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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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August 13, 2008 12:47 PM

Afternoon update

Posted by Bob Condotta

A few notes from Montlake this afternoon:

--- Tyrone Willingham said during his daily meeting with the media that center Matt Sedillo suffered a "minor concussion'' and that "I don't believe it is anything major.'' He wouldn't put an ETA on a return for Sedillo saying that they will be extra careful with any head injury. But again, it sounds as if it's nothing long-term.

--- RB coach Steve Gervais said the injury sidelining Brandon Johnson right now is actually not related to his off-season knee surgery but is instead a new injury to his lower calf. Gervais said the knee "isn't the issue right now.'' Johnson said he thinks he'll be back in a few days. "I'll be all right,'' he said. "It's nothing major.''

--- Gervais also said that Brandon Yakaboski has been slowed since last week with a hip flexor and that "we're a few days off from seeing either of the Brandons.'' That could impact the running back battle as the team hopes to begin whittling down the field there to a workable number to get ready for a game by next week.

--- Willingham noted that Garcia was one of the players used at center today with Sedillo out but said it's still to early to say he'll be back for the Oregon game. "We just keep going day-to-day with Juan,'' he said.

--- Willingham said Jake Locker continues to get better but wouldn't say when he will return to the field. Asked about the seeming mounting number of injuries, Willingham said he isn't yet concerned. "I think we'll be okay come game time,'' he said.

--- Special teams/tight ends coach Brian White said the place kicking job remains wide open but that there is beginning to be some clarity to the return jobs. D'Andre Goodwin is emerging as the leader at the punt return position while Chris Polk and Jordan Polk, he said, have done some good things returning kickoffs. That obviously is a big indicator that Jordan Polk is among the freshman who will see the field this season.

--- White also said that with Michael Gottlieb still out, the starting TE is Walt Winter and the backup would be Kavario Middleton. Willingham was asked if that indicates that Chris Izbicki has fallen back in the pack. Willingham said that Izbicki is improving but that the entire position has gotten better. "We upped our talent level with Kavario,'' he said.

--- Willingham said he spoke a while with Don James, who watched practice today, but would keep private what was said. James did not speak to the team. "I think he just wanted to watch and see what's going on and get that football feeling again,'' he said.

--- Willingham said there was nothing new on E.J. Savannah.

The team will take the field for another practice this afternoon so we'll have more later.

UPDATE --- Forgot to throw in there that Willingham said there will be an addition to the roster this afternoon. The early money is on Senio Kelemete, whose coach said last week he could be done finishing up an on-line course this week. Reportedly, Kelemete took his last test Tuesday. We'll know for sure this afternoon.

Also, Victor Aiyewa missed the morning workout for what Willingham called "pre-camp tests'' but will be back this afternoon.

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Posted by david dawgfan

1:10 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Posted by Fang

1:17 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Another rumor making the rounds is that he is seriously hurt and won't return for up to 2 months. This is the kind of garbage that floats to the surface when nobody trusts the coach to tell the truth.

Posted by Rumorhasit

1:24 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Rumor has it that Bigfoot takes pictures of Jake Locker...

Posted by Jason

1:25 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Jake will be fine. Since when did we turn in such hypochondriacs?

Great to hear Brandon Johnson will be back in a few days. We'll need his 'veteran' presence in the skilled positions.

Posted by Jordan

1:30 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Did you get a chance to talk to James?

Posted by Bob Condotta

1:34 PM, Aug 13, 2008

To the one serious question on here, I did not get a chance to speak with James. We are escorted out after the first 25 minutes --- of which I got to see about 10 today --- and then not allowed there afterward, so I didn't catch up with James.

Posted by BoiseTruth

1:36 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Realdawg says - " Coach Willingham said he is expecting a roster addition this afternoon" - any idea what that's about? Thanks

Posted by Bob Condotta

1:40 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Boise -- Willingham did say that and I forgot to mention it. Not sure who it is. Could be Kelemete but not sure yet. We'll know in a few hours.

