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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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July 14, 2008 7:47 AM

LA Times on Bush, Mayo cases

Posted by Bob Condotta

A few of you have asked from time-to-time why the NCAA doesn't seem to be doing anything about the Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo cases, so I thought I'd pass along this story today from the LA Times addressing that topic.

Appears NCAA officials are growing sensitive to the notion that they are giving USC a pass and wanted to make clear that they aren't, while also pointing out the complexities that make the investigation difficult.

One of the interesting quotes in there is from author Aurthur Fleisher III who says that "most people don't understand --- the NCAA is the schools themselves.'' Former UW coach Don James once made this same point to me, saying that while he didn't agree with everything the NCAA did, it was simply made up of other coaches and administrators like himself --- in fact, he had served on NCAA committees during his career.

Nothing in the story changed several of my thoughts on the issue, specifically that I don't think anyone will ever get hit as hard again as UW and some other schools (Miami, Alabama) were in the mid-90s --- there's too much at stake now to levy such heavy penalties anymore, and the schools now know how to handle it better when issues do arise.

Ted Miller of ESPN has his own take on this story, as well as a few other Pac-10-related links.

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Posted by ???

8:11 AM, Jul 14, 2008

And lets not forget TCU! eek.

Posted by KC

8:57 AM, Jul 14, 2008

If Ty, the molder of men, was at USC, this would have never happened. I feel very, very fortunate that despite his sub-par record he makes players into solid people. As a Seattleite, I am glad to see our city caring less about winning and more about trophies for all.

Posted by 3 of 5

9:19 AM, Jul 14, 2008

KC, since when did UW care less about winning? Or have you missed the news about Ty being on the hot seat. And Todd Turner getting fired.

Posted by Skidawg

9:23 AM, Jul 14, 2008

Bob: What a joke! This is a total lack of institutional control at USC. The penalties should be extreme (similar to UW in 1993) unless there are no rules anymore and what rules there are, don't matter, particularly for big, bad USC. Hammer them! Is there no justice!!!

Posted by dawgy dawgy

9:29 AM, Jul 14, 2008

I am pretty sure KC was being sarcastic since he used the term molder of men, which is a term that a lot of Ty-haters like to latch onto.

Posted by Reality Check

9:51 AM, Jul 14, 2008

Dang it... couldn't stay away. By the way, fantastic news about Juan Garcia the other day. I think that guy is great and wish him the best!

regarding this post ...

It seems the NCAA had no problem destroying the UW program back in the early 90's. And they've acted swiftly and harshly with many "lesser" schools over the last 20 years or so. But when it's a big money, power conference school, it seems the NCAA suddenly finds it difficult and tricky to investigate. It's such a clear case of political and financial bull$#!+. If USC wasn't a crown jewel of college sports, they'd be facing the "lack of institutional control" label and a host of brutal penalties. If Yahoo Sports can dig up all of this information, then I'm not buying the bullcrap about the NCAA being unable to put a case together.

Also, this isn't a criminal case. The burden of proof isn't "beyond a reasonable doubt." (It's a much lower standard.) They just have to prove that the scale tips to the side of thinking they are guilty.

There are just too many examples of big money schools getting breaks -- Miami ripping off the Pell Grant System, systematic test cheating at FSU, USC's violations, etc. -- to not see the clear double standard. If you're McNeese State and get caught, look out. If you're Miami, USC, Ohio State, FSU, ND, or a few select others, than you can pretty much get away with murder.

The NCAA becomes more of a joke every year.

Posted by mfsthorn

9:55 AM, Jul 14, 2008

Reality Check:

The NCAA didn't hammer the Huskies in the 90s -- that was the Pac-10. Miami did get in huge trouble for the Pell Grant rip-off, among many other things.

Posted by 206dogg

10:06 AM, Jul 14, 2008

Yeah, sure you're trying hard NCAA. What cr*p. It is clear that the NCAA is giving USC time to try and cover their tracks. This way they don't have to do anything and can simply say, 'we did a long and thorough invesigation and nothing came from it'.

Wait and see, that is what is going to go down.

I"m with the rest of you, Troy must be destroyed! What bothers me is that USC has the ballz to say they are Troy... what arrogance!

