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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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July 31, 2008 1:32 PM

July questions, take seven

Posted by Bob Condotta

A few more:

Q: Can you give a realistic perspective on who will be the center --- Matt Sedillo or Ryan Tolar --- and strengths and weaknesses of each?

A: With the increasing possibility that Juan Garcia may be available for much of the season --- though I caution that there's still no certainties on that front --- I would think the best guess is that Matt Sedillo will start camp as the starting center and then they'll evaluate how that is working. That would allow the rest of the line to stay intact, causing as little disruption as possible. Other than Garcia, Sedillo is the most experienced center (obviously, I'm talking mostly about practice here as he has seen little action in games). Tolar apparently played little center in high school and hasn't done much of it at UW. What might allow a move of Tolar to center is the progression of Jordan White-Frisbee at the other guard. However, it might be better for UW is Sedillo can handle the center duties while Garcia is out so that JWF can rotate in at guard, giving UW some depth there and keeping players fresher than in past years, when the Huskies have rarely been able to sub much. Sedillo's strength is obviously that he has played a lot of center and knows the position well. Tolar looks like a future all-conference player, but he hasn't played much at center. And don't overlook the presence of walk-on Greg Christine, who was a recruited walk-on to UW and has spent two years learning the position at UW.

Q: Who are the true freshmen with the most likelihood of being in the two deep
roster this season?

A: The most obvious candidates are the three who were there in the spring --- WR/RB Chris Polk and WRs Anthony Boyles and Devin Aguilar. I think each can pretty much be penciled into playing situations this season due to the lack of depth at their positions and that they are already ahead of the game in learning. Of true frosh coming in this fall, I think WRs Jermaine Kearse and Cody Bruns have very good chances of playing immediately, due in part also to depth questions there. Given the depth at RB, I think one or two of the RBs coming in has a chance, as well. But until they arrive, I think it's pretty hard to pick between any of them. I don't think any of the incoming OLs will play. TE is another position where depth could be an issue, which also could open the door for Kavario Middleton to play a lot immediately, though I would figure it would be more as a receiver early on than in blocking situations. Defensively, we've talked a lot about the DL depth issues, and I think one or two of the frosh coming in could play immediately. Craig Noble was probably the most likely but it sounds as if he won't be around for most, if not all, of camp, which would put a big dent in those plans. The most likely of the others is probably Alameda Ta'amu, whose listed weight of 348 gives him a size dimension that could prove valuable immediately. UW doesn't have needs as urgent at LB or DB, so frosh at those spots are more likely to earn immediate playing time via special teams. Most likely candidates figure to be LB Kurt Mangum (who was also here in the spring) and Adam Long, who may be the fastest player in the class.

Q: What are the ramifications if LeGarrette Blount gets injured/ineligible? Who are his backups? Do they have any experience? I have to think that would have a significant impact on this game (as well as Oregon's season), given the inexperience of Oregon's quarterbacks.

A: Yeah, another crowd-pleasing LeGarrette Blount question!! In all seriousness, one reason a lot of observers like the Ducks is their depth at this spot. Blount actually is likely to enter fall camp as the backup at RB to senior Jeremiah Johnson, who averaged 6.4 yards per carry last season before suffering a knee injury in the sixth game against Washington State. Johnson is said to be fully recovered. He had 644 yards and 10 TDs in 2006, so he has a lot of experience. And third on the depth chart is Andre Crenshaw, who ran for more than 100 yards against UW last year. So Oregon has more than just Blount lurking in its backfield, all of which figures to make for a stern test for UW's defense Aug. 30.

Q: Any talk of scheduling a "Home and Home" series with one or two of the better teams from the Big-East or ACC in the future?

A: UW is always on the lookout for good games, but I haven't heard of anything specific with teams from those two conferences. Remember, UW does have a current deal with Syracuse, which included last year's game and a return trip by the Orange on Sept. 11, 2010.

Q: Have you heard if we may get to see a "Power" running formation with Paul Homer (FB) and Luke Kravitz (RB) in a two TE set? Old-fashioned "Smash-Mouth" football?