Posted by hsky69

1:41 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Boise Truth - It might be a little early but $5 says it's Kelemete.

Posted by Jason

1:41 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Any chance it's Craig Noble???

Posted by hsky69

1:42 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Darnit Bob! I was trying to scoop this one!

Posted by huskyfan77

1:42 PM, Aug 13, 2008

These injuries may turn out to be a blessing in disguise...provided everyone get's healthy by the end of next week...Good to see the back-ups getting reps...

Good to see James inspecting what we all know someone will ask him his opinion on the coaching situation. Ty needs to perform no question about it!!

Posted by pt dawg

1:43 PM, Aug 13, 2008

talking about DJ, i like to remind myself that his style and TW's are similar. both are reserved, hold their cards close, don't say anything that'll tip off the opposion. both take a calm, CEO approach. coach the coaches, manage the bigger picture.

how many times did we pull our hair out when James was non-commital about an injury or a strategy?

i also appreciated that, as much as we'd like the scoop, both men respect the privacy of participants and don't say much to the press.

yeah, i'd love the scoop, but hey, it's only a game. there are young men's lives involved here. Bob, thanks for all your efforts!

Go Dawgs!

Posted by BigDog

1:44 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I heard that tw caused the car breakdown this morning in hopes that none of the press would make it to practice.

Posted by BoiseTruth

1:44 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Thanks Bob. I forgot about Kelemete, that's probably a good bet.

Posted by david dawgfan

1:50 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Posted by Bob Condotta

1:52 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I shouldn't even give the Locker stuff on here the time of day, and when I see these things in the future will delete them. He is definitely hurt, as evidenced by the large bruise on his hamstring that was visible the other day, and there are no other issues.

Posted by MelloDawg

2:01 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Yeah, gosh, I just don't understand why people can't respect Ty like they did Don James. Clearly because they react the same way to injuries and can be reserved in their statements about said injuries, they must be on equal playing fields.

Posted by KC

2:03 PM, Aug 13, 2008

pt dawg,

that was one of the most offensive things i have ever read

Posted by poster

2:04 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I think most of the serious posters hope for that type of control of the blog Bob. Well, I'll speak for myself, I not only am okay with it, I hope it happens a little more often.

Posted by UW Dawg Fan on Campus

2:04 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Bob I appreciate your contributions. We all get tired of outlandish comments on here but what can you do except ignore them. Anyways, what are "pre-camp tests"? I understand you put it in quotes for a reason but were they physical tests, strength tests, health tests? Any info would be great. Thanks.

Posted by John

2:17 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Wasn't it posted earlier that Kelemete is switching to tackle and has bulked up?

Posted by John

Posted by poster

2:24 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I haven't seen a post for this on here (article about C. Polk in today's Times), my apologies if this is a double link.

Posted by BoiseTruth

2:34 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Thanks for the link poster, I hadn't seen that one.

Posted by poster

2:40 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Certainly Boise, and I bet you weren't alone in that. I think it has a little to do with the site design and that the blog is so front and center. I remember somewhat disliking the change of the Huskies front page to highlight the blog more. Certainly the blog is the center point for a lot of us, but it seemed to place the other articles in the background a little too much. I'm almost used to the layout now, but I see the change to the new format as being partly to cause for this article not being more prominently displayed on the Huskies front page (if it is at all).

Posted by augiedawg70

3:03 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Does anyone actually know how James feels about Willingham?

For that matter, does anyone actually know how James feels about Mello?

Posted by shooting treys

3:23 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Hey Bob, I think it would be cool if you could catch up with DJ every August at some point . . . for the fans. Perhaps a Q&A from the fans through you? Or maybe just an interview by you based upon what you feel Dawg fans want to hear? I'd love to hear what he has to say . . . not only about Husky football, but just college football in general . . . or for that matter life in general. It seems like there would be interest, judging by the DJ curiosity on the blog.

Posted by Bellevue Dawg

3:30 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Really annoying....I found another Husky article not on the main sports page.

