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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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May 25, 2008 10:18 AM

Jordan Polk wins Oregon state titles

Posted by Bob Condotta

Incoming UW receiver Jordan Polk won the Oregon State 6A 100 and 200-meter titles yesterday at Eugene's Hayward Field.

Here are the results.

This is also a picture of Polk on the front page of the Oregonian web site.

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Posted by UW Alum

10:52 AM, May 25, 2008

Hi Bob, it looks like Polk won the 100 and finished 2nd in the 200 according to the results link, still impressive regardless. Hopefully he bulks up a little bit and becomes a dangerous return specialist for the UW.

Posted by Chris Miller

1:50 PM, May 25, 2008

Mr. Polk better get ready for another victory in Eugene! 97 Days until kickoff!!!


Posted by Kris in Vancouver

3:33 PM, May 25, 2008

I saw Jordan Polk yesterday at the OSAA championships and he looks a lot sturdier than the photo Bob linked to. Check this out.
He ran a 10.63 yesterday and from what I can see from the Husky Track & Field media guide that is better than the 10.76 best time posted this year (could that be right?). Also here is another photo of Polk

Looks well built to me...

Posted by BoiseTruth

4:21 PM, May 25, 2008

Good get Kris. Thanks

Posted by Tarn

5:54 PM, May 25, 2008

Impressive speed...putting pads on changes everything. Can't wait for fall camp to see that kind of speed in purple & gold.

Posted by mmafight

11:13 PM, May 25, 2008

those are some crazy times...almost olympic times.

Posted by chet

9:20 AM, May 26, 2008

Interview of Jordan Polk after winning the 100m. It sounds like he is a winner. We need more team speed like Polk and Long.

Posted by Davedawg

11:01 AM, May 26, 2008

Question?? On the roster in the experence column what does SQ stand for?

Posted by Davedawg

2:03 PM, May 26, 2008

Question?? On the roster in the experience column what does SQ stand for?

On the UW web site:

Posted by BoiseTruth

2:32 PM, May 26, 2008

Davedawg, I think SQ just signifies that a player was a member of the squad. Not incoming from HS, not in RS year, not a letterman, but a member of the squad. That's my best guess.

Posted by cinbengals

5:07 PM, May 26, 2008

sq means split squad like they on they practice squad in case a starter goes down on the backup thats my guess go dawgs 2008 7-5

Posted by old dawg

5:36 PM, May 26, 2008

Well perhaps. Unless proven otherwise, I'm inclined to believe that it indicates being qualified by the standardized qualifications tests.

Posted by pdxdawg

5:51 PM, May 26, 2008

Man, no updates today? Made for a long/boring day at work for me. Bob must be busy behind the barbeque. Oh well, it was a well deserved day off for you, Bob.

Posted by BTown Fan

7:02 PM, May 26, 2008

Boise is right on with the SQ designation. It has been hashed out here before. If you look at a roster, you will see SQ = Squad Member.

Posted by Davedawg

3:53 AM, May 27, 2008

SQ stands for squad, meaning they were on the team, but did not letter.

This is a reply from contact us at

What does it take to get a letter? LB Matt Houston played in 9 game in 2007 had 2 tackles but is listed as SQ.

Posted by OlyDawg

12:45 PM, May 27, 2008

Like I've said many times before, Polk is going to rip things up at UW.

Love his strength and confidence, as well as his chip on his shoulder. He looks huge in that first video posted as well.

Congrats Jordan!

Posted by PrepDawg

1:13 PM, May 27, 2008

Bob, I'm getting restless. As an addict to your blog...3 days and no new entries!?! I know it's a slow time of year, but please come up with something to write about! I soon might have to resort to Molly's so-called blog for my fix...

My office IT guys probably are laughing that every 10 minutes, I'm clicking back to this same website.

Posted by Chris Miller

1:32 PM, May 27, 2008

Jake Locker on the cover of my favorite fantasy football website today...You better believe he will be on my team again this year!


Posted by Gabe

1:39 PM, May 27, 2008

Why didn't Jordan Polk sign with OU or OSU?

Troy Must Be Destroyed.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:41 PM, May 27, 2008

Here is a little news, albeit maybe not that relevant tto all of us.

UCLA just got a committment from a 4-star QB in Rancho Cucamunga that we had offered a slot to. I am not sure how hard we were pursuing him:

Howeevr, it does look like he is the QB we were most interested in, according to the Scout website.