Posted by Gabe

10:29 AM, Jul 14, 2008

Just got back into town only to see the NCAA is making yet further excuses as to why it is too befuddled and spineless to deal with high profile cases. The mantra "we are the universities" is a smoke screen. The NCAA is a bureaucracy with its own entrenced heirarchy and an avoidance to doing anythihng that might subject it to criticism from the power elites. The universties themselves are bureaucracies who behave in a similar fashion on a more limited scale. They protect their own. The best that can be hoped for is that the discovery process in the Bush civil suit might serve up some morsels of wrongdoing that the NCAA can't avoid. Bob is right the NCAA is unlikely ever again to hammer a school as hard as it hammered UW . Best we can do it upset them on the field. All this is just underscores why Troy Must Be Destroyed (ducks, who no doubt have similar skeletons in the Nike closet, destroyed)

P.S. Good posts on this from 206dogg and Reality Check. Good to see Reality back in the saddle. Also, credit is due LA Times for venturing into this minefield at all; with luck they'll keep at it, assuming the reporter hasn't been fired.

Posted by mutt

11:13 AM, Jul 14, 2008

Don't want the gay....I mean movie stars mad at them.

Posted by Formerly Guest

12:16 PM, Jul 14, 2008

So it looks like Allen Mooney from O'dea - a LB - has committed to BSU.

My understanding is he was interested in the UW, but did not get the scholarship offer he was hoping for.

Here are some links-


It would be nice to have some talented and excited guys committ to the UW.

Posted by Last year of misery

12:30 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Mooney is a stud. Would love to see him at UW.

Tyrone probably didn't even know about him just like he didn't know about Fogerson until the State Title game.

The only reason Tyrone saw Fogerson in the state tiltle game was because his son was playing.

Posted by OlyDawg

1:19 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Its foolish to think that UW didn't know about Mooney. We have limited scholarships to hand out this year (19?) and we already have offered higher rated and taller LBs. If they fell through, Mooney likely would have been offered later in the recruiting process. I respect his decision not to wait because its a difficult decision to make.

And its ridiculous to think that Ty didn't know about Fogerson last year until the championship game. The guy led the state in many statistical categories. Again, Fogerson wasn't a highly recruited athlete on the national scene UNTIL he had some standout performances against high caliber teams in the state tournament.

Get a clue, and try not to let your hate of Willingham cloud your judgement and common sense.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

1:54 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Mooney is quite short and didn't project that well as a LB at the college level (5'10" or so makes it difficult to get up to SLB size).

Plus, word on the street is that he tore something in his knee during a recent camp...hope it doesn't mess up his senior season but I imagine UW wanted to see him play some his senior year because making a final decision.

Posted by onewoodwacker

2:00 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Never really understood why Don James insisted that the Dub was throwing him under the bus. After reading this article I have a much clearer understanding of what and why he was saying that.

The UW powers-at-be wanted to show everyone how much dirty laundry they dug up - while in the process - not understanding that they were burying the UW by showing everyone their dirty laundry.

Gerberding(bat) and Hedges(hog) gets dumber everyday when I read articles like this.

Thought I might throw this out to all who might question why anyone would want to come to the Dub (I know its long - but impressive!!);

The University of Washington as a whole, and several programs and departments in particular, are highly ranked by several sources.

[edit] National

[edit] Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index
A more-fact-oriented ranking of Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index by Academic Analytics ranks University of Washington #1 in research productivity in many important disciplines: Architecture, Business Administration, Genetics, Fisheries Science and Management, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Science and Medicinal Pharmacy and Zoology. UW is #2 in Anatomy, Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography, Nutrition, Epidemiology and Forestry. UW is in the top ten for 20 other major disciplines. The variables used in the ranking are faculty publications, citations, research grants and awards.[17][18][19] UW has a total of 7 number 1 rankings for various disciplines. Out of the 354 institutions studied, only one school has more #1 rankings than UW and only two other schools have as many.

[edit] US News and World Report
Many of the UW's programs are ranked in the top ten by U.S. News and World Report including #1 rankings for both the UW School of Medicine (primary care) and nursing school.
UW's rank for medical research has recently moved up from seventh in 2007 (along with Stanford) to sixth in 2008.
UW Medicine received $573.2 million in grants from National Institutes of Health in the fiscal year of 2006, second highest among all universities in the US.

UW School of Medicine has overall been ranked #1 for 14 consecutive years by U.S. News.
UW is also the only medical school in the nation that ranked in the top 10 for all eight specialties.

The UW School of Nursing has been ranked #1 in the nation since 1984, when the first survey of nursing schools was conducted. However, U.S News & World Report only began ranking nursing schools in 1993, ever since which UW has also always been #1.

In addition, its graduate program in social work is ranked third by U.S. News and World Report along with Columbia University, the University of Chicago and the University of California-Berkeley.

The UW also boasts third ranked graduate programs in both audiology and speech-language pathology, and a third ranked specialist program in the fine art of ceramics.

The School of Public Health and Community Medicine is as well ranked third by US News.

The UW's bioengineering department was ranked fourth and the computer science program ranked 7th.

