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August 18, 2008 9:41 AM

QB Jake Locker back at practice

Posted by Tom Wyrwich

Reports from morning practice Monday have it that QB Jake Locker has returned after missing 11 days and 12 practice sessions with a strained hamstring.

UW coach Tyrone Willingham speaks today at 11:15 a.m., so we'll pass on anything we hear from that about Locker.

The team, was in full pads and Locker appeared to be taking part in all activities visible to the media during the 25-minute session.

UW coaches had said they felt it was imperative that Locker make it back by game week. He now will have two full weeks to prepare for the opener against Oregon. also reported that a number of players who were out over the weekend had returned, The only players who still appeared to be out were WR Devin Aguilar, TE Michael Gottlieb, WR Charles Hawkins, DT Alameda Ta'amu and CB Byron Davenport.

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Posted by jh

9:47 AM, Aug 18, 2008

did he score a td???

Posted by k20

9:51 AM, Aug 18, 2008

I just started my first season with SJSU in NCAA '09. Anyway, I was looking through rankings and found Washington was #14. I was like What the hell?? And sure enough, they were 3-0.

I am now a believer =)

Posted by Chrome Dome

9:56 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Whats Willingham going to say at 11:15am? I can see it now: "Jake Practiced today".....and that will be about it. :)

Posted by purpledawgz

9:56 AM, Aug 18, 2008

12 days... 8/30/2008

Good morning, Husky Fans! What a weekend it was. It brought us Michael Phelps clinching gold medal #8, the Seahawks winning a pre-season game in OT, and an inexplicable return to the debate over Coach Willingham's efficiency (or inefficiency) with the program. I would chime-in and add two more cents, but at this point that debate is so over-played I'd rather listen to "Achy-Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus. (And I would really prefer to never hear that song again... ever).

Aside from the few of you whom I know are following this list, I will assume that at this point I am going down the stretch for nothing more than my own self-satisfaction. I guess it's a good thing that after today's post I'll be more than two-thirds done and moving into the final nine reasons in my...


30. Chocolate Milk Does a Team Good (Fore!!!!!! - 7/28)
29. 5th Quarter Conditioning (Monday afternoon links - 7/28)
28. Redshirt Freshman = Last Year’s Scout Team (July questions, take six – 7/29)
27. At Least One Weather Assisted-Win (Thursday links – 7/31)
26. Passion and Purpose Are Back (On those darn second halves - 7/31)
25. Tim Lappano’s Options (Monday A.M. links - 8/4)
24. Sleeper “Bullets” (Monday A.M. links - 8/4)
23. JD Williams Makes Monsters Out of Men (Monday A.M. links - 8/4)
22. Husky Stadium Rocks at 135 dB (More thoughts on Savannah – 8/4)
21. Defense Has Nowhere to Go But Up (Wednesday morning links - 8/6)
20. Chris Polk = Purple and Gold Reggie Bush (Thursday morning links - 8/7)
19. Baggett’s New Crew Does It Too (Husky nightcap, day four - 8/7)
18. Return of Neuheisel (Monday A.M. practice notes - 8/11)
17. Special Teams Now Special for Right Reasons (Monday A.M. practice notes - 8/11)
16. 3-4 Defense Surprises Early Opponents (Monday A.M. practice notes - 8/11)
15. Coach Willingham Pulls-Out All the Stops (Husky nightcap, Aug. 11 edition - 8/11)
14. Linebackers Pick-up Slack (Husky nightcap, day nine - 8/12)
13. More TE (Don James speaks – 8/14)
12. Rematch: Willingham vs. Weis (Friday links – 8/15)

- - - - -

11. Steve Gervais Gets Results in a Flash – Another off-season assistant coaching change involved the running backs coaching position. This change, unlike those of Special Teams / TE and Defensive Coordinator, was forced upon Willingham due to the departure of Trent Miles. But my oh my, what a chord Willingham struck with fans by hiring high school head coach, Steve Gervais.

Some people love this move and think Gervais brings something to the table that will instantly inject energy and pizzazz into the backfield. Others wonder if the move is more of a “chess-like” positioning in preparation for a recruiting battle rather than pulling-in a top-notch coach. Still others argue that Gervais won’t be challenged at the position and that a mind like his is better suited for coordinator or head coach somewhere (like UW in 2009)?

