days, that simply feels like all we really have to pass on since otherwise, all we have is seeing 25 minutes of stretching.

On Freeman --- I know most of the young guys are getting looked at there, but my impression was the leaders for the KO return job are the two Polks, with Goodwin the leader for the punt return job.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:38 PM, Aug 16, 2008


Posted by OlyDawg

1:56 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Bummer big time on Moore and Simone. Not surprising considering how shallow the pool of WR talent will be next year at WSU (and its pass happy offense).

Next year seemed to make the most sense with trying to recruit WRs at UW with the log jam we have with freshman and redshirt freshmen this year.

Posted by 78dawg

2:00 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Formerly Guest,

My question is about the quarterback situation. We have Locker for two years, Fouch for three, and then some good prospects. I don't think wsu has the talent we do, so if I were Moore and Simone, I would want to know whose going to be throwing to me. The scary thing is, with Simone going, could he influence Heaps - maybe he knows Heaps is thinking that way and that's why he made his decision.

The tough part for UW recruiting is, most guys want to commit early and then play their senior years. But guys following UW have to wait and see what happens to our coaches. I think Coleman, like Middleton last year, would be a husky no matter who the coach is.

Posted by Formerly Guest

2:33 PM, Aug 16, 2008


This is all speculation on my part, so please feel free to laugh at it or tear it apart-

1) There may be good prospects for immediete WR playing time next year at WSU, regardless of who is throwing the ball
2) There may be a real log jam at WR at UW for a while. Moore and Simone will be bunched up with all the freshman we have right now and could feel stuck
3) I don't think Simone will influence Heaps all that well. Heaps, I suspect, is going to able to go anywhere. I don't seem him going to WSU over UW and everywhere else. If he were real tight with Simone and his onyl two options were WSU and UW, I could see him leaning toward WSU. But I don't think that will be the case.
4) The more ominous problem here is that I think we all hoped/expected coach Gervais would give us a head start with Heaps and Simone and Williams. Now we see that is not the case with Simone, and so it seems it won't be the case with Heaps - who is the gold medal of this very talented bunch.
5) If we catch fire really well this year and have a dynamic and exciting offense, a competent defense and finish near 4th in the Pac-10, I suspect guys like this will be rethinking their committments - especially if WSU doesn't bring in some great QB fits for their no-huddle spread. My hope is our team really looks like they are having an infectious good time out there, with a lot of interchangable skill players. I think that would be attractive to guys like this.
6) Again, I just don't see Heaps going to WSU when he is going to be able to go anywhere when all is said and done. So I don't see Simone committing as an indication that Heaps is leaning towards WSU.

Posted by BoiseTruth

2:55 PM, Aug 16, 2008


I was bummed when I heard the news. I personally wasn't too impressed with Simone, but I was hoping for Bruns. However, I guess it makes sense for them. I don't think either could have played early at UW, or BSU, so WSU was the next best choice. I know BSU is stacked at receiver, and UW brought in some nice talent last year. I guess I'm at the point where I feel like - if you don't think you can compete with the best, go some place else. They did. Good luck to both of them.

Additionally, we can be sure that they both received good counsel before making their decision. Simone had Gervais to tell him the truth at UW. Moore had his brother to tell him the truth at BSU so at least they could make an informed decision. That's always nice.

Posted by OlyDawg

2:57 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Heaps is going to be able to choose from nearly ANY of the major BCS schools out there next summer. UW has a better chance than WSU just based on the history of the program and the proximity to his home (and former coach).

Moreoever, with UCLA, LSU, and others likely offering him, WSU will be way down the list of schools to choose from. He could always surprise everybody, but I'm crossing my fingers real hard for him. He'll have a slew of experienced and talented WRs to throw to if he came here in 2010.

Posted by BoiseTruth

3:11 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Sorry, said hoping for Bruns (which I was, but we've already got him) meant hoping for Moore.