Also, anyone out there know much about Kirby Moore from Prosser? It looks like he is rated right now as a 1-star guy, has a slot offered by WSU, and we are not pursuing him too actively. Anyone (like 206 dogg perhaps) have any thoughts on how this fellow projects next year?

I suspect after signing Cody Bruns, our staff has to be pretty familiar with him...

I am probably reading a lot in-between the lines on the scout website, perhaps...

Posted by 206dogg

2:53 PM, May 27, 2008

WOW... I love the speed the dawgs are bringing in. Even though people were knocking Brun's 100 time, he is only going to get faster (he'll be a legit 4.4 guy). It's going to be fun.

Speaking out loud here, I am a little concerned about the Huskies slow approach to 2009 recruiting. They should've taken the momentum from 2008 and built on it for 2009. However, i'm not worried about UCLA getting that QB. It just goes to reinforce the fact that RN can recruit skill players, but no linemen. Too bad he hasn't realized that Football starts with the linemen.

To answer Formerly Guest, I am unaware of Prosser's new QB. I'm going to have to check him out this year though.

Boise- Any word on Kellen Moore? last i heard he was still battling for the #1. Think he'll get it?

Posted by onewoodwacker

3:23 PM, May 27, 2008

Formally Guest and 206dogg,

Don't know for sure why we aren't pursuing Kirby Moore as a WR. My guess though is he's just not a recruiting concern right now.

If you look at and go to the Eligibility Tracker you'll see that we have 11 WR on scholarship. When you consider that we only have 3 OT's, 4 OG's, 1 ILB, 3 S's and 2 SS's, my bet is that we are not going to actively pursue WR's unless he is too great to pass up and then we're competing for him with every PAC-10 and top BCS team to get him.

I too am concerned about the effort being put forth in recruiting this year. Is Ty trying to tell us something; like why do I want to recruit kids I might not end up coaching? I also believe and I've said it before, that Mark Emmert did not do Ty ANY recruiting favors by PUBLICLY announcing his "win or your fired" ultimatum. That comment is being recited in every recruits home I'm sure.

Why aren't more people upset about that? I for one am pissed.

Posted by Formerly Guest

3:27 PM, May 27, 2008


I beleive that Kirby Moore is a WR, Kellen's younger brother (or perhaps cousin?) and according to the local high school writers, pegged as a great talent.

Posted by Formerly Guest

3:28 PM, May 27, 2008


I think a few months back you were raving on here about how great Kellen Moore had looked, sounded like you saw some of his games. So i had thought that Kirby Moore might have caught your eye...

Posted by Tuesday Thoughts

3:47 PM, May 27, 2008

I remember the days when winning was just automatic. It just felt like an expected thing -- the sun rose in the east, fell in the west, gravity worked, and the Huskies won.

It is amazing to me how winning seems to create more winning. And now that we're on the other side of the coin, it is amazing just how hopeless it feels when winning 6 games seems like climbing K2 in the dead of winter.

As over simplified as it sounds, does anyone just feel like if we could have a winning season, the thing would start clicking again? And conversely, that the more losing seasons we have, the more accepted (or expected) they become? How the heck do you break the cycle of losing?

Posted by Gabe

4:18 PM, May 27, 2008

Just think how boring this blog would be if it weren't for MelloDawg. Whenever there is nothing to say or write, and most everybone has fallen asleep at the switch, MelloDawg lobs a few grenades over the wall and stirs up a hornet's nest of responses. And he has great endurance--he never gives up or gives in, and isn't deterred by having to say the same things over and over again. After all, they keep working. Mello is the gas (some might say flatulence) that makes this blog run. In fact, the rumor is that MelloDawg is actually TW's unemployed nephew and he's earning a little money by keeping the coach's name in play and inciting bloggers to write in to endlessly defend his competence and to lay the groundwork for his next contract renewal. Troy Must Be Destroyed.

Posted by Gabe

4:22 PM, May 27, 2008

Where is MelloDawg anyway? Things are getting slow. Troy Must Be Destroyed.

Posted by BoiseTruth

4:40 PM, May 27, 2008

Kirby Moore is Kellen's little brother. When Kellen was a junior playing in the championship game against Jake, Kirby was a freshman on the Prosser team, and had to play the whole game due to injuries to Bruns, and the other top receiver (I can't think of his name right now) on the Prosser team. Kirby's great. I'd take him anytime. Great hands. Great size, and 4.6 speed. Plus, you know he's been well coached, just like Kellen was. I'm sure UW is recruiting him, but don't know how hard. BSU is recruiting him very hard, even though BSU has the best group of receivers I've ever seen in the program.