I’m dismissing all of those arguments at the moment. All I can claim as fact is that we have one of the deepest backfields we’ve had in years with some very exciting competition, and we have a very exciting assistant coach teaching these young men and working with them hands-on. Here’s that crew:



I may be missing a few, but that’s the bulk. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a dangerous bulk! Now, take coaching and instruction from a talented, knowledgeable, successful coach like Gervais, and apply it to that group. I feel with that kind of leadership for these players, any back that sets foot on that field will know his role and will execute to the best of his ability. And, with so much talent competing for playing time, imagine how quick the learning curve must be for all those individuals. They will be forced to learn, memorize, and apply immediately. Blocking, finding the hole, running routes out of the backfield--the players that take the field will have to be the best of the bunch at each of these to earn that playing time.

So, while there is plenty of youth, there is a good man at the helm. If you want to follow one of the position coaches this year, Husky fans, follow what Asst. Coach Steve Gervais does with the backfield. He will have that youth excited, prepared, and ready to contribute starting in Game One against the ducks. This part of the running game will not be a concern...

- - - - -

10. Bye, Bye, Bye – This cannot be stressed enough. In 2006, which one could certainly argue was our best chance at a bowl game since 2002, we played 12 straight weeks without a bye. It was obvious by the time the Apple Cup rolled-around that the team needed a break. Perhaps that fatigue played more into “Senior Gate” than many would care to admit. But I digress...

This year, we have THREE byes. And, they come at very opportune times. Check this out Husky fans:

1) September 20 – This first bye comes after the brutal three-game gauntlet that we start with--@ Oregon, vs. BYU, and vs. Oklahoma. Imagine, even if we start out 0-3 (which I personally do not expect) we will have a chance to lick our wounds, regroup, and learn from our mistakes at the start of the season--an extremely timely bye indeed. Imagine if we start off 2-1? With the emotion that will build during a down week regardless of the start, I would hate to be the first team we see after Bye #1!

2) October 11 – This bye comes at another opportune time. We’ll have regrouped after our first three games and first bye and will take-on Stanford at home and Arizona on the road. These are both very, very winnable games. Having a bye after those games will give coaches and players time to judge how the first half of the season has gone. We should be at least 3-2 by that point. It also conceivable that we are 1-4 or even 4-1. In any scenario, it’s a chance for the coaches to make some big-time changes and minor tweaks at the mid-point of the schedule that will still provide the Huskies with a chance at clinching a bowl. In short, even though it’s only after two more games, consider this “half-time”. It is another very well-timed bye. Not to mention we’ll come back from this week off and host OS(u). What a great time to prepare for Mike Riley’s team and beat those beavers!

3) November 29 – A great time for a breather. We’ll have finished the meat of the schedule. Five Pac-10 games—-including USC and ASU-—and the Notre Dame game are now in the rear-view mirror. This provides the team a chance to prepare mentally for the final game of the season on the road against Cal. It also gives them a chance to spend Thanksgiving with families and loved ones. With *what* bowl game we go to riding on the outcome of the final game we play, what better way to play it than after a week off? What better way than to come back at full-strength and steal our first game at Berkeley in years?

These three byes will prove extremely beneficial this year. It may seem ridiculous to some of you that we have one of the most difficult schedules in all of the NCAA again, but with these weeks off, it’s much more manageable than it appears strictly on a list of who we play.

Posted by ja

10:01 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Purple, I read your countdown every day (that you post). Keep it up buddy

Posted by Seattle Dave

10:03 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Gervais better be a frickin' tactical genius because he sure as heck isn't carrying his weight in recruiting right now.

Posted by boondawg

10:10 AM, Aug 18, 2008

PD- I'm enjoying the lists, keep em' up!

Posted by boondawg

10:12 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Also, I'm suprised that nobody's happy to see that Locker is back to practice. The sky is not falling after all.

Posted by bkiggy944

10:15 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Purple I read it too and I think today's point on the bye weeks is really good. They do come at really important times. I really think the first bye week is important. Like you said - In the worst case we could be 0-3 and needing to refocus to pound some pac-10 foes. In a good case we could be 2-1 (I just can't see all of those games being wins) and have two weeks to really get ready to put some pac-10 folks in their place.

Posted by mikey

10:15 AM, Aug 18, 2008


Get this man a dawg blog!

Posted by Seattle Dave

10:23 AM, Aug 18, 2008

re: Jake, I just kind of always assumed he'd be back in time, but yeah, that's awesome news!

