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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 14, 2008 8:29 PM

Coleman commits to UW

Posted by Tom Wyrwich

Big news for the Huskies tonight as the Times has gotten the word Garfield coach Anthony Allen that defensive tackle Deandre Coleman, widely considered the state's top recruit, has committed to the UW. Coleman had -- or I guess still has -- offers from LSU, California and Oregon, among others.

"I talked it over with my family, and I felt it was the best place for me," Coleman said. "I like coach Willingham. I have a good relationship with the coaches. I feel I have a good chance to play early. This is the right place for me."

This gives UW five commits for the Class of 2009 --- two today --- and is by far the most significant. UW had been the last Pac-10 school to get a commit amid rumblings that maybe the uncertainty over the status of head coach Tyrone Willingham was giving them pause.

Coleman had been one who had said that uncertainty was not a factor for him, however, though he had indicated that he might wait until taking all of his trips to make a decision --- Cal had been thought to be his other, most serious, pursuer.

Instead, Coleman decided today to give the word to UW, something Allen --- a former UW receiver who has been at UW practices a few times of late --- told the Times today.

"He’s a good coach and I like him," Coleman said about Willingham. "I feel he should be here."

Coleman is rated the top recruit in the state by and recently rated the No. 13 player on the Northwest Hot 100 list by

We'll have more in tomorrow's paper.

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Posted by Banned

8:37 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Oh My God!
Does he know who our coach is??

Just kidding!!

Welcome aboard, son!
You always said you wanted to be one of us.

The Huskies are coming back in a big way!

Posted by NC Husky

8:44 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Well Naysayers

Things appear to be turning around. We are putting together another solid recruiting class and have a good team that will win some games. What negative spin will you put on this very positive revelation?

Posted by dawgfanjg

8:49 PM, Aug 14, 2008

What's that Willingham bashers? I didn't hear you. Coleman would have come to UW anyway? Likely story.

Posted by NorCalDawgFan

8:49 PM, Aug 14, 2008

I think the talk about getting rid of Ty should stop with a top local recruit like this. It seems these guys are coming to UW because of Ty and he should have the opportunity to coach these guys, regardless of what this year's record. Mello can play taps on his/her flute if he/she wants and JH should start paying more attention to Slippery Rock.

Posted by Banned

8:52 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Tom, thanks for filling in for Bob
Amazing that the COLEMAN NEWS didn't go unreported

This is great leadership by the young man.
At this critical point in the program,
He is doing as much for us as we are for him
Can't have enough young man like Coleman

I now expect other top state recruits to start commiting
followed quickly by the So Cal

A few wins early in the season and
there may be some tough scholarship calls to make.


Posted by djmdawg

8:53 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Thanks for the entry Bob. Now I can't wait for the mindless prattle of blog conversation on how many stars he had on Rivals, and then how many stars on Scout, and then where the recruiting services are based out of and what their biases may or may not be.

Top recruit in the state. Good recuit. Good future husky. Period. End of story. I could give a rip about stars.

Go Dawgs!

Posted by huskiesjv

9:00 PM, Aug 14, 2008

This Husky team is going to win 4 games. Ty will be gone, end of story. So he can get the guys in state. Thats great. He is still never been a consistant winner on the field.

Posted by Go Dawgs!

9:01 PM, Aug 14, 2008

The TW trash talk won't, and shouldn't, stop until he wins at least 4-5 games in conference in one season.

Great pick-up!

Go Dawgs!

Posted by Banned

9:03 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Posted by K-Dub

9:06 PM, Aug 14, 2008

If you're a husky fan, the trash talk should stop for now...let the season play out. These guys who are constantly trashing aren't husky fact, it seems as if they want the Husky's to fail in order to prove themselves right. Truly sad.

Can't we all support our program??? Can't we all get along?? lol

Awesome news on Coleman! Let's not give Coach credit for this either.

Posted by Marysville mark

9:07 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Extend the contract

Posted by huskiesjv

9:11 PM, Aug 14, 2008

True Husky fans realize that this coach has had a winning record less than half his years coaching and has only finished in the top 25 three times.

