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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 15, 2008 6:18 PM

Husky nightcap, Friday edition

Posted by Bob Condotta

A quick look back at the day that was:

WHAT HAPPENED --- The Huskies held two practices, going in full pads in the morning and helmets, shoulder pads and shorts in the afternoon.

THE BIG STORY --- Until the day he comes back in full, Jake Locker may be the biggest story. He seemed to take another step forward by putting on a helmet and throwing some passes in the early part of the afternoon practice, then running the steps at Husky Stadium. Still, he has now missed eight days of practice, and 11 practices overall including two-a-days, since he injured his hamstring.

UW offensive coordinator Tim Lappano said Friday the real danger will come if Locker is not back in a week or so.

"I hope Monday of game week he's ready to go just for the timing purposes with the receivers,'' Lappano said. "He's throwing the ball right now but he needs game week. He needs to be able to get in there with the first receiving group, whoever that is going to be, and make sure the timing stuff is down.''

THE BIG STORY, PART TWO --- A number of players missed parts or all of both practices today for health-related reasons. Most appear to be precautionary so it's hard to get a sense of whether it's worrisome that at least seven projected or possible starters (not including guys who are gone for good at the moment like E.J. Savannah, who I wouldn't expect back anytime soon) were not practicing today.

The new addition today was SS Victor Aiyewa, whom Willingham said his bothered by a groin injury of some sort. Aiyewa has been running as the starter at that spot.

Interestingly, Willingham said today that the team has yet to do any full-scale live scrimmaging, bringing in officials and practicing in game-like situations, and as he is with a lot of things, he was vague about when it may happen. That is something that usually happens the second weekend of fall camp and Willingham gave no hint of when it will occur.

However, at the last minute today we received word that Saturday's practice had been moved back an hour, which may mean it won't be a split practice, as is on our schedule, and could indeed be a scrimmage. The Saturday two weeks before the game, and before a day off, is a usual time to have a scrimmage --- it always was back in the days when we got told about these things ahead of time --- so it would make sense if that is what the team plans to do tomorrow. However, you'd also assume that a lot of the more-injured guys, such as Locker and TE Michael Gottlieb, might not be asked to participate in a scrimmage on their first day back.

So maybe a lot of guys were being held out today so they can participate in a scrimmage Saturday. As for whether all the injuries are a big deal, like a lot of things surrounding this team, we may not really know until Aug. 30.

GAMETIME NEARING --- As I'm sure you're all aware, tomorrow marks two weeks until the first game. And no one on Montlake needs any reminding of who that first game is against. For my story tomorrow I touch on some of the factors surrounding the opener against Oregon, including defensive coordinator Ed Donatell saying it could be an advantage for the Huskies to have more time to prepare for the Ducks' intricate offense.

Lappano said it could help his unit, as well.

"They do a number of different things up front, play some three-down fronts, a nice little blitz package, that we can spend some time on, which is good because there were a couple of them late in the game that gave us a bit of a problem,'' he said. "From that aspect, it will be good to get some extra work on it.''

But Lappano also said that the fact that first opponent is Oregon, a team the Huskies play every year, mitigates the preparation advantage for either team a little bit.

"They know us,'' he said. "We know them.''

WHAT'S NEXT --- As mentioned earlier, the Huskies are scheduled for a split-squad practice, though the late time change indicates maybe it'lljust be one full-squad practice.

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Posted by MelloDawg

6:53 PM, Aug 15, 2008

When Mark Sanchez was injured for USC, Pete Carroll gave a full report on him. Bob would never say he dislikes the way Ty deals with the media, but you can imagine that there are many coaches that are easier to work with.

Damnit, that must be why USC sucks every single year.

Posted by Ducks 45 Dawgs 13

6:59 PM, Aug 15, 2008

You can prepare for 10 years but it won't do you any good because you don't have the athletes to stack up against the Ducks.

Posted by ducks will win!

7:05 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Well said my friend!!

