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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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July 2, 2008 10:27 PM

A few links

Posted by Bob Condotta

Have actually been out of town for a few days so doing what I can to keep the blog going a bit.

Here are a couple of interesting links I found in the meantime:

--- First, here's a good story on WR Kasen Williams of Skyline, the sophomore-to-be who was offered a scholarship by the Huskies last year. Tyrone Willingham drew some national attention to that when he mentioned at a convention in Dallas earlier this year that he had made his first-ever offer to a freshman. The story also indicates Williams has offers from UCLA and Boise State. He is the son of former UW receiver Aaron Williams, who played in the early '80s.

--- Count ESPN's Bruce Feldman as another who thinks UW has the toughest schedule in the country this season. Here's his reasoning. He concludes by writing that "when Notre Dame is your easiest game, and as I've written before I think the Irish will be improved in 2008, that's saying something.'' He also writes that he expects all three of UW's non-conference foes --- BYU, Oklahoma and Notre Dame --- to be ranked. Feldman also lists UCLA (3), USC (5) and Oregon State (6) among his top 10 most difficult schedules this season.

--- Feldman also included a link to this story from the Deseret News in Salt Lake City on the high number of prospects in Utah this season, some of whom are being recruited by the Huskies.

--- has these updated, and still way early, rankings on the recruiting classes of 2009. As many of you have pointed out with some frustration, UW is impossible to rank at the moment since they don't have any commits. Ohio State, with 23 commits, leads the rankings with 23 commits while USC, which has 14, is next. Other Pac-10 teams ranked are UCLA (22nd with seven commits) and Stanford (24th with seven commits).

--- The Bleacher Report has this continuing series making the case that the Pac-10 is better than the SEC.

All for now.

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Posted by mutt

6:53 AM, Jul 03, 2008

Very interesting !


8:53 AM, Jul 03, 2008

I am an idiot.

Posted by worried

9:44 AM, Jul 03, 2008

I know it is way early in the recruiting process, but I am getting despondent. Last year the Huskies signed 4 players in the Scout top 150, this year they are listed as a school of interest in only one. WSU has more players interested than the Dawgs. No offers to 5 star players and only 8 offers to 4 star (last years class signed 7 4 star). I know the rankings are suspect but the Huskes on field the last few years have not finished as high as their rankings in recruiting. Is there any reason to believe last years recruiting success will be repeated?

Posted by Optomistic

9:58 AM, Jul 03, 2008

Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy......

Posted by Gabe

10:56 AM, Jul 03, 2008

If UW truly has the toughest schedule in the country, and given that it is fielding a young team this season, then a good case can be made that TW should be retained if he manages to win 5 five games. That would be far better than winning 7 against patsies. TW's performance should be weighted for difficulty of schedule, and should also take into account how well the team played in losing efforts against superior opponents. I am pretty much on the fence about TW as coach, and I feel it's up to him to prove he's worth his enormous paycheck. I seriously doubt anyone who coaches a game should get 1.5 million a year in public funds. But the question is whether his perfomance warrants retention, and the grading scale should be fair and objective, or we end up doing things out of emotionalism, which usually produces bad results. That said, I can't wait to see the Huskies rip the ducks at Autzen in fewer than 60 days now. It's starting to feel like summer. Troy Must Be Destroyed (ducks definitely demolished).

Posted by jh

11:01 AM, Jul 03, 2008

...although many of the "willingham tea party" previously dismissed the Bleacher Report when the Report noted willingham's recruiting deficiencies's the link touting Locker as a Heisman "sleeper"...

Posted by jh

11:05 AM, Jul 03, 2008

...Gabe...a true willingham apologist...5 wins and willingham gets a fifth year!....actually...I'm for retaining him with 0 wins in least until UW plays ND in 2009...

Posted by dawg4life

11:16 AM, Jul 03, 2008

Gabe? What in the hell has come over you?

