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June 13, 2008 8:50 AM

Donatell story from Kitsap Sun

Posted by Bob Condotta

The Husky coaches tour stopped yesterday at McCormick Woods Golf Course out in Port Orchard.

The local paper, The Kistap Sun, has this report on the event focusing on new defensive coordinator Ed Donatell. It's a good article, though not sure it will be able to top the No. 1 most e-mailed story from the paper today. (Tip of the hat to those who already posted this --- just thought I'd bring it out here for those who don't look at the comments section).

The coaches tour has just one stop left, Wednesday in Longview.

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Posted by SpudDawg

9:58 AM, Jun 13, 2008

That "meltdown" story is 6 weeks old (posted May 1) and STILL commands the No. 1 slot. Hilarious. Have to admit I added to its total by e-mailing it to several friends.

Posted by Gabe

10:37 AM, Jun 13, 2008

Donatell seems to be a cagey guy who has played the tape with the comments in the article many many times, and gives nothing away. The folks who are committed to dumping TW apparently are also willing to have all or most of his new assistants leave, which would likely occur with a new head coach. Since the assistants have more effect on the quality of play than the head coach, and particularly on defense where the coordinator will call the plays, you have to wonder whether this is another reason TW should get more time.

It seems an open question as to whether Juan might play year seven, if that is the price of admission to a pro career. People sometimes change their minds when circumstances change and particularly when there is a lot of money on the table. Troy Must Be Destroyed (ducks demolished)

P.S. The duck who questioned my s.o. must not have been serious; he didn't leave his email contact. Besides, a duck? Just picture it.

Posted by paul

10:55 AM, Jun 13, 2008

What is the matter with you people!!!??? Doesn't a story involving UW football take precedence over a sex starved meltdown??? You people are DISGUSTING!!!

OK OK OK I confess, I emailed it too....LOL

Posted by paul

10:59 AM, Jun 13, 2008

I have to admit, if my wife told me I had "three hours to quit smoking, drinking, swearing and engaging in some sex acts because "they were going to be good Christians now,"

I'd have a meltdown too....minus the smoking and drinking...

Gee, anyone think there's a lot of mileage out of this article?

Posted by Puzzled

11:14 AM, Jun 13, 2008

What is this "meltdown" story that is being talked about on this thread? Is there a link? Please help!

Posted by paul

11:21 AM, Jun 13, 2008

Click Bob's link (who by now is probably sorry he linked to this story...) for the Kitsap Sun Donatell story, then look at the 'most emailed' list on the right side of the page. You can't miss it.

Posted by No Longer Puzzled

11:26 AM, Jun 13, 2008

Thanks, Paul !

Posted by Designtime

11:47 AM, Jun 13, 2008

I don't know why people keep saying this. Assistant coaches do NOT have more impact on how well a team plays. Having the right assistants is vital, but the responsibility for having the right onces is one of the most important jobs a head coach has. You ever notice that teams like the New England Patriots and the USC Trojans keep losing their top assitants but keep winning anyway? What is the constant there?

There is a reason that head coaches make the big bucks

Posted by ayn

12:29 PM, Jun 13, 2008

I think Donatell may just provide a potentially season-changing, attitude-reversing impact this year.

Why? First and foremost because of his personality. Firey, fiesty, yet logical and analytical. Open to new ideas. Make the scheme fit the available players. In short, everything that Baer appeared not to have.

Secondly, and this is huge, is his vast NFL experience. He knows what intangibles to look for and encourage in his players - those things which he knows the best players (those that make it to the NFL) have and use. He is used to preparing sophisticated game plans, yet also used to making split-second real time changes to a scheme during the game. He is used to hiding and disguising coverages/schemes.

For all of these reasons and many more, I think that his hire could prove to be the key that changes the sad losing culture of the last few seasons.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

1:00 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Designtime, I sort of see what you're saying but just like bad assistants can sink a head coach (Baer nearly did), good assistants can elevate them. There's a reason why there are some famous D-1 and NFL assistants and sometimes their star is brighter than the head coach's. Has FSU been the same since Richt left? I don't know if USC has been the same offensively since Chow left, though that's partially due to personnel. On the flip side, I anticipate UW's defense being much better solely due to Donatell and what he knows/disguises.

Posted by MelloDawg

1:04 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Hey, just so everyone knows, Ty Willingham decided to blow off the Yakima Coaches Tour stop as well.

Way to live up to your contract Ty.

Posted by McDawg

1:29 PM, Jun 13, 2008

My son is talking to the Bellingham Bells manager about putting together some # 10 Bells jerseys. Does anyone here think there would be any interest??

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:50 PM, Jun 13, 2008


Why does USC saty on top, depsite rotating assistants?

Perhaps it is the discrepency in the talent they sign, compared to that of the rest of the conference...