Posted by poster

7:14 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Yeah, I'm just hoping we don't have 3 injuries from all the trembling and fear our team has just fearing Oregon's team. Add to that the fact that we don't have a chance to beat better talent and better coaching, and wait.

Huskies win, and it won't be that big of a shock to those up north.

Posted by Formerly Guest

7:18 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Have you asked Savanah when he projects regaining academic eligilbility?

If so, and he answered on the record, what did he say?

Do you get the sense that Kelemente will be playing some this year? Molly Yanity is stating she expects him to redshirt. Any thoughts/speculation you would be willing to share?

Posted by OlyDawg

7:23 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Your "...if ever" in regards to Savannah sounds ominous. Anything you know that we aren't privy to yet?

Posted by onewoodwacker

7:32 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Hey Bob -

What info do you have to make the statement; " ( E.J. Savannah, who I wouldn't expect back anytime soon, if ever)".

What do you know that you are not telling us?

All I've ever heard is that he could be back at anytime or never.

He was this years Jake of the defense - the star, the heart, the sole. Would like to know what you know!! - Thanks

Posted by NorCalDawgFan

7:55 PM, Aug 15, 2008

I would guess Jake will be practicing on Monday. I understand it has been fairly warm in Seattle, and they probably didn't want him to test it much in that weather. Only thing worse would be rain or overcast with a lot of humidity. There is really nothing to be too concerned about right now, I just hope Jake is very cautious with it as a hamstring problem can come back worse the second time if it is not ready. There is no reason to get on Ty about his comments; there is no standard time for a hamstring problem; it can be a few days or 6 weeks or even 6 months. If it is only a slight tear that he is probably over it or nearly over it by now. The fact that he isn't in practice is the only thing needed to know. It has nothing to do with Ty.

Posted by camano

8:44 PM, Aug 15, 2008

The bad news was when Jake fiirst had the hammy injury - not that he is noit practicing. I am very glad they are keeping him out to rest it - I hope he is out until mid-late next week. It may be hard to stomach now - but in 2-3 weeks we will be very glad he the injury is behind him.

Posted by ducks suck

9:06 PM, Aug 15, 2008

ducks -- shut the f*** up. The whole conference hates you and nobody cares what you think. Your fans are the biggest piles of sh** in the country and your uniforms are ugly. And your whole program is bankrolled by child slave labor in 3rd world countries. Wow, you guys have a lot to be proud of!

Posted by Dawg In the Couv

9:25 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Hey Ducks Suck...dude, come on. That response is expected from a UO fan. Please don't get suckered in and sink to their level. Show some class my friend.

Mello...come on man. The injury report? Really? Even your continued "copy and paste" posts of 11-25 add more value to the conversation then this post. Man, that Bill Belicheck (sp) is a horrible coach based on his demeaner with the media.

Hey quack fans...I have to say it's pretty funny that you continue to post on a Husky blog. Must have a real "little sister" complex. Enjoy it while it lasts...every little bro beats their big bro some times, but at the end of the day, all will be made right when we march in on on 8/30/08 and dance on the zero after our victory.

Posted by mutt

9:31 PM, Aug 15, 2008

The Ducks......what kind of name is that, duck?

Posted by Jason

10:27 PM, Aug 15, 2008

I plan on ordering a lot of chinese duck takeout before the Dawgs game. I will eat it with a villianous laugh as Jake runs all over your inexperienced linebackers.

Posted by Malibu

10:48 PM, Aug 15, 2008

I'm not worried. Locker will be ready to go. You can't blame the coaches for the go slow approach with the franchise player. The type of hammie he has is not the kind that normally hangs around for weeks and months. If he's doing stairs and throwing, he's OK. For this kid, it would take a broken leg to keep him out of a game like this. The opener. At Oregon. No way Jake will miss that.

Two weeks from tonight we'll all be watching the clock, tick by tick . . . it will seem like Saturday night will never come. The conversation here, as always, will help . . . Hi to Boise. OlyDawg. Hey Roman, you out there?
"How the Huskies Can Win" is already begining to churn . . .