Raise your palm up and slap yourself as hard as you can. Then do it again. It may be what's necessary to snap you out of it....

Posted by Gabe

11:25 AM, Jul 03, 2008

Boy, these days before three day weekends sure do play havoc with my take on reality. Belileve me, I'm slapping hard. Note I said a good case could be made for retention using weighting. I'm not advocating retention on that record at this time and certainly don't want to see that outcome for the season. Like everyone else, I'll be pissed if that's where it ends up. But what is the argument for not taking strength of opposition into account when looking at retention? Troy Must Be Destroyed (dastardly ducks demolished)

Posted by 2003 dawg

11:38 AM, Jul 03, 2008

Not sure if this was posted earlier but its a great read with an awesome highlight video of Jake from last year.

Can't wait....

Posted by OlyDawg

11:42 AM, Jul 03, 2008

jh, you are hilarious trying to get us to read articles written by yourself on the bleacher report (a site where any yahoo can write articles).

This article by mean "CJ Daley" is especially hilarious.

"CJ" just happens to share the same obsessive points as jh, such as the lie that Locker was already a lock to go to UW before Willingham even recruited him (reputed by Locker multiple times).

So jh, please keep these "well-written" articles coming, because I can always use a good laugh.

Posted by Reality Check

11:53 AM, Jul 03, 2008

Gabe -- I won't pile on, but 5 wins??? Really?

Here's my take. UW needs to win at LEAST 5 in conference games per year. UW needs to win at LEAST 1 OOC game per year. There's a 6 win baseline. If we do anything right and win one or two more in conference plus one or two more OOC, then we're looking at the 7 - 10+ win seasons that we're all hoping for. (I'm talking long term... not necessarlly my expectation for next year.)

Having said that, I'll be the first to admit I'm sick to death of seeing us with the toughest schedule in the nation. But the next few years include Nebraska, LSU, Oklahoma, BYU, Notre Dame... Anyway, if we're going to write off years due to a tough OOC schedule, then the next 3 years are write offs!

So back to my opening paragraph... UW needs to start winning at least 5 games per year in conference. We're going to play the same 9 teams each year. And if we can't win those games, the OOC stuff is almost meaningless.

Posted by Reality Check

11:58 AM, Jul 03, 2008

Before someone slams me... yes, winning 4 in conference and 3 OOC would be acceptable. Any figure that adds up to 7 or more is fine in my book. But my point is, I'm concerned that we can't even win games in conference right now. And since those teams will always be on our schedule and represent roughly 75% of our games -- unless or until the Pac 10 changes -- we really need to get back to winning the majority of our in conference games on a regular basis.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:08 PM, Jul 03, 2008


I can't slam anything you have said so far.

Posted by Gabe

1:21 PM, Jul 03, 2008

Perhaps the fair way to account for extreme difficulty of schedule would be to evaluate his performance on conference games only. I have to concede, though, that if we are sitting 5-7 at the end of the season there's going to be a tidal wave of sentiment to remove him regardless of the difficulty factor. Life is not fair. But high expectations come with big salaries. The best thing for TW, the team and the long-sufferning fans would be to start the season with a shocking upset at Autzen. After that, it's one game at a time. Troy Must Be Destroyed (danged ducks demolished)

Posted by RedDawg

1:40 PM, Jul 03, 2008 was posted earlier.....but thanks for putting it up again! That was a RS Freshman making others look silly! What an unbelievable talent Jake is. That video doesn't get old and only makes me more anxious for the 8-30 game down South. Thanks again. Go Dawgs!

Posted by jh

1:45 PM, Jul 03, 2008

..."--- The Bleacher Report has this continuing series making the case that the Pac-10 is better than the SEC."... B. Condotti

...bc, you are hilarious trying to get us to read articles written by yourself on the bleacher report (a site where any yahoo can write articles).

This article by mean "CJ Daley" is especially hilarious.