A: That's not something we've really ever seen so I wouldn't anticipate ever seeing a whole lot of that, if any at all. There was a lot of talk they would be used more heading into last season and they were, getting 39 carries combined, about three a game. They might get a few more this year as they rank as two of the more experienced ball carriers on the team now. But I wouldn't anticipate either would ever be a primary threat.

All for now.

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Posted by Husky Fan In New York

1:41 PM, Jul 31, 2008

In response to U0 fan Sam on the previous thread, I wouldn't bet on the Huskies to win straight up simply because it's a road game and the Ducks should be a 6 to 8 win team while the Huskies should be a 5 to 7 win team.

Other than Locker, the Dawgs have some players to be potentially afraid of just like the Ducks have some players to be potentially afraid of (J. Johnson coming off an ACL tear less than a year ago, Blount has never played against a Pac-10 team, let alone a D-1 game).

D'Andre Goodwin is the fastest player on the team (sub 4.4 speed) and will be starting at one WR spot. Reports are that he is now Jake's go-to WR and that they have great rapport.

Chris Polk, though just a true frosh, put up huge numbers at WR (Jr. year) and RB (Sr. year), and will be a factor in the offense. He made it in for Spring Ball which helps.

Devin Aguilar and Anthony Boyles are essentially RS-Frosh and though they haven't played a down yet, both are big targets with very good speed (especially Boyles). Boyles in fact went by the nickname "Showtime" in high school...we'll see if he can significantly contribute at the onset of the year or if he comes on towards the end.

Curtis Shaw is another WR who is a true soph and ran a 10.56 100 meter in high school. He, Goodwin, and Adam Long (incoming CB) should have a race to find out if Goodwin still holds the title.

Posted by 2Tite 4U FoSho

1:48 PM, Jul 31, 2008


SUp people? jus back from cali and gotz me some ink. I'z a true playa like in your nightmares, fool

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

1:50 PM, Jul 31, 2008

2Tite, sorry I was 2Fast4U...and don't h8 the playa, h8 the game...

Posted by poster

1:55 PM, Jul 31, 2008

De'Andre Goodwin is not nearly as fast as either of the Polks, Shaw or Adam Long, who all ran the 100 M from .2-.3 seconds faster than Goodwin. Goodwin may be our best receiver (may or may not), but he does not have the wheels some of those other kids have.

And yes, most people on here have intermittent problems with the Captcha.

Posted by Btown

2:04 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I'm pretty sure in goal line situations last year, we ran plays that had Homer lead blocking for Kravitz to punch it in the endzone. It seemed to work pretty well.

Posted by Chucky

2:06 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Anyone else heard the rumor that the AD job was offered twice. It seems that both times the UW was refused because Emmert won't let the new AD fire Ty before the season. This actually makes some sense because I can't figure out any other reason this job has been open so long. The UW AD job should be one of the top 10-15 jobs in the country so it makes no sense otherwise why people wouldn't jump at it.

Posted by Huskiebob

2:20 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Chucky must be smoking a Eugene grown product to come up with his analysis of the open AD job. Hope he is not driving while in the state he is---probably Oreeeeeeeeeeeeegun!

Posted by Sam

2:22 PM, Jul 31, 2008

HFNY - Nice 0 there. ;)

Good summary of your potential play makers. The thing about Blount and JJ though, they have both played college football before.

Looks like we have a Curtis Shaw too.....Jamere Holland. 10.36 in the 100m dash. ;)

Posted by Seattle Dave

2:24 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Isn't Jamere coming off knee surgery? Serious question.

Posted by Reality Check

2:26 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Oh happy day. Sam has joined a new thread to spread his oregon words of wisdom. Oh please tell us more about your great team. I'm breathlessly awaiting more tales of oregon greatness. Do you frequent any other team's blogs? Because I'd love to read more gems there, too. Can I find you on a Beav's blog? 'SC? Please, do tell!

Posted by Fouch Potato

2:29 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I can't wait for Monday for some real Dawg news!