Posted by poster

10:53 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Every year it seems like someone loses one of their best players, it's just part of fall practices. This time it appears Georgia lost their best lineman, LT Trinton Sturdivant.

Not that I thought they were #1, but they were probably top 3-5 for sure.

Part of the reason for the post is just to show some evidence of injuries to significant players happening elsewhere (not just UW, USC in Sanchez, UCLA in Olson). But, I was reminded of Polk running with the 1's over the last week or so, and the first thing that popped into my head is that in a way I'm glad we haven't heard of him and that he's obviously showing some toughness to go from high school ball last fall, through spring practices, then running with the 1's and no substantial tweaks that we've heard about.

Posted by Bob Condotta

10:54 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Maybe the initial wording was too strong, so I've changed that. Just haven't seen or heard from him of late, nor seen or heard anything of him of late.

As for Kelemete, nothing's settled on any of those freshmen DLs, but if they show they can play this year, then they will play, according to the coaches. Randy Hart said again today that everybody on the roster has a chance, pointing out again that it's a 15-week season (with the byes thrown in) so lots can happen.

Posted by 206dogg

11:22 PM, Aug 15, 2008

And here come the mental midgets who have nothing better to do then yell at each other; creating mass unwanted noise on a productive blog.

What these mental midgest (poster, jh, mello, ducks fans) don't understand is that they taint Bobs blog, which is nicely done. However, the mental midgets could care less b/c they clearly lack the intelligence to comprehend such obvious facts.

Posted by MelloDawg

11:50 PM, Aug 15, 2008

The Seattle Times and PI already have enough of a vendetta against the Husky football program, the last thing UW needs is a coach who is short with reporters and comes off as a tad bit arrogant.

You'll never hear Bob tell you what he thinks of Ty, nor will you any other Times/PI reporter, but they have a job to do. When they get these brief, succinct answers, how are they supposed to write a story with it?

Posted by Stay classy duck fans

11:53 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Malibu just be thankful Belloti isn't our coach because he would have Jake play on a broken leg.

Posted by dawg gone it

12:00 AM, Aug 16, 2008

I think it only happened for one or two plays, but 3 former huskies where in the backfield at the same time for the Raiders, Tui, Reece, and Rankin.

Posted by poster

12:25 AM, Aug 16, 2008

206dogg, You make me laugh. I'd be more than happy to match wits with you.
And interesting to make a post about people having nothing better to do than to yell at each other (since that's in essence what you just did). So be it, refer to sentence 1 if it isn't clear.

That being said, mello and I are simply on different sides of the equation regarding the state of our football program's health. Actually, for having such disparate views he and I probably actually DO discourse on here more than would be expected. In fact, I don't think we've ever "yelled" at each other. I suggest reading my posts, or Mello's posts a little more closely and you might see a lack of yelling at each other. But, your exact post was what you were making fun of, not too surprising.

In fact, if anything I've tended towards addressing people's arguments and points and not them personally. Again, read the posts, you may learn something.

Again, in fact, let's check how much each of our posts, and how many of them, have been about the actual program. I'd wager even JH would agree with me that my posts are generally about what's happening in the program itself.

Either way, your own credibility is the only thing brought into question by your 11:22 post. If you're fine with that, I guess I'll have to be too.

Care to address football again?

Posted by duck tastes like chicken

3:14 AM, Aug 16, 2008

i like bobs blog, but i could not care less if he, from the professional journalism perspective, dislikes TW because TW does not give clear answers. ---- That!
I don't really want TW to give answers to the media to be published for me, the public, AND THE DUCKS.
Didn't any of you watch Batman?
....keep it close. I'll appreciate a victory, not a day to day update on jakes poor lil hammy.

Posted by jh

4:49 AM, Aug 16, 2008

..."UW offensive coordinator Tim Lappano said Friday the real danger will come if Locker is not back in a week or so."..

