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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 7, 2008 10:32 PM

Husky nightcap, day four

Posted by Bob Condotta

Sorry for the lateness of the post. Had one last summer swim event to attend.

Anyway, on to the day that was:

WHAT HAPPENED --- UW held one full-squad practice in helmets, shoulder pads and shorts at Husky Stadium.

THE BIG STORY --- The biggest news today was that the academic picture for the incoming freshmen appears to be clearing up. Vince Taylor is in, and now playing receiver, while the road appeared to open for DT Senio Kelemete to join the team sometime next week (read the details here).

We also learned that DT Craig Noble is waiting another week or so for results of the California High School Exit Exam. If he passes it, he could enroll be in by mid-to-late-August, as well. Conventional wisdom is that RB Demitrius Bronson probably won't make it in this year while no one seems to know exactly what will happen with E.J. Savannah, who is on-campus daily, appearing to work on his issues.

WELCOME TO THE BIG TIME --- The last two days have seen the first hitting of any kind this season for the Huskies. While just in helmets and shoulder pads, the team can hit above the waist, but not wrap up. This has led to a few rude awakenings for some of the newcomers.

Freshman RB David Freeman said his came Wednesday when he reached to grab a pass on a flare route and was leveled by sophomore cornerback Matt Mosley.

"It was a little bit of a welcome to college football,'' Freeman said with a smile. "it was not like a high school hit. But you get up and do it all over.''

Freeman said he caught the pass, which he thinks impressed some of the vets.

"They were like 'way to get up' because I didn't stay down,'' he said. "I just got right back up and went to the huddle.''

WATCHING FAVRE FROM AFAR --- Husky defensive coordinator Ed Donatell has a unique perspective on the Brett Favre-to-New York move, having worked as an assistant with the Packers for four years and then with the Jets last season.

"It's kind of fresh because I've been on a team with him and then the Jets last year so I can kind of visualize that I think it will fit together pretty nicely,'' Donatell said. "I just know when he says he wants to play he's going to be very effective. They have a nice group of receivers there and they will welcome him with open arms and he'll mix in quickly.''

Donatell said he knew Favre might miss the game.

"He was one of the most natural people at what he does that I've seen,'' he said. "He always loved the locker room. The players. I just think when he really thought about it, he decided he wanted to keep playing.''

ROSTER REPORT --- Redshirt reshman OL Scott Shugert was not at practice today but my understanding is that he will likely be back tomorrow. CB Anthony Gobern was in red for an undisclosed injury.

QUOTABLE --- "He's a great guy. I'm a great guy. So we get along,'' UW running back Johri Fogerson on his relationship with RB coach Steve Gervais in light of the fact that it was Gervais' Skyline team that beat Fogerson's O'Dea team for the state title last year.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Let's just say that all 4 scholarship players are available to come back next week, will they ask a couple of walk ons to come back after the roster can expand?

A: My understanding is that they could do just that. However, as I detailed above, I think the general thought is that Bronson won't make it in and that if Savannah makes it in, it may not be until after that time. Willingham seemed pretty clear today that he didn't think that would be an issue. Of course, there could always be some attrition that would result in opening up another scholarship, as well.

ON TAP --- Huskies are scheduled for their first full pads workout Friday afternoon, again working in split squads.

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Posted by andrew

11:16 PM, Aug 07, 2008

holy shnikes, just when I thought I had escaped those cursed Brett Favre updates..

Posted by Blair

2:20 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Thanks for all the great updates. My question is if these guys are struggling so much to graduate from high school how did they get into UW in the first place? I know the admission standard is much lower for players than the general population but there still is a minimum GPA and test scores correct?