206dogg, I've had a hard time believing that they would give the starting job to Kellen (even though I'd love it) over the senior. However, the senior couldn't pull away from Kellen in the spring. I missed the spring game , but listened to a recorded broadcast later. Kellen started the game, and also started the second half. I thought that was pretty telling. Coach Pete was in the booth with the announces in the second half, and the announcers (and the fans) pretty much just wanted to give the job to Moore, but Pete wouldn't commit. He did say a lot of nice things about Kellen, and hopes everyone's ready to compete for the QB spot in the fall. I'd have to say at this point, I really think Kellen has a shot to get the job, but we still can't rule out the senior. I think Kellen went 11 of 13 in the spring game, and I know one of the in completions was a bad route by the receiver, so his accuracy was very good again.

Posted by dixonyoursteelers

4:49 PM, May 27, 2008

why didn't polk go to oregon, anyone?

just can't figure why a "offenesive" talent wouldn't stay in-state with a spread office that he'd get to show some speed, lots of touches etc..

this is legit question, i don't know the answer, i am not mocking anyone or any program.

Posted by 206dogg

5:40 PM, May 27, 2008

Formerly Guest-
Yeah, I coached against Kellen and my jaw dropped at how good he was. Best HS QB I've ever seen. His pocket awareness, knowledge of the game and touch were impeccable.

I can see why you'd think that i would know/have knowledge of Kirby Moore. Only makes sense.

Posted by MelloDawg

6:05 PM, May 27, 2008


Still here. There's only so much we can say about Polk winning these Oregon titles. Congrats to him.

News is slow-coming these days.

Posted by townbizness

7:35 PM, May 27, 2008

The Polk and Polk combo should be FILTHY....I guess though Losingham of course didn't use too much of Chris in the Spring game I guess he's waiting to unleash him in Eugene!!! I'm still wondering why Losingham isn't using Kavario on D this year??

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:28 PM, May 27, 2008


I wondered the same thing. It looked from afar, reading between the lines on the scout website, that UO did not really want Polk. don't know why. Maybe they are stacked at that spot, maybe they didn't think that highly of his football ability...a track guy playing football rather than the other way aorund?

Who knows? We'll find out within the next 3 years I would guess.

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:34 PM, May 27, 2008

206dogg, BT, Onewood, and anyone else...

Here is another question for you...

According to this link, UCLA got this hotshot QB prospect when Norm Chow went and watched his spring practice this past week, and then offered him a scholarship on the spot:

I have been reading a few things about SEC and BIg-10 and Notre Dame coaches visiting players spring practices. I think BT sent a link or two about this?

I was unaware that HS football teams now had spring practices. And it sounds like college coaches are out hitting the trail right now, going to all these practices, to advertise their interest in recruits.

Do I have this straight? Can anybody shed light on this? We don't have spring practices around here that I am aware of. Does this put our coaches at a disadvanatge? Are our coaches out there right now, visiting spring practices in Southern California, trying to get us some committments?

Anyone have any insight into this question?


Posted by Lollipop

11:24 PM, May 27, 2008

Polk is a stud, for sure. Winning titles is rocking.

That said...

We don't need another J'Warren Hooker.

We need another Mario Bailey and someone who can get the dang ball to him.

And furthermore, Coach Willingham is not the devisive one here. It's fans who use words like Typologists and conversely whatever the anti-Ty name would be.

MelloDung still sucks tho...even when we run the table next year. He will forever suck...

Posted by BoiseTruth

11:43 PM, May 27, 2008

I'm not aware of any HS teams that have official spring practices. Teams from all over the west, including Washington (Skyline for example) take part in the seven-on-seven tournament in Cal. It's a pretty big deal, and within that context those kids are practicing. So I guess it's possible that a coach could see a kid practicing in that regard. However, I think what really happened with Brehaut, was that Neu went to see him and others workout at a QB camp in Cal.. That's when Neu gave Chow the OK to offer him.

Posted by Formerly Guest

8:11 AM, May 28, 2008

Thanks. I imagine that is what is going on in the South and Midwest as well.

