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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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July 10, 2008 11:14 PM

AD update

Posted by Bob Condotta

Though as I've written here several times previously under that headline, there isn't a whole lot of updating to do.

Today marks exactly seven months since Todd Turner resigned under pressure and the Huskies are still without a permanent athletic director.

Or are they? There are increasing rumblings that Scott Woodward, who has been serving as acting AD since Jan. 31, may stay in that role. Maybe not forever, but at least for a year or so.

Woodward, also the school's vice president for external affairs, said in May he wouldn't pursue the job full time, mostly because president Mark Emmert thought he could better serve the school staying on upper campus. But Woodward has left open the possibility of a change in plans, saying he would do whatever Emmert thought was best. One source said the increasing assumption in the athletic department is that Woodward will remain AD for a while.

It's thought the job has been offered to several outside the department, most notably Georgia Tech AD Dan Radakovich. One theory making the rounds, however, is that the manner in which Turner was let go has had a negative influence on what some ADs think of the UW position, hampering the ability to lure a sitting AD to Seattle.

The most immediate task for whoever takes the job will be evaluating the football program, and making a decision on the future of coach Tyrone Willingham, who is entering the fourth year of a five-year contract. But it now seems pretty unlikely UW could have a new AD in place by the beginning of practice on Aug. 4.

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Posted by 2Tite 4U FoSho

12:03 AM, Jul 11, 2008


Posted by MelloDawg

1:43 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Let us hope the decision on Tyrone Willingham is not immediate. No bowl = no extension and, subsequently, the door.

Posted by 2Tite 4U FoSho

1:51 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Ha, dats funny someone using my name...I waz 1st and din't have 2 do nuthin. Jus gots back from L.A. california. I'z a real playa now. My paps took me to disneyland and universal. Gots to hang out in the hood in anaheim. man dats frunny, my paps woodn't drive thru compton cuz its 2 scary, they said.

spent a week in cali and didn't get to go 2 no real hoods man. my game 2 much for them any hows. represented the 206 in my purples. go pups!1!

Posted by kelsodawg

6:16 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Maybe they are waiting so they can offer the AD joy to TY if the season doesn't go well.

Posted by Purple Kaya

7:13 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Wow. This is starting to stink. How much was this search firm paid to find a new AD?

I guess Chuck Nelson and Stull aren't viable candidates in someone's mind.

I hate this interim thing, Woodward maybe sticking around for an undetermined amount of time. I believe you need good people in place top to bottom to have a successful athletic program.

Why don't they just say he is the guy and then cross another bridge in the future?

Bob, do you think any candidates don't want this job because of the extreme hot seat that Tyrone is on?

Is it because AD's don't want to work for a hands on President like Emmert?

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

8:06 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Maybe they want to pick an AD after the season is over if there's a clear choice to be made. If not. (like a 5-7 season or a 6-6 season, depending on who you talk to), Woodward makes the call and then they hire a new AD soon after to head the new coaching search if things don't go too well.

Ideally and somewhat improbably, the Dawgs start out 2-1 or more realistically 3-2 and Willingham is extended a year or gets a vote of confidence. What if UW starts 1-2 (beating either the Yucks or BYU and losing to Oklahoma) and then Juan comes back for Stanford and we beat Stanford, Arizona, and Oregon State? Suddenly we find ourselves at 4-2 (or 3-3 since Arizona on the road might be tough) with Juan back and the DL/WRs having a lot more experience. Bye weeks after the Oklahoma and Arizona games are really well placed for breathers and extra development time early in the season!

Posted by el duderino

8:19 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Word on the street is Jake Locker will take over until he graduates.

Posted by Kurosawa

8:24 AM, Jul 11, 2008

"One theory making the rounds, however, is that the manner in which Turner was let go has had a negative influence on what some ADs think of the UW position, hampering the ability to lure a sitting AD to Seattle."

That he was scapegoated to satisfy disgruntled boosters, in other words. Emmert's activist role in athletic decisions could be another reason.

Posted by chuck norris

8:24 AM, Jul 11, 2008

word on the street is Locker doesn't wear Superman Pajamas, Superman wears Locker Pajamas

Posted by Shonk

8:25 AM, Jul 11, 2008

I imagine that the win-or-bye-bye-Ty situation makes the AD job politically unattractive. With the expectation that the football team's record will be somewhere between "barely bowl eligible" and "five wins and million signs of hope", the fan-base is likely to remain divided with regard to whether Ty should go. Throw in factors such as racial bias, winning vs. student athlete, booster money contingent on Ty's firing, and the AD finds her or himself in politically dangerous waters.

If I were a big name AD wanting to come to UW, I would want Woodward - a political guru - to handle the Ty situation after the football season, then come to UW once the dust has settled. That way, I don't have 50% of the fan base calling for my head three months into the job.

Posted by huskydawg24

8:26 AM, Jul 11, 2008

they need to find an getting sick of this and it seems like the athletic department is in shambles. I keep reading on how husky football is no longer the prodominent football powerhouse that it was once percieved as (for overall history). We dont have a new stadium (most schools do)...and we dont have an AD. Things just NEED TO BE FIXED!

Posted by Formerly Guest

8:31 AM, Jul 11, 2008

I have a question for you form the last thread:

Regarding your opinion: "I'm not expecting too much from Boyles this year. Maybe 10-15 catches at most. Sounds like the starting two WRs will be Goodwin and Logan with Aguilar and Shaw pushing them. Hope we use the tight ends and Homer more this year because we have capable players there and that will help mitigate any lack of WR depth/experience."