...I was surprised at this statement by a UW coach....usually a coach would have said something to the effect that the worse thing for the player and the team would be if the player came off an injury too soon and re-injured himself...putting himself out for an extended period...

...but here's Lappano telling Locker, his teammates and the media that the "danger" is not coming back too soon...the "danger" is that if he doesn't come back soon enough...

...just what "danger" could he be speaking of?..."danger" in losing the Oregon game?..."danger in Lappano losing his job if the season start out 0-3?...what a strange comment for a coach to make...

Posted by onewoodwacker

6:03 AM, Aug 16, 2008

Bob -

In regards to EJ Savannah and you not seeing or hearing from him - I hope he has his non-school work doing little butt in his room getting caught up on his studies so he can get back to practice.

The train will leave with or without you EJ, all of the Husky Nation is hoping you're on it.

Posted by onewoodwacker

6:14 AM, Aug 16, 2008


Any update you can provide us on our special teams would be appreciated.

People complain about the defense last year but I believe that this group was the worst performing of the three phases. Our punt and kick coverage was pittiful, our tackling was pittiful, our kick-offs were below average to average.

If you win two of the three phases (Offense, Defense, Special Teams) of the game, you win almost every time. If our defense is not going to be drastically improved, our special teams better be.

Posted by BoiseTruth

6:45 AM, Aug 16, 2008

This is a great story from Molly, on the young guns at UW.

Posted by jh's conscience

7:01 AM, Aug 16, 2008

jh is a deep thinker, try to keep up with him

wait, Mom's calling

Posted by Ziasudra

7:03 AM, Aug 16, 2008

Watched most of the Oakland/Tenn game, since the M's were boring, as usual, and I hate the Raiders. However, Gunheim had an impressive sack late in the game;Tui got into the game late, and merely handed off the ball to RB's. it's too bad Tui can't get on a team that would use him.

Posted by HarborDawg

7:03 AM, Aug 16, 2008


good non football related question awhile back, the bus system to husky stadium, have you heard if it's still running free this season?

Last i looked on gohuskies it was

Posted by 2nd Request

7:06 AM, Aug 16, 2008

2nd request - do u know if the Dawgs will be pumping in loud noise to simulate road games this year? These young players may need some exposure to this kind of environment.

Posted by BoiseTruth

7:32 AM, Aug 16, 2008


You may have seen this already, but here are a few comments from Dick Baird/DJ about the kicking game.

"While watching practice this week with Former Legendary Washington Coach Don James, he commented to me how it was apparent there was an obvious emphasis being put on the kicking game. This is not to demean their approach the past few years, but only to point out there is a renewed commitment to upgrading all aspects of kicking."

That's good to hear. As you pointed out, winning two of the three phases is very important. I think we've finally got the depth of talent, and speed to be good on special teams. I'd love to see a Husky come flying down the field on opening kick - off against the ducks, and rattle someones teeth. Do ducks have teeth. Might have to settle for breaking a bill. That doesn't sound like as much fun.

Posted by augiedawg70

8:11 AM, Aug 16, 2008

We want to go in there and dominate them because I am tired of losing to them. We are all tired of losing to them." Jordan White-Frisbee.

Do you think our offense is just a bit hacked off about the last four years with Oregon? Why would he use the term "dominate?" Youthful exurberance or team confidence?"

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

8:12 AM, Aug 16, 2008

Bob, per your article, I wish you had covered how UZero is at a disadvantage with a new DC coming from the NFL so that their offense and young/new starter at QB don't have much to go on in terms of his schemes. Out of anyone on both staffs, Donatell has reached the highest level, as he was one of the best DCs in the NFL. Lappano coached RBs in the NFL, Willingham had time in the NFL but not at coordinator level, and Bullshotti, Chippy Kelly, and Nicky Alliotti haven't even touched the NFL as far as I know.

