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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 9, 2008 12:21 PM

No official word on Locker

Posted by Bob Condotta

UW coach Tyrone Willingham had no update to pass along today on QB Jake Locker because he said he hadn't seen the results of the MRI yet.

Willingham said the results are in, he just hadn't seen them yete.

"It's not a big concern for me,'' he said, adding that he didn't think it a big deal because he's confident Locker will return to action fairly quickly.

"He'll be well when he's well,'' Willingham said. "He'll be ready to go.''

Pressed on that, Willingham said: "We said it'd be day by day. He'll be ready pretty soon and away we go.''

And pressed further, Willingham said "Our medical staff knows that (the results of the MRI). I haven't asked them about that.''

Willingham was slightly more forthcoming about other injuries, saying that RB Brandon Johnson is still struggling to recover from off-season knee surgery and CB Byron Davenport is ailing with an ankle injury suffered Friday.

"Brandon was a little slower today than we thought but he'll be okay,'' Willingham said. "It's just some complications with it.''

In better injury news, Willingham said center Juan Garcia said has been able to gradually increase his work in practice without suffering any re-injury of any kind.

"None that he's spoken of,'' Willingham said, adding that Garcis is "just slowly'' progressing back into action.

On other matters:

--- Willingham said the team is "starting to get into the rhythm of camp. Yesterday picked it up, today had wonderful energy and enthusiasm so they are starting to get into a rhythm.''

--- Asked about the receivers, Willingham said "I've been pleased. There's not a disappointment in the group.''

--- Willingham praised the play of Ronnie Fouch and said he is getting "the lion's share'' of the reps that Locker would normally have gotten.

--- Reporters saw WR D'Andre Goodwin walk by with ice wrapped around his shoulder. Willingham didn't mention anything about that during his session.

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Posted by Ducks Dominate

12:56 PM, Aug 09, 2008

I repeat.......From all of us Duck Fans.....we are hoping that Locker, Brandon Johnson and Garcia are all back....and 100% by August 30th. We want to win straight up, no excuses or whining.

Posted by MachiasMan

12:57 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Results are in, but he hasn't asked for them. Weird statement.

Posted by scott

1:10 PM, Aug 09, 2008

How could Ty not bother to ask about Jake's results? Even if he wasn't interested himself, you would think he might want to be able to answer questions about it. What an odd bird.

I have to say, I find Brandon Johnson's status a growing concern. Now the guy isn't even at practice. After him, its nothing but freshman. Yikes.

Posted by jh

1:12 PM, Aug 09, 2008

..."UW coach Tyrone Willingham had no update to pass along today on QB Jake Locker because he said he hadn't seen the results of the MRI yet."...

...typical wilingham...either he's unconcerned, lying...or, more likely considering his past...disconnected from reality,,,

Posted by ummmm

1:19 PM, Aug 09, 2008

TW is such a prick. My god, show a personality!

Posted by iowa husky

1:22 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Bob, you said in an earlier post that Ronnie Fouch is both accurate and mobile. Can you elaborate on his mobility? obviously he isn't as fast as Locker, but is he good enough to run the option consistently? Any idea on his 40 time?

Posted by Austin

1:24 PM, Aug 09, 2008

KJR saying it's a slight tear.

Got it from Scott Locker, Jakes Dad.

Posted by huskiesjv

1:31 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Willingham is such an asshole. The kid that is going to possibly save your job and you won't even ask for the results.

Posted by uw dude

1:37 PM, Aug 09, 2008

ive never bashed willingham before, but I simply cant believe what he did this time. the most important player on the team is injured and his results are in and willingham hasn't even bothered to look at them. he is either lying or doesn't really care.

Posted by Bye Bye Ty

1:44 PM, Aug 09, 2008


He knows the results but won't share them.

Bye bye Ty.

Posted by Husky Fan in Seattle

1:53 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Just because he didn't ask about them doesn't mean they didn't tell him as they could've told him without him asking!!!!

He and the staff/team may be wanting to get everything set to their liking before saying what the results are...or, maybe they are thinking about to use this issue to their advantage to throw up smoke screens for the Yuck game in 3 weeks!

P.S.- This is Husky Fan In New York, am in Seattle for a wedding so it's Husky Fan In Seattle. Gotta love wedding season! Woof!

Posted by clinton

1:54 PM, Aug 09, 2008

what the heck is wrong with you people. Ty isn't putting locker in practice until his knee has healed, so it doesn't matter what he's going to disclose to us.

Posted by huskiesjv

1:54 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Proof Willingham hates the fans and media. The close nip bull needs to stop. The guy is an absolute idiot and proving more and more he does not know how to coach in this area.

Posted by Spanaway Dave

2:04 PM, Aug 09, 2008

My guess is Willingham believed it was not serious ... and didn't want to know otherwise ... until after the press conference. It's a lot easier to dismiss questions with "I don't know yet.!" than it is to speculate on a recovery time frame.

I'm sure he wanted as much time as possible to prepare himself for the torrent of questions, criticism, and speculation that surely will happen in the next press conference.

Amazing to me is that he is either totally unconcerned or totally unaware as to how his appearance as cold, un-caring, and socially inept affect the world in which he is trying to survive. He NEEDS a PR coach.

Certainly, he gets tired of discussing every issue ad nauseum, but some things require at least the appearance of concern and compassion. If people believe you don't care about them, they won't care about you. Even the calculating, ultra-rational, un-emotional person he claims to be ought to realize that.

Good grief!

Posted by poster

3:36 PM, Aug 09, 2008

I'm not worried about his demeanor. If he wins, people won't really care about it, until he wins, they'll bitch about things, some that matter, some that don't matter.

Coaches often play coy with injuries, no big shocker there. The real issue is making sure Jake heals well before doing too much with him. We should read their optimism and uncertainty as exactly that.

I posted on the other thread, apparently Mark Sanchez from USC dislocated his knee-cap on Friday. Will be out a short time, but they're hoping he'll be back for their opener with Virginia on the 30th.

Posted by jh

4:15 PM, Aug 09, 2008 'ya think that Carroll handled the Sanchez injury like willingham "handled" the Locker injury?...

Posted by poster

5:03 PM, Aug 09, 2008

In the sense that they are trusting the medical staff and trainers, they are being cautious with the athlete, and they are optimistic to have them back by Aug. 30th? Yes. Also, they both actually did report the injury, it's not like neither of them did that. As anyone who's actually played football knows, this is not too surprising of a development, all the way around. The key now is to make sure they are each healthy before trying to do too much with them.

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