I wonder how actively our coaches are visiting these spring camps. It seems we only haev summer camps around here. I wonder if this is giving our coaching staff a late start?

Posted by BoiseTruth

10:11 AM, May 28, 2008

Yeah, the 7-on-7 tournaments are played in many different areas around the country. The various camps and combines take place pretty frequently through out the spring/summer, and are usually just weekend things. In the summer when there's not much going on, the colleges then hold there own camps.

I would hope our coaches are visiting some of these camps. I don't think I'd term it as a late start. You know how methodical/regimented TW is. We as a group, always want to see things done yesterday, or last year, but we'll just have to wait for the staff to get all the evals done, and see where we're at. Sometimes it a good thing to move a little more slowly, and make the right choice of players. This staff, when forced to move quickly, made some mistakes. Better to get it right than be fast if given a choice.

Read the first part of this link, and it will help explain how I think it should be done. Some players, and their parents respond, and appreciate this approach. Others don't.

Posted by Formerly Guest

2:25 PM, May 28, 2008


Thanks for the link.

You mentioned we made some recent mistakes recruiting wise, when we had to act hastily. Was there someone you had in mind?

I recall a transfer guy we took for DB a few years ago, I think from Nevada...and he couldn't get eligible. Other than that, I am drawing a blank.

Appreciate your insights...

Posted by BoiseTruth

4:35 PM, May 28, 2008


I have to mention again that I'm parroting the remarks made by Kent Baer (after his firing) concerning UW having made mistakes regarding recruiting. Since he was involved in it, I'll take him at his word. 3 or 4 times at least, others on the blog have posted a relatively long list of people that couldn't qualify at UW. You can dig through the commit lists of the past, and find a lot of them. The person you alluded to, Chris Handy, was especially embarrassing due to the fact that our recruiting coordinator was his HC at Nevada, and should have known better. Mr. Houston was another transfer that never got off the ground. Although he qualified, maybe he should have been research a little better.

The problem is deeper than just listing the recruits that couldn't qualify. You also have to look at players that left the team either because it wasn't a good fit for them, or the staff told them that they weren't a good fit for the team. Then, you have to look at the players that remain in good standing on the team, but have never been able to contribute on the field. If they can't contribute to a very short handed team, were they a mistake? Recruiting is always a little bit of a crap-shoot, but the staff has to follow what the link talked about and try to make sure they're really getting what they thought they were recruiting. It'll never be a 100%. Walt Winter is a good example of not getting what you expected (no offense to him personally - seems like a good guy).

If you take the people that couldn't qualify, the transfers that didn't work out, the players that left the team, and the players that remain on the team, but apparently aren't capable of contributing anything significant (at this level) to a short handed team, I think that qualifies as mistake having been made in recruiting. Combining all of those factors makes the list pretty long. Don't like saying it, but there's no way around it.

Posted by Formerly Guest

4:49 PM, May 28, 2008

Thanks. I am a bit of a fair weather fan, and did not really follow recruiting at all - unless it was a local player- until I found this blog last year.

So other than Handy, I missed any obvious flame-outs, although I guess you might count Chancellor Young as another transfer that didn't pan out.

Is Houston that RB from TX that stole the taxi? Or someone else?

I must confess, with my limited knowledge base, I do not know of Walt Winter.

Your insights are very much appreciated. I missed Baer's exit comments, but see what you mean. Thanks for explaining.

Posted by OlyDawg

7:53 AM, May 29, 2008

If there's any doubts about Polk's football playing abilities, watch this:

I can't imagine that our assistant coaches aren't out right now on the recruiting trail. This kind of stuff likely isn't advertised as most teams don't want to let on they are giving a certain recruit more time than another one (to protect against recruits being upset), but also they wouldn't want to alert other head coaches that they may be offering a certain player (inside knowledge of SAT scores or how well they are doing in the classroom).

It seems when a big name recruit picks up one offer, he has at 3 more in the mailbox by the end of the week. That seemed to be the case with this QB down in Cali that UCLA picked up.

Posted by Formerly Guest

10:50 AM, May 29, 2008

It looked to me like the Qb from S Cal had multiple offers, but took the UCLA one the minute it came in. If so, it seems that was the one he was waiting for.

Posted by BoiseTruth

7:16 AM, May 30, 2008

FG, Re: HS Spring Practice

The other day I mentioned that I've never seen organized HS spring practices (meaning with coaches). While looking up a BSU commit Ebo Makinde, I found this article about what Paradise Valley HS did this spring. Sure sounds like spring practice to me.