Posted by purpledawgz

5:57 AM, Aug 08, 2008

22 days... 8/30/2008

We are on the eve of the 3-week mark for the 2008 season opener in Eugene. In three weeks from now, there will be a Pac-10 leader, a Pac-10 caboose, and eight teams in the middle with UW and UO preparing to add to the conference W-L column. Many of us will be preparing for our travel if we haven't made the trip already. The rest of us will be taping a preliminary perimeter around the couch and the big screen TV, and debating about what kind of beverage should be used to supplement the following evening's activities. Just remember that when that night comes, you'll have a lot to be hopeful about because you will know the...


30. Chocolate Milk Does a Team Good (Fore!!!!!! - 7/28)
29. 5th Quarter Conditioning (Monday afternoon links - 7/28)
28. Redshirt Freshman = Last Year’s Scout Team (July questions, take six – 7/29)
27. At Least One Weather Assisted-Win (Thursday links – 7/31)
26. Passion and Purpose Are Back (On those darn second halves - 7/31)
25. Tim Lappano’s Options (Monday A.M. links - 8/4)
24. Sleeper “Bullets” (Monday A.M. links - 8/4)
23. JD Williams Makes Monsters Out of Men (Monday A.M. links - 8/4)
22. Husky Stadium Rocks at 135 dB (More thoughts on Savannah – 8/4)
21. Defense Has Nowhere to Go But Up (Wednesday morning links - 8/6)
20. Chris Polk = Purple and Gold Reggie Bush (Thursday morning links - 8/7)

19. Bagget’s New Crew Does It Too – Asst. Coach Charlie Bagget has had the pleasure of working with and developing some amazing NFL talent including Randy Moss, Nate Burleson, Plaxico Burress, and Muhsin Muhammed. The guy knows talent and the guy can coach.

“So what,” you ask, “what has he done lately? That bunch of drop-nicks from last year couldn’t catch a Locker pass to save their life.” Here’s what-—revisit this recent and subtle blog post from Bob:

Obviously Bob is a stand-up guy and will be tight-lipped about his golfing conversations. But, a man that once had a young and productive Randy Moss at his fingertips must be excited about something. If nothing else, we know that many of the coaches are talking about the increase in team speed this year. I would imagine that plays a crucial role. Even Lappano has stated that these receivers remind him of guys like Chad Johnson and Houshmandzadeh.

The important part to take from all of this is that the youth at WR does not concern me when the roster looks like this:

J. Polk
Hawkins, Jr.
C. Polk*

* - Likely to play some TB
** - Originally listed as S

With a group like that to choose from, the individuals that take the field are bound to create some pleasing results. Also, for those of you who would harp on youth and inexperience, keep in mind that Baggett does not need to develop these young men into 1st Team All Pac-10. He simply needs those receivers to be consistent enough to take the defensive pressure off Jake and the running game when it matters most. A nice string of four or five mid-range completions in a row should back defenses up enough for Johnson or Yakaboski or Polk or Locker to bust out a 15-yd run. I can’t wait to watch opposing coaches pacing faster and faster as the Husky yards rack-up—-especially those big “frequent flier” yards that are gained through the air and can be redeemed in late December...

Posted by onewoodwacker

6:05 AM, Aug 08, 2008

My thoughts exactly Blair. Their GPA could be inflated by doing extra assignments, so when a recruiter asks about the GPA, it's higher than it should be. My son raised his math GPA from 2.8 to 3.5 by running laps after school for track. He was already good at math but decided to slack off - but still! It sems funny to me too - they can graduate HS, but can't pass a basic test to prove they were smart enough to graduate - go figure.

Posted by onewoodwacker

6:15 AM, Aug 08, 2008

purpledawgz -

How many people kinda piiss their wife off and go out a buy a new HD 65" LCD Sharp Aquos Flat Screen just for Husky Football Season road games? I know ONE so far - ME!!!!!!!!! Go Dawgs!

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

7:21 AM, Aug 08, 2008

onewood, you can justify it by telling her you are help keeping the American economy going and doing your part to keep people employed!

