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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 9, 2008 5:18 PM

Husky nightcap, day six

Posted by Bob Condotta

A wrapup of the day that was:

WHAT HAPPENED --- The Huskies held two practices, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon --- going in full pads in the morning --- sandwiching the team’s annual Picture Day.

THE BIG STORY --- As detailed in the two posts below, it was eventually revealed today by Jake Locker's father, Scott, that the UW quarterback has a slght strain, or tear, of his left hamstring. His comments came after UW coach Tyrone Willingham met with the media and said he had up update because he hadn't seen the MRI yet because he "it's not a big concern to me.'' Willingham seemed to be implying it wasn't a big concern because he's not that worried about it, indicating again that he doesn't expect Locker to be out long. Whatever the case, Scott Locker's comments lended some clarity to the situation that indeed seems to indicate Jake Locker will be ready to go come Aug. 30.

THE BIG STORY, NO. 2 --- Also learned today is that RB Brandon Johnson is still struggling to get past his off-season knee surgery to fix PCL and meniscus injuries. Willingham had said earlier that Johnson was still not 100 percent, and today said there are some "complications'' which today forced Johnson to sit out. It's starting to sound like Johnson could need more time than originally thought to round back into shape, which will further muddy the waters at tailback --- he was the projected starter heading into camp and the only Husky who has ever carried the ball in a game. However, with Chris Polk playing there for the time being, and maybe permanently, it's not as if UW lacks options at that spot with six tailbacks besides Johnson in camp.

SIGN HERE, PLEASE --- Picture Day meant the annual lengthy line greeting Locker. A UW official said there were more than 300 people waiting for autographs and pictures of Locker when the event began, and the line was cut off shortly after due to a shortage of time to get everyone through. Willingham had the second-longest line. Polk appeared to have the next-longest line of any player. UW officials estimated there were at least 2,000 people at the event.

WHAT'S NEXT --- The Huskies will take Sunday off before returning with two practices on Monday.

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Posted by NorCalDawgFan

6:17 PM, Aug 09, 2008

I just watched replay of 49ers v. Raiders. Rankin looked mostly like a different runner as he ran straight into the line or hole without dancing. He had a 73 yard run that ended about the 9 yard line and would have got a TD but he kept looking back and was doing a side to side dance along the sideline with nobody around him, so he was caught from behind. He has a good chance to make the team, but the Raiders are high on McFadden and Fargus, so not much chance of playing for Rankin.

Gunheim didn't look very good, but had a sack on the last play of the game.

Tui looked o.k. He is just trying to make the team as 3rd QB and has a good chance of that, although I think he is a better leader than Walter and would make a better reserve for Russell.

Posted by kdawg

6:44 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Re: Mark Sanchez's injury:

My son had a dislocated knee cap. I'm sure they come in degrees of severity, but my son's knee has never been the same. The ligaments, once stretched, do not necessarily go back into place, and the ligaments on one side can pull stronger than the other over time, leaving the knee cap out of position. My son had surgery to correct this once we waited to see how it would heal on it's own. It left him able to run straight ahead, but still no mobility doing quick cuts. The next surgery after the initial one is to literally move the position of where tendons from the upper leg muscles attach to the lower leg. Something we opted not to go into. If Sanchez has even half of what my son had, I'd be shocked to see him on August 30.

Posted by iowa husky

6:52 PM, Aug 09, 2008


I had a dislocated knee and it completely destroyed my leg. I used to run all the time, but it's just far too much pain now. I've also had major surgery, but it's not even close to operating like it should.

Posted by Formerly Guest

7:09 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Kdawg and Iowa Husky,

I agree. If Sanchez really had a dislocated patella, he is in a world of trouble over the long haul, and I can't beleive he is really "day to day."

I think the deal with USC is that Mitch Mustain, their #2 guy, was the most sought after QB recruit 2-3 years ago. So they are going from 1 potential all-conference guy to another.

Posted by iowa husky

7:16 PM, Aug 09, 2008

yeah, I don't think USC will take much of a hit if Sanchez goes down, although by now I suppose he really knows the system. I think that injury might mess up his throwing technique if it doesn't heal right.

Posted by Jordan

7:49 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Willingham's line was by far the second longest. And he was very personable. It was really funny. I expected him to be not very talkative. But it was the exact opposite. He is a lot warmer and nicer in person than he is to the media on tv and in print. I really hope he is successful this year.