Posted by Formerly Guest

12:11 PM, May 30, 2008


thanks for the link. I am 15+ yr sout of HS, and I recall kids would pay their way to a week-long Husky camp or something, but we never did spring camps, we never had spring practices, nothing like that. We did have some conditioning without coaches in the summer.

It seems like they are doing organized stuff in the spring with HS coaches in the Midwest, South and Southwest. It seems like HS football has gotten really intense.

I wonder if the local HS programs do stuff like this around here now? I doubt it. And I wonder how much it really helps coaches to lock up recruits early. I fear it puts the coaching staff's in thsoe regions at a big advanatge. I don't know. It would be nice for Bob to look into this, as he sort of looked into your thoughts on Colorado's recruiting budget compared to our's.

With your question on the recruiting budget, it seems like our coaches sort of blew him off about it, and he let it go at that.

Posted by BoiseTruth

1:12 PM, May 30, 2008


I don't really remember if Bob said who he got the budget info from. I think I just assumed it was UW sports info dept. He did kind of blow it off by saying, if UW got a 14th ranked class with the budget they have, it must be good enough. Which, I disagree with because last years ranking was achieved mostly by highly rated local recruits.

Regarding Colorado's budget, in the last two years they have signed players from 15 different states. They also achieved a top 20 class with a second year coach while coming off a 2-10 season. Their class ranking was the equivalent of UW's ( because they took fewer kids - that would have boosted their ranking). The up side to the type of recruiting that they're capable of doing now, is that even if they miss the first couple of years in new recruiting territories, you can bet that Hawk will make it payoff in the future with all his new contacts.

Finally, since I see Colorado, and UW as parallel rebuilding programs, I thought you might be interested in this article that not only talks about budget, but addresses the slow-start recruiting that you brought up the other day. Maybe more accurately, why some coaches think it's better to be more methodical, and not worry that they don't have any recruits at this time. Seem like any coach we might know? :)

Posted by BoiseTruth

1:23 PM, May 30, 2008


Here's the down side to being too patient, or methodical. If you read the 1st, 2nd, and 7th paragraphs I think it in some way shows why people get nervous when their team doesn't have some early recruits. It's kind of - if you snooze, you lose - with some recruits. Especially if it's an up year talent wise at their position. Gotta lock up that spot before someone else gets it.

Posted by Formerly Guest

1:34 PM, May 30, 2008


Thanks for those links.

I did not follow recruiting at all before checking out this blog last fall.

It certainly is hard as a fan to sit and watch other conference teams line up commits and not get nervous.

Posted by Dave

1:37 PM, May 30, 2008

I don't really know enough to say one way or another the impact of the recruiting budget, but in the spirit of playing devil's advocate, consider this: in the last two years UW has gone right into CU's back yard and recruited away Alvin Logan and Devin Aguilar, and now reportedly has "high" interest from Logan's younger brother Alex, one of CO's most highly sought after recruits for '09.

Posted by BoiseTruth

2:35 PM, May 30, 2008


As I've mentioned about local recruits a couple of times before, budget doesn't affect local recruiting quite as much as out of state recruiting. Not as much airfare, rentals, room and board for coaches, (airfare for recruits).

As for UW going into Hawks backyard and taking recruits, I'm not sure that happened. We got Logan, and Aquilar. Hawk got - Chance Blackman, Josh Smith, Markques Simas, and Kendrick Celestine. Are you absolutely certain that you would give up any two of those guys for Logan, or Aguilar? I'm not. Maybe those guys were more of a priority for him. Not to mention the fact that he also had to hold open a schollie for WR Scotty Mcnight. Mcnight was an invited walk-on, but one that Hawk new would be on schollie. Hawk, and Scotty's dad were good buddies at UC Davis. Hawk had offered a schollie to Scotty while he was still HC at BSU. The schollie was pulled due to a prank that Scotty pulled while still in HS. That's why he made him walk-on. It was a carry over from the prank, but his schollie was in the bag. Josh Smith turned out to be important not only because he's a good WR, but he just happens to be the uncle of last years #1 running back in the country, Mr. Scott, who also wound up at Colorado. With that in mind, would you swap out Smith for Logan, or Aguilar? I wouldn't.