Posted by BoiseTruth

3:32 PM, Aug 16, 2008


I understand what you're saying about blocking down field. You may be right. I guess I'm going by my experience as much as anything. I was primarily an OLB, but I played TE, WR, and FB also. I was constantly blocking down field, and I never found it to be particularly difficult. What I was saying was, as with most things football, if you have the desire, and understanding (coaching) nothing is as complicated as some of these players would have us believe. Yeah, college football is more difficult than HS football, but it's still not rocket science. If you really want to get it done, it's not a three year learning curve like some would like us to believe. Obviously, it is dependent on the individual. Let's hope we recruited smart guys with desire.

Posted by Joe

3:50 PM, Aug 16, 2008

78dawg lets just take the most optimistic view possible of the recruiting situation.. maybe they saw all our young wide receivers in action at the practice they attended, realized they were incredibly good and saw no opportunity for play time, and gave up and committed to WSU.

Posted by mattysimone

3:56 PM, Aug 16, 2008

really surprised that simone picked wsu but his small size might not have got him alot of PT here. moore im disappointed at. I think its time for udub to give ty the extension. We cant wait on the season to get big recruits like we did last DEC. I want them locked up now. I think TY is the right guy and has the the program headed in the right direction. wAZZu woud have been the last school I thought they would have picked..I mean cmon atleast pick BSU or the coooooooooougs

Posted by Chuck Armstrong

3:58 PM, Aug 16, 2008

I agree, if we want any hope at a winning season or recruiting we NEED an extension with Ty for 3 + years with large mutual buy out clauses so the recruits know he will be here.

Posted by Formerly Guest

3:59 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Boise Truth,
You have a good theory there with Moore (getting inside scoop from big brother) and Simone (geting insde scoop from Gervais).

If desire is going to be a big factor in our WRs learning to block effectively, I think you're right in that there is going to be a very competitive atmosphere there with 5-6 very talented guys now all in the same class.

I see the same dynamic in our RBs as well.

Posted by old dawg

4:00 PM, Aug 16, 2008

"WSU was the first pac 10 team ever to have 3 10 win seasons and it has yet to be matched."

That and 50 cents won't even buy you a cup of coffee.

I wouldn't get too worked up over the WR situation. It's early yet. We have a nice stable of receivers, and this is a slow year in WA. If it was Williams, then I'd be really concerned.

Posted by Formerly Guest

4:04 PM, Aug 16, 2008


You commented before you played for Wulf. (I think when I was whining about Cory Mackay switching to DE at WSU). As these two WR recruits we all liked have now committed to WSU and this has become the topic of discussion for the day...would you care to offer more of an inside perspective of what it was like being recruited by and playing for the guy? (I recall you hinted something like "he will tell any recruit anything in order to get them to sign...")

Posted by Woof!

4:17 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Moore didn't commit...

"While it's a "definite" that Skyline receiver, Gino Simone has committed today to WSU, Prosser's Kirby Moore says that he has not committed to WSU. He wanted to set the record straight..."

Posted by BoiseTruth

4:21 PM, Aug 16, 2008


Yeah, I feel good that both those guys had exceptional info.. One thing I wanted to add to blocking down field which may tie into some of your thoughts. I remember Bob commenting on how skinny Boyle was. I saw a picture of him recently, and he's skinny. Maybe the fact that these guys will not have the chance to get stronger before having to block some big safeties is what you were talking about which would be a very valid point that I wasn't considering. Running out the door to BSU scrimmage so please forgive if I've been a little scattered. Yay football.

Posted by BoiseTruth

4:23 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Thanks Woof. Yay Moore. UW or BSU.

Posted by DawgsWin

4:30 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Does everyone now see what a new Head Coach can do for your recruiting efforts? Wulff is bringing in the talent. UW better hope the other two don't commit. It will be a backbreaker.

I guess Mora wouldn't have energized the recruiting efforts the same way Wulff has for WSU. So glad we have a lameduck coach.

Willingham will end up being one of the few UW coaches ever in any sport that was outrecruited by WSU.

Posted by Blair

4:31 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Bob or anyone else,
What's the status of the MLB position? Have you heard anything about how Trenton Tuisasopo is doing? I think he was giong to be in a buttle with Butler for the starting position correct? Guessing we're going to need some pretty solid LB play this year.

Posted by DawgsWin

4:32 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Chuck Armstrong:

An extention for Willingham will do nothing. We still aren't sure if he can even coach. What we needed was a new Head Coach.