Posted by Jordan

7:51 PM, Aug 09, 2008

And Jordan White Frisbee is a beast. The guy looks like he could pick up a car. I am really excited to see what he does on the field.

Posted by Blfn

7:52 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Jake, best wishes:
Heal soon and well.
Coach W, concentrate on the backups:
Nice to have them readu for now or later.
Stay cool and don't overreact.
Go Dawgs!

Posted by d935

8:28 PM, Aug 09, 2008

My god.

So let me get this straight. Our best quarterback, best tailback, best offensive lineman, best linebacker, and best safety are all struggling with injuries.

Oh well, I am still excited for the season, but with dwindling hope for the first few weeks.

Posted by Buster Brown

9:08 PM, Aug 09, 2008

So, d935, are you saying there's something wrong with Chris Polk, Ryan Tolar, Mason Foster and Nate Williams? I think they're all okay!

Posted by MelloDawg

9:18 PM, Aug 09, 2008

I'd like to make a quick digression here, if I may...

Much has been said about how Ty has had zero talent at UW since he's been here. If anyone has followed the NFL recently, two of the players in his secondary have made NFL rosters (Dashon Goldson starts for the 49ers, CJ Wallace will be on ST this year for the Hawks). Louis Rankin is going bananas in the game for Oakland tonight and while he'll be stuck behind Darren McFadden, he'll likely land somewhere.

The problem here is that on a Ty Willingham, just being super talented isn't enough to give you playing time. I honestly doubt that JR Hasty left the team because he was overhyped and not talented enough. I know for a FACT that Craig Chambers left because he and Willingham butted heads all too often.

In any case, sorry for the digression...but UW has had talent in the Willingham years.

Posted by Jordan

9:41 PM, Aug 09, 2008

And Jim Lambright had a tremendous amount of talent when Brock Huard was here too. In fact, he had something like eight guys get drafted in ONE SEASON. And I think we won something like 7 games that year.

What do you not see a lot of in the NFL recently from UW???? LINEMAN. Both offensive and defensive.

That is going to change soon but the last few years our lines have been terrible. Our O-line this year is going to be the best we have had in a long long time. And I think it is the story that the media including Bob is not paying much attention to. Everyone keeps talking about how young we are at the skill positions on offense. But we have one of the best lines in the conference. If they are opening up holes you can have inexperienced running backs. And if you're running the ball between the tackles your defense is going to be off the field a whole heck of a lot. Running the ball lets you do so many things. And that is why I think we can go to a bowl this year.

Posted by brockmandawg

9:57 PM, Aug 09, 2008

mello, all the dudes you talked about played a lot for UW. The problems ty inherited were a broken O line and no discipline.

Posted by Purple Kaya

11:23 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Jordan, that Lambo team you are talking about went 8-4. They suffered a rash of injuries and kind of Ducked It at the end of the year after starting well.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on JWF from the picture day. I agree. I was focusing in on him during the first half of the Cal game last year when he got a start. Absolute beast who could still get out on the perimeter Lincoln Kennedy style.

Posted by Formerly Guest

11:31 PM, Aug 09, 2008


I think Brockmandawg sums it up quite well. I would add that TW inherited very poor depth (which has been slow to be corrected but seems to finally be improving) and a team with very poor year-round work ethic.

Another player he had who was talented - in addition to the ones you named- was Scott White. As I recall, White had some major discipline problems prior to TW's arrival but responded well to TW's tough love approach and really blossomed into a consistent team leader and terror on the field. So I think that talented guys like Hasty and Chambers tend to be given a decent chance to buy into the program and assimilate into the role of the responsible and dedicated individual that it demands you become.

Posted by MelloDawg

12:08 AM, Aug 10, 2008

Still, the argument by Typologists is that Ty had zero talent when he came to UW. I know, I know, the offensive line wasn't great, but I don't think you realize just how adamant Ty supporters are. By the way they talk, you'd think as if we were playing a bunch of JV high school kids.

A subpar offensive line does not equate to a 2-9 season in a coach's first year, he could have improved from 1-10 (note: loss to Air Force at Qwest Field). He had enough talent regardless of the discipline. If I were a Ty supporter, I'd try and stick with the argument that there was no talent at ANY position at UW because to suggest that the ONLY problems were a below-average O-Line and discipline makes Ty look even worse for the job he's done.

Posted by Eugenehomeboy

12:11 AM, Aug 10, 2008

Locker cant pass.