Posted by el duderino

10:24 AM, Aug 18, 2008

MIke Belotti had to change his underwear after reading this.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

10:25 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Posted by Tom R.

10:30 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Steve Gervais as the Husky head coach is one VERY phenomenal idea that isn't going to happen. No athletic director would have the courage to make such a brilliant decision. Very insightful Purple, I'm impressed.

Posted by Sittingdawg

10:32 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Thanks HFNY, that's a great article on ESPN.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

10:33 AM, Aug 18, 2008

If Lappano leaves for a head coaching position in 2009, Gervais could move up to OC (no matter who the coach is).

Posted by AZHusky

10:35 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Is it just me or do the names Devin Aguilar and Anthony Boyles seem to not be mentioned that much during this camp. Don't know if that's good or bad.

I thought given the additional spring practices, they would be the 1st two "freshmen" to be making names for themselves as kids that are ready to contribute.

Oh and Locker is back now. We can all stop clenching for a while and get fired up for this season to start!

Posted by Seattle Dave

10:35 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Re; Gerv, I would've thought it was an intriguing idea too (thinking outside the box and all) until he proved unable to close the deal on one of his own guys in recruiting. That is a glaring flaw in what is one of the most important roles a head coach has in college football.

Posted by bkiggy944

10:43 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Ah now we can go back to watching this whenever possible

Posted by Bud Lite

10:46 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Purpledawgz: You left out Freeman at RB. He will surprise you. He is good.

Posted by Sam

10:48 AM, Aug 18, 2008

I'm really glad to hear Jake is back. I want my Duckies to beat the Huskies straight-up, no excuses! Go Ducks!

Posted by mommy loves jakey

10:49 AM, Aug 18, 2008

or more like this..

At least he didn't fake a neck injury on that hit and go to the hospital.....only to return an hour later and stand on the sidelines.

Jakey if you don't want to play, just tell Ty to take you out, no shame in that.

Plenty of shame in acting like your hurt when all you really wanted was everyone to feel sorry for you.

toughen up Jane.

Posted by dlep

10:49 AM, Aug 18, 2008

thank god

Posted by 206dogg

10:50 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Nice post Purple, keep it going.

As for a former HS coach on the college sidelines running things... I wouldn't say it is out of this world. I think a lot of AD's are waiting to see how the Head Coach does for University of North Texas. if he turns the Mean Green around in a respectable timeline, then more college AD's will be willing to gamble w/ highly successful HS coaches, such as Gervais. I do think this list includes UW.

Posted by Seattle Dave

10:52 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Trash talking Jake Locker is about as smart as trash talking Michael Phelps. But please, duck fans, by all means keep it up.

Posted by mommy loves jakey

10:54 AM, Aug 18, 2008

...except phelps is actually known for something.

Posted by Tom R.

10:58 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Thank you New York Husky Fan, That's a very good article on Locker by ESPN.

Posted by Seattle Dave

11:07 AM, Aug 18, 2008

@10:54 -- I'm sure you're right, Jake is pretty much unknown. Not worth spending much time to prepare for. He is not an offensive juggernaut like your new QB who just went 2-for-10 in the scrimmage, so you probably shouldn't worry about him too much. Keep on trashing him, good call there.

Posted by mommy loves jakey

11:11 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Nate Costa will think he's playing against 8 defenders on August 30th.

He won't be facing 3 NFL defensive backs like he does in practice.

Posted by Sam

11:12 AM, Aug 18, 2008

LOL, yeah, I'm sure Jake is reading this blog, just looking for some irrelevant Duck poster to "talk trash" so he can get fired up. Un-huh. LOL.

Posted by boondawg

11:18 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Nate Costa might not even start. Read an article, your coach isn't sure so why are you? And why is it that Costa gets all this hype? What has even acomplished? I thought experience was the all important inidicator of the ability of a player, isn't that why the Husky receiving core is being written off?

Posted by onewoodwacker

11:19 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Seattle Dave -

I've known Steve Gervais since our days at Edgemont Jr Hi. His pops was our P.E. coach. I say this with some conviction: I think he could be one of best coaches we have on this entire staff. I promise you this - the UW is not the first major college that has asked him to join their coaching staff. Why he chose to do it now? - I don't know.

As for Simone - he was looking at a BIG log jam at WR here - knowing Steve, he probably gave Gino his recomendation to go to WSU. Give Wulff some credit too.