Posted by 206dogg

8:33 AM, Aug 16, 2008

If you think you, mello and the likes contribute on an intellectual level to this blog, then so be it. Everyone has there own 'bar' at where they think intelligence is. I personally don't think recycled banter about Ty and needing to go x-x is worthy of high praise. Your point is noted, move on.
All i'm trying to do is encourage positive, meaningful and articulate posts. Sorry if i offended you b/c you feel you've been doing that. I'm NOT sorry if i offended Mello; no way no how!

Posted by poster

8:33 AM, Aug 16, 2008

JH, that's a good point about Lappano's comment, but by the "real danger" he was probably assuming Locker not being hurt. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean that Jake missing some time is more of a danger than Jake coming back too early and getting hurt. It was just a poor choice of words on Lappano's part (which, to his credit, was probably not said at 11:22 PM after he had too much to drink).

Posted by 206dogg

8:34 AM, Aug 16, 2008

Thanks for sharing that link. Man i get more excited everytime i read about this class. It seems at all positions they did well at recruiting! Unbelieveable!

btw, let us know how KM does in his upcoming scrimmage.

Posted by poster

8:38 AM, Aug 16, 2008

That's fine 206dogg. I wouldn't say it offended me by calling me a mental midget, but I was certainly surprised by you grouping me in that group.

In fact, many of your posts echo what almost all of my posts have said, so I was surprised by that comment. So, I'll say this and move on. You should review my posts on the previous 10 threads and see how much they were the same content as yours BEFORE making that type of comment.

But, apology accepted, the majority of my posts will still be the same type of content (as yours) and will still agree with most of your posts.

Posted by poster

8:50 AM, Aug 16, 2008

Nice link Boise:

I'm probably most excited about the addition of so many quality lineman, and consider that one of the biggest problems with the Husky teams during this downturn, but something that really excites me about the last recruiting class is not just it's rating, but how well it filled immediate needs AND balanced the needs over the next couple of years. It's hard to imagine that not having a pretty big impact on the program this year.

However, I happened on to some preview show of the Cougar's 2008 last night on FSN that highlighted Brandon Gibson a bit and showed a lot of footage from him. It is really hard to imagine a freshman, even an extremely talented one, run the types of routes that Gibson was running. Let alone his strength and discipline catching the ball. So, although I don't expect the current crop to do that this year, they have the ability to fill in better than a lot of people not watching the program closely will say. Although, another concern is their downfield blocking. For designed QB runs that is a very big component that will probably take quite a while to develop (maybe most of the season).

Posted by Jaye Aiche

8:51 AM, Aug 16, 2008

As JH's alter ego, I feel I must be forthcoming, upfront, and so here are a few facts...I will now "channel" the true thoughts of JH...

1. Sorry I posted today at 4:49 a.m. As a UW and Ty hater, I realize this divulges (as if all my other posts have not done so) my one-agenda, obsession-driven, weird, and sort of "stalking" behavior on this blog. I had hoped to keep that hidden.

2. Yes, I live in Redondo Beach, CA. It's a great town, but only if you live within 4-5 blocks of the beach, which I don't. I hear that TW once lived near a beach, and therefore I have another reason to hate him.

3. Yes, I live in my mother's house; I have a Batman comforter on my twin bed (in the basement), and I do nothing all day (and night) but cyber-stalk TW - which means that currently and for the last 2 years I have been forced to lurk on the Times blog and forum.

4. Yes, it's true that I have nothing of substance, or even of mild interest, to add to any discussion here - I simply think (emphasis on the "simply") that I, through my World of Warcraft superpowers (plus my redundancy and determination) can bring down TW, and by association, the UW Football Program, with the power of my ...cryptic-seeming...and yet...I'll admit...utterly stupid comments...anyway, if I fail, it obviously won't be for the lack of trying...somehow, I have it in my twisted mind, that by doing this I can elevate my beloved Irish...I never figured out that trashing someone else only makes ME a lesser person, not the one I'm trashing...