The specialist field of nuclear physics also ranked 2nd in the country.

The graduate school of education was also ranked 8th in the nation.while the school of engineering tied for 21st alongside Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University and Northwestern University in the U.S. News and World Report rankings.

The undergraduate and graduate business schools ranked 18th and 29th, respectively.

The UW School of Law has consistently ranked 27th out of a field of 180 American Bar Association accredited law schools.

The UW also holds a #1 specialist ranking for its graduate program in law librarianship.

In the 2008 rankings of "America's Best Colleges" by U.S. News and World Report, the UW tied for 11th among public doctoral universities.

Washington Monthly:
A private review by the National Opinion Research Center, and published in the Washington Monthly,ranked the university 14th in the United States. In its last published survey in 1995, the The National Research Council ranked UW ninth in the United States in a study that spanned 41 graduate disciplines.

The UW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was ranked 5th best in the country by Entrepreneur magazine.

The UW Executive MBA is ranked third of its kind by The Economist.

University of Washington ranks #1 in Peace Corps volunteers in 2007 and #3 throughout the years.

The Top American Research Universities report from the Center at Arizona State ranked UW eleventh overall and third among public institutions.

Kiplinger ranked the University of Washington #9 of the top 100 colleges in early 2008 as one of the Best values in Public Colleges. Kiplinger, in order to determine the ranking, took a total of 500 US national schools and evaluated them using many factors of which primarily consisted of academic quality and cost.

Posted by Formerly Guest

2:01 PM, Jul 14, 2008

It would be interesting to get Boise Truth's thoughts on Mooney.

Posted by Husky19

3:02 PM, Jul 14, 2008


Great post, I did one similar a few weeks back. It goes to show how strong UW is in the academic arena.

I hate when I see high school football players say they #1 reason for choosing a college is academics, than they turn around and commit to Oregon, Asu, Miami etc... Obviously their goals don't match up with what they are publically saying.

With regard to the whole NCAA vs. Usc, where's the Pac-10 in all this? Doesn't the conference have an obligation to also investigate? And while 95% of the time they go with the NCAA's recommendation, shouldn't the Pac-10 at least be investigating Usc? I haven't heard anything from them regarding these numerous and blatant rule violations.

I know the Pac-10 is even more afraid of penalizing Usc than the NCAA but they got to get some substance. If not, they will become a joke.

Posted by BoiseTruth

3:35 PM, Jul 14, 2008

I wasn't going to talk about Mooney, but since you guys are, I think he's a great get for BSU. HFNY, word on the street down here is that Mooney was moving very impressively at the BSU camp a couple of weeks back. I'm not aware of him playing, or attending any camps since. As for projecting, do I have to give you an incredible long list of people that had great college careers that didn't project well?
Also, if Mooney doesn't project, neither does Tony Heard, who currently holds an offer from UW. As for size, and speed, Heard isn't bigger, or faster than Mooney. Heard's not rated higher than Mooney either (Oly).

Mooney is a naturally strong kid, but when he gets into a college lifting program I think he will be an animal. He knows how to find the ball, and get there. He runs well. The only criticism I have at this point is; he tackles high and needs to get his pads down on the hit. That's fixable.

You don't have to take my word for it, cause the tape don't lie (see link). A number of plays from the O'dea - Skyline championship game in here.

Posted by onewoodwacker

3:52 PM, Jul 14, 2008


Here's the fact that is most impressive;

UW has a total of 7 number 1 rankings for various disciplines. Out of the 354 institutions studied, only one school has more #1 rankings than UW and only two other schools have as many.

I agree, the UW is not a school for the weak of mind.

Posted by OlyDawg

4:01 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Its hard to even say that UW wouldn't have offered Mooney eventually.

And from the sound of the article, Mooney is still going to take his recruiting trips, which likely includes UW. It wouldn't be entirely surprising if he's offered later and maybe decommits.

Steve Fauna is higher rated and has been offered by UW. Boseko Lokombo is also higher rated, and I have a feeling UW has already offered him (even though Dawgman doesn't have it reported). I'm excited to see Tony Heard has been offered, as he is just as fast as Mooney (4.6) and is a local kid who is very smart (3.83 GPA).

Nonetheless, Mooney is a good recruit, and I still wouldn't mind eventually seeing him at UW.

Posted by Formerly Guest

4:35 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Boise Truth, Olydawg, HFNY...
Thanks. Interesting thoughts.

Posted by 3 of 5

4:37 PM, Jul 14, 2008

It's far too early to critique the '09 recruiting class. I believe we have 13 total schollies to give out, so the process will be more selective. Ty seems to do pretty good in December and January in the recruiting department, and the only thing that matters is who signs on signing day.