Posted by GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

9:18 PM, Aug 14, 2008


Great news! Welcome aboard!!

Can't wait for the season to get underway! 16 more days!!

Posted by andrew

9:23 PM, Aug 14, 2008

True Husky fans support their team AND the coach no matter who that may be.

Great pick up, Ty.

Let's go Dawgs!

Posted by Woof!

9:26 PM, Aug 14, 2008

What Andrew says is correct...

Posted by shooting treys

9:42 PM, Aug 14, 2008

When bad things happen to the Husky football team . . . it's Ty's fault. When good things happen to the football team . . . it's the doing of some other force. Come on, Ty haters . . . you can't have it both ways. Give credit when credit is due, give criticism when criticism is due. Be fair, that's all I ask. Very cool to hear about a top recruit committing here. Well done, Ty . . . I can definitely see that lasso around the state tightening!!!

Posted by Purple and Gold Dawg

9:43 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Great news for the Huskies! There's a corner about to be turned and we're privileged to be along for the ride!

Posted by Seattle Dave

9:45 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Great news on both recruits today

Posted by Ed Schrob

9:49 PM, Aug 14, 2008

What's with the “He’ formatting problems? Or is that just my browser?

Posted by biggy

9:52 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Tom Wyrwich with the scoop! Get this man a dawg blog!

Posted by mattysimone

9:56 PM, Aug 14, 2008

wow great news! lets see kirby moore , gino simone and swoop up eric smiley now!! Id like to get that TB outta bay area too. Ty will get them all!!!

Posted by bleedin' purple

10:03 PM, Aug 14, 2008

so, did jh just go on vacation or something? I usually just skip over his posts but I have noticed he's been an early commenter on most strings over the past few weeks.... that is, until those today about the recruits...

could it be that the news just doesn't fit into the broken record arguments he (she? does anyone really know?) is beholden to? perhaps it goes against the argument that TW is the worst recruiter IN THE WORLD when he gets the most highly regarded recruit in the state two years running? I doubt that jh is speechless (I doubt we're that lucky), but what a nice break from such pointless jackassery...

Posted by Huskyfan77

10:03 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Good job TY!! Been a while since I said that...gotta be fair and give credit where it is due! DJ said that today because he cares about the program and what's whoever coaches here next year to have a full cupboard!!

Posted by poster

10:04 PM, Aug 14, 2008

The corner has actually already turned, as evidenced by how we competed in every game last year. Most of the people on here acknowledge that expect for a vocal minority. Luckily, the recent news on this blog has sort of overridden all the girly whining that I've read on here. If you like the indications of improvement in the program, for god's sake keep adding to this blog anytime you have something to add. Hell, maybe it'll be full of fans before you know it.

This is a HUGE commit, and most of the press on Coleman is that he may be as big of an impact player as the big D-lineman we just loaded up on, if not a little more (gotta see how it pans out).

I almost posted earlier today that he was going to commit today.

But, great get, welcome aboard and a good sign of leadership Deandre, and another undeniable addition to the family.

Posted by jed

10:05 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Great news about D. Coleman.

I agree with K-Dub's comments. Can we cut some of the constant complaining and support the team and the coaches and let the year play out.

No question the program is in far better shape than it was in RN's last year or the Gilby years even if the record is no better. TW's tight lipped approach is preferable to that slimeball RN's glib comments and personna.

TW has surrounded himself with good coaches and is bringing in better players. Hopefully his career here isn't prematurely ended by the toughest schedule in the country. The team and coaches have a tough way ahead of them, let's support them.

Posted by camano

10:15 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Great news - both the Coleman and Fellner commits. Welcome aboard - gonna be a fun year - fiftenn days and counting.

Posted by poster

10:23 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Coleman vids. Very good on his feet.

