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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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June 30, 2008 5:03 PM

Everybody else in?

Posted by Bob Condotta

One other note worth mentioning from the news of the weekend is that every other Husky player is accounted for on the updated roster --- including all incoming freshmen.

That means that as of this moment, all are expected to make it in. The freshmen bridge program starts next Monday, July 7, and all incoming players are apparently expected to enroll. Many are already on-campus taking part in voluntary workouts.

UPDATE --- To be clear on what I'm saying here, I am not saying I have called every recruit and found out they have passing test scores. What I am saying is that as of June 28, UW has all of these players on the roster. When I asked if that meant they expect all of these players to make it in next season, the answer was yes, as of that date, all were expected in. But surprises often pop up. I don't think this means every player has everything completely done, but again, as of Saturday, all remain listed on the roster with the expectation by the university that they will make it.

As for what the bridge program is, you can find a decent explanation here. It's basically just a five-week course that prepares incoming freshmen for what to expect of college life, particularly academically.

And as for any other players leaving the program, the official word as of Saturday was no.

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Posted by Mike

5:31 PM, Jun 30, 2008

Thanks for the update Bob. What exactly does the freshmen bridge program entail? Also beyond conditioning work what sorts of work outs are included in the voluntary sessions? I know they practice running routes and passing but was wondering what else they might be up to. Thanks for all the good work!

Posted by

5:37 PM, Jun 30, 2008


Any word on whether or not if Jordan Polk or Fogerson are going to Redshirt?

Posted by williams3

5:53 PM, Jun 30, 2008

This qualifies as some long awaited (at least by me) good news.

and in my opinion

With Jordan Polk's speed and vision, I would expect him to challenge for a spot on the return team from the minute the entire team reports for fall ball.

Looking forward to starting the season off with a victory over the ducks.

Posted by

6:16 PM, Jun 30, 2008

Yup I agree with the speed of Polk/polk I can't wait either for Aug. 30th..I heard they held Chris back in the spring game, I didn't have a chance to make it as I was at a NFL draft party that day, but it figures they would schedule it the same day as the draft.

Scouts I read say that Chris is a Percy Harvin type hybrid, too bad TW is not the offensive guru that Urban Meyer is....

Posted by Jonathan

7:11 PM, Jun 30, 2008

I think it's too early to say who will redshirt when practice hasn't started yet.

I think Polk will be more like Reggie Bush than Harvin. Polk doesn't have Harvin's speed. That's okay though he's bigger and has Bush-like moves.

The bridge program also includes one class so the players get used to balancing school work with athletics.

Posted by JimBobJoe

7:30 PM, Jun 30, 2008

Too bad Ty isn't a guru of anything. The guy wouldn't know an X from an O if it fell out of the sky and hit him in the head.

Posted by Luke

7:31 PM, Jun 30, 2008

Bob, a poster on here said that Devin Aguilar left the program is that true?

Posted by Bye Bye Ty

7:33 PM, Jun 30, 2008

Anyone know where Ty is teeing it up this week?

I missed him on the Coaches Tour and was really hoping to catch up with the man and be wowed by his vast football knowledge.

Posted by

8:01 PM, Jun 30, 2008

I just got done reading that preview on BYU, that's going to be a stiff test for our D..especially since they return 10 offensive starters...

NO team, let me repeat no team from the Mountain West Conference should come into Husky stadium and beat us..Just like last year when BSU came in and we beat them..

Posted by

9:53 PM, Jun 30, 2008

I dont see Polk redshirting, for one, he will most likely be able to contribute to a receiving crew that lost 5 seniors. Second, one of the primary reasons he shunned USC and came here was that he was told he would get early playing time. I look to see him returning the first kickoff of the season against Oregon and running it back for a touchdown while Autzen goes silent.......

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:25 PM, Jun 30, 2008

I think the redshirt question was regarding JORDAN POLK from Oregon, not CHRIS POLK from CA. I think most regualrs on this board expect CHRIS POLK to get some significant PT this year.

As he was here in the spring, that gave him a great head start, I would think

Posted by condottarulz

11:01 PM, Jun 30, 2008

Does anyone care about Anthony Boyles anymore? My, how we just "needed" that guy!!! What a joke.

Posted by Bufdawg

6:40 AM, Jul 01, 2008

He's here and he's a Frosh and yes we do care about him. Hello we have not seen him play yet. You act as if he's played a game. We should look at him almost as a 2008 recruit. Boyles will be big time when it's all said and done. It's funny win fans talk smack about a guy who hasn't hit the field yet as if his career is over. Especially when he is the type of recruit who will get you to a bowl game. When was the last time UW did that smart ass ???

Posted by digdug

6:49 AM, Jul 01, 2008

condottarulz - why the hate for Boyles? We need all the help we can get at receiver and he was a stud coming out of HS. He was acad. inelig. last year. I look forward to seeing what he and Aguilar can do.

Posted by hsky69

8:52 AM, Jul 01, 2008 don't discount the Mountain West so easily my friend. BYU, Utah, and TCU are very solid football programs and up until recently Colorado State and Air Force have fielded some pretty good teams too. And luckily we didn't play Boise State in '06 or the outcome might have been very different. Just ask Oklahoma. Boise State graduated their QB, a few receivers, O linemen and key players off their D. I'm proud of the Dawgs for that win but times have changed firetywillingham and we can't dismiss some of the "lower tier" conferences anymore.

Posted by Bob Condotta

9:01 AM, Jul 01, 2008

On the redshirt question --- I agree with the poster who said it's too early to tell since practice hasn't started yet. Obviously, the coaches go into practice thinking that some guys have a better chance of playing than others. But they don't make firm decisions until well into practice because you never know for sure how a guy will perform, good or bad. Also, depth issues at certain spots mean there will be more chances for guys to play at certain positions (including receiver). And if a guy looks like a really good special teams player, that also helps him get on the field.

Posted by Gabe

10:51 AM, Jul 01, 2008

How does Kearse figure in? Troy Must Be Destroyed (ducks demolished)

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