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May 15, 2008 5:07 PM

Nelson hopes to be candidate

Posted by Bob Condotta

As reported here yesterday, the search for a new athletic director is ongoing, and may not be done for three or four weeks, if then.

Of the rumored candidates to become UW's new athletic director, the one who may have the closest ties to the school is Chuck Nelson.

Nelson, an Everett native, was UW's kicker from 1979-82 setting a number of school, conference and NCAA records, notably hitting 30 in a row from late in the 1981 season to late in 1982.

He's also the color man on the UW football broadcasts and since 2005 has been the executive director of the Boeing Classic golf tournament on the Champions Tour.

Here's a Seattle Times profile from 2005 detailing his career and role with the Boeing Classic, in which he handles a budget of roughly $5 million and more than 1,000 volunteers.

Nelson won't say whether he has been contacted by UW, but he will say that he hopes to be a candidate for the job. Nelson said when the job came open in December that he would like to be considered, and said this week he continues to hope he will be considered.

"I'm still interested and would be excited should they decide to have me involved in the process,'' he said.

UW is trying to be as secretive as possible with this search, and while there are surely other candidates out there, Nelson remains the only one who has publicly declared his interest.

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Posted by caineman

6:50 PM, May 15, 2008

He would for sure be a football guy...

Posted by DawgFanMike

6:59 PM, May 15, 2008

Great candidate: he's a Husky, a fan, knows the team, interested in the job, and everybody likes him.

Between him and someone who's not from here, doesn't appreciate Husky culture, and doesn't know a thing about Husky history (sound familiar?) I'd rather he get the job.

Posted by onewoodwacker

7:45 PM, May 15, 2008

I like Chuck Nelson too but UW AD? He runs a golf tournament and now he's qualified to be the AD at a major university? Come on you guys - no more wacky tabacky!!

Posted by mutt

8:18 PM, May 15, 2008

Nelson, from what we've had, could he be any worst ! What's this he's the color man....he we go again.

Posted by Ducks 45 Dawgs 13

9:01 PM, May 15, 2008

What about Mitch Barnhart? He turned around a train wreck at OSU.

Posted by NorCalDawgFan

9:04 PM, May 15, 2008

I'm not convinced about Nelson, one way or another. I remember listening to his father at a business presentation once, and I believe he was a high executive in a Seattle banking firm, so that could be some business expertese that he may have passed on to his son. On the other hand, I believe that long streak of field goals ended when he missed a last second, fairly easy field goal in the Apple Cup. That one still shakes my head and gives me mixed feelings about him.

Posted by condottarulz

11:30 PM, May 15, 2008

If experience mattered, we all would have been happy to T. Turner. Like everything else in life, passion and aptitude are all that matters. Hire Chuck!

Posted by

6:22 AM, May 16, 2008

Aside from costing the Huskies the 1982 Rose Bowl, why would the UW hire Chuck? Because he runs a golf tournament, and is a very average color guy? If i say I am interested, do I become a candidate? I have a run a golf tournmanet, and also played at UW?

Posted by

6:24 AM, May 16, 2008

Correction: Chuck's miss cost us the January 1, 1983 Rose Bowl.

Posted by purplereign

7:09 AM, May 16, 2008

I could see nelson as an assistant ad, but not the head of the athletic department. We need someone with experience, a top fundraiser and a football guy. I know its a tall order, but, we need to find the best candidate at any cost. It seems to me that stull from utep is the most qualified so far.

Posted by DAWGONE in AZ

7:34 AM, May 16, 2008

There are WAY too many people out there with a passion for football...for UW to have this at the top of their list.

There is no reason that UW can't find a top level executive, with a clear history of "KNOCK IT OUT OF THE BALLPARK" fundraising capacity (that isn't clouded by a couple big donors, or mearly a succession from his/her predeccesor) a guy/gal that brought a major fundraiser from nothing to passion or a UW history would be just gravy.

And by the way...can someone give me the positives on Moos? Seems like Oregon benifits mostly from the association of Nike, rather than an incredible wunderkind of Moos as AD. (But that is an uneducated remark...please provide positives on Moos, if your able.)

By the way, totally agree on Nelson as a Assoc. AD candidate, but not THE AD! Jeez, if you can get that job based on a $5M golf tournament...I got $5k in donations for a fundraiser in grade school back in the 80s, can I join?

Posted by BoiseTruth

8:09 AM, May 16, 2008

I agree with you purplereign. Other than possibly knowing, and having a good relationship with some big UW money people, I can't see what else Nelson brings to the table at this point. This is a critical time for the FB program, and UW in general. They really can't afford another mistake at AD.

Posted by BoiseTruth

8:21 AM, May 16, 2008

Here's a nice Q&A with Blaine Newnham, by Derek Johnson - Dawgman.

Posted by Mark WS

9:23 AM, May 16, 2008

Yeah, lets just totally ignore he's been a money manager for years and a COO at Riegel. Yep, no credentials at all, just a crummy golf organizer. lol!