See how it helped WSU?

Posted by mattysimone

4:35 PM, Aug 16, 2008

simone was the only one to commit...he just said the other two guys from the eastside would commit today! I hope moore jacks simone and picks udub!!! I like that moore wanted the record straight! lets go kirby pick the DUB! an to the wAZZu fan neither of them are even close to an all american.....your an idiot! go ask middleton what an all american is lolo. go drink some more schmidt and smoke that hay chronic

Posted by mattysimone

4:38 PM, Aug 16, 2008


lol another idiot.....ty had the top 5 recruits in the state commit after the season was done last what? GIVE TY THE EXTENSION!!!

Posted by DawgsWin

5:46 PM, Aug 16, 2008


The only idiots are those still thinking Willingham is the guy for the job. I hope like heck he suddenly has a great season. You realize he's 11-25? The worst three year Head Coach in the history of UW?

Yeah, let's give an extention to a guy that has less wins in three years than a program like Georgia had last year by themselves.

He'll be gone with anything less than eight wins.

Posted by DawgsWin

5:47 PM, Aug 16, 2008


Why do you not care about winning?

Posted by mattysimone

6:05 PM, Aug 16, 2008

I care about winning but when you take over a program that could barely win one game I dont expect much except for discipline and recruits. Hes doin both and what did we win 4 games last year and with experience probably would have won 4-5 more. We will be fine. still young but alot of talent. lets say we win 5-6 games this year..I hope fro 7. then what next year? next year could be great and to open with LSU. things take time. we have waited 7 years whats another 1? Think of oregon ..they have waited to win a rose bowl for almost 100 years lol!!!! HES THE RIGHT GUY. nobody else id rather have sitting in living rooms talkin to parents than TY. if we had ANYONE else other than ty we wouldnt have Johri and defently not Polk. maybe Johri if we had mora but I doubt polk. Im happy with ty and hoping hes on our sidelines till hes don james age! If I was TY id close all practices and never answer questions either...why give the enemy info

Posted by DawgsWin

6:12 PM, Aug 16, 2008


Willingham is a .500 career coach all-time.

He's 11-25 at UW. The worst three years ever.

He's 0-2 at Husky Stadium against WSU. That's unheard of.

He is something like 1-8 total against WSU, Oregon, and OSU. He has yet to beat Oregon or OSU.

Willingham has one a grant total of one Bowl Game in his career. He's 1-4.

Willingham has had a grand total of either three or four seasons of 8+ wins in his career (out of 13 seasons).]

Myself and many others that have followed this football program for a long time simply demand a lot more than that. UW is #2 in all-time win percentage in the Pac-10. Winning six or seven games a season isn't good enough at UW. I want 8+ every season. We didn't have a losing season for 27 straight seasons. Now we could possibly have six in a row.

I hope he wins. I really do. I want him to. Having said that, he will be gone if he doesn't win at least eight this season. It's year four. These are his players. It's time for him to win some football games. If not, bring on Mendenhall, Saban, Sarkisian, Kiffin, Mora, and so forth.

Rebuilding doesn't take forever. Rebuilding with the wrong Head Coach takes forever.

Posted by K-Dub

6:26 PM, Aug 16, 2008

After reading "DawgsWin" brilliant response (LOL) to mattysimone, does anyone else get the feeling that the vast majority of the Negadawgs, whom although claim themselves to be Dawg fans, probably aren't even alumni, and seem to have a very limited education?? LOL

It seems these guys constantly throw out the simple minded 11-25 without having the ability to think critically and look deeper at a situation before arriving at a conclusion.

It's almost like these guys represent the lowest common denominator when we think of the worst possible traits of a Husky fan. For years I would hear the stereotypes regarding Dawg fans from friends of mine who were Alums of other schools.

Of those stereotypes, they would always talk about the obnoxious Dawg fan who never even attended UW. Is it possible that this faction of fans are now what constitutes the majority of the Negadawgs out there??? The type, the Softy types, etc., who can't think for themselves, or don't have the mental capability to understand logic when provided.

LOL just thinking out loud...