Posted by purpledawgz

7:25 AM, Aug 08, 2008

onewoodwacker --

Those are the personal stories I miss from last summer. A lot of weddings last year, actually. Hope all is well with them. It gave a nice touch to the community on here rather than what it's been most of this summer. In fact, it paved the way to the "Meet-n-Greet" with Bob that I unfortunately could not attend. Might have to make that an annual event.

If it's any consolation, my wife has given me "the look" on several occasions recently because I'm doing something very similar. She's more concerned that I've taken it upon myself to install an articulating wall-mount and doesn't trust me to do the job without having the new TV wind up on the floor. I guess those ladies just don't understand the importance of being able to appreciate this turn-around season in luxurious HD...

Posted by G Udub

7:28 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Hey Bob,

I know you are crazy busy digging up info for both football and basketball all the time, but is there any way you can upload photos for the posts?

I think it could be a cool addition. Geoff does it for the M's blog and it's always a fun way to add to the reading.

Thanks for your hard work!

Posted by Jimmy 2 Shakes

8:11 AM, Aug 08, 2008

PD, great posts. You are missing one important WR from your list: Alvin Logan. He will probably be a starter and brings a physical element to or WR corps.

Posted by Paul Seattle

8:34 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Bob, rumblings about a possible Jake Locker injury.

Please tell me its not serious.

Posted by jerkyboy

8:41 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Paul ... that's such an irresponsible post, it's laughable. Some guys on dawgman are trying to figure out what the "bad" news is and jumping to conclusions. Totally groundless! that's how completely baseless and untrue rumors get started.

Plus, it's wicked-bad karma.

Posted by boondawg

8:43 AM, Aug 08, 2008

65"?! I fell like less of a man now.

Posted by jh's conscience

8:59 AM, Aug 08, 2008

jh would like to add the following analysis:

".......duh..., uh doh.....duh...recruiting genius....duh...singing in the graveyard.......umm...duh"

jh would also like you to know his mother is going to Wal Mart today to purchase a new "Dark Night" bedspread for his basement room. He asked for a Notre Dame theme but Mom told him they no longer carried it (I think she is not being honest, I think she is worried about him and his obsession with the Charlie Weis doll).

Posted by 2003 dawg

9:00 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Purpledawgz -

How could you forget Logan!?!?!?

I think he's going to be a nice surprise, he never gets any press.

Posted by Bob Condotta

9:01 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Paul --- I've heard ings the same rumors, though I stress they are just rumors I've heard. We'll have to see when Willingham talks today.

G-Dub --- Working on it.

Posted by Williams3

9:19 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Seriously. Jake being injured is a brutal rumor.

Can we get some clarification.


Posted by UW Dawg Fan on Campus

9:21 AM, Aug 08, 2008

I heard about the Jake injury (if you can call it that) as well. From what I heard it was just a cramp but they wanted to take every precaution with Jake so they iced him the rest of the day. Bob as soon as you hear let us know. We are all very nervous when Locker and injury are in the same sentence.

Posted by purpledawgz

9:23 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Jimmy 2 Shakes & 2003 Dawg --

You are both correct. Logan certainly should have been on my list. It just adds one more "bullet" and another reason to be excited about the potential of the receivers rather than worried about their inexperience.

This, of course, is why it is Bob Condotta's blog and not mine. Bob is ever the professional and I am merely an amateur attempting to keep spirits up as we approach the season. (To be fair, when Bob makes an occasional mistake or omission on his posts, he can correct them; neither of us has such a luxury with the comments section). And speaking of Bob...


I'm curious if you are enjoying the Top 30 countdown too. Not that it matters, but I do wonder if you read it with interest like posters BoiseTruth and Harbor Dawg. But don't answer that until you've got answer on this Locker rumor. As he goes, so the season goes...

Posted by Bob Condotta

9:34 AM, Aug 08, 2008

To be clear, all I said was I'd heard rumors, not that I know anything official. We need to wait for Tyrone Willingham to address issues of injuries. That will come around noon today or so when he has his scheduled meeting with the media.