Posted by MelloDawg

3:30 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Excellent question. I am a fan of winning football games and what is best for the program, I'm sure James is the same way. I also doubt that he would be openly against Willingham, so whatever he says in the media shouldn't be taken as the James Gospel on Willingham.

Posted by 206dogg

3:36 PM, Aug 13, 2008

hate to say i told you so, but was i not spot on with Izbicki? He's NOT a college TE, he's a DE. He'll learn eventually as he'll never see the field with Middleton on the roster.

Posted by augiedawg70

3:42 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Yes, great call! I'm just excited that a player who was thought to be terrific last year has been unseated by better talent. Hopefully, however, there is a postion where Izbicki can contribute and still be an upgrade.

That's proof to me that we're going places this year. Just had an ugly thought. Emmert fires Willingham at the end of the year and all of our new good players turn pro or transfer.

Posted by augiedawg70

3:56 PM, Aug 13, 2008

So Mello,

If James were to tell fans like you to shut up with your constant demands to fire Willingham because he has not won enough games in his first three years at Washington, you would not shut up?

Posted by Typologist

4:04 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Willingham has turned the corner this is the year!! I base this on nothing but blind optimism and wishful thinking (not on field results, recruiting (and retention) or anything football related!!


All the Typologists

Posted by augiedawg70

4:12 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I'm waiting for your answer, Mello. It is a relatively straight-forward hypothetical question that lends itself to what should be an easy "yes" or "no" answer.

Posted by jh

4:13 PM, Aug 13, 2008

..."If James were to tell fans like you to shut up with your constant demands to fire Willingham because he has not won enough games in his first three years"... could anyone believe that willingham hasn't won enough games during his three years as head coach of UW?...

Posted by augiedawg70

4:18 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Sorry jh,

My hypothetical question is not subject to modification by an attempt to twist the point of the question. Your attempt to modify my question is called a "red-herring" argument and it won't wash.

The question also presumes that the person answering it capable of being truthful. Your attempt to raise a red-herring argument sugests that you cannot be truthful.

Sorry, but you need to play with someone at your own level.

Posted by poster

4:20 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Article on bleacher report about Chris Polk, states he's up to almost 215 "chiseled" pounds. Not much new info, but a quick read.

Sorry if it is a repost.

Posted by doug

4:22 PM, Aug 13, 2008

So you are happy with 11-25 and a predicted 8th place finish this season in the pac-10? Wow, way to set the bar high auggie. As long as the kids go out and have fun! No need to worry about wins or losses, those dont matter, tyrone is molding our young men!

Posted by augiedawg70

4:25 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Sorry, Doug.

You also are engaging in a red herring argument.

Why is this question so difficult to answer?

Posted by jh's mom

4:25 PM, Aug 13, 2008

....don't talk to my son like that....he hasn't gotten over the navy loss......we can't even talk about air force yet.....he's 40 and lives in my basement.....plays world of warcraft when not lurking in the bushes outside chucky weis's house.....he's a delightful lad.... just misunderstood......

Posted by doug

4:26 PM, Aug 13, 2008

when ty "improves" to 15-33, im sure these same typologists will say he needs one more year to fix neuheisals mess and get "his guys" in there.

Posted by jh's mom

4:27 PM, Aug 13, 2008 the way....I taught him to this........

Posted by John

4:30 PM, Aug 13, 2008

So by not much new information you mean none at all, and a bonus statement about "most scouts" thinking Polk was the best high school running back on the West coast. That was made up, presumably from the mention on Bob's blog that he had spoken with one (1) scout that said that.

Posted by augiedawg70

4:30 PM, Aug 13, 2008

It's relatively simple, guys: If Don James said that people need to shut up about firing Willingham because he hasn't won enough games in his first three years, would you shut up?

Posted by Get over it and move on

4:31 PM, Aug 13, 2008

If we're going to put everyone in the like Ty or want Ty fired categories like childish jackasses, I'm going to make up new categories that are just as childish. Seeing that Ty is the UW coach, if you like Ty, you like UW. He is under contract and he is currently coaching the team as of 4:30 PM PST 8/13/08. If you don't like Ty, you're a duck fan!!!!