On what observations/hunch/evidence did you formulate this opinion?


Posted by Jordan

8:38 AM, Jul 11, 2008

I think this is all over-hyped by a lot of you. It is not that important to get a permanent AD at Washington before the start of the season or the end of the season. There are two things an AD is going to have to deal with in the next year.

1) Getting funding for Husky Stadium. Which Woodward is already working on and I think we will get funding from the state after the November elections. Thank You Clay Bennet for freeing up the Safeco Field sales tax money.

2) Extending or firing Tyrone Willingham. Which I hate to tell all of you who have not watched for the last two years but the AD is not going to be making that decision, Mark Emmert is.

So I don't think Emmert and Co. are that concerned about rushing into this decision. They want to find the right person and they are not going to settle on the wrong one. We could have a new AD next week or it could be next year. But it really doesn't matter because the biggest decisions facing the athletic dept. are going to be made by the Washington State Legislature and President Emmert.

Posted by Jordan

8:43 AM, Jul 11, 2008

By the way everyone that supports Husky Football should be writing their state legislators and telling them to support 150 million in state money from the Safeco Field sales tax to go towards the renovation of Husky Stadium. It's an election year and they are a lot more likely to have their ears open.

Posted by JoseCoug

9:02 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Good to see cougs working in tandem. Teamwork!

Posted by el duderino

9:09 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Even Jake Locker is suprised JoseCoug can read.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

9:15 AM, Jul 11, 2008

Formerly Guest, sorry I missed that. I didn't see any of the practices or spring game and have only seen Goodwin and Shaw play WR (from last year) so I'm pretty much going on what I've read and heard, besides also having a little bit of an idea about younger WRs do as they mature.

Goodwin is the most sure thing we have. Not the biggest guy but not the smallest guy, he has great speed and appears pretty sure handed. He's a RS-Soph now and many were singing his praises during and after the spring. He and Locker developed nice chemistry so Locker must have confidence in him.

Out of the 3 original WRs from the 2007 class, Logan was the only one to make it in. He redshirted and was with the team so that gives him a leg up on Boyles and Aguilar due to getting coached up by Baggett and getting his body Pac-10 ready with Greener. From what I understand, he was fairly solid in the spring and has good size (6'2" 218 lbs) and decent speed. Sounds like he'll be a solid 2nd or 3rd WR down the road and his good size should help downfield blocking, something Baggett has been stressing. Since Goodwin is 5'11 170, Logan is a nice complement to him and more of a possession WR who should be better beating jams off the LOS while Goodwin should be put in motion more to get a cleaner release.

Though Aguilar didn't make it in, he's sounds like he's farther along than Boyles in terms of having a Pac-10 ready body and it seems he impressed somewhat in the spring. He's 6' 195 lbs and from what I understand, a nice blend of size and speed.

Boyles is the tallest of our WRs at 6'4" and has good speed but I have repeatedly heard that he is very skinny. He may be the Kalani Aldrich of the offense and hopefully we can put on some muscle. A tall, skinny guy will have big problems beating jams from experienced Pac-10 DBs who can also run pretty well. I have read he's a little raw in route running too and being so tall and skinny doesn't help with run blocking downfield either.

Shaw and Bruns are wild cards for me (I expect Kearse to RS). Shaw is also a blazer though I didn't know quite what to make of him last year when he moved to WR. He's about 5'10 so similar to Goodwin (with the speed) but less experience. I didn't hear too much about him in the spring so don't have much of an opinion.

Bruns may or may not RS depending on how he does in fall ball. He's a little smaller than average at 5'11 168 but I have repeatedly heard that he is extremely polished, catches everything in sight, and runs pretty precise routes. A QB loves to know that a WR will be where he should be, especially when getting rid of it on a hot read or sight/route adjustment. Can he pick up the nuances quickly? If he doesn't RS, I wouldn't be surprised if he catches 15-25 balls.

Charles Hawkins is the vet of the group. Don't know much about him.

Posted by Gabe

9:47 AM, Jul 11, 2008

NY Husky ---That assessment of the receivers was the best I've seen so far this year. I even printed it out. I was wondering about Kearse and you have him redshirting, which makes sense. What do you see for the Polks this year? One or both redshirting as well? Troy Must Be Destroyed (ducks demolished)

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:36 AM, Jul 11, 2008


Thanks for your thoughts. I share Gabe's compliments.

I saw some of the Spring game. I thought Goodwin looked good. It seemed like Hawkins got open several times - perhaps blown coverages, perhaps not - but had problems holding the ball. Perhaps nerves, perhaps not.

I was impressed with Shaw in the OSU game last year.

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:38 AM, Jul 11, 2008


I would expect Bruns to redshirt before Kearse, but I have no basis other than stars per, and reported 40 times that may not be accurate.

Posted by mfsthorn

12:18 PM, Jul 11, 2008

for those of you concerned about the time passed to hire an ad -- remember the university's search for a president took considerably longer, and then turned out ok ... there could be numerous reasons, none of which any of us blog readers would be privy to, for why this is seemingly taking so long

Posted by

7:44 PM, Jul 11, 2008

Purple Kaya..

I think we paid that firm 75k if i'm not mistaken, along with that and the payment for the CBI those are looking like great investments! Like I said they might as well post the job ad on craigslist!!

Posted by jh

11:27 PM, Jul 12, 2008

...willingham should never have been hired in the first place...and never should have lasted past year three...

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