5. Yes, I wear thong underpants.

6. Yes, it disturbs me when my mother, my rear-end, and my alter-ego come on here and tell y'all my secrets...but I'll withstand this horror if only all of you will PLEASE let me stay...let me be the ORACLE...the wise one...PLEASE...

7. Thank you for your attention. My alter-ego's posting of this stuff is great for me, and if HE had a clue, he would leave me alone to accomplish my nefarious ends...

Posted by poster

8:56 AM, Aug 16, 2008


To beat a dead horse, I have difficulty in seeing how "What these mental midgest [sic] ... However, the mental midgets could care less b/c they clearly lack the intelligence to comprehend such obvious facts." supports "All i'm trying to do is encourage positive, meaningful and articulate posts."

If you think that does not put you in the exact company you criticized, then you not only think too highly of yourself, but you weren't being very smart. You're making my job here pretty easy.

Now, instead of a half-apology, you should just focus your posts on "positive, meaningful and articulate posts" lest you look like a pretty big hypocrite.

Posted by goducks

8:56 AM, Aug 16, 2008

Huskies = College of spoiled fat kids

Posted by ducks=lame

9:09 AM, Aug 16, 2008

goducks (and ALL ducks) = losing, excuse making, bong hitting, under-achieving, OSU-losing, billion-dollars-but-don't know-what-to-do-with-it-ing, IDIOTDS.

Posted by ducks=lame

9:12 AM, Aug 16, 2008

O.K., "idiots".

Posted by Jordan

9:13 AM, Aug 16, 2008

Yeah you know the athletes returning from a team that won the Sun Bowl are unstoppable. You do realize that you lost your two best athletes right? And the best athlete by far on the field on August 30th will be our quarterback.

And I know you all are homers and would disagree but we hung with your team for 3 1/2 quarters last year. Our offensive line did a pretty good job of pushing your d-line around. Your team last year was better than this one. Our team was worse. So I think it is going to be a lot more interesting than you think. But again, please believe otherwise right up until the scoreboard says 0:00 in the 4th quarter.

Posted by poster

9:20 AM, Aug 16, 2008

Oregon has a scrimmage today.

Here's an article on focusing on N. Costa and then doing a limited position analysis.

I think the inexperience of Costa should not be understated, and even if he had a year or two of experience, that does not automatically place him at Dixon's performance level for running that offense. One interesting aspect of their receiver corps is the freak athleticism of Jaison Williams (although, how are his hands, probably be good this year) and Jamere Holland who has more speed by a decent margin than anyone on our football team. We've read a lot of the 3-4 and 4-3 scheme talk, of the attacking defense talk, and of the bigger secondary talk, but I haven't seen as much discussion on if we are actually changing the secondary schemes much. On that point, do any of you have any thoughts on how we would defend Williams and Holland?

Posted by Formerly Guest

9:23 AM, Aug 16, 2008


Along the lines of special teams, is it possible to determine if Freeman - the really short guy from Compton (I think) - is getting a decent look at returner?

I think Lappano made some statements about how elusive and quick he was. Seems like he might be a reasonable option?

Sorry you only get 5 minutes/day to ask questions of these busy coaches and players.


Posted by Formerly Guest

9:25 AM, Aug 16, 2008

On WR blocking, my sense is that Reece and Russo were pretty decent at it, and we may be in for a letdown there with amny of these younger players. Thoughts anyone?

And as much as I criticized Russo last year, I think he was the best punt returner we had had in a while. Maybe a result of his excellent shuttle time?

Posted by poster

9:42 AM, Aug 16, 2008


I agree about the potential letdown in WR blocking, and that Reece and Russo ended up being pretty good at it. This is a true concern I've been echoing on here for a few weeks without much reply from other posters. Hopefully the new WR's speed will generate more respect from the defense and that will improve the WR blocking due to the defensive backs cheating back on them a little bit.