Posted by doug

4:33 PM, Aug 13, 2008


You guys, meanwhile, look for any reason to support tyrone that doesnt involve anything football related. The fact that he has yet to post a winning record in 3 years, and is projected to finish 8th this year with his own Redshirt Juniors running the system matters not to the tyrone fan.

If for some reason DJ said he didnt support ty, would it change your stance? Doubt it, you guys just love losing- as long as tyrone molds the character of the (crappy) football team, eh?

Posted by get over it

4:38 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Doug = duck fan

doesn't like Ty, doesn't like UW

Posted by augiedawg70

4:42 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Doug, thank's for the direct answer to my question. At least, you are intellectually honest. I don't agree with your opinion that I am one of those individuals you go on to describe in your second and third paragraphs.

I do have some very "specific" reasons why I support Willingham. Certainly, I don't think I would support him beyond a fifth year without "significant" improvement in the win-loss record by the end of next year. Significant improvement at the end of next year would be 10 or 11 wins, including wins against USC and UCLA, with the current group of players and another reasonably good recruiting class.

In the meantime, he's the coach of my beloved Huskies and I will stand by the coach, just as I did with Owens, James, Lambright, Neuheisel, and Gilbertson.

Posted by JT

4:43 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I like to watch Ty Willingham's press conferences and each time he says the phrase "day-to-day", I drink. I'm having a very fuzzy Wednesday afternoon.

Posted by andrew

4:44 PM, Aug 13, 2008


I would not shut up because I honestly don't care what Don James says.

Posted by Husly19

4:51 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Don't worry the Huskies will win a lot of games this year.

And all this talk about like him or hate him will be insignificant.

Posted by doug

5:05 PM, Aug 13, 2008

We will win a lot based on? An injured quarteback? a WR core who has a combined 6 catches? our best LB being out for the season? our DL having 1 returning player? our record breakingly bad secondary?

I wish i had the optimism you guys had, it just looks like a recipe for another awful season. But im sure tyrone's coaching genious will lead us to the title this year, right Husly? It was ALL on baer the last 3 seasons that our D has been among (if not THE) worse in d1?

Posted by poster

5:17 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Signal to noise ratio has dropped too low.

For any actual Husky fans that are excited about the game on Aug. 30th (or any Duck fans, for that matter), what do you project the score to be at the end of the first quarter, and why?

For anyone not excited about the game, feel free to post the same B.S. you've been whining about. :)

Posted by on the rise

5:20 PM, Aug 13, 2008

31 to 17 UW
oregon is breaking in a new qb against a D that no one has tape on

Posted by Husky19

5:22 PM, Aug 13, 2008


Look I didn't say Ty was a genius and that it was Ty as the only reason we would win.

Locker is will be much better (yes injured or not, he will be 100% ready to play).

RBs more talent, more depth. Rankin was really good his last year, this position has the potential to be better than last year but starts off lower but with more potential, speed and talent. Johnson was excellent when I say him play. Remeber him pushing the pile against OSU, which started the fight.

WR, same as the RB but biggest difference is that this group has a bunch of play makers. Players that just know how to play. Plus they are overall bigger than last year and faster.

TE, Middleton, nuff said.

OL, Improved over last year (even without Juan. Tolar can move to C and JWF can move to guard). If Juan comes back another upgrade to this position.

DL, Young, talented but no experience. Good thing is that they have a really good leader in the bunch (Teo Neshim). Do not underestimate how strong player leadership can motivate/improve/push the younger guys. Again more talent than last year and faster than last year.

LB, Better than last year. Tuiasosopo was a starter last year, now he is 2nd string. Butler is back, Foster will be an All Pac-10 player this year. EJ, big loss, hopefully he comes back soon. If he does big improvement over last years LBs. Again more depth with more speed. Dennison, Houston, Stevens and Tuiasosopo as backups.