Bob, we're going to need updates on the 1/2 hour if possible. Potential topics:

1) How do the Freshmen look?
2) How is Locker's accuracy?
3) How is the center spot looking?
4) How do things look vs last year at this time?

I know, you don't have much access, but anything we can get we'll take!

Posted by Ducks Dominate 8-30

2:29 PM, Jul 31, 2008

All we have to say to you Reality is 4-0.

Holland was a transfer from USC and had to sit out a year.

Johnson and Blount will likely be in the backfield at the same time. It is not a question of who is first on the depth chart. Ducks ran two back sets most of last year.

Posted by Reality Check

2:33 PM, Jul 31, 2008

DD (duck dork) --

Since it appears we're now arbitrarily picking time periods, I'll focus on the previous 96 meetings and respond with:



Posted by Fast Eddie

2:39 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Bob Condotta's 2008 Heisman ballot:

1) LaGarrette Blount
2) LaGarrette Blount
3) LaGarrette Blount

Posted by Ducks Dominate 8-30

2:40 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Willingham can tell the two and three star recruits 58-33 and Bellotti can tell the four and five star guys 4-0......and wouldn't you look good in one of those dazzling Duck uniforms.

You are just living in the past my friend.

Posted by OlyDawg

2:48 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I'm pretty sure "Dazzling duck uniforms" is an oxymoron.

It should read "Duck uniforms that look like they have been run over by car tires, then puked on".

Posted by Nike Guy

2:52 PM, Jul 31, 2008

"It's the uniforms.

Yes, those space-age, constantly changing and often unapologetically outrageous Oregon uniforms that many love to snark about.

Obviously, Blount tapped Oregon over other suitors for a variety of more substantive reasons, but listening to his detailed explanation of what he likes about the uniforms makes it clear the issue isn't a trifle for him.

"We don't wear the same thing twice -- I love that," he said. "I don't want to play for a sluggish-looking team.""

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

2:52 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Olydawg, dang you! I just left out a loud laugh in the office and people wanted to know what was so funny! So I just had to show them the uniforms in question and showed them your quote and they got a good laugh too (New Yorkers who don't follow college sports).

One guy said, "Aren't those like the jerseys those deuche bags were wearing on that billboard in Times Square some years ago?" Ha!

Posted by onewoodwacker

2:53 PM, Jul 31, 2008


I'm with you, I recall that formation a few times myself last year. For those who don't recall, Kravitz, who runs a 4.5 40, was the state's leading RB his Senior year at Olympia (ran for 2223 yards and scored 35 times... named The Tacoma News Tribune's 2003 high school player of the year.

With our lack of RB experience, it's not far fetched to see him and Homer in the same backfield this year. I like it!!!

Posted by Sittingdawg

2:53 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Dazzling uniforms? Someone's living on another PLANET.

But at least the mascot is a DUCK... Seriously lol

Posted by Fouch Potato

2:53 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Actually, Willingham had 8 4 & 5 star recruits in his last class. Bellotti had 7. (source:

uh oh

I sure hope the dazzling uniforms can also throw and catch...

Posted by Seattle Dave

2:55 PM, Jul 31, 2008

It is a shame all the four and five star guys on the field 8/30 will be wearing the day-glo uni's.

Sincerely, Izbicki, Johnson, McDowell, Kearse, Bruns, Middleton, Ta'amu, Thompson, Polk, Kelemete, etc

Posted by Ducks Dominate 8-30

2:55 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Hey....don't forgot my dear Husky friends that Nike makes your uniforms also. In fact, we would appreciate it if you would load up on your Nike Husky gear. That way Uncle Phil can help expand our stadium by another 20,000 seats.

Posted by Reality Check

3:01 PM, Jul 31, 2008

in case you didn't know, UW's contract with nike is coming up. And guess what... it doesn't look good for your pimp's company!

On this front, I know some other schools have also made the switch to Under Armor & Addidas.

Phil will never be hurting for cash, but I think some colleges (especially around the pac10) are realizing that buying nike stuff is basically feeding the enemy.

Posted by yikes!

3:03 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Reality Check: I saw you and your boyfriend walking by in matching lavender Nike Jumpsuits.