Also of note, another thing I posted but did not see a response to was how poorly Oklahoma did last year in the Fiesta bowl against Pat White and West Virginia. I'm curious how that parlays into our game with them. Is it a sign Jake can gash them for some yards, or was it an experience that sharpened both the focus of both the players and the coaches? Either way, I just glanced at a the "Norman Transcript" and the first post I saw discussed coach Stoops closing a lot of practices to the media. Doesn't matter much to me, really, but it is interesting to see the same uproar but for a coach almost universally supported by his program.

Posted by BoiseTruth

10:38 AM, Aug 16, 2008


I think the staff has done a good job the last three years bringing in much needed L-men. Would everyone have liked it to be done more quickly? Certainly, but there were so many areas of need that had to be addressed that just getting the O-line squared away had to be the main focus. Last year, and now, we are finally at a point where we can kind of fine tune the needs, and balance of this team. It's just starting to get fun. If we can accomplish the fine tuning/balance with a good class this year, it should get real fun.

As for the young WR corp, I'm not really worried about their ability to contribute. They've all been playing football for awhile, and I'm sure they understand the importance of down field blocking. If they don't want to do it, hopefully their coaches, and peers can explain, in one form or another, why it would be a good idea to get it done. That means I think they'll have the ability to do it, and there's enough competition for playing time now that they can't afford to blow off that responsibility if they want to see the field.

I just went through this young receiver thing following BSU last year. The first three or four games (especially the UW game) were a little frustrating with the young receivers. BSU had Childs (soph) who was a first year starter, and Young, and Pettas, both true freshmen. It was tough, but after the third or fourth game I don't think most people watching them would have known how young they really were. They had to grow - up fast, and they did. UW brought in some talent that should be able to be successful this year.

Here are the numbers that the young receivers at BSU put up last year. Do we have this to look forward to? I'm hoping.
G R Yds TD
Jeremy Childs 12 82 1045 12.7 9 83 87.1
Austin Pettis 13 46 465 10.1 6 56 35.8
Titus Young 13 44 639 14.5 5 58 49.2

Posted by BoiseTruth

10:45 AM, Aug 16, 2008


172 receptions - 2149 yards - 18 touch downs

Posted by 206dogg

11:10 AM, Aug 16, 2008

If i was lumping you in with the 'mental midget' gang, as i said, my apologies if you feel you're not of that breed. I admit, i could be wrong as i don't keep a running stat sheet of posts, nor will i ever. Simply don't have the time or energy to do that. After reading through this thread, seems like you do have some articulate posts. I WON'T back down from that statement with jh, mellow and annoying duck fans who get on here and quack all day long.

Posted by poster

11:39 AM, Aug 16, 2008

206dogg, good enough. I think we have the same views about what this blog should be, your misunderstanding notwithstanding. The really interesting thing, is the only reason I contested what Mello, JH, and the Duck Posters were saying (actually, I said I don't mind if they're here so long as they are intelligent posts), is that I was sick of their same negative commentary in response to any news, so I took the fight to them mostly by providing evidence and arguments to simmer down what they were posting. And you happened to notice at the wrong time, same as if someone noticed your posts at the 11:22 mark last night.

Now, let's talk football.

Posted by BoiseTruth

1:29 PM, Aug 16, 2008


Molly's story really got me pumped as well. Definitely one of the best stories I've read this season. We'll have to wait and see for ourselves if these guys are as good as Molly, and the coaches make them sound. That will be fun, and interesting I'm sure. Two more weeks, and we'll start getting some answers as to who can do what. I'm sure those two weeks will fly by. Probably dreaming a little there.

Big BSU scrimmage tonight. I'll put something about KM up tonight or first thing in the morning. I'm sure they won't name a starter, but at least you'll be able to see the numbers. Heard KM was hot in practice yesterday. Threw for a couple of TD's

Posted by 206dogg

1:48 PM, Aug 16, 2008

Thanks BT,
As i've said before, i've never seen a more impressive HS QB. If he was an inch taller he would've had every school after him. Even if he doesn't win the starter job this year, he's still going to get his opportunity to shine in the future.
Looking forward to what you have to say.

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