Best Husky Cheer Ever:


Posted by Dave

9:40 AM, May 16, 2008

Without Chuck we would not have been in position to make the Rose Bowl that year anyway, since we had just beat UCLA 10-7 two weeks earlier.

Nor would we have been in either of the previous two Rose Bowls without Chuck, since we got there with conference wins including 27-26 over Cal, 27-24 over Stanford and 30-23 over WSU.

Not saying he should necessarily be the AD, but maybe it is time to let the '82 Apple Cup go.

Posted by DAWGONE in AZ

9:58 AM, May 16, 2008

Money Manager...big deal, what's his net worth? That's how you tell a good money manager.

COO at Rigel, well that's getting somewhere...but what was his history there? I see he is no longer the COO, according to Rigel's website.

Doesn't seem like a stellar resume...I would go toe to toe with him with my resume and I'm 15 years yonger (I'm not gloating, I don't consider myself qualified, just that you could say the same about me...)

Again, this is not meant to be a slam on Mr. Nelson. I just think we need to be "right on" with the next hire...A PROVEN LEADER, with successful fundraising development experience.

We can't afford to be wrong on this again...WE NEED STABILITY!

Posted by old dawg

10:28 AM, May 16, 2008

My first memory of Nelson was him getting booed. It was his first game, first game of the season against Navy, IRRC. We’d graduated a good kicker the year before, and this was when we were almost exclusively relying on walk-on kickers, as Nelson was. Early on, he’s brought on to kick a relatively short FG, and missed. *Boo’s*.

Later on in the game, he kicks one, seemingly from the middle of the lake in blustery wind. Must have been about 47 yards or so. Splits the uprights, and suddenly he goes from goat to hero. He was a money kicker after that, despite a couple of glaring exceptions.

I have no clue about his appropriateness for the AD job, but his teammates did often refer to his nerves of steel. My real concern is not getting a Hedges clone. And no one that will be surprised that winning matters to the husky faithful. The lesson any observer of the last year that anyone interested in the job should take away from the experience is that Huskyville expects our teams to contend for championships, even though we realize that we can’t win them all. We should at least be in contention.

Posted by old dawg

11:03 AM, May 16, 2008

Hmm…my last post reminded me of a point from a few days ago, when I slept rather than typed.

Numerous times various posters have compared TW’s record over his first two or three years to that of James. Numerous times I’ve pointed that out as an unfair comparison, as James had the advantage of a good deal of inherited talent. But there is a fair point in comparing the two coaches.

After the bowl game against Alabama that was such a debacle, there was a crescendo of grumbling by the Husky faithful, comparing James’ early success with Owens, and also his growing troubles of the later 80’s with Owens’ difficulty adjusting his schemes to the platoon system new to the college game in the 60’s.

There were numerous stories out of the athletic department about James’ soul searching and demands for change in the staff’s approach to recruiting speed and changing schemes. His orders included changes in staff. The lessons learned and changes made resulted in the husky glory years of the early 90’s.

THAT is something applicable for comparing TW’s recent changes. Upgrades in speed and talent. Upgrades in coaches/coaching. Upgrades in schemes. If it works, he’ll be thought of in fond terms by at least some of the husky faithful. If not, he gets the boot. We aren’t all going to agree upon the exact numbers or dates, but clearly the standard is to bring back winning. As much as people, including me, enjoyed Owen’s RB years, clearly it was time for a change after the disaster season following the Sixkiller era. He attempted changes that fell short and was replaced.

I’ve sat in the stadium during three disaster games. A loss to a pathetic Hawaii team under Owens. A loss to a humble OSU team under James. And that horrific loss to woeful Stanford a couple of years ago. It’s one thing to lose to superior teams, and quite another to lose to vastly inferior teams. The playing field is beginning to level, and TW clearly understood the challenge of the schedule facing him. Last year he brought the team to being in a position to win in most games, but was done in by a grossly faulty defense and untimely offensive errors. This year, with all the talent at his disposal and the coaching staff of his choosing, will be the making or breaking of his ultimate reputation.

Posted by jh

12:12 PM, May 16, 2008, my...I admire your analysis and calm demeanor in the face of such adversity in the UW football program...but...when is enough of willingham's losing enough?...

Posted by SnohomishRick

9:10 AM, May 17, 2008

jh, what game do you predict the irish will give Charlie the axe? Is it when they are 0-3 or maybe 1-5? Worry about your own team not ours.

Posted by Mark WS

11:04 PM, May 17, 2008

If you measure a money managers success by his own net worth, then I don't even need to see your resume to know that you can't compete with Nelson. What you should be asking is, what is his client's net worth? THAT is the measuring stick of a good manager. It's as simple as seeing all the fancy cars in the stock brokers parking lot and then wondering, where are all the customers' yachts?

I agree, we need to be right on too. So far, the out of towners are 0-2 (Trojan Hedges and Vandy Turner). How about some home cooking?

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