Posted by Sam

3:04 PM, Jul 31, 2008

"Actually, Willingham had 8 4 & 5 star recruits in his last class. Bellotti had 7. (source:"

Actually, Bellotti had 8 4 & 5 star recruits in his last class. Willingham has 5. (source:"

Scout is based out of Seattle. Also, scout puts more emphasis on number of recruits, instead of quality. Check the "Average Rating" of the 2008 classes on Scout and Rivals. Oregon is bringing in the higher quality players.

Posted by Reality Check

3:10 PM, Jul 31, 2008

So, I talked w/ my brother (also a UW fan) recently. And we were wondering if there has ever been a time where more things were up in the air for UW football. Or, to put it another way, this could be the most important season for Husky football in many, many years. Here is the short list of very big ticket items:

* Coaching staff could be gone at any time if we start off poorly. I don't think it's impossible to think Emmertt might act mid-season if we're sporting a 1-4 record.
* Stadium needs funding and needs to be fixed
* We need an athletic director who can fix the damage left by Hedges and Turner
* We haven't had a winning season in 4 years (longest streak ever in history of school)

At risk of being melodramatic... can anyone think of a season with more pressure than this one? It really feels like '08 could be a year we look back upon 10 years from now and realize some very good or very bad things happened. We could be talking about how glad we are that Ty turned the corner and has been our coach for 14 years of stable, winning football. We could be talking about a beautiful new stadium. We could be talking about a great hire at AD who got things going in the right direction. Or we could be talking about...

Anyway, does anyone else have the sense that this year is absolutely mammoth for the future direction of not just UW football, but UW athletics in general?

Posted by Ducks Dominate 8-30

3:11 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I heard about Under Armour......but they are proposing pink uniforms with purple lace.

No one is going to replace Nike as the dominant force in sports marketing.

Posted by Seattle Dave

3:15 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Try to keep up Sam. Your addled coreligionist (yes the Ducks are a cult) was making the claim that "the four and five star recruits" were more attracted to the Lemon and Lime than to UW. Therefore citing the avergae rating of the whole class is irrelevant.

Actually the whole concept of "stars" is irrelevant but that 's a whole different discussion.

"yikes!" @ 3:03, "Ducks Dominate"@ 3:11 -- here we have the spectacle of Duck fans from wackadoodle lefty enclave Eugene making homophobic remarks and jokes about odd Nike attire. Oh the irony.

Posted by Fouch Potato

3:16 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Come on Sam. Now it's a conspiracy theory?? Yes, I'm sure that Rivals, based out of Tennessee, is a much better evaluator of West coast talent than Scout.

The tide is turning. Just keep telling yourselves the uniforms will sustain your program!

Reality, I'm with you. Not only is this a huge season, but 8/30 is a huge game as it is the conference opener. How will we come out after 9 months to prepare? I can't wait.

Posted by Reality Check

3:22 PM, Jul 31, 2008

maybe if we dump nike we can get purple and gold uniforms again with a dawg rather than a weasel.

Right now we've got "my-kidneys-are-failing-urine-yellow and blueish-purple uniforms. Honestly, I can't stand the colors, funky numbers, and overall look. A new look is in order... one that hopefully also includes three Husky defenders converging on top of a sobbing whoregon quarterback going down for his 5th sack of the first half.

Posted by Ducks Dominate

3:23 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Seattle Dave.....seems to me you are the one bringing up homophobia....I don't think we want to go there.

Posted by Sam

3:24 PM, Jul 31, 2008


No conspiracy. Your initial comment implied the Huskies had better recruits. My argument is that they don't, based on the way scout does their rankings.

What makes you think the tide is turning? Better recruits? New D coord? Honest question.

Posted by Seattle Dave

3:24 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I'm glad to hear that you don't, but the posts I referenced made it seem otherwise.

Posted by huh?

3:29 PM, Jul 31, 2008


I'm not sure what you're talking about with being based out of Seattle, but a bit of research may be in order on your part... is owned by NewsCorp (y'know, Fox), which is decidedly NOT based in Seattle...

Posted by sam?

