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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 8, 2008 11:53 AM

Locker update

Posted by Bob Condotta

Washington quarterback Jake Locker suffered what UW coach Tyrone Willingham called today a left hamstring strain during practice on Thursday.

Locker had an MRI this morning but the results are not back yet.

Willingham said he could not guess how long Locker could be out until the results of the MRI are back, calling his status ''day-to-day'' at the moment.

"The degree we don’t know,'' he said. “We’ll be monitoring it as we go. Our thought process it to be very cautious and move forward day-to-day.’’

A visibly downcast Locker said he was injured while turning upfield to run a read option play and was not touched.

"I just kept a read zone and was running around the outside and went to turn up and just couldn't do what I normally do,'' he said. “It’s just a little bit sore. Nothing too bad.’’

Locker said he didn’t go down on the play, just took “a little hop and a skip.’’

Without Locker, redshirt freshman Ronnie Fouch will take over as the No. 1 QB in practice. The only other scholarship QB is true freshman Luther Leonard. Walk-on Taylor Bean, a redshirt freshman, is also battling for the No. 3 position.

No other QB on the roster has taken a snap in a game besides Locker, who last year rushed for 986 yards and threw for 2,062 and 14 touchdowns.

The Huskies open the season on Aug. 30 at Oregon, and it’s a season that looms as make-or-break for Willingham, who is 11-25 in three seasons at UW.

That game starts a brutal stretch for the Huskies, who then host BYU and Oklahoma.

Locker walked into an interview room with a wrap on his left hamstring and limping a little bit.

Willingham called Locker “a fast healer’’ in saying why he thinks Locker will be able to play against Oregon.
Locker said he would not guess at his prognosis.

“I’ll just leave it up to the trainers,’’ he said. “We all trust those guys. They will do what’s best for me to get back as fast as possible without risking injury again.’’

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Posted by Elimno

12:41 PM, Aug 08, 2008

if Locker does get hurt - with this injury or another - does Ty get another year?

What if we win 5 games without Locker?

Posted by half empty

12:45 PM, Aug 08, 2008

does anyone want to buy a pair of season tickets? (discounted)

Posted by OlyDawg

12:48 PM, Aug 08, 2008

A tweaked hammy is not that big of a deal. Especially for a QB. Even if Jake couldn't run as fast (although, I'm sure he'll be fully healed by Aug 30), he can still sit in the pocket and pick the Oregon secondary apart with his cannon of an arm.

Tuiasasopo played with a worse injury for example, a bruised glute, and still led us to victory nearly every week. Favre and Hasselback have played with far worse injuries, and were still in there. Jake is no less tough than these guys.

Posted by Mix

12:50 PM, Aug 08, 2008

If anyone is resilient it's Jake.... remember the OSU game, helmet to helmet collision, he's out cold on the field, sent to the hospital AND he makes it back in the 4th quarter, hell I think he could have played in the 4th quarter if he wanted to (it was smart that he didn't)... The kid is the greatest physical specimen at UW and maybe even in the Pac10. He'll be back and soon...

Posted by Formerly Guest

12:59 PM, Aug 08, 2008


I think this injury is bad for two reasons-

1) Hamstrings can take forever to heal, and be easy to reinjury. Jake is the best runner I have seen in a Husky uniform in over 10 years. His ability to cut, outrun, and run over people is amazing, and what makes him so dangerous. He can't do those things if he is not fully healed.

2) The WRs need as much practice with him as possible, to establish their timing with him. 3-5 days will hurt.

The benefits are that Fouch needs as much seasoning as he can get as well. With Jake's style, he is going to eventually get hurt this season, probably multiple times. Fouch is going to have to play- probably several times- this year, for a few plays, a quarter, maybe a game or two. And he is going to have to play well.

I thought he did play very well in the spring game. I was excited about this year because of Jake's artistry and his leadership ability. But I liked what I saw from Fouch in that spring game. To quote Lappano: "It was good to see that Ronnie can play."

Posted by boondawg

1:00 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I hope you're right Mix. Still I might have three more heart attacks today from the leftover shock of reading Bob's original post of 'Locker Injured?'

Posted by merseybeat

1:01 PM, Aug 08, 2008

dont take chances on hamstrings
let it heal then start to play
hope is back before the 30th

Posted by ducks will win!

1:03 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Jake will not pick apart the Oregon secondary!! First of all he completes 47%! And he is facing the best secondary in the COUNTRY!!!

Posted by bellingham husky

1:03 PM, Aug 08, 2008


Posted by Huskybeliever

1:05 PM, Aug 08, 2008

This is no big deal. Ty has built a complete program. We are not dependent on one guy.

Posted by TurbineSeaplane

1:16 PM, Aug 08, 2008


I wonder where the line for the Oregon game will move now?

I'll bet it's at 14-17 in favor of Oregon by gametime.

Posted by Huskiebob

1:17 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Now the Ducks are the best secondary in the country. Maybe they should skip the Pac 10 and go straight to the NFL. that way both Washington and Oregon would have teams in pro football!