Posted by Kirkland Duck

11:19 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Sam: You going to Eugene for the game? I'm heading down Friday, coming back Sunday if you need a carpool. BOOM!! But for sure meet at Cooler before the game.

Posted by Seattle Dave

11:20 AM, Aug 18, 2008

who knows Sam? sometimes great athletes are "motivation collectors" -- go ask Phelps, or your own Keith Lewis who helped us out a lot in that regard over the years. But regardless it is great to see Duck Nation reveal its full classiness with the "fake injury" comments and all. Looking forward to 8/30.

Posted by mommy loves jakey

11:27 AM, Aug 18, 2008

What you will be looking forward to, Dave, is your 5th straight curb stomping by Oregon over your WAC- like team.

I'd look forward to week 4 where you will be competitive against...


Posted by Seattle Dave

11:28 AM, Aug 18, 2008

You know onewood, I was totally in favor of the Gerv hire. But either we wanted Simone (and according to people who talked to Simone, we wanted him badly) or we didn't. If we did, then the guy who was his hs coach HAS to be able to make that sell (same with Heaps and Williams later on). Maybe we didn't want him all that much and Simone was just blowing smoke, when really Gerv took him aside and suggested WSU as you speculate. Dunno why Simone would lie though. Full credit to Wulff, as you say.

Posted by OnterioSmith

11:35 AM, Aug 18, 2008

I love the Ducks... Highly overrated every year and they put together an 8-4 season with three straight losses to end the year. Several NFL draft picks, but in the end UO never accomplishes anything besides coulda woulda shoulda. Face it Oregon, you are not USC, and not even close...

At least our 1960 national title has a legitimate banner (not that I reckognize it). Some poster last week mentioned last year Oregon won the national title in his own mind.

Funny, funny, stuff....

Posted by Picture needed

11:37 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Hello Dawg Fans,

I'm creating an evite for a party for the Dawgs vs. that school down south. Anyone have a great picture that I can include? Something with a dead duck in the mouth of a Husky would be priceless.

Posted by Huskiebob

11:40 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Seattle Dave,

Simone proved his immaturity (or was it ego) when he said other guys were going to WSU who had not yet committed. Whether or not they are (and they probably are), why not let them have their own decision timeline instead of throwing them under the bus. Causes problems for those other players with all coaches who are recruiting them.

As for him choosing WSU, good luck to him. The competition to play at UW scared him away whiles WSU can guarantee him playing time. If you are not willing to compete, best to go elsewhere.

Posted by OnterioSmith

11:41 AM, Aug 18, 2008

One more thing... In Oregon's finest season in 2001, they didn't have to play UW as there was a bye in the series... A game that would have been played at Husky Stadium...

Posted by ja

Posted by Picture needed

Posted by Seattle Dave

11:43 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Week 4 will still be a tougher opponent than anybody the Ducks play non-conference, as usual. Unless Wang Chung has cloned himself, I don't see 3 NFL DBs on your roster, but I'm sure Mr. 2 for 10 is consoling himself with that thought right now.

Posted by ja

11:44 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Haha. That's awesome

Posted by Seattle Dave

11:47 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Oh believe me bob, I ain't worried about Simone going to WSU. He isn't exactly the second coming of Mario Bailey. But if we offer a guy from Skyline Gerv should bring him in no matter who it is.

Posted by augiedawg70

11:48 AM, Aug 18, 2008

I apologize for not keeping up with this, but I thought Oregon only had a good secondary (which will be relatively useless against Locker this year). Aren't their O & D lines and linebackers rather marginal?

Posted by brockmandawg

11:48 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Hey Bob, check these two comments out:

4. Tyrone Willingham won't survive the season at Washington.
I take no pleasure in writing that. Willingham is one of the class acts in college football. But the schedule is punitive, the team is inexperienced and the natives are restless.

5. Arizona will start the season 6-0.
Don't get too excited. The first six games include only two bowl teams (at New Mexico, at UCLA), both of which lost a lot from last season. It took coach Mike Stoops five seasons, but he finally got a schedule that will lend a hand. Just in time to save his job, too.

Any comments???

Posted by Kirkland Duck

11:53 AM, Aug 18, 2008

Posted by boondawg

12:01 PM, Aug 18, 2008

augie- Their D-line is definitely the week spot. The O-Line however is actually quite good, one of the best in the pac (aside from the Huskies of course). I'm not sure how good their linebackers stack up.