I'm not a member of rivals, but for some reason I could view these. If anyone has difficulty, I couldn't tell if a pause was due to not having the proper software installed or due to permissions, but after I clicked on full screen view, I closed it and the video was playing. I'd guess everyone can view it (but it had a little blue tag by it which I thought was for subscription content).

Posted by poster

10:29 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Nope, it appears to be public content.

Man, for that size and age, Coleman has very good balance and a hell of a frame (he can grow into it). He looks like he will be an impact player in a year or two.

Tom, thanks for posting this news when it is timely. Fans on this blog greatly appreciate that.

Posted by Back off Emmert

10:36 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Yeah. Building a fence around the state is the first step in re-establishing our dominance and Ty has done that. He deserves a chance to coach these studs he has landed the past few years.

A more accurate Locker and a respectable D leads to 3-4 more wins and things are rolling.

Posted by poster

10:39 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Folks, explicit words by the Dawgfather about good things regarding our program, and the addition of Nate and Deandre. This is a very much an indication of positive things for this program. If someone can't celebrate positive things for their own program, then who are they and what are their motivations?

So much for the post earlier about not much news today. This is the best news day we've had in over a week.

Posted by Simmer Down

10:41 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Anyone worried about Coleman's 2.5 GPA and the test score that he pretends to not know?

Hope we are not looking at another Key Bankhead.

Posted by poster

10:44 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Hey Simmer, I was wondering that as well, but I wouldn't say I'm worried, but that certainly got my attention. It's too early to be worried. We'll have plenty evidence at the right time regarding if he makes it in smoothly or not.

He's a big commit, and hopefully he'll find a way through, even if he has to do some NCAA gymnastics to do it.

Posted by poster

10:49 PM, Aug 14, 2008

So, when are we going to get a post that says Coleman is lying too, particularly since we have good mind readers around here that apparently know more about what a person saying something means.

""He's a good coach, and I like him," Coleman said. "I feel he should be here."

Posted by BizProdigy

11:11 PM, Aug 14, 2008

WOW - too cool !! The Dawgs are coming on strong and are on the road back to the top. Great talent begets great results. GO DAWGS!!

Posted by BizProdigy

11:18 PM, Aug 14, 2008

If like Ty or not he's got the program turned around and headed in the right direction. Look at Miami as an example -- they were a juggernaut for years and then trouble found them. New coach has them turned in the right direction, but it takes time (years) to get back into the upper tier. UW is on the verge, they have built up the talent and they have momentum on their side. Glad to see the UW fans coming together and looking forward to a great season.

Posted by MelloDawg

11:45 PM, Aug 14, 2008

NC Husky

Oooh, are we really calling out the Ty bashers? Are you sure you want to do that? I'll give it a go.

Considering as to how much Willingham screwed up in-state recruiting in his first three years, it's not hard to improve upon what he didn't do (Schilling, Mays, etc). Typologists, your response to this can not be how bad the program was when he got here. If you're the coach of UW, you get the in-state prospects, I don't care. You certainly don't let them go to another Pac-10 school, that's for certain.

We're putting together a solid class? We have FIVE RECRUITS! How can you possibly say it's solid when signing day is, oh, 7 months from now? I love the absolute insecurity on the part of you and the rest of the Ty bashers who feel the need to scream out this recruiting get like it absolves Ty of any blame on the field. We got Deandre Coleman!!! Wooohoo!!!

Ty is 11-25 career. Enough said.



The program is in far better shape now than in Neuheisel's last year? Neuheisel didn't have a losing season in his last year. Ty has yet to have a winning season.


shooting treys,

This will be an easy one. When things happen on the field, it is the team's fault, but the blame does go to Ty. If you honestly don't feel he should get most of the credit, please stop following football right now. Let me break things down for you in a stepwise manner:

1. Ty goes 11-25 in his first 3 years.
2. Ty receives very little of the blame, and instead, most of the blame goes to Kent Baer.
3. Ty is pressured to fire Baer by the administration as a sign of good faith. The scapegoat is canned and Ty stays on.
4. Ed Donatell is hired.
5. If the defense is better this year, Ty will get all the credit for being a football genius, firing Baer, and hiring Donatell when it is Donatell himself who will deserve 99% of the credit.

