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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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June 4, 2008 8:48 AM

Moos not contacted, Woolard not interested

Posted by Bob Condotta

That's the news today on the UW AD search front as Bill Moos' lawyer continues to say his client has had no contact with the school or the search firm aiding the process, while Doug Woolard of South Florida said he is not interested in coming to UW.

Here's the story on Woolard from the St. Petersburg Times which jibes with what we reported here yesterday that Woolard may have recently agreed to a new deal at USF and was not thought to be interested in moving despite apparently having had some contact with UW. Woolard's comment that he's not interested seems pretty unequivocal, so I think we can scratch him off the list.

May also be time to do that with Moos, even though there continue to be some rumblings of his possible involvement.

Moos' lawyer, Ray Cihak of Corvallis, said again late yesterday that Moos has had no contact with the school or the search firm, Parker Executive Search, which UW paid $75,000 to help in the process (as you can see, Parker's search firm still lists the UW job as open). That's an important distinction as one reason schools hire such search firms is to allow candidates to say they've had no contact with the school and not be lying about it. But Cihak insists Moos has had no contact with anyone. Still, Moos is leaving the comment there, refusing to say he's not a candidate, saying that to comment further would be inappropriate since he hasn't been contacted, which seems to leave the door open just a little.

To recap more of what we think we know about the search:

--- A source close to UTEP's Bob Stull recently told the Times that he "doesn't think Stull is in it, but he should be.'' Another source said that there is a significant faction of UW boosters pushing for Stull, who was an assistant coach for Don James and later worked as an assistant AD at UW in the '90s but that it seemed unlikely he would get the job.

--- Former UW kicker Chuck Nelson, now running the Boeing Classic golf tournament, said a few weeks ago he hopes to be a candidate but would not comment further. A source told the Times, however, that he had apparently been contacted and that like Stull, there is a faction of boosters pushing for Nelson.

--- Two sources earlier told the Times that USC associate AD Steve Lopes was also a candidate.

--- Another name making the rounds is Utah AD Chris Hill, who was offered the job in 2004 but turned it down, with the Huskies then turning to Todd Turner. There is no confirmation on whether Hill has been contacted.

--- One source said that the school contacted Georgia Tech AD Dan Radakovich, but that those talks may have crumbled over contract issues. Radakovich has publicly said he is not interested in the job.

--- Mike Cragg, an assistant AD at Duke and a UW alum, said earlier in the search he would not pursue the job in an attempt to become the new AD at Duke, instead. Duke, however, hired Notre Dame AD Kevin White last week. But a source said Cragg would not pursue the UW job now and that it was likely too far down the process for him to get involved now.

--- There has never really been an official timetable to make a hire, other than a vague "by the end of the school year.'' That arrives next week, though UW officials have said it could go later than that if necessary. Obviously, they need someone in place by the time football rolls around in August since the first thing a new AD is going to have to do is evaluate the football program. While there is a 14-member search committee in place, reality is that this is ultimately the call of UW president Mark Emmert, so a decision could happen overnight.

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Posted by Reality Check

9:40 AM, Jun 04, 2008


C'mon, TooTight... you're slipping!

Posted by Reality Check

9:47 AM, Jun 04, 2008

For starters, please DO NOT HIRE Steve Lopes!!! We already had our program destroyed by one trojan horse (Barbara "does my hair look okay?" Hedges), I never want to see another USC product in our AD dept. again. Hedges was the worst AD in history. Let's not repeat our mistake by going to the USC well ever again!

Secondly, I'm a little disheartened to see the UW AD job is not generating that much interest. It seems like more folks would have an interest in such a position. But it appears many are not even open to considering the job. It makes me wonder if that is a reflection of just what a disaster Hedges and Turner have left in their collective wakes. Is the athletics department really THAT screwed up at this point? Why is this job getting shunned by so many candidates?

Posted by Gabe

10:30 AM, Jun 04, 2008

No more Trojans. Not even a Trojan Horse. Better to hire a graduate assistant who knows how to use Excel, and put the money saved into medical research. Troy Must Be Destroyed.

Posted by paul

11:08 AM, Jun 04, 2008

Yeah, I dunno that we need another USC transplant here, we've been down that road before with disastrous results.

I'd love to know why Stull isn't being pursued more diligently though, or Moos for that matter. Does that Parker Executive Search outfit even know what its doing?

Posted by jh

12:29 PM, Jun 04, 2008

...with willingham still head coach...UW should have brought Kevin White in...then the love fest they started at ND could have continued...

Posted by caldawg

12:47 PM, Jun 04, 2008

This is such a no brainer. Hire Stull and let's move on. Oh, wait we could hire another USC clown and further destroy the department. They do have skill at getting funds for other atheletic needs, softball stadium, parents housing etc.

Posted by Reality Check

2:26 PM, Jun 04, 2008

I like the idea of hiring someone with UW ties. I want someone who is passionate about the position rather than someone who views it as a job. I don't think an "outsider" is going to bring that same level of desire and enthusiam to make the department one of the best in the nation. Also, I think donors are going to warm up more to a local, UW person more than some guy from So. Cal. or back east.

Posted by Tarn

2:29 PM, Jun 04, 2008

Any truth to the news that the University of Bellevue H. S. AD was thinking about applying for the job? That's all we need is one more dedicated want-a-be from dreamland. Stull gets my vote.

Posted by onewoodwacker

7:18 PM, Jun 04, 2008

Who in the world can the UW hire that has ties with the UW but doesn't have ties to the last of the James thru Neuheisel era (92 - 01 - when we broke rules, players committed crimes - etc.)?? I do not know who that person is.

Don James' opinion (or anyone from that era) doesn't mean that much to me as he was in charge of this team when the UW was placed on the worst probation in school history.

Anyone from the Hedges era means nothing to me.

I think we'd all be foolish not to at least consider how Turner was let go by Emmert and the PUBLIC "win or your fired" ultimatum Emmert issued to Ty.

This type of involvement from the School President in the AD's business may be playing out to the negative more than we may wish to admit.

You just can't say and do as you wish just because you’re the boss. Emmert may have the authority to tell people what to do but he has nothing to say to those who refuse to except working for him.

That may be why no one wants this job, just my opinion and thought.

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