3:32 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Are you that annoying Sam from Diffrern't Strokes? It would explain a lot.

Posted by Sam

3:37 PM, Jul 31, 2008

huh? - You want me to do research and then you do none to back up your claim? LOL, c'mon now.

"Scout is part of Fox Sports Interactive and Fox Interactive Media and offers a competitive salary and benefits package! We are based in downtown Seattle, WA near the historic Pike Place Market with easy freeway and bus access from all points."

A lot of people who work at are Seattle people.

Posted by Ducks Dominate 8-30

3:41 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Go to the bottom of Scout's web on About Us. This is a bunch of Seattle based people who have to be influenced by the local press, friends, etc. Scout's is definitely based in Seattle, even though they are owned by News Corp.

Rivals does have east coast influence, but that probably makes for a more level playing field when they evaluate the Pac 10 recruits.

Posted by sam?

3:41 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Looking for a job, are we?

You could come work for me, but then again, maybe not.

Posted by dawg dude

3:47 PM, Jul 31, 2008

The Kravitz-Homer combo was run in short yardage/goal line situations with Kravitz in at QB.

Posted by poster

3:48 PM, Jul 31, 2008

There are a lot of comments on here lacking substance.

I'd wager both scouting sites do their homework and state what they believe. If not, they'd probably lose readership.

But most importantly, almost all of those kids were rated before they committed. The suggestion that because UW happened to sign athletes that were rated higher on Scout, and that Scout is based in Seattle, falls apart when you consider the time of the rating.

Both teams have something to look forward to in this game. Hopefully these threads have some more intelligent analysis in the next month (and I know you're all capable of it, you just digressed a little when you pissed each other off).

Posted by dawg dude

3:49 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Similar to how Arkansas used McFadden (sometimes)

Posted by allow me

3:53 PM, Jul 31, 2008


Please allow me to raise the level of dialog in here a bit.

Duck fans stink. And they look funny, too.


A Husky Fan

Posted by Ducks Dominate

3:59 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Poster.....I watched Scout pretty carefully and when some kids had Washington on their list...they did seem to add a star or two. They had not commited, but were just rating UW highly. I don't buy that argument. Scout has always rated UW higher than Rivals in their classes.

Posted by mfsthorn

4:00 PM, Jul 31, 2008

dawg dude:

Kravitz only lined up at QB (in the shotgun) against Cal, due to (I'm assuming, Jake's injury). The rest of the time, when all three were healthy (Locker, Homer, and Kravitz) they used the Homer as the lead blocker for Kravitz.

And, not to nit pick -- it wasn't anything like McFadden -- Kravitz simply took the snap and plowed into the line. No fakes, no reads, straight ISO play.

Posted by poster

4:02 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Sort of funny, and at least it was in jest.

I only posted that point because it seems there are two blogs running here, one is probably more interesting to everyone, and the other one may benefit from more control from the blog administrator. At the very least it wouldn't hurt to open up a thread about Huskies v. Ducks, or about TW's status as HC, and then move posts related to those two points to those threads. It would add a small amount of work to the administrator, but would considerably improve the blog. Not to mention posting comments within the appropriate articles generally. Until that happens, this blog will run the risk of digressing into uninteresting B.S. of a couple of posters trying to hammer each other.

That gets really old if left unchecked, hopefully even for the parties involved.

Posted by poster

4:10 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Ducks Dominate,

Scout almost always has Oregon higher than Rivals too.

If you don't buy that argument, then provide more evidence of Scout upping UW's recruit rankings after they have Washington on their list. In fact, a lot of kids Oregon has signed have had Washington on their list, so that argument fails again. You're simply trying to hard to make a point that is easier to make. Oregon has out-recruited Washington on average (from either site) for the last 5 years. Washington actually had a really good recruiting class last year. Talk of conspiracies and doctored recruiting rankings are pretty ridiculous. In fact, just because you say it doesn't make it true. Back up the assertion. Heck, some of the recruits could have improved in their rankings, for either school. Overwhelmingly they don't change much in the last 4-5 months before February. If Scout has that much of a bias, would it not show during the previous 4 years when Oregon out-recruited Washington (I'm assuming they did, not surprising to me if so)? As I pointed out, if they were doctoring them at the time they listed Washington, but before they committed to Oregon, are you saying Scout then reduced the rankings after they sign/commit? If not, then Oregon would've benefited from the alleged Husky bias. It seems like you are constructing an argument to support something you already believe in. Either way, I think it doesn't even deserve merit it is so far off-base.

