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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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July 24, 2008 11:50 AM

Neuheisel talks about UW program

Posted by Bob Condotta

I'm moving this item from where I first had it to give it some more play.

Not sure if this happened to anyone else, but the sound on my streaming of media day went out about halfway through Rick Neuheisel's comments, so I may not have much more from media day --- I'll try to look for any links with news and pass those along.

But I turned to KJR just in time to catch the end of Dave Mahler's interview with Neuheisel.

Mahler concluded by asking Neuheisel his thoughts on the current state of the Husky program.

Neuheisel dodged the part about whether he feels like the downturn started with his tenure but said: "I feel badly that the University of Washington isn't as excited about its program as they were in that time that I was there because it's a great city, a great program. I have high confidence in Tyrone in terms of bringing back that stuff. I don't think any players I recruited (are still there) other than Juan (Garcia). He's a gutty kid and I wish him nothing but the best. But the University of Washington is a special place and I will always be thankful for my opportunity there and I hope and wish them nothing but the best, I really do.''

He then added that "the Huskies have one of the best players in the country in Jake Locker so they are going to line up every week with a chance.''

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Posted by fudazz

12:12 PM, Jul 24, 2008

If bs was snow, that was a blizzard.

Posted by MelloDawg

12:20 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Well, sounds like Typologists will need to jump off the bandwagon after Neuheisel supports their guy. Ty Willingham has found his Jeremiah Wright.

Posted by OlyDawg

12:23 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Same here on the sound, Bob. I wanted to hear what he had to say. Sounded almost apologetic at the start of the news conference in reference to the upcoming season.

Good to see Slick Rick keep it classy and not bad mouth our program, and to even give props to Ty (who did pretty well against Rick while he was at UW if I remember right). Seems a little more humble than say 8 years ago.

Posted by Craig

12:24 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Schmuck. Thanks for accepting no responsibility, turning us into a WAC finesse team, and leaving the program in ruins. I can only hope for repeat success at UCLA.

Posted by Reality Check

12:34 PM, Jul 24, 2008

I'll be curious to see if the NCAA gives slicky R a little extra scrutiny during his time at UCLA. Let's face it, he went in to CU then UW, blew up the programs, took a bunch of money, and then gave the middle finger to CU, the UW and NCAA on the way out the doors with sacks full of cash. It was quite a run there for old slick rick. And the dude has made some serious enemies out there!

As a believer in karma, I'll be watching to see when he finally gets his...

Posted by James

12:34 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Playing off of Steve Kelly's article today on the Hawks with Slick Rick Talking:
"Seattle, i'm sorry I destroyed your program. I was able to win with the players Lambright brought in, and Tui saved my @ss with the Rosebowl. I really apologize for Jeremy Stevens, thats on me. We all know im not a fan of recruiting non-skill players, linemen are over rated, and i'm sorry i ruined the toughness of the program. However you have had a hard time beating UCLA as of late, and, well, just think how nice it'll be to beat on a team going through what you went through in four years! You can bring in recruits for the UCLA game and know your going to win! Looking forward to the game, good luck!
Can't wait to boo him at the game!

Posted by MelloDawg

12:37 PM, Jul 24, 2008

RIck didn't actually "blow" up the UW program, you can blame a horrendously-administered athletic department for that. If anything, I'd say it was about 65/35 in terms of AD vs. Neuheisel for who was the downfall of the program.

Posted by KC

12:46 PM, Jul 24, 2008

I think some people, such as James, believe SMU was better off than UW.

Posted by MelloDawg

12:53 PM, Jul 24, 2008

From simply a motivational standpoint, I can tell you that Ty Willingham is going to fail in the UCLA game.

Do you honestly think that Neuheisel is going to tell his players that "it's just another game"? Of course not, he'll have some kind of rallying cry because he KNOWS it's not just another game. Willingham will tell the players not to get wrapped up in the hype, treat it like another Saturday, don't pay attention to the fans or the coach on the other sideline.

Great motivating Ty.

Door. Ass. Out.

Posted by Willingham's Spin Doctor

12:55 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Nice to know all the lemmings are still on the Neuheisel blame train.

Posted by salemdawg

1:01 PM, Jul 24, 2008

If anyone believes Rick is the cause of all UWs problems, you're a sucker...

Rick is partially to blame, yes, but he should NEVER have been fired right before the season. That single decision has crippled this program. If you had wanted to fire him after the season - fine - but Hedges panicked and we've been living with that mistake ever since.

Say what you want about Rick, his players always played for him - they never quit - and there is no way this program bottoms out like it has. Partially because Gilby never would have been hired.

Posted by Seattle Dave

1:03 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Yeah it's probably Rick's fault for the lack of toughness in the program. Except that during Rick's last year and immediately after Rick left we had better teams than we've ever had since.

It's coming up on YEAR SIX since the guy left for pete's sake. Can we stop using that lame excuse and start expecting to win some damn games?

(and btw not to pick on you Oly but that's a great example of the revisionist history around the Rick era. In reality, we were 3-0 vs. Stanford while Rick was here including the incredible comeback in the Curtis Williams game.)

Posted by OlyDawg

1:18 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Is that true? Maybe I'm thinking of when Lambo was here. No revisionist here. I even stated that I wasnt actually sure if that was correct.

Nonetheless, Rick played it smart today and simply said empty compliments to UW, which he should after all that happened.

Posted by Bob Condotta

1:23 PM, Jul 24, 2008

For the record, Willingham never beat UW while coach at Stanford. Stanford has just four wins against UW since 1976 --- 1982, 1994 (Bill Walsh was still coach then), 2004 and 2006.

Posted by huskiefan

4:07 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Any of you people at the 1993 Stanford game? When they announced Bill Walsh (who had just made sopme horrible comments about the UW and Don James) the booing was probably the loudest ever at the Stadium. It will be interesting to see if its louder when they announce Slick Neweasel at the UCLA game.

His father is a lawyer here in Phoenix.......the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Posted by jh

5:00 PM, Jul 24, 2008

..."Good to see Slick Rick keep it classy and not [publicly] bad mouth our program"...

Posted by goodycoug

7:01 PM, Jul 24, 2008

U-Dub hired Neuheisel with his unique style and quirks with eyes wide open. They believed they needed his unique talent and chutzpah at that particular time to stay relevant and competitive at a high level, something that hasn't been the case ever since he left, at least to that high degree. He handled the situation with Curtis Williams with class and grace, and he gave Husky fans some amazing memories. He's a unique talent and he's someone who uses his charisma, people skills, and rah-rah personality a la Pete Carroll to the fullest; that's basically his biggest strength. Granted, one can see where that could and/or did work against him to some degree, and he took a hit because of it, but if UW didn't see the value in it or saw it as being THAT counter-productive, then they shouldn't have hired him. To make him a THE scapegoat for the program's downturn is an easy out; there's other factors involved that are as big or bigger. But all that being said, Rick Neuheisel is a talented, charismatic college football coach, and both his victories and defeats in that realm of life have been uniquely interesting and educational.

Posted by Formerly Guest

9:48 PM, Jul 24, 2008

The UW screwed up royally by hiring RN. I'll give you that. Our administration helped him to set things in the downward motion.

He does have some talent. But he is like cocaine. He takes you to highs in the first 2-3 years and leaves you destitute, in legal trouble, and unable to recover for years. And you are at fault for playing with him in the first place.

Enough said.

Posted by Kyle Johnson

2:06 AM, Jul 25, 2008

Willingham is the disaster not Neuheisel. Tyrone should be done.

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