Posted by boondawg

12:03 PM, Aug 18, 2008

oops 'weak'

Posted by onewoodwacker

12:07 PM, Aug 18, 2008

brockmandawg -

Don't know about the first prediction and here's why:

If Mark Emmert is as smart as we all hope (that's another good topic of discussion) why would he pass up the opportunity to fire Ty and hire Jim Mora (a proven NFL Coach who stated publicly his love and loyalty to the UW) - and also miss out on the $200,000.00 bounty the booster from Everett offered for Ty's head?

If Emmert dumps him during the season he will immediatly enter the "Oh my Lord - how stupid can you be" dumpster. I do not see that happening - personal opinion.

Arizona going 6-0? I think its a great possibility.

Posted by Reality Check

12:08 PM, Aug 18, 2008

* This UW needs to get a clue with regard to scheduling. I spent some time looking at the OOC of the top schools around the country, and we're pretty much the only idiots scheduling 2 or 3 top 25 teams OOC every damn year.

* I'm beginning to lose a lot of faith in Emmertt. He doesn't seem to get it. From his comments, it sounds like he doesn't realize the state of UW football and athletics are in crisis. If a drop in season ticket holders from 63,000 to 43,000 since 2001 isn't enough to wake him up, then I don't know what the hell it will take.

* I'm increasingly thinking that winning isn't important to the UW. I'm basing this upon the comments coming out (mainly from Emmertt). But I also look at Turner's attitude and just the overall feel of the department. (Yes, I made a phone call over there last week and didn't care for the answers. It's almost like losing is okay in their minds.) As a lifelong Husky fan, it bothers me to say this, but I'm getting pretty pissed at the whole program over at Montlake. If they don't give a crap about winning, then why should I? At any rate, either they get their $#!+ together soon, or I'm going to pull my support for the program. i.e. -- if they don't get serious about winning games, then I'm out. And from I sit -- insane scheduling, sub-par facilities, and a culture of losing being accepted -- I can't say I'm encouraged at all.

Posted by augiedawg70

12:09 PM, Aug 18, 2008


Thanks. O-lines suggest a high scoring game with Oregon and we'll have the advantage because of Locker's skills and experience. I think our offense this year is going to end up being very similar to that of Nebraska when it had its two (2) good mobile quarterbacksa few year's ago.

Posted by onewoodwacker

12:10 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Kirkland Duck -

Thank you!! Dawg or Duck - you gotta like that!!

Posted by Nebdawg

12:15 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Kirkland Duck, is that Belotti's wife? If so, that explains a lot! Great picture of the Husky by the swimming pool.

Posted by Kirkland Duck

12:16 PM, Aug 18, 2008

onewoodwacker: You are welcome my friend. Strip away the college football hatred, and we are still guys!!

I'm just a human....

Posted by I heart blogging

Posted by poster

12:23 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Kirkland Duck, if you are saying the hatred is direct at the jersey she's wearing, then I can see where your point is going.

Actually, no hatred from me, I like the Duck program. It's just that, being a Husky, I like the husky program a hell of a lot more.

Posted by brockmandawg

12:24 PM, Aug 18, 2008

onewood, i think Mora is going to the Seahawks, so he won't be coming to UW regardless. Considering the 200k bounty, we already received 100k since Turner was fired. An additional 100k isn't really much at all. I think there are much larger issues that should weigh in, such as, should we sacrifice this year's recruiting class to dump a coach? And of course, the more important question, why does AZ give Stoops 5 years and easier (managable) schedules to face in his rebuilding process, while UW seems to want to give Ty 4 years and the hardest schedules in the nation? Talk about setting a dude up for failure.

Posted by brockmandawg

12:26 PM, Aug 18, 2008

i don't mind the duck program I just hate their fans.

I'd say that they don't know how to act like winners, but they don't win enough to be placed in such a catagory.

Posted by Kirkland Duck

12:30 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Poster: Glad you liked the chick. Tons more on that site by the way...

For me growing up in Eugene and going to Duck games, the Huskies to us were the evil empire. They were like Yankees, and Lakers, and Cowboys. Just sick of them. So imagine if the Mariners were just dominating the Yankees the past 5 years. How would you feel. Pretty good. That's where Duck fans are coming from. It will level off and eventually even out I'm sure, but for now we are happy.

Also, some of my best friends are Husky fans. No choice!!!

Posted by Seattle Dave

12:33 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Because UW football, which had had one losing season in the 28 years before Ty took over, should have been a much easier turnaround than Arizona football?