When Ty isn't winning ON the field, he's doing everything the "right way" off the field. Therefore, it excuses him from winning.


Some general thoughts:

Congrats Ty, you got an instate kid. That's your job. I assure the Typologists that it doesn't matter who Ty brings in for this recruiting class because he is fired with a record of 5-7 this year.

Somehow, however, the ardent Typologists on this board will never abandon their hero and, instead, give Ty all the credit when the new coach comes in here and wins.


Posted by MelloDawg

11:55 PM, Aug 14, 2008

Oh, and in case anyone missed it in Coleman's quotes, he said the uncertainty over Willingham wasn't a factor. He may like Ty, but HE DOESN'T CARE WHO THE COACH IS.

This is another example, along with Middleton and Kearse, of a kid who is committing to the SCHOOL and not the coach.



In your sarcastic comment regarding Coleman, I'm guessing it was a reference to those who said Locker would have come to UW regardless of the coach?

We've been through this before, Hillary Clinton could have gotten Locker to come to UW. Texas had him pegged as a Safety, he likely wouldn't have cracked the starting role at USC, may as well stay in-state.

God, laughable....

Posted by Husky19

11:59 PM, Aug 14, 2008

This year the instate recruits are not as good as last year (in depth) but it is still very important to get the best to stay home. Starting with Coleman! Kirby, Gino, Heard, Enger, Trufant and Nolan.

Add out of state guys to balance the class with some speed and great athetes.

Also, the 2010 class is saying they like the dawgs also. The future looks REALLY good. Heaps, Fogerson, Kearse all like UW. Look out further at 2011 and you have guys like Williams and Seferian-Jenkins that like UW.

It all starts from within than land great players from CA, HI, OR, CO, AZ, UT, TX, ID, NV and the dawgs are back!

9-10 wins in 2008, Pac-10 champs and BCS bound in 2009!

Posted by huskiesjv

12:44 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Well said Mello. Talent is a start, but it is coaching that wins games in the Pac10. Neuheisel took a 7-8 win team to the Rose Bowl and a #3 ranking. Willingham has yet to prove his worth on the field. 37-45 career Pac10 record in 10 seasons. Typologists, you scream he has a proven track record. Is that what you are talking about? YIKES. Linehan in '09!

Posted by BoiseTruth

1:23 AM, Aug 15, 2008


Thanks for the report. I also enjoyed your story in the main body of the sports page. One correction - (Cali) QB Keith Price isn't from Texas. Thanks again Tom

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:23 AM, Aug 15, 2008

So are you glad that Coleman signed? I can't tell from your posts, but you seem to be leaning towards anger.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:27 AM, Aug 15, 2008

I think we really needed this guy. This is great. I am very hopeful this precipitates some other in-state signings. I think it would be exciting to sign with us right now.

However, we really need this guy to qualify. Please hit the books hard! Look what happened to Bronson and Noble. Look at how the beginning of Kelemente's season got screwed up.

Their are some red flags, but it seems this staff would not have recruited this guy unless they thought he could come to school here and succeed. And I suspect that some of these other big name schools would not have offered him a slot unless their was good data to indicate he was going to succeed academically.

A good day for us.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:29 AM, Aug 15, 2008


You have been hinting/stating it looks like Kelemente will be playing a DL role this year on the field.

Molly Yanity wrote in the PI today that she anticipates he will probably redshirt.

Can you clarify on how likely you think he plays, and the basis for your opinion?

Other guys out there got an opinion? thanks.

Posted by onewoodwacker

6:12 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Congrats DeAndre - welcome home!!