C, Overall, better. Forrestor is back but playing corner which will add size to this position. Richardson will also bigger than any C we had last year. Davenport is back and will be a good one, McDowell will add quality depth and shouldn't have played last year but that is how weak this position was last year. This year as a returning player that has a few starts, he starts off as 2nd string, maybe 3rd.

S, Wells is back, Harris is back (as a backup, and should not have been a starter), Aiyewa and Williams are 2 young studs. Williams will be All Pac-10 by the time he is done.

Do you see the difference!

There are at least 3 players that started last year that can't start this year.(Harris, McDowell, Tuiasosopo even Gottlieb-although he is starting)

There is more speed in almost every position, especially at RB, WR and DB.

More depth and talent at every position, albeit young talent.

Better defensive coach. YES, Donatell is better than Baer. No is wasn't only Baer's fault but to not give him a significant amount of blame is absolutely wrong.

Posted by poster

5:22 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Thanks on the rise, but I was in particular asking about the first quarter as Oregon usually starts strong at home, but with an inexperienced QB on their side, and a lot of youth in our skill positions and probably special teams on our side, there may be a swashbuckler including turnovers, miscues, etc. to disturb the normal process of Oregon's strong home starts. So, I was curious about the flow of the game and the prediction of score at the end of the 1st quarter. (maybe that's what you were referring to, but that score was too high me thinks).

Posted by on the rise

5:29 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Sorry, I went with the final score. After the 1st quarter it will be 10 - 0 UW. I don't think oregon's d can stop UW's offense. oregon will score in the 2nd.

Posted by poster

5:30 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Husky19, any true fan of the program knows there have been improvements that may or may not pan out (personally, I'm happy with the upgrades, almost across the board, I think it is a sign of the program heading in the right direction), but the people that are only negative already have their minds made up and can only be proven wrong by what happens on the field, that is, even if there have been improvements they'll choose to not acknowledge them until being forced to (RC is a good example of someone NOT in this group, he is just skeptical, but certainly not close minded). Point being, if all someone does is whine, when there actually are some reasons to get excited about game 1, then they are probably not worth having a dialogue with. That is, it's fine to let them whine, but there is no true dialogue if that's in fact all they're doing.

Posted by doug

5:44 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Ok, you guys all are right. Tyrone is the greatest coach ever to walk the side lines. our talent is so upgraded (yeah, that 20th? ranked class, 4th in pac 10) that we will dominate all opponents!! We go from 117th in defense to 1st! Our offense is unstopable, no one knows the playbook or has any PT but they will school the ducks all americans in their secondary and smoke USCs linebacking core!! yay tyrone!!! TYRONE TO BCS!!!!!

Posted by poster

5:47 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Interesting to say "were all right" and follow it up with "Tyrone is the greatest coach to ever walk the sidelines." Maybe I just missed where someone said that, can you point out where anyone said that, let alone "us guys"? Oh wait, maybe I should just refer to the end of my 5:30 post, I think that answers any question I have. 'nuff said.

Posted by Husky19

6:47 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Sorry Poster but I gotta answer Doug.


Why do you feel the need to be so extreme and unreasonable. Where did I say that UW's defense would go from whatever awful rank they ended to #1. Where did I proclaim Ty to be the best coach?

I don't think you know too much about college football since all you think is that recruit ranking equals wins.

Don James did a heck of a job even winning a NC but he never had a #1 ranked class? Heck he should have won in 1984 as well but again no #2 ranked classes the 4-5 years prior to that 1984 season.

Yes, the talent is upgraded and yes with good coaching and this talent level, UW can win the Pac-10. Usc is a monster but not too long ago, they sucked and sucked for a while. If recruit ranking=on field success, Ucla would alway be top 15 in the country in the actual football ranking. If that was the case no one would have to play. Just make sure each school wins the recruiting season and if you end up #1, you are the national champs!