Posted by Gabe

1:56 PM, Jun 13, 2008

NY Husky's points are excellent. Perhaps TW had to be pushed to get rid of Baer (who was reportedly a good friend), but he did manage to hire an outstanding replacement. That counts for something, assuming the decision was TW's. Donatell should be fun (or at least interesting) guy to watch as the season unfolds. Troy Must Be Destroyed (ducks demolished)

Posted by Wildman

2:04 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Soooo . . . do you think I should have given her "4" hours to change her ways? . . . .


Posted by Formerly Guest

2:10 PM, Jun 13, 2008


I feel sorry for your children being raised in that home. I can laugh at bible-beating and methamphetamine dependence, but it's pretty messed up for the kids caught between those two "parents."

Posted by Curious

2:36 PM, Jun 13, 2008

How many coaches tour events have there been?

How many has Coach Tierone attended?

Posted by Mello Out

2:57 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Wow, people like Mello really have a personal vendetta against Ty. God forbid anyone should want to attend their son's once in a lifetime high school graduation or participate in a charity event in their hometown to support veterans. I am sure it is Ty's fault that it was scheduled the same day. Besides since Ty is scourge of Husky football wouldn't you rather have someone like Donatell doing the event anyway? It is one thing when you don't like how the coach performs on the field, but criticizing him for doing charity and attending a special moment in a family members life is beyond pathetic, which is why I expect nothing less from Mellodawg.

Posted by Formerly Guest

3:31 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Mello Out,

I agree, sort of. I can't bring myself to criticize the guy for going to his son's graduation or doing the military charity in his hometown. It is ironic that he is criticized for missing this UW golf activity in Kitsap, when he gets criticized on this board for golfing recreationally too much rather than watching film in June.

That having been said, it looks like there are about 7 stops on this tour. If he missed most of them or something, that would be curious.

I think Mello and some other vocal critics theorize he has mailed it in, and won't do anything to support the program like do these tour stops.

Or maybe the department doesn't want him at them, or he doesn't want to be at them, as he doesn't want to get heckled by the 5 annoying jerks in the back- "Losingham! Losingham!"

Or maybe he only missed 3, and someone in his family died during the Yakima stop. Who knows?

But it seems valid to ask the question.

Posted by onewoodwacker

3:31 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Regardless of the rumor mill that Ed Donnatell will be the next DC for Jim Mora abd the Seattle Seahawks next year, I believe that should Ty falter, Ed will be given first shot at the Head Coach position and I for one pray that he accepts it.

Posted by MelloDawg

5:04 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Section 4, clause D of Tyrone's contract states that he has to attend certain alumni activities (you can see it on CoachesHotSeat) such as the Coaches Tour. He's not following that.

I applaud him for doing charity work and attending a son's graduation, but his contract is his contract.

Posted by Designtime

6:07 PM, Jun 13, 2008

To Husky Fan In New York:
A bad assitant can sink you as a coach if you let him.
You see coaches step in every year when their coordinators aren't doing the job. "I am going to call the plays now". You hear it every year. Ty could have stepped in any time last year to impact this defense. They played an attacking style in the first quarter against Hawaii that allowed them to build a huge lead. Then they went back to their soft non-agreesive norm and gave up the game. Shouldn't Ty have overruled Baer here?
This is a performance business. Oregon had a so-so year not too long ago and so they shook up the staff. Was just what they needed. A bad or mediocre coach will often let bad assistants stay around forever.
This doesn't make a bad team the fault of the coordinators. It is still the fault of the head coach.

Posted by naterob4

6:10 PM, Jun 13, 2008

The reason TY is not attending the coaches tour events because he's too busy trying to raise money for the MARINES instead of the University who writes his million dollar paychecks every year, not enough that he's the HIGHEST paid state employee, like someone said earlier whether the programs down or not, who's going to be able to raise more money TY,or Tia Jackson?? Love womens hoops, but lets be real!!


Bickel?? from Mizzou, doesn't he have some ties to the UDUB?? whats the chances we could land him once tw gets fired??

Posted by Designtime

6:13 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Formerly Guest,
You can speculate that USC wins because of superior talent, but they have always had it. Didn't seem to help Paul Hackett much. If talent alone did the trick Miami and Florida State would contend every year. Look at how many players they still place in the NFL.

You certainly can't say New England wins all the time because they always have the best talent. They have great talent, but there are at least 2 or 3 teams the last few years that have had as much if not more.

Football coaches make more difference than in any other major team sport. There is a reason why the good (and sometimes mediocre) make so much money.

Posted by naterob4

7:56 PM, Jun 13, 2008

I meant Pikel from mizzou

Posted by ag

8:14 PM, Jun 13, 2008

Back in the 80's when the Huskies got whipped by Alabama in the Sun Bowl, Don James came home and fired some of his assistants and replaced them with some new ones to bring in some new ideas. One of those was Gilby and that change in the team philaosophy led directly to the Naational Championship in 1991. I think assistants have a huge impact on the succes or failure of a football team. Speaking of DJ, from what I remeber he didn't do much direct coaching of his players. Didn't he watch practices from a tower?

Posted by gohuskies!

11:35 AM, Jun 14, 2008

everyone in silverdale needs more comportment

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