Thought I'd let everyone read what ESPN thinks of our other recent commit: Nathan Fellner

Fellner is "Mr. Everything" for Clovis West. He truly has many athletic skills and is quicker than he is fast. His size gives him the frame to play several different positions. As a running back he is a real slasher; cutting and dodging for every inch of turf. When he has to be, is a power back that can carry the entire posse with him. Makes athletic moves in the openfield and then gets north-south in a hurry. Gets tougher as the game goes on and never seems to tire. Can catch the ball out of the backfield on flares, floods and seam routes. Runs around, over or through defensive backs that try to bring him down once he catches the football. Carries his running skills to special teams where he is a threat to bring the football back the length of the field as a returner. Has excellent vision and instincts as a return specialist. Defensively he can dish it out; just as physical on defense as on offense. Very hard hitter that jars the ball carrier the way he tackles; explodes through the offensive man with power and leg drive. A solid pass defender that has excellent timing when breaking on the pass. There aren't many things Fellner can't do on the gridiron. One of the most talented and versatile athletes in the 2009 class. A tough and agile player that has a motor that doesn't quit.

Posted by augiedawg70

6:43 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Mello is 0-989 career posts. Enough said.

Posted by onewoodwacker

6:49 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Fellner sounds like some of the past H.S. safeties we used to get at Washington; Lawyer Milloy, Tony Parrish, Dana Hall - safties who would knock your teeth out. Hope turns out to be just like them!!

Posted by Banned

7:13 AM, Aug 15, 2008

As "Formerly Guest" asks,

Mellow, are you glad we got Deandre Coleman over shcools like LSU, Oregon, and Cal ?

Are you willing to put up any word of encouragement for other to recruits to come here?

Posted by poster

7:17 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Important news! I just checked and Ty Willingham is the coach for the Washington Husky football team.

Also, that is great news that we just landed the prospective best in-state recruit.

Husky fans are now optimistic for the direction of this program. It has some youth in key places, but the big talent upgrades in places they were needed should help this team on the field.

Ty had a winning record as a coach before he came to UW, and although the schedule is very tough this year, he just may be plus in the wins column, with a majority of fans expecting a good season next year (as the program has improved that much). Had he coached the next year at ND, he probably would have taken the talent he assembled at least to a good bowl, if not a BSC bowl. His records improved on average at Stanford, and he won the conference at Stanford (fact). He has a track record of building programs up, and short of some of the overly difficult scheduling, there is ample evidence that is what is happening here.

So, good news, since he is the coach, we get to see how it pans out. Now, with no evidence on the field yet this year, we all should be uncertain. But with just over 2 weeks until we're playing at Autzen, we should stop whining and start supporting OUR team.

Posted by Tarn

7:21 AM, Aug 15, 2008

You are one angry man. It's always a sunset in you life and never a sunrise. If we lose a bowl game this season you will still be leading the parade for Ty's dismissal. Tarn

Posted by onewoodwacker

7:49 AM, Aug 15, 2008

In my opinion - this will be the toughest recruiting year Coach W. has experienced at Washington.

He has 17-19 scholarships available, and 6-7 in state players worth giving them to. 11-13 players will have to be convinced to come from out-of-state to a program that has not won for quite some time.

Most of the "big-name" (4-5 star) recruits already have their in-state schools after them and the out-of-state schools - the LSU, FSU, Miami, USC, Texas types going after the same kids.

Ty will have to beat the bushes, find the best "under-the-radar" players being offered by lower tier BSC and non-BCS schools.

If you do your homework, you can find these players. For example:

Jerry Rice - Mississippi Valley State
Brett Farve- So. Mississippi
Terry Bradshaw - Louisiana Tech.

I could name a 1000 more but you get my point.

We will have to do our BEST recruiting this season.
Coach Tormey has his work cut out for him this season. Best of luck.

Posted by digdug

7:54 AM, Aug 15, 2008

WSUx3 - Wazzu Sucks 3 times?
Coach Wulff?
Who honestly cares about him or what he thinks?

Posted by DawgsWin

7:58 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Great pickup. Just because Willingham is starting to get a few guys off the field doesn't change his performance on the field. He is 11-25 and he'll be gone if he doesn't win at least eight games.

He still has to win.