Posted by Reality Check

1:21 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Add one more huge steaming pile of ---- to a huge heap already. Gosh dang it.

Yes, nobody will know the extent of the injury for a few days. yadda, yadda, yadda

The truth is, we've all seen it over and over. A hamstring injury can be no big deal and heal up quickly IF IT IS ONLY A VERY MINOR TWEAK. Otherwise, it can linger, get reinjured, tear, etc. as it gets pounded over a season. I for one am really concerned by this. I was hoping for a helmet banged on his knee or something like that. A soft tissue injury is really tough to predict as far as healing. A goofed up hamstring could easily screw up his entire season as it never heals and lingers in varying severity.

There's no way to spin this as a positive. It sucks. And it sucks real bad.

Oh well, we've only (potentially) lost our #1 and #2 returning players on offense (Jake and Juan) and our #1 on guy on defense (EJ).

All in all, I'd say the offseason is going just swimmingly.


Posted by boondawg

1:24 PM, Aug 08, 2008

RC, the possitive way to spin this is that the MRI isn't back yet and it very well could be a very minor tweak.

Posted by Reality Check

1:25 PM, Aug 08, 2008

bellingham Husky --

Is there any extra space on that "freaking out" wagon? I think I'm about to join you.

Breath in... breath out... breath in...

Posted by dlep

1:30 PM, Aug 08, 2008

oh god.

Posted by Reality Check

1:32 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Boondawg --

Let's hope you're right. But even a minor tweak is worse than no tweak at all.

I guess I'm just tired of the Huskies getting punched in the gut. We're so overdue for something positive to happen for the program.

Not to turn a mole hill into a mountain, but this program has been kicked non-stop for 4 years. Heck, I'd even say we've been snake bitten since the sanctions in '93. This was pretty much the worst possible scenario -- Jake getting hurt. I'm just ready for some good news.

Here's a sample list of some potential good news:

* We get a quality AD who understands the importance of football and men's basketball to the U
* The stadium gets some support (financially and otherwise) from the community
* Ty wins 8 games and we finally get some stability in the coaching position
* We go to a bowl game
* The local media actually decide to support the UW and Huskies rather than tearing the institution and its programs down

Forgive me for a Friday panic attack, but the hole the Dawgs are in seems to keep getting deeper. At some point we need a break. And Locker getting hurt wasn't the break I was looking for...

Posted by Bellingham Husky

1:34 PM, Aug 08, 2008

RC- There's always room, just spin around and scream a lot. Somebody brought up the idea of XANAX, downing a bottle of that merits quite a bit of consideration at this point for me.

Posted by Elliott

1:34 PM, Aug 08, 2008

At this point in my life i have 3 choices:
1. Continue geing a husky fan. It hurts, it sucks, it is possibly the worse possible thing to be addicted to. it is like being in an abusive relationship, but you are emotionaly attached and it is hard to let go.
2. Become a cougar fan. I love washington and if i become a cougar i will be used to being irrelevant and bad so i wont be dissapointed every year with 4 wins.
3. Give up on college football completly.

None sound very good right now.

Posted by augiedawg70

1:36 PM, Aug 08, 2008

C'mon guys, it could be worse.

Posted by dlep

1:37 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Id just like to add that when Jake went down in my NCAA 09 season, Dominque Blackman filled in quite admirably and we finished with a Rose Bowl win. Can we still get him into school?

Posted by Reality Check

1:42 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Bellingham Husky --

I'll give the spinning and screaming a shot. Is this before or after the Xanax?

I might also try to contact Elliot to see if he'll carpool with me to a Husky support group. This is grim. Juan, EJ, and Jake all injured in the offseason. I'm not sure if I could have scripted a worse scenario for the offseason.

Posted by poster

1:42 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Agreed RC.

Also, a limp the next day suggests it was at least decent (even if no worse than grade one). Walking without crutches suggests it isn't really bad. Having an MRI, even if precautionary, suggests not the most minor of tweaks, hopefully the results prove otherwise. Hopefully it is somewhere on the minor end. Too big of a range of that injury to really know much yet other than that.

Can be a nagging injury, so hopefully they take the right steps to heal it.

Posted by boondawg

1:43 PM, Aug 08, 2008

RC, I completely agree, it's seems like we've been screwed left and right and can't catch a break. I'll be the first to admit that all the blood drained out of my face when I read that Locker got injured so I think a good measure of freaking out is well merited.

Posted by bellingham husky

1:43 PM, Aug 08, 2008

dlep- in your video game:

Was it Locker's hamstring?
How long was he out for?

I don't think we can take what happened in your NCAA '09 season lightly.

Posted by OlyDawg

1:44 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Dear lord, get some perspective people. It's a hamstring strain. It's not an ACL tear or anything even close.