Posted by Formerly Guest

6:31 PM, Aug 16, 2008

That is good news about Moore. My thoughts were from what I had read earlier is that he will almost certainly end up at WSU or BSU. I thought we had a very good chance at Simone.

Either way, any recruit who would like to come to UW but is scared away by the coaching situation can later renege on a comittment they give now to a competitor, once they see us winning a bunch of games this season.

Just like one of our competitors can still swoop in and try to change Coleman's mind about his committment to us.

Posted by DawgsWin

6:35 PM, Aug 16, 2008


I have contributed to this football program for a long time. I have put a ton of money into it. I enjoy winning. Do you?

Why do you think Willingham is the right guy? The only people that throw out insults are the ultimate "posi" fans that simply stick their head in the stand and don't look at facts staring them in the face.

I said I want him to win. I hope he goes 13-0 and wins it all.

Seriously, what do you expect from our football program? What are your expectations? You act as if our alumni are happy with Willingham. Almost all of them aren't. That's why every piece I've seen has him on the #1 hotseat in college football.

I point out stats. You throw out insults. That about sums it up.

What is your opinion going to be if we lose at Oregon badly and then have another losing season? Do you really think he should get year five?

What is your profession? Apparently, (if you are a boss) you don't have any expectations for your employees. Willingham is just that. He is paid to win football games. He is paid $1.5 million and is #3 in the Pac-10. Do you think he's getting it done for that kind of money?

What about Ron Zook at Illinois? Had back to back horrible seasons and took them to the Rose Bowl.

How about Pete Carroll pulling USC out of mediocrity?

Coach after coach has gotten it done in less time. I just don't see the point of defending a Head Coach that loses football games. Maybe you can tell me why you are doing just that.

Being factual is not being negative.

Posted by mattysimone

6:46 PM, Aug 16, 2008

who cares , we will be fine and all the haters will be driving the wagon! cheering ty for prez! lol lets talk more $hit so recruits read it dont wanna come here. its different when wAZZu jacks or nike fans talk BS or the JHs of the world but when its our own it will raise kids eyebrows. unless your a top 5 doner or have your name on a building at the dub no one really cares what you have to say. keep it clean so ty can get more recruits.

Posted by DawgsWin

6:52 PM, Aug 16, 2008


Plenty to look forward to. Willingham has started to build a solid foundation. I just don't think he's the guy that can coach them to where we want them to be. Look no further than the Arizona, WSU, and Hawaii games last season. All lost on coaching.

No doubt the next Head Coach has a solid foundation to work with if Willingham doesn't win 8+ this season.

Posted by hmmm

8:09 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Willingham's record as HC before UW: .560

Don James record as HC before UW: .569

Posted by Jordan

8:49 PM, Aug 16, 2008

ANOTHER DAY ON THE HUSKY BLOG and the sky is falling for people for another reason. The sky is falling today because Gino Simone chose to go to WSU. First of all WSU x3 he is not the best recruit in the state. I'm not sure he is the top receiver in the state but there is no doubt he is a talented player. But you sure made me laugh especially with the All American comment. I really think the PT had a lot to do with his decision because I will be honest I am shocked at his decision.

I don't want to put the kid down but I think there are 28 Gino Simone's sitting down in the state of California. So I don't think this is a huge loss. And I think he probably would have been about number 6 or 7 on our depth chart the next 3 years. And we don't really need a whole lot of running backs or receivers this year.

The biggest downside for me is Jake Heaps. Because if Simone had been a Husky that would have been one more thing pulling him to UW. As it is, I don't think there is a chance in hell Heaps follows Simone to WSU. But I am a lot less confident now that Simone isn't at UW and there is the very strong possibility he goes to BYU. A possibility that only increased today.

Posted by mattysimone

9:48 PM, Aug 16, 2008

true about heaps and I know williams is young but he said right now dub is at the top!!!! that would be great to land him and wroten in hoops ( longshot on wroten) I think simone too did realize that his PT was not gonna be big here and im sure wAZZu coaches reminded him of that everyday. oh well by the time hes a senior n college wAZZu should be back to .500 and we should be back to roses! I think kirby moore would be alot bigger loss because of his size

Posted by

3:54 AM, Aug 17, 2008


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