Posted by itwillbealaugheron8/30

8:00 AM, Aug 15, 2008

"I feel I have a good chance to play early."

translation: Washington is so bad I can play as a true froeshman while they other schools have so much talent I probably wouldn't see the field until a redshirt junior. BTW UO had already received committments from two JC DT's so his offer to UO may likely have been off the table.

Please, Please resign Ty to a lifetime contract.

The rest of the Pac-10.

Posted by DawgsWin

8:01 AM, Aug 15, 2008


What is your opinion going to be if we go down to Oregon and get our butts handed to us? You do realize that the spread is continuing to go up? We're like two TD underdogs.

It's year four. Time to win at least eight games.

Posted by Billy

8:02 AM, Aug 15, 2008

So Fox Sports did an article on the 10 hottest coaches in college football right now. They concluded the article with where that coach will end. Make sure you read all 10 (Especially #1).

Posted by DawgsWin

8:03 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Duck fan:

Funny stuff. Is that how you are rationalizing Coleman picking UW over your Ducks? Your Ducks wouldn't have offered him if they didn't want him.

Use your brain sometime.

Posted by DawgsWin

8:04 AM, Aug 15, 2008


I'll do cartwheels if Mendenhall is our next Head Coach.

Posted by Craig

8:06 AM, Aug 15, 2008

I think K-Dub had the best point regarding the trashing - it's almost as if all the Ty haters want to see the team lose to prove their point. All these negative posts are like the cancer in the team clubhouse. I'm not saying you don't have the right to disagree, but constantly banging that drum just gets downright annoying. You'll always find something negative, even if we win out year after year (stop laughing). I've always said, if you're so disgusted with Husky football, I'll gladly take your Tyee tickets, with a smile on my face. It doesn't matter if Ty or JP Patches is coaching the football team, I'll always show up and cheer on everyone - players, staff, hell, even the water boys.

End of rant.

Oh, and welcome Coleman - it'll be fun to watch you tear opposing O-lines apart to get to the meaty quaterback middle.

Posted by Jordan

8:13 AM, Aug 15, 2008

WOW!!!! Great news. You've got to hand it to Ty. He is landing the top players in the state. This was the one must get. And he got him. One things for sure the cupboard is not going to be bare next year.

Posted by Jordan

8:18 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Oh and Duck and Cougar fans do us a favor don't try and rationalize why he came to UW. IF he has a scholarship offer from LSU, I could care less if Oregon and Washington State recruited him or wanted him. LSU has in fact won something meaningful and they actually have some history and substance to their program.

Posted by Bronco 09

8:27 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Great work Billy. #1 hottest coach in the country with Washington as his next likely job. You see more passion in one picture of Bronco than you've seen out of Tyrone in 4 years.

Posted by confused

8:30 AM, Aug 15, 2008

hey mello, you wrote:
"Considering as to how much Willingham screwed up in-state recruiting in his first three years, it's not hard to improve upon what he didn't do (Schilling, Mays, etc)."
This is year 4 right? So then year number 3's recruits are the class including Middleton, Kearse, etc. right? Either I have the years wrong or you are wrong, unless you think last year's recruiting class (this year's freshman) suck.

Posted by get over it

8:33 AM, Aug 15, 2008

mello = duck fan
doesn't like ty = doesn't like UW

bronco 09 = duck fan
UW just lands the state's best recruit and it's a bad thing?

Posted by ponzidawg

8:47 AM, Aug 15, 2008


Hopefully at some point you can raise your knowledge of football to the varsity level. The Huskies won 11 games because of Tui, and in spite of Neuheisel.

Posted by Caldawg

8:49 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Mello you are over the top dude. Take a chill pill or something. I'm not a big Ty fan and don't expect him to take us to the promised land. But I will give him credit for the players he brought in the last couple of years and hopes to bring in this next signing season. He has an average record. You can't argue with that. But just maybe that was because of the talent he had. At Stanford it is tough to be good year in and out given the tough entrance requirements. Not sure he had a chance at ND. I am willing to wait and see what happens this year. If it is terrible, ie 2 or 3 wins and not in any games then bye bye Ty. If he wins half a dozen then I give him one more year. And as far as next coach if Ty goes. If Kiffin, not if but when, gets fired by that other nut case, you Mello being one, Davis, then Kiffin would be a good option.