Posted by Bob Condotta

9:54 AM, Aug 08, 2008

PurpleDawgz --- Yes, I am enjoying the list. Keep it coming.

Blair --- If you read the individual stories, it's all something different, and in the cases of Kelemete and Noble, nothing at all to do with minimum GPAs or test scores. Kelemete simply needed another core class credit that was initially mistakenly given to him; Noble needs to pass the Calif HS Exit Exam, which is completely separate from actual HS work.

Posted by Caldawg

10:10 AM, Aug 08, 2008

purpledawgz, small error in your post. There will be two top teams, two bottom and 6 in the middle. OSU plays Stanford two days before the huskies pluck the ducks.

Posted by finndawg

10:13 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Rumor is that Locker "tweaked" a idea how serious....guess we'll know in 2 hours! Bob - thanks for staying on this stuff....i love your blog

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:27 AM, Aug 08, 2008


I have been on vacation since monday and have had spotty internet access, so I have missed most of your posting since sunday.

I can't figure out how to get the Times webpage to display more than the most recent 5-6 posts by Bob, and since Bob has been posting 6-8 times per day this past week, most of your posts with your list are lost to me. I would like to read your posts on 20-23.

Can I ask you to repost them today? Or does anyone know how to access old post like the following:
(Monday A.M. links - 8/4; More thoughts on Savannah – 8/4; Wednesday morning links - 8/6)?


Posted by Formerly Guest

10:41 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Kudos you your wife for permitting the flatscreen TV.

My wife permitted me to get tickets this year. We have 3 small kids, and she works weekends, and we have not the most disposable income. So it was really nice of her.

My 5 YO son -who does not like football- turns 6 on the day of the BYU game. I felt like a turd when I explained we would have to have his party the day after BYU game because of the conflict. He was cool about it. He is going to the game with me and looking forward to the bike ride to the game along the Burke. We may not make it into the 2nd half, unless I come up with some tricks to keep him interested I guess.

My 9 YO daughter and I will bike to another game, and hopefully I will have babysitting for the other 4 so my wife can go. The first game she went to was the ASU season opener in 1995 (I think) when we were dating. Se wasn't from here, and thought everyone in the stands were crazy. Rashan Sheehee threw a halfback pass with 2 minutes left for a winning TD and Husky Stadium exploded.

She and I went to the USC game with a friend last year and she got really into it. She was all over Pete Carroll when he was arguing the flag over the late hit their safety had on Locker in the 1st quarter.

She has come a long way.

Posted by purpledawgz

10:47 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Caldawg --

Actually, if you read more carefully, you will notice that I am referencing the OSU/Stanford game. Three weeks from now (Friday), OSU and Stanford will have played, and UW/UO will be one day out. Hence, "there will be a Pac-10 leader, a Pac-10 caboose, and eight teams in the middle with UW and UO preparing to add to the conference W-L column". Again, I'm an amateur and it was likely my poor writing that led you to believe I was forgetting the Thursday game. But, I am very excited to watch that game just to see what Riley's Beavers look like as well as Harbaugh's Cardinal.

Formerly Guest --

If you look at the upper-right portion of your Husky Football Blog screen, where you see the "Recent entries" section at the top followed by some advertisements, that's the start of a column. If you then scroll down that column, you will see a calendar. Below the calendar is a section called "Browse the archives" and it allows you to see every post made in a given month. You will be able to re-read every post I've reference in both July and August of 2008. Let me know if you caught this here, otherwise I'll post this in a more recent entry.

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:57 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Thanks for the tip on the calendar!

Posted by purpledawgz

10:58 AM, Aug 08, 2008

You're welcome! Now you just need to let me know what you think once you've caught-up on the countdown!

Posted by onewoodwacker

11:33 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Great Posts; HFNY, Purpledawgz, Formerly Guest -I also love hearing about the husky nation as the family we truly are. Damn Kum-bi-yah!!

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