Oregon has out-recruited Washington in the last while, and in particular on average. Done deal.

Posted by mattysimone

4:16 PM, Jul 31, 2008

they just said on espn that the nike olympic usa swimmers will be allowed to wear the speedo brand one because thats the brand that has been shattering records!!! hahahaha nike startin to slide!!!

captcha does suck &#&*%

Posted by Reality Check

4:20 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Poster --

Here's how it works... because I've pretty much complained about the exact issue you just raised.


step 1 -- a Husky fan makes a comment
step 2 -- a cougar or duck (can't say I've seen many other schools here) launches and attack or makes some clearly antagonistic remark
step 3 -- Husky fan(s) retaliate
step 4 -- it's a monkey $#it fight for the rest of the thread

I wish like crazy that disruptive posters from outside would get deleted, because it really drags down the blog...

But, here's where it gets interesting. Then, when you say you're tired of it and wish ducks and cougs wouldn't post....

step 5 -- coug or duck posts "waa, waa, waa you whine like a b-tch" or "my first amendment" or something simliar

In short, I think cougs and ducks (and a few random folks here and there) just like to stir the pot. Then some folks (I'm probably the most guilty), get sick to death of it and take a swipe at 'em.

I'm not sure exactly what the answer is, but I sincerely think just deleting posts from non-Huskies would help. And I'm not talking about ALL non-Husky posts. Because there are some non-Dawgs who come on here and actually bring a lot to the table. But for the most part, it's just guys trying to stir things up. And it usually works. And what's worse, I think it drives away a lot of potentially interesting posters who come here, see the crap flying back and forth, and just move on.

Posted by James

4:23 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I hope TL decides to atleast consider the Smash Mouth formation mentioned above, we have the experience and personnel to beat up and wear down another team. I also think UW is going to go to another Uniform company, probably Under Armour.

Any news on how Hasty's arm is healing Bob? Any indication you'll get any more access to practice then watching stretch lines and EDD's? Thanks.

Posted by Ducks Dominate

4:25 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Poster.....I accept your last sentence in the spirit that it is intended and actually....your point is well taken. Many people have been suspicious of Scout since it is in Seattle and providing empirical data that they have increased the stars in a very few cases would be next to impossible. I will give you this one.

Posted by poster

4:25 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Maybe we should track which Captcha codes are failing. I noticed a while back that almost every failure I got was with the same Captcha. Of course, I don't remember which one it was, but it brought up the question of if it was entered correctly on the Captcha server. Unfortunately, when I started paying attention to them, it seemed like a couple would result in failure, so I don't know if it is random, or multiple failures. Some of the errors are likely input errors, but if we pay attention we may be able to help isolate the problem.

Posted by onewoodwacker

4:27 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Hey Bob -

Can you please set up another site where all these finger-pointing, name-calling, bitchy, wanna bash the Dawgs - wanna bash the Ducks - wanna bash the Cougs - wanna bash - wanna bash - wanna bash - idiots can go for good?????

I wanna talk football - Thanks

Posted by brockmandawg

4:28 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I'll take UW's '08 class over Oregon's '08 class any day of the week. Depth, balance, speed, and talent. . .and no short term JCers.

Posted by poster

4:32 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Ducks Dominate,

Thanks. And of note, I'm not saying we can't test it, but short of getting into their database and looking at the changes of each record, we'd have to be conscious of the problem and record them while they happen. But note, some rankings do change for athletes in general, and perhaps 2 control groups would probably have to be run on athletes interested in UO and not WA, and also in both UO and WA. Otherwise, just watching athletes interested in Washington isn't enough to show bias by Scout. Who cares, let's just watch the game, then we can make up lies about how much better the winner is since time immemorial. Or, simply root for our team and enjoy what is truly going to be an interesting first game of the season.