Posted by poster

9:01 AM, Aug 15, 2008


Great question RE: "What is your opinion going to be if we go down to Oregon and get our butts handed to us?".

It could certainly happen with our inexperience at skill positions and the strength of that program and at that venue, but as I said I'm uncertain either way (as in the program is tooled or as in the program is strong enough). But, I'm not trying to argue it both ways. To answer your question, (but throwing in the stipulation of Locker being healthy), if we get our butts handed to us then I think that would strongly support your criticisms of Willingham and the direction of the program, with only limited chances of some other exception (sometimes games are funny, but if we get our butts handed to us, the burden is on my side of the equation to show why it was an exception and not a representation of the state of the program, that is, the overwhelming odds are that it would be an indictment of the state of the program).

But, going the other way. Assume we win. With the youth we have, and against a quality opponent in the hardest place to play in the PAC-10 (currently). What would your opinion be?

Posted by Bronco 09

9:06 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Actually I'm a huge Husky fan who is sick of watching this Ty Ball garbage over and over and over and over and over.

Posted by Designtime

9:17 AM, Aug 15, 2008

What a bunch of hypocrits a bunch of you are. There is finally some good news about the program, but instead of being content to talk about that, you bait posts from the "Negas" that you supposedly loathe.

I am happy about the recruit. It gives me hope that we will not have the worst rated recruiting class in the conference.

Posted by poster

9:25 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Good point regarding hypocrisy Designtime. Personally, I wanted to drown out some of the whining that was going on and to see how the most critical of the program respond to what should be good news. But, your point is well taken about baiting.

I'm definitely happy with the commit, but for a different reason than hoping to not have the worst rated recruiting class in the conference. I'm happy because he is almost universally rated as the best prospect from the state this year, and will likely be a valuable addition to the football team.

Posted by DawgsWin

9:42 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Anyone who thinks you have to be a complete Willingham fan in order to be a Husky is ridiculous. It's called expectations at the #2 program all-time in the Pac-10.

Those of us who want this program to be on top and aren't "Willingham fans" are also Huskies.

What is hilarious to me is fans like yourself who don't give a crap about winning.

Posted by poster

9:50 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Pretty sure everyone cares about winning on this blog. That seems easy enough to understand.

As I've said, and I'm sure others have, people on both sides of the issue are fans.

There is just a difference of opinion regarding the state of the program and its leadership. Someone open minded enough to know both sides are fans, should be open minded enough to allow disagreement. The problem is when we receive good news, or a historically important person for the program states something, and someone wheels out the same argument, in fact, the same argument in response to any news. That, THAT, is a sign of not being open minded.

But, I'll speak for myself. Winning absolutely matters, that's why I want to see what happens on the field this year, that is why I want to give the guy a shot to show what he can do with the talent he has now (and that he assembled). For if he does something with it, then the "winning matters" comes into sharp focus for those that only paraded the same argument before the season began (and, in response to any news positive to the program, which is pretty suspect).

Posted by poster

9:52 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Just to be sure, does anyone on this blog not care about winning?

If so, then they'll have no hesitation in posting that they don't.

Posted by Craig

9:55 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Great points, Poster.

Posted by poster

9:55 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Oh wait, it's that they "don't give a crap about winning".

Since Dawgswin was so sure that someone didn't give a crap about winning. Whoever that was he was so certain about, please come forward and admit you "don't give a crap about winning." That'll help us all understand everything you post. Many thanks!

Posted by bingbong

10:29 AM, Aug 15, 2008

i dont give a crap about mello. actually, i do, but these latest posts were a bit much even for him. crimeny, quit tryin to hate so hard!
oh, and here is some bad news. i pulled my groin getting out of bed this morning so i may not make the 8/30 start at bleachers. and ty did it

Posted by OlyDawg

10:46 AM, Aug 15, 2008

GREAT get by Ty. Coleman is a monster (watch the videos).