If fact (this one for jh), that happened to ND last year? Doug, you gotta be able to explain this for me, please. They had 3 cesecutive top classes with back to back #8 classes and they won 3 games against lesser talented teams. They now have a #1 class coming in for 2008. With 4 consecutive top classes and 3 consecutive top 10 classes, ARE YOU SAYING ND SHOULD BE A TOP 10 TEAM NEXT YEAR?

But the best thing would be IF UW somehow actually made it to a BCS game this year! Than your last post/comment would be priceless!

Posted by MelloDawg

6:47 PM, Aug 13, 2008

It's not to say that we anti-Ty folks don't acknowledge the intangible "improvements," we just don't put as much stock in them as the Typologists do. As noted, because Ty does things "the right way" off the field, that often excuses him from doing things the right way ON the field (or at least gives him leeway).

Year 4 is the winning year and everyone understands this, I realize. I actually think that people may get the picture, but I'm fully aware there will be ardent supporters of Ty until the day he is fired. There will be excuses of youth, inexperience, injuries and what-have-you for this season and they will accuse anti-Ty crowds of being bad fans.

I can respect those who support Ty because he is the coach, but if he continues to lose, keep in mind you are supporting a sub-standard coach. It's ok to ask for change and even demand it from upper campus. Husky fans deserve better.

Posted by poster

7:12 PM, Aug 13, 2008

I pretty much agree with that Mello, and I certainly don't think you're in the only negative camp. That is why I was careful with my language in that post to say "people that are only negative", "if all someone does is whine", and there is no true dialogue "if that's in fact all they're doing [whine]."

It's one thing to criticize perceived problems in the program, it's another to just whine all the time. In fact, many of the criticisms people have regarding injuries and inexperience are the same questions most of us have. But to reduce it to one thing, all bad, and then force all one's arguments to support all bad, is the camp I'm referring to.

I think we just disagree about the signs of improvement last year, so be it. I think we also agree about some of the concerns, so be it. But you're not in the all whine all bad category and I'm not in the support Ty no matter what category (as I'd wager even most people with optimism for this year are not in the support Ty no matter what category).

Posted by jed

7:29 PM, Aug 13, 2008

There is a lot of vitriol on here.

Lets put things in perspective.
UO is a very good team with a lot of talent. UW is clearly a significant underdog. Will UW win in Eugene- unlikely even in the eyes of the most ardent fan. Yet, nothing would surprise me from this team. They certainly have more natural talent in all the skill positions even though they are inexperienced. I would take this years WRs and RBs over what we had last year period. There are some players that really could be playmakers there, something that was really lacking at the WR spot last year. And while Rankin could break some big plays he was not capable of being the consistent physical back that could run between the tackles or even off-tackle for that matter.

Everything starts with the O-line and they may be very solid. If so there is enough skill at other positions and with a healthy Jake to really raise havoc with defenses.

More skill, experience and depth at DB and a decent LB corps. Very young DL. New defensive coordinator; this is where he earns his money.

Posted by poster

9:02 PM, Aug 13, 2008

Jed, I pretty much see it the same way you posted it.

Posted by onewoodwacker

6:44 AM, Aug 14, 2008

Listen up Dawg Fans -

Bob says he saw a bruise on Jakes leg. The ONLY way you get a bruise from a hamstring is via a tear and bleeding inside. I KNOW cause I've torn mine. It does NOT bruise from a strain.

If he's bruised, it's torn - that does not have mean that it's completely tore in two. Obviously, Jake has been seen jogging on it so the injury is somewhere from a slight to a minor tear. A medium tear is not something that finds you jogging in three days - mine was a medium size tear.

I am not in Jake's shape but I do work out 6 days a week - lifting, cardio, swimming etc - I'm in pretty good condition and my hammy took three weeks before I could slightly jog.

If Jakes hammy is like mine, my money is that he'll be questionable for the Oregon game. I will promise you this - the coach will NOT mess around with it if Jakes not 100%. Hammies can go from bad to worse in a heart beat. Don't expect him to say anything though - why would he give Oregon that insight?

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