Has anyone here pulled a hammy? Sure its sore for a week or two, but you eventually heal. Also, QB isn't a position that naturally calls for a lot of running. Let Jake's arm do the talking. ALSO, its his left hammy. He pushes off his right leg to pass the ball.

I hope the players on the team have a little more faith than some of you guys, otherwise they're all probably lying on the floor of the locker room in the fetal position crying. JEEZ.

Posted by Husky Fan in VA

1:46 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I wouldn't necessarily take NCAA 09 too seriously. It has JR Hasty as the starting RB.

That said, I am not pleased with the current situation, but not freaking out. Remember when this kid was knocked down and HE COULDNT MOVE? He was playing again in 2 weeks.

Let's just wait for the results of the MRI before we really start to panic. Until then drink, scream, pass the time however.

Posted by One Husky Fan

1:50 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Chill out everyone. There is a good chance that within one week he won't be feeling a single effect of this hammy strain.

I was a 100/200 meter sprinter in college. I suffered a moderate hamstring strain and three weeks later posted my fastest 100 meters ever.

Let him rest and heal for a few days and then get back to work. What a bunch of whiny freaks on this board.

Posted by jonthehusky

1:52 PM, Aug 08, 2008

why is it that only our top guys seem to get injured? Some kind of sickening murphy's law going on. . .

Posted by ja

1:53 PM, Aug 08, 2008

dlep, playing on xbox360?

Posted by dlep

1:53 PM, Aug 08, 2008

bellingham, it was a broken jaw actually, pretty brutal stuff. Got caught scrambling and Taylor Mays laid me out, the traitor.

Should I be worried that EA thought Blackman should jump Fouch on the depth chart?

Posted by dawgpack

1:55 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I posted this in the last link. While it could be an issue, don't panic just yet. Besides, we're talking about Jake Locker here, and I'm just a regular guy.

I pulled my hammy last spring for the first time, and it hurt terribly at the time. I couldn't bend my leg at all for the next couple of days. I thought I wouldn't be able to do any kind of physical activity for a long time, but within a week I was pretty much back to normal, and I haven't had any problems since. Everyone's body is different, but it doesn't mean that the season is lost, or that it will affect him at all.

Posted by dlep

1:58 PM, Aug 08, 2008

ja, ps3 actually.

Posted by ja

2:00 PM, Aug 08, 2008


oh yeah, JR Hasty was first team all-american on my dynasty

Posted by John in Kent

2:15 PM, Aug 08, 2008

We can win with Fouch.

He is young, but talented. Mark my words.

Jake is great, but he isn't the team.

Good luck to him, but this is a good team with or without him.

Posted by comming home

2:23 PM, Aug 08, 2008

i am moving back to washington, and one of the main reasons was for the football season. hopefully it will still be ok. luckly my father has been a husky fan for 40 years so he has a long standing perscription for depression pills. i guess i will have to start taking them too.

Posted by poster

2:40 PM, Aug 08, 2008

One Husky Fan,

Not really relevant, but just curious. What was your 100m time? (the one 3 weeks after the pulled hamstring).

Posted by MelloDawg

2:53 PM, Aug 08, 2008

It's funny how people think a Locker injury is an absolute disaster to the team, but Tyrone Willingham as its head coach has been prolonged enough to where it doesn't seem like a detriment anymore.

Posted by Formerly Guest

3:01 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Comming Home,
That is true dedication to your team.

Posted by Formerly Guest

3:16 PM, Aug 08, 2008

If someone is saying..."well now TW has no chance with Locker down, we should lower the bar to winning 4 games this year without him, in order to retain the coaching staff..." I could understand you saying "hey wait a minute...a good coach has to win despite adversity." (In fact, I would agree with you wholeheartedly).

But to start harping on people -without provocation-because today they are too busy panicking over Locker's potential injury to spend time today publicly criticizing the coach in just seems misguided and out of touch.

It just seems more natural to react "OMG, Locker's down," rather than "Hey wait a minute, this can;t be any worse than having had our current coaching staff for the last 4 years."

You've got me so wound up with your insesitivity...I am starting to turn into JH it appears...with all these damn useless periods interspersed in my text.

In seriousness, I suspect you are one of few UW fans today who can find something "funny" in Locker's possible injury.

Posted by MelloDawg

3:23 PM, Aug 08, 2008

It's not that I find anything funny in it, I certainly know the potential this team has with one of the greatest athletes in UW history at QB.

I didn't have particularly high expectations for the team this year, I think 6-6 is possible in the regular season. Wish a proven coach, however, who knows what we could end up with? Ty has 3-straight seasons with 6 consecutive losses. It's just tough for the anti-Ty crowd to get excited, that's all.

Posted by trolleydodger

5:39 PM, Aug 08, 2008

jonthehusky: It's called karma.

Posted by Formlery Guest

6:25 PM, Aug 08, 2008

OK. I just thought your post an odd place to go, before start using it as an excuse to accept more losing.

Posted by VinnyKnuckles

9:36 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Dear OlyDawg,

Please quit eating paint chips.

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