Posted by ja

4:36 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Reality Check,

Why don't you just start your own blog and then you can monitor it however you'd like. I mean, you spend a lot of time posting on here, might as well spend that time in a somewhat productive manner, no? Seriously, I think you or NFNY or Malibu, whoever, should start one.

PS If you do, and you decide to use a captcha, please use one that WORKS!

Posted by Ducks Dominate

4:54 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Poster....agreed. If there is one thing we can agree upon....we just can't wait for the actual game. This game is hugh for both teams and no one wants to lose. I actually enjoy visiting the Husky blog because I want to know everything about what we are facing. Bottom line....we are all fans and love football. That fact that that we are facing our biggest rival just makes it that more interesting. Cannot wait for August the meantime....a little trash talking just gets the juices flowing.

Posted by Formerly Guest

5:00 PM, Jul 31, 2008

"We don't wear the same thing twice"- Lagarrette Blount.

Reminds me of something Imelda Marcos would say. He's not quoting her, is he?

Posted by Fouch Potato

5:17 PM, Jul 31, 2008

As far as the blog comments, there is absolutely ZERO going on right now football related. Read my 2:29PM post. Come Monday, we can focus on our team and practice. But until then, can I at least enjoy mixing it up with Sam, Ducks Dominate, and my other lightning yellow friends for a few more days?

Thanks for your understanding.

Posted by OlyDawg

5:38 PM, Jul 31, 2008

When watching Oregon on tv, I always get the feeling I'm watching a Broadway production.

I half expect them to come mincing out of the tunnel at halftime with a new variation on the puke green uniform on, like a costume change during intermission. What's next, top hats on the helmets??

Posted by Formerly Guest

5:40 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I dig Sam, think he has insightful things to say. I hope that does not make me a bad Husky.

I agree that I cannot recall a season opener weighing us much on my mind as this one. In fact, the only non-bowl game I recall anticiapting as much as this one was the Stanford game in 1993, after Bill Walsh's provocative comments.

I am not sure I can handle the anticipation. A win would be unimaginably ecstatic. A UO blow-out by the 2nd quarter would be agonizing.

Posted by Seattle Dave

5:43 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I like Sam too, he is a good egg.

Posted by Jordan

6:18 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Would all of you guys stop wasting your time comparing stars. They are a worthless, made up invention of people who are trying to sell magazines. You can't tell how good a recruiting class is until 4 years after it is signed.

Duck Fans why do you come on this blog?????? Seriously, you're free to but what do you hope to accomplish? It never ceases to amaze me that you feel the need to convince us of how great you are. If you're so great you wouldn't need to tell people all the time. The fact of the matter is you have been a far better team and program than us the last several years. But that isn't saying anything about you. We've been terrible. And you guys are 1-4 in the last 5 years in bowl games. You haven't won a damn thing that is meaningful. We're not trying to be better than you. We're trying to be better than USC. Our goal is to be someone that actually achieves something not a team that nearly accomplishes something, finds excuses and uses those excuses in their mind to morph near success into accomplishment.

Finally, your uniforms look like someone swallowed a Christmas tree and ate a giant highlighter and took a sh*t. I don't mind if the kids that like them go to your school. We like people who have some substance at our university and aren't choosing their institution of higher learning based on the uniforms.

Posted by poster

6:28 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Point well taken Fouchy.

Posted by huskyfan77

6:33 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Bob is still ducking my question about half time adjustments and in game changes...what will Tyrone and staff do differently this season regarding motivating the team and making actual in game adjustments rather than coming out in the second half playing not to lose and looking like ducks in a shooting galary... sorry don't know how to be more specific.... lots' of duck references for some reason :)

Posted by Coach Ty

7:03 PM, Jul 31, 2008

What is a second half adjustment?

Posted by guest

7:43 PM, Jul 31, 2008

hahaha good one. So Bad but so True.

Posted by ???

7:58 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Perhaps Bob just doesn't think your one-sided question is worth his time.