Posted by tacodawg

12:16 AM, Aug 10, 2008

No wonder Johnson is having a tough time recovering from his "PCL" surgery. Here's one treatment protocol . Return to sport is 9-12 months post-op. Here's another: . Scroll down to page 5 to find return to straight running at 6 months and return to sport after 7 months. And BJ is 3 months out??? Bob, please clarify his condition with their rehab staff before you "report" one more time that he is recovering from a PCL and meniscal repair. I'll put a pitcher at Big Time on that it's a finicky meniscal repair. I know this is what BJ told you, but try and get confirmation from someone on their medical staff.

Nice posts Jordan, but you can't reason with MadDawg 20/20(hindsight).

Posted by melloisagirl

12:58 AM, Aug 10, 2008


Man you are a loser... Just admit you played the flute for the band for a year and think you know everything about the huskies because of that. Please quit pretending like know something on here. It is a blog anyone can post anything, but for some reason you have a reed stuck in your ass and think your comment are better than others. Go back to watching on the sidelines and letting us play the game.

Posted by BoiseTruth

5:10 AM, Aug 10, 2008

Lots of pictures of Huskies - if this link works

Posted by HarborDawg

7:53 AM, Aug 10, 2008

I'm not entirely certain who started using the term "Typologist" on Bob's blog, but at least for me, when I read it in a post I immediately downgrade the credibility of the source to someone who really has a limited grasp of the situation at Montlake.

Ty is the coach in 2008...some support him, some don't and most understand and accept the terms Emmert has placed on the head coach for the season ahead.

And I believe we could beat Oregon in Eugene with Fouch behind center if it came to that. No easy task for sure but it is not unthinkable.


Posted by iowa husky

8:30 AM, Aug 10, 2008

harbordawg, I couldn't agree more with your statement. Anybody who seems to lump UW fans into two groups: Ty apologists and Ty haters, without noticing that most fans are neither, seem to me to be doing nothing more than rabble rousing. I can't think of anybody that I know who has given Ty unqualified support. I can think of plenty of people who have given him some support, and want to see if he can reach the goals set out for him and his team.

Posted by AnaheimDawgfan

8:30 AM, Aug 10, 2008

UCLA quarterback Olson is injured again

Posted by Bob Condotta

8:57 AM, Aug 10, 2008

On Johnson and his injury --- All injury info goes through Willingham or the player, so we don't get the kind of info you are asking that I try to get. I'm trying to pass on the best information I can, but what I've got on that is what I've given you.

Posted by Jordan

9:39 AM, Aug 10, 2008


I actually don't disagree with you for the first time I think ever. You're right. To say he has had zero talent, is just not true. And if you have watched the last 3 seasons you can see there have been a few games every year that UW has left a win on the table.

Here's something I think you should consider though, and I know I am not going to change your mind in any way. But, you brought up the Air Force game. I completely agree that we should have and could have won that game. If you watched that season though, that was the least talented UW team I have seen in my lifetime. And not to put those kids down but I don't think it was close. They just didn't have a lot of athleticism. I mean the most athletic player on that team was Stanback and he couldn't complete a pass to save his life in that game. He was very rough that entire season.

But back to the Air Force game. There was a play in that game that singlehandedly cost us that game. Very late in the 4th quarter and we had the lead, Stanback threw a pass to Corey Williams which would have given us a first down, kept the drive alive, and kept the ball out of Air Force's hands the rest of the game, and he dropped it. It was literally in his hands, a nicely thrown ball, and he dropped it. Then it's fourth down. We punt. They have a nice punt return (if you remember our special teams that year were very "special") and AF drives the rest of the field to score the winning touchdown.

Now I understand what you are saying. But Ty put his players in a position to win that game. There have been numerous times where that has not happened where you can for sure blame him (the last play against ASU in OT in 2006 and the last play of the Apple Cup last year are two times that come to mind) for not having his players in the correct places. But the Air Force game was not one of those times. Ty can't be on the field and in that game the players were in a position to win that game. The players didn't execute. Not Ty.

The talent level has gotten better every year that he has been here. But that doesn't mean anything if he doesn't turn that talent into wins. And in order for that to happen Ty and Washington have to win some close games this year. I think he will. I am guessing you think he won't. If he doesn't the criticism is justified. We'll see who is right. But I am really excited about this season. More so than for any season in a long time.