Posted by Reality Check

12:34 PM, Aug 18, 2008

brockman --

I'm really afraid that the UW doesn't get it when it comes to winning. It's all lip service and no do. If they were serious about winning, we'd be playing 3 winnable OCC games (like virutally all other top 25 programs) and we wouldn't answer questions about losing games by redirecting answers over to things like "college experience" and "fun fan experience" or "playing top notch schedules." In short, here's some BS answer because we really don't care about winning games.

Honestly, I sincerely don't think the UW views athletics as anything close to a top priority. And while I understand that academics are most important, it's increasingly clear that athletics don't even come into the conversation as far as importance.

Yes, playing Oklahoma will fill the seats. But when that Saturday comes, look around the stadium. I'll bet you money that 20 - 25% of the fans there will be Oklahoma supporters. The administration sees a full stadium as good. They don't think it's a problem that 15,000 to 20,000 of the folks there are rooting for the other team!

Here's a model for you. Play 3 OOC games that you can actually win. Maybe sniff the rankings before the pac10 season starts. Get some momentum. Then win at least 5 in conference games. Heck, even 4 in conference wins gets you to 7 victories! Then go to a bowl game. Repeat. Now guess what? Fans start coming back, because you are WINNING. Get it? And then keep it up for 4 or 5 years and watch the stadium. You'll once again have 60,000+ HUSKY fans there. You won't have 60,000+ fans, but 20% of them aren't pulling for the Dawgs.

My friends, this whole athletic department is a rudderless ship. They honestly don't see any problems with the way things are going over there. It's frightening. If they can't see it's broken, then it won't ever get fixed!


Posted by ducks will win!

12:34 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Jane Locker will need more than 2 weeks to prepare for the Ducks! He has to do his nails, get his hair done, and shop for a new purple dress. So much to do so little time!

Posted by poster

12:38 PM, Aug 18, 2008

I propose a cease-fire on the Willingham as coach issue until after the first game.

People understand each other's sides, but just aren't convinced by the facts. The body of work is not going to change before we hit the field again. Then we'll have more evidence, and it'll be a more appropriate time to address the argument (albeit, the game will be better post material than that issue).

Sound like a good idea?

Posted by onewoodwacker

12:54 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Brockmandawg -

I know Mora's going to be the Hawks next Coach. My point was: why did Emmert pass up the opportunity to get him if he was gonna fire Ty during the season? It makes no sense.

I am personally in the corner of believers that Emmert is proving to be a dumb-a**.

His public comment of "Ty must win or else", his seemingly lack of effort to re-work the schedule, his inability to find an AD that is willing to work for him.

Ty's hands were already behind his back with his recruiting efforts this year; Only 6-7 in-state recruits worth offering. 11-13 out-of-state kids need to be convinced to come to his program which by the way hasn't won in what 5 years? Tough sell job, I think Emmert's comments finished tying Ty's hands to recruit any kid who might have wanted to play for him.

Posted by Seattle Dave

1:00 PM, Aug 18, 2008

As onewood says, if you weren't going to fire Ty after last season, then there is no percentage in firing him midseason, and hopefully Emmert is smart enough to see that. At this point, unless this team just totally disintegrates like '04, you have to let the season play out first.

Posted by augiedawg70

2:45 PM, Aug 18, 2008


I've been patient with this blog, but it seems like it's becoming the same old nonsense over and over again: "I'm a better Husky fan than almost everyone else and I don't have to put up with this nonsense anymore. The program has gone to hell or is going to hell and it's [insert your favorite villain's name] fault, and by the way, I also can tell you how to fix it."

Damn, some of you need to let go and find something else to obsess about. The truth of the matter is that the danger of blogs is that each post, and its response, validates the the idea of the poster regardless of reality.

Coach James gave a clear assessment of this program late last week. Personally, I believe that he has more credibility than any of us as to where our beloved program stands. That's why I'm beginning to wonder why the same old arguments have to be obsessively revisited once a week.

This time of the season ought to be a time of great excitement for Husky fans. It's not a time for gloom and doom. There will be plenty of time for that if the season does go poorly.

And, please, don't respond to my post. I don't feel the need to be, nor do I want to be validated, for having these feelings. We will have plenty of time to hate Willingham, just like we do Neuheisel, if he fails us. In the meantime, let's talk about our players; hell, let's talk about the Oregon players, the Oregon cheerleaders. . .

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