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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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June 27, 2008 1:35 PM

E.J. Savannah update

Posted by Bob Condotta

The report earlier this week on the beginning of summer conditioning brought some questions about the status of LB E.J. Savannah, recovering from a broken humerus bone (details here).

Official word from the school is that Savannah remains in a cast and is doing what conditioning he can and is on track for a return in late August. The humerus is the long bone that runs from the shoulder to the elbow, so the cast is pretty bulky and doesn't allow for much movement --- this isn't like just having a cast on a wrist or something that guys often play with. So Savannah can't do any seven-on-seven type stuff, but he can do some cardiovascular work and other conditioning that doesn't involve movement of the arm.

The late August return date is an estimate and the team will know more when camp begins the first week of August. So whether he will be able to return to game action immediately, or will need a few weeks to get back, is still uncertain. But so far, there don't appear to have been any complications or anything, meaning he should be back for the majority of the season.

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Posted by 2003 dawg

2:54 PM, Jun 27, 2008



I've been bugging you about this but thanks.

Posted by tom ross

4:37 PM, Jun 27, 2008

Savannah needs to get onto a field and stay there for a full year or he will be a lower round pick (if he's picked at all) because there are going to be a ton of questions about his durability and commitment to task. If he fades, and Hasty fades as seems very likely, that class is going to rank much lower than it already is. This is troublesome because by the time a class reaches what should be its junior year they should be providing a large amount of playing time and leadership. Witohout them, they have to play too many sophomores and redshirts and that can't be good.

Posted by Gabe

4:39 PM, Jun 27, 2008

One of the linked lists in the last few days (I forget which one) suggested Fogerson would be the starting running . Can that be correct or did I imgaine that? Is there any scenario where that is reallistic? Don't remember hearing this prediction from a local source. Troy Must Be Destroyed (ducks demolished)

Posted by Gabe

5:23 PM, Jun 27, 2008

Correction: starting running back. Troy Must Be Destroyed (ducks demolished)

Posted by NINETY-ONE

7:23 PM, Jun 27, 2008

Question: Is Ty in or out if we go 6-6, will the perception of how next year's recruiting class is shaping up make or break Ty? It seems to me that at 6-6 with a weak-looking recruiting class will get him canned. 6-6 with some impressive verbals might be enough, however.

Posted by mutt

7:50 PM, Jun 27, 2008

Enough of this Ty stuff......the ducks suck !!!!

Posted by mutt

9:13 PM, Jun 27, 2008

I'm noticing there isn't any DUCK or COUGER fans posting tonight.....wonder if it has anything to do with the movie Brokeback Mountain on t.v. tonight ?
I'm not watching it by the way.

Posted by old dawg

12:08 AM, Jun 28, 2008

Well don't suppose that Friday typically being a party night might have something to do with it?

Posted by Tarn

12:33 AM, Jun 28, 2008

Expect Fogerson to be an outside backer, not right away but later...look at the length of those arms and his initial step is quick followed with speed...just try to get around this guy his junior's a forecast only...convergence zone may develope but this guy should be a backer in mho.

Posted by Tivoli Gardens

10:35 AM, Jun 28, 2008

I like Fogerson as a head hunting, Shane Pahukoa type of safety. I could see him at OLB too if he gets up to 220+ pounds.

Whatever the case, it is great to get athletes like Fogerson that can play multiple spots. I still can't believe it took Tyrone until after the state title game to offer this kid a scholarship. He had been putting up big numbers for over two years before that state title game.

Posted by RedDawg

10:52 AM, Jun 28, 2008

Good comments on Fogerson Tarn. I too believe (and hope) he will end up on the defensive side of the ball, either at 'backer or safety. He seems like a football player period. Boise Truth, I ended up watching the Hawaii game over after hearing that you did. That play to Homer was nicely designed indeed. I believe the one play that Jake wish he had back was a 3rd and long around midfield in the 2nd quarter. Jake overthrew a breaking open Anthony Russo in the endzone which would have put us up either 28-7 or 28-0. Hawaii got the momentum for the rest of the 2nd quarter, and game after that. Good thing about my DVR of this game was that the final 10 minutes did NOT record, thank goodness. :) Go Dawgs!

Posted by BoiseTruth

12:21 PM, Jun 28, 2008

Sooo close RedDawg. If Jake would have elevated that throw even a foot, it would have been pretty. I think he might have been concerned about leaving it short with that UH guy playing underneath.

After seeing Fogerson lay out Kasen Williams, in the state title game, I'd be good with him at safety. I like seeing guys back there that can make receivers pay for their yards. Got to give Williams props for hanging onto that one. That hit was vicious. They both got my respect on that play. Also like the Pahukoa reference.

Posted by TurbineSeaplane

12:53 PM, Jun 28, 2008

As has been stated...

This year will all be determined by Jake and his passing.

If he can hit the medium range passes and the other wide open spots that he missed last year, game planning against him will be a migraine inducing activity for DC's.

Posted by Formerly Guest

3:30 PM, Jun 28, 2008

Although not related to UW, here is an interesting ESPN story about a DB at IU who may find himself unable to use his last year of eligibility due to other professional options. It is a god story of trying to balance athletics with academics-

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