Posted by poster

10:26 AM, Aug 10, 2008

I came to the same conclusion as HarborDawg in his 7:53 post long ago. It's the same sort of partisan word that people bandy about to confirm something they already believe in and not have to look any deeper at what they are examining. I guess in a since it simplifies someone's argument to be able to put a group of opposing views within one bucket, but the real loss is that by simplifying every argument that way, the person adopting that view ends up simplifying their own points and really adding little.
But the main point, is it lowers the credibility of the post for me too.

Posted by S Stephens

11:13 AM, Aug 10, 2008

Hey BoiseTruth,

Nice pictures and all, but what's more interesting are the pictures of "The Office" included in that link. Wanna tell us about those photos and the people in them?

S Stephens

5:10 AM, Aug 10, 2008

Lots of pictures of Huskies - if this link works

Posted by BoiseTruth

11:40 AM, Aug 10, 2008

You're welcome S Stephens. Note that the link says "Dawgman". I'm sure they could help you out if you really have a burning desire for more knowledge.

Posted by poster

12:44 PM, Aug 10, 2008

Hey Boise,

Great pics! Did you take those? Te'o-Nesheim looks pretty cut in that one picture. He must've had a hell of an offseason.

Posted by 206dogg

2:00 PM, Aug 10, 2008

If BJ can't start/play, look for Polk and Yak to be the new Bush/White tandem. Polk will be the dazzler and yak will do the pounding. With this rotation, they will still line polk up in the slot in 3-4 WR formations.

Oh what a treat that would be.

Posted by VaDawg

3:58 PM, Aug 10, 2008

d935 (posted on Aug 09 at 8:28 p.m.)

Our best qb will be fine in a couple of days, our best running back has been practicing every day (Polk), our best offensive lineman is way ahead of schedule and it looks like he will be back early in the season, and our best safety is not Jason Wells. Who knows about E.J. Savannah, that one is a concern.

Posted by BoiseTruth

4:22 PM, Aug 10, 2008

poster, I didn't take the pic's. The person that took the pic's is listed at the bottom of each picture. Kim Grinolds, and Stephanie Grohs took most of the pic's. Didn't notice if anyone else contributed.

Posted by poster

4:51 PM, Aug 10, 2008

Thanks Boise. I noticed that after my post. Great pics though.

Posted by jh

6:07 PM, Aug 10, 2008

..."Re: Mark Sanchez's injury:

My son had a dislocated knee cap. I'm sure they come in degrees of severity, but my son's knee has never been the same. The ligaments, once stretched, do not necessarily go back into place, and the ligaments on one side can pull stronger than the other over time, leaving the knee cap out of position."...

...hope springs eternal, 'eh kdog?...

Posted by Coach Brooks

7:42 PM, Aug 10, 2008

Duck fan here,

Eugene wishes Jake and everybody else up there a speedy recovery - I'd like to see our best against your best. Jake’s an exciting, talented kid that (obviously) represents your program very well.

Your shortsighted bush league fans bad-mouth your coach (and have since James left), but honestly - I'm HOPING you get impatient and ditch him. Speaking only for myself, I respect the guy and think he'd be a great long-term solution that will ultimately be a winner you could all feel good about and I DON'T want to EVER see that happen.

My hope is that you'll ditch Ty and get Ricky back or somehow hire Steve Spurrier and make it easier to continue hating on you. Right now, you just seem like a bunch irrelevant nice guys but with Ty, the first part would change.

To borrow a phrase from Bob Newhart “I don’t mean to be condescending (That means to talk down to”) but I'm confident we'll smoke you again and everybody will change the channel by the 3rd quarter (except me, I'll be sitting in section 11 laughing my ass off).

I actually think that you'll start the game strong. I'm not going to predict that we'll get 500 rushing yards or anything, but 350 seems about right.

I've been around a while and watch our practices every single day – so take note that Coach Brooks said this; by about the start of the 4th quarter, it's going to feel like you're big brother has you in a head-lock, dishing out noogies, asking "why are you crying?" and there really wont be anything you can do about it, except suffer and humbly request mercy.

You should see our 4th string by about that time and the score won't be a total embarrassment.

Ducks 56, UW 20

Forsake your HUSKIES and accept the Ducks into your heart - it feels good, it really does.

Posted by Jordan

8:18 AM, Aug 11, 2008

The only thing more pathetic than a duck fan is a duck fan on a Husky blog.

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