Posted by

8:11 PM, Jul 31, 2008


Any word on Deandre Coleman?? I heard LSU was near the top of his list, but I hope that Udub is number #1!!!!!

Whats up with EJ??

I guess this one can be added to Aug. answers #1...

Posted by Reality Check

8:35 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Jordan --

You are my new favorite poster. Just awesome!

And your comment:

Finally, your uniforms look like someone swallowed a Christmas tree and ate a giant highlighter and took a sh*t.

That is the first time any post on this blog has ever made me laugh out loud. Just a great post that pretty much sums up my feeling on ducks who post here. Thanks for making my evening.


Posted by Formerly Guest

8:54 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Yes, that was a very good line from Jordan.

Posted by Formerly Guest

9:18 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Thanks for the post on Gilbertson.

Your question on lack of 2nd half adjustments was, I thought, the most important one raised in the last batch that Bob collected. But surely you see that it is a one-sided question that can't really be asked of the coaching staff now. I don't think one can reasonably think Bob is "ducking it." You ask after the game, "coach what 2nd half adjustments did you make?" In the off-season, maybe you ask a scout or another Pac-10 assistant, "what the hell kind of adjustments does that staff make at halftime?" Then, name withheld, maybe that assistant coach gives you the scoop on what our staff is doing and why - but most likely they hold their tongue if they have nothing ncie to say.

Posted by DES

9:39 PM, Jul 31, 2008

huskyfan77 -

That, actually Coach Lappano, tight happens to be my biggest question mark for this season. It's not a question for Bob to answer obviously. The offense seems to be at it's best at the beginning of each half and whenever the def converts a turnover. I personally think the post-turnover performance is mostly due to Jake - the guy has killer instinct and seems to make 50yds seem like 10 when they get the ball after a turnover. The beginning of each half shows the players know how to execute a scripted game plan. However, iti's the between time when the coaches ability to manage a game really comes to light.

Unfortunately, last year it really seemed as though Lappano and the offensive coaches were taken to task by their counterparts during these times of games. To an untrained x's & o's guy - am I stealing Steven Jackson's quote here??? - they were trying to play chess (and losing) when football is really a game of checkers. They apppeared to change their game plan to get "cute" when they didn't need to change anything at all.

I say the theme for this year should be "Rest the Defense."

hasta la vista en la nieve

Posted by Jordan

6:58 AM, Aug 01, 2008

You're Welcome

Posted by Brandon UW

8:54 AM, Aug 01, 2008

Hey Bob, I have been looking around and have been unsuccessful in finding anything on the 2008 strength of schedules. The only thing I found was Phil Steele very briefly mention that, again, U Dub has the toughest schedule in the country. Have you seen anything similar, and where do you rank UW's schedule?

Posted by GoDucks

9:57 AM, Aug 01, 2008

Hey Jordan,

"Duck Fans why do you come on this blog?????? Seriously, you're free to but what do you hope to accomplish?"

Bob's article's are posted on, where a lot of Duck fans go to get their info. So, we come to this blog to see what opposing journalists are saying about the Ducks. I've seen plenty of UW, WSU fans invading our blogs. Let it go. Also, is everyone done commenting on our uniforms? Is that all you can rip us about? Who gives a @$%! what we wear? They're a great marketing/recruiting tool for the program that doesn't have a whole lot of tradition...very smart and unique in my opinion. I just think you don't know jack about football if you're constantly ripping on the uniforms.

Also, where the hell have you guys been the last 5-6 years. Rebuilding? HA, it's not supposed to take this long. No decent recruits want to come to your program because it's going nowhere. Your coach doesn't even want to be there. At least the Ducks have had success in recent years. At least we put ourselves in the position to win big ball games (which we did last year USC/ASU). What important/meaningful games have you had in the last 5-6 years? Apple Cup??? psst, please.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:13 AM, Aug 02, 2008

GO Ducks,

"Bob's article's are posted on, where a lot of Duck fans go to get their info. So, we come to this blog to see what opposing journalists are saying about the Ducks."

Thanks. Like Jordan and many others, I was wondering.

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