Posted by Formerly Guest

5:00 PM, Jul 14, 2008

3 of 5,

i hope you are right. Nonetheless, I am getting pretty nervous. I think Bob has written that given recent changes, there will be well more then 13 to give out...but certainly fewer than normal.

Posted by BoiseTruth

5:01 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Oly, that was the point - that there wasn't enough diff in size or speed to justify HFNY's projection theory. If you can't project Mooney, then you can't project Heard at a higher level. Both could be very good, but would those remarks have been made if Mooney had committed to UW instead of BSU? I think If Mooney had committed to UW, and people watched that tape, everyone would be talking about what a stud he was.

As for Mooney taking more trips - he won't. If he does he probably won't have a schollie at BSU. It won't be a question of him decommitting and going somewhere else. It will be the coaches decommitting him. There are no partial commits at BSU. You're either committed or you're not. I've seen people challenge that, and I've seen them sent packing. Additionally, the day after Mooney made his comments about taking other trips, he came back and said he'd reconsidered and won't be taking any more trips.

Posted by Last year of misery

5:40 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Face it guys, Tyrone let another local stud slip away. Sure, Mooney is only 5'11". So were Jaime Fields and James Clifford.

We have around 18 or 19 schollies to give out, not 13. At this rate, the guys who sign in February are going to be WAC leftovers.

Posted by OlyDawg

6:31 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Good points Boise. Obviously the coaches saw something in Heard that they didn't see in Mooney, as the two guys are nearly identical in size and speed, with the local ties too.

Still, I wouldn't have minded seeing Mooney come to UW. Actually, at this point I'd love to see nearly ANY of our recruits commit.

I really expected a commitment or two after the summer camp. But now a week has gone by. I think if one or two guys commit, it will start a solid string of guys to commit. Getting a TAD nervous though.

Posted by BoiseTruth

7:25 PM, Jul 14, 2008

I'm with you Oly. I think we're all a little surprised by the way things are going. But, as you say, once we get one or two, others will follow.

If UW decides late that they want Mooney, they may be able to get him. He just needs to make sure he has an offer before the visit. If Heard commits, Mooney is probably irrelevant to UW.

Posted by Formerly Guest

8:42 PM, Jul 14, 2008

Thanks for the scoop. I hope Mooney ends up at the UW somehow, in an honorable way. If not, I hope he is happy at BSU, and we get someone equivalent. Currently there is a lot of room in our class.

Posted by 206dogg

12:17 AM, Jul 15, 2008

I'm going to chime in on the recruiting piece. I have a theory on why recruiting has been slow for the dawgs this year:
1) they are going heavy after OL. This is a year where they need to get 4-6 OL commits and 3-4 DL commits. This is to help build for the future as the OL (and to some extent the DL as well) will be hit hard with graduation and possible early NFL defection in 2-3 yrs.
*So, what does this mean to UW recruiting? The west coast is thin on OL and DL this year. So, with such a fierce battle of big schools scrapping for talent, things will be slow in making commits. Also, this means UW will have to be creative in recruiting for these positions by digging deeper and find a hidden gem or 2. This takes extra time.

2) the second position they will be recruiting heavily is LB & DB, especially LB's. I don't think UW is sold on the LB recruits for 2008, let's face it, in TW's mind, he settled on Roussel (I think he will be good though), leaving Mangum as the only 'true' LB recruited heavily for this position. Johri could be switched to WLB, but that is a lightly sprinkled maybe.
*How does this impact recruiting? The LB class this year is very limited. They rolled the dice with Roussel and TW is NOT going to want to bring in a class of *risk* LB's (read: Mooney & Heard) even if local talent is available. Much like OL & DL, look for UW to try to bring in 4-5 LB's to train and bring replace the LB's who will be graduating/going NFL (Savannah?) in the next 1-2 yrs.

3) The rest of the class will be filled in with spot positions, a QB, a couple DB's and athletes (can play any perimeter position)

So, when you take these points and consider how UW only has 13- 15 scholies, it only makes sense why things are slow. However, i have no doubt that they are on the road hard and digging for the hidden gems.

Posted by OlyDawg

11:19 AM, Jul 15, 2008

Great analysis 206. I think you may be right on why its taking so long for some guys to commit. I would really love to see Coleman commit soon, because it could set off a fire storm with some of the other highly rated recruits who are on the fence about UW.

Undoubtedly as some of the highest rated recruits commit to places like USC and UCLA and ASU, the recruits slightly below them will follow (to other schools), wanting to ensure their place on a Pac-10 team, and hopefully UW benefits from that.

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