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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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June 1, 2008 8:04 PM

Another possible AD candidate

Posted by Bob Condotta

Here's a new possibility for UW's athletic director position --- Doug Woolard, who has been the
AD at South Florida since May 12, 2004.

His connection to UW is obvious --- he was the AD at Saint Louis when Lorenzo Romar was hired as basketball coach there in 1999. Romar is on UW's search committee for a new AD.

Woolard was also an associate AD at Washington State from 1989-94, giving him lots of experience both in the Pac-10 and in the state of Washington.

The Huskies are still searching for a new AD to replace Todd Turner, who "resigned'' last December.

There are also rumblings that former Oreogn AD Bill Moos may still be involved. He has been speaking of late only through his lawyer, Raymond Cihak, of Corvallis. Cihak, who previously said Moos had said he had not been contacted by UW officials or the search committee, has not responded of late to questions about the search. So maybe Moos still is involved.

As I reported last night, the Times is hearing that Bob Stull of UTEP is not thought to be in the running despite likely being interested. I'll have more on the search as the week progresses.

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Posted by brie

10:26 PM, Jun 01, 2008

i love seeing new updates!! thanks bob!

Posted by bhamhusky

6:58 AM, Jun 02, 2008

Is the Georgia Tech AD (formerly at LSU) still interested?

Posted by aemery

8:46 AM, Jun 02, 2008


Are you covering any of the SeaFair activities this year since it has tended to involve Husky Fotball?

Thanks, and welcome back!

Posted by OlyDawg

9:49 AM, Jun 02, 2008

I think aemery is my favorite poster because he never goes out of character. Halseth would be proud.

Posted by Reality Check

9:49 AM, Jun 02, 2008

At what point can the pac10 and ncaa no longer just look the other direction as it pertains to USC's complete lack of institutional control?

In a span of just a few years you've got Bush, Jarrett, and now Mayo all violating rules. (And we're not talking about a $40k loan here. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in GIFT money.) This doesn't even include the many other infractions that aren't big enough to make ESPN headlines.

Honestly, do we need a live, nationally televised display of Carroll handing the kids money before the ncaa and pac10 will wake up and do something???

It's totally unfair what the pac10 and ncaa did to UW and now they continue to look the other way while USC displays a complete and total lack of instituional control. (See Miami, FSU, and others for additional examples of the ncaa letting a school slide despite huge rule violations.)

Posted by onewoodwacker

10:26 AM, Jun 02, 2008

USC has a time-honored tradition of committing the crime, flipping their finger at the law and then having a stable of ex-USC chumps to cover their asses and bail them out - See O.J.

USC must burn to be cleansed - chastened with fire from above bow down oh Troy and prepare to be trodden!!! The fiery steeds of hell are preparing to consume you!! Whoa you sinful nation.

P.S. Your horse is ugly.

Posted by Reality Check

10:35 AM, Jun 02, 2008

I'll have some of what Woodwacker is drinking! ;-)

But seriously, I sincerely wonder just what USC would have to do before the ncaa and/or pac10 would FINALLY step in and take some action. I mean, this stuff has been plastered all over Yahoo Sports, ESPN, etc, for months upon months now. And yet there's not a peep out of the ncaa or pac10. Are they just sitting there praying it all blows over as fast as possible? If this was say, San Jose State, Nevada (or UW, unfortunately), then I have a feeling the school would already be in year 2 of its sanctions with more penalties coming due to the recent Mayo stuff! It seems there is a double standard. The USC's, Miami's, Ohio States, etc. of the world can get away with murder. But the "2nd tier" (in the ncaa or pac10's eyes) schools have a much more brutal set of rules under which they operate. It's complete horse droppings.

Posted by firetynow

8:19 PM, Jun 02, 2008

I honestly don't care who the AD is as long as he/she can actually take a stand and FIRE Losingham!!! I mean 3 straight years of 9th, 10th, and 10th in the Pac-10. Thats like if we go to the CBI three years in a row. Between OU, BYU, Notre Dame, Wazzu, Oregon, USC...if we can go at least 3-3 in these games, I think Ty might save his job, but anything less than that then Ty can stick to making his Digornio commercialsas much as he wants.

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