Like I said before, recruiting is starting to pick up, and once we pick up Coleman, it will really start (and especially if we beat Oregon).

This is the kind of recruiting news that makes the current UW players feel good about what they're doing this year. No doubt it adds to their confidence that the biggest WA recruits want to come here.

Posted by old timer

11:09 AM, Aug 15, 2008

This is great news from a recruiting standpoint. Did you ever notice that the great teams all seem to have star defensive tackles? Jam up the line of scrimmage & everthing else seems to work better.

Posted by DawgsWin

11:41 AM, Aug 15, 2008

I was referring to the person above that said those that aren't Willingham fans also aren't UW fans. Wrong, we want to win. Anyone who is a Willingham fan beyond this year (if he doesn't win eight games) is the one that isn't a Husky.

Defend losing for more than four years and you don't care about winning.

Posted by Huskylove

11:47 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Great job COACH TYRONE AND STAFF. I admire all the work you've done for the team; mostly you don't even care about others are saying about you or the team, just let them talk and talk, they have nothing else to do, but talk and complaint. If we loose we loose, if we win, great, but the most important thing have their EDUCATION, EARN A DEGREE........ GO DAWGS

Posted by mfsthorn

11:49 AM, Aug 15, 2008

in re: To the link to the article on MSN about Bronco Mendenhall being the next Husky coach.

IF people read the ENTIRE list of names and the accompanying story, you should have noticed two other things as well:

ONE - Jim Harbaugh was on the list and projected as the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders because Stanford is difficult to win at consistently. In fact, the ONLY Stanford Head Coach to leave the Farm with an overall winning percentage above .500 in the past 30 years is Ty Willingham (a list that includes Bill Walsh and Denny Green)

TWO - Two of the coaches on the list were projected to be the next head coach at Penn State. Does that mean they'll be Co-Head Coaches?

DISCLAIMER - I'm NOT a "Ty-pologist" (or any other stupid ass label some of the clowns on here want to make up)

Posted by DawgsWin

11:58 AM, Aug 15, 2008

Fans like Huskylove are the ones that will turn this program into Duke.


Posted by poster

12:15 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Almost there Dawgswin.

2 weeks. Well, 2 weeks and a wake-up. We'll have a lot more information regarding the state of the program. Win in Eugene and that will be evidence of things trending significantly upward, as that should by all indications be a tough game to win.

However, another area I'm uncertain about is our kicking. I think the rest of the special teams will improve, but do we have our kicking game figured out much yet? That can be the difference in a win or a loss in this game.

Also, I'd place odds on if either team is +2 or more in the turnover category, that team wins (+3 almost for sure, +2 is stretching it a little bit).

So, our young receivers and RB's, or a green QB for Oregon? Oregon's hawking secondary (Thurmond in particular) or are improved secondary and athletes on special teams?

Posted by augiedawg70

12:20 PM, Aug 15, 2008

I think we're all Husky fans on here, except obviously, those interlopers from other Northwest schools, who actually think their schools are our rivals. Oh, and jh, too.

It's just that some Husky fans on here are brighter than others, eh? And remember, our mommies taught us to play well with everybody on the playground, even when some of the others aren't very good.

Posted by SlightlyStoked

12:42 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Ty is helping UW get back to a hardnose defense and he's doing a great job of doing it from within the state lines. Ta'amu is going to help right now and Coleman will be a stud when he steps on campus. Not to mention Emeka Iweka who says he is going to remain a husky when he is done at his JUCO...get ready for some hard hits in the trenches comin from the purple and gold!

Posted by K-Dub

3:24 PM, Aug 15, 2008

THe more I think about Coleman's committ the more fired up I get. Just think...across the D-line...

Coleman, Big Meda, Kelemente, Everette Thompson, Craig Noble

Are you freakin' kidding me???

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