"CJ" just happens to share the same obsessive points as bc, such as the lie that Locker was already a lock to go to UW before Willingham even recruited him (reputed by Locker multiple times).

So bc, please keep these "well-written" articles coming, because I can always use a good laugh.

Posted by Bob Condotta

2:21 PM, Jul 03, 2008

Just to make clear, I don't write any stories under assumed names. I'm not even sure I agree with the premise that the Pac-10 is better --- not this year, anyway --- though I do agree that Pac-10 teams, in general, play tougher non-conference schedules than SEC teams do, something that is admirable about the conference (though it could be argued that some of the teams have to schedule aggressively to make sure they get good crowds, notably UCLA).

Posted by OlyDawg

2:35 PM, Jul 03, 2008

Don't worry Bob, we all know of jh's manipulative and untruthful ways.

I know the CJ articles are written by jh. You can sense the desperate obsession.

Posted by mutt

8:43 PM, Jul 03, 2008

The dumbing down down of america , and sex with monkeys....go huskies !

Posted by jh

9:01 AM, Jul 04, 2008 take it that any references to our bobbi are deleted?...aren't we prissy...

Posted by duckswinaug30

9:17 AM, Jul 04, 2008

jh is worse than duck fan...have to give us that one.

BC does this for a living, I am sure he takes his work just a tad more seriously then a anonymous blog.

Posted by Bob Condotta

11:41 AM, Jul 04, 2008

No, just obscene ones, which is the same for anybody, when we see them (and I'm not the only one monitoring the blog, nor contributing, so our guidelines on here aren't about me but about trying to keep all of our blogs as clean as possible).

Posted by MelloDawg

3:41 PM, Jul 05, 2008

The OOC wins have ALWAYS been meaningless if you don't win your conference games.

To Reality Check, Gabe, FG, et al, there are going to be excuses for Ty at the end of the 2008 football season, I guarantee it.

Posted by onewoodwacker

8:21 AM, Jul 06, 2008

If every thing goes PERFECT this year - Jake does not get injured, our young D-Line figures it out, our young Receivers figure it out, our new D schemes are learned in time, our Special teams improve dramatically, no one else gets booted for being stupid, etc. - we can win 7-8 games - if ANY of the above areas fail to produce we might win 4-5 games and Ty WILL be gone.

Posted by jh

8:55 AM, Jul 06, 2008

...your scenario, onewood, has just buried when in his coaching history...especially now with a young team that did not fare well in recruiting comparisons (and a Todd Turner schedule that is as daunting as it is idiotic)...has willingham produced the PERFECT season? He is a habitual 0.500 coach with 0.300 results over the last three even WISH a 0.750 season on willingham at this point in his sorry career, while understandable from a Husky fans perspective, is just plain cruel...

Posted by onewoodwacker

1:24 PM, Jul 06, 2008

jh - As sad as it may be for some who like Ty (I do like him by the way), the reality is he will have to have the perfect season.. When you're the man in charge, making 1.5 million to carry the mantle of that role, then no one need look any farther than you.
In this case (though there are ample reasons for the current scenerio of Husky Football - the 2005 recruiting class comes to mind) the responsibility has, and always will, fall on the Head Coach's shoulders.
He HAS to be able to COACH the PERFECT season if he wants to remain the coach at Washington or any other D-1 school for that matter. If he fails this year, in combination with his last two stints at ND and Washington - he may have closed the book on any hope for another D-1 Head Coaching offer.
No excuses - he should have recognized the pending situation with this Senior Class (note Oregon's accusition of LaGarrette Blount - JC, RB and Justin Thompson - JC, DT and Florida's Carl Moore - JC, WR.
We didn't HAVE to be in this position - with no experienced D-Linemen, WR's or RB's. Ty chose not to aggressivly go after the JC player, opting instead to sign HS seniors and role the dice with them. This year will tell us all if he made the right choice - he staked his future on it.

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