As for younger Logan, I'm hoping he'll do the same thing Mr. Scott did, and go with family.

Posted by Dave

2:45 PM, May 30, 2008

From Hawk's perspective, I wouldn't swap out J-Bug for either of them, especially with the Scott connection. But I think the idea that it's a zero-sum game is false in this context. For example Aguilar was reported to have had an offer from CU, so on that one at least, he was a recruiting priority for both teams.

Posted by Guy

3:09 PM, May 30, 2008

For those with subscriptions to Dawgman or Realdawg, any recruits who are close to signing with UW, or who are expected to be offered in the near future?

Posted by Formerly Guest

3:12 PM, May 30, 2008

How good is younger Logan projected to be? It sounds like you are very up on this, obviously.

Posted by BoiseTruth

3:20 PM, May 30, 2008

He may have been a player Hawk wanted to have, but he may also have been a player that Hawk wasn't willing to wait on when his grades didn't come into line. Nobody knew for quite awhile whether or not he'd be able to qualify. Who really knows what happened. Maybe he just wanted to be in the PAC-10 instead of the Big-12.

Generally speaking, I don't give receivers a lot of weight. If you had told me we went into Hawks backyard and took Ryan Miller, Bryce Givens, or Jon Major I'd be pretty impressed.

Posted by Dave

3:34 PM, May 30, 2008

"generally speaking, I don't give receivers a lot of weight"

strange then that you just built your whole argument around Chance Blackman, Markques Simas, Kendrick Clestine and Josh Smith, who were all WR prospects.

Posted by BoiseTruth

3:42 PM, May 30, 2008

I don't have any inside info on Logan at this time FG. I've heard him referred to as one of the top safeties west of the Mississippi, whatever that's worth. I think the thing that makes he look good is the fact the he's get offers from multiple "big" conferences, so there are people all over that think he'll be able to play. Big-10, PAC-10, SEC, Big-12 have all offered, not to mention the lowly WAC. :) He has good speed, and the kind of size you look for in a safety.

Posted by BoiseTruth

3:47 PM, May 30, 2008

Wasn't it you who brought up the receivers? I just responded. Careful now Dave, that was close to cheap shot. Maybe this is too. We want to play nice right?

Posted by Dave

3:53 PM, May 30, 2008

Tone is hard to convey on the internet. I always enjoy your posts. I am sincerely not trying to flame you, just baffled as to what your point is here. If you think WRs don't mean anything that is fine. I am confused then as to why you would go to such lengths to build your argument around the WRs that Hawk got that year, when Aguilar was the one that he and TW both offered.

Posted by Formerly Guest

4:11 PM, May 30, 2008

BT and Dave,

I hope you don't end up pissing each other off, because I really enjoy your posts, and this board is better with you guys hanging around.

Posted by BoiseTruth

4:22 PM, May 30, 2008

Sorry Dave, I'm not trying to get on you either. I think your post saying that UW went in and "recruited away" implied that Hawk couldn't couldn't get it done. You said you were playing devil's advocate, so I played devils advocate in the opposite direction by countering your point, and trying to explain that there may be other reasons for what happened with Logan, and Aguilar.

As far as the weight remark, I think it's harder to find, and recruit top linemen, and linebackers. They are simple more of a priority for me than receivers. Therefore, I give them more weight. Games are controlled in the trenches. Obviously I'd love to have some top receivers especially due to fact that I have not been pleased with UW receivers of recent years. Hope that makes it more clear.

Posted by Dave

4:37 PM, May 30, 2008

It's all good.

I don't know that any of this really illuminates the matter of whether UW spends enough on the recruiting budget, either way. I will say this, for the last three years (classes '06, '07, '08) I think TW has done as well as we had a right to expect in recruiting, considering the situation he was recruiting to, with the exception of losing Mays and Schilling in '06. And they were locals, so there's no way the budget or lack thereof hurt us there.

The problems I have with TW are in other areas.

Posted by BoiseTruth

5:02 PM, May 30, 2008

Budgets aside, my thing is that I don't give a rats- rear- end about TW. I've got lots of things I don't like about him. What I care about is the success and health of the program long term. If that includes TW, Great. If that means TW should go away, Great. The welfare of the program is bigger than the coach for me. As a program, we've gone through this crap long enough.

I lobbied to give TW year 4 because I didn't want the national media putting down UW by saying TW got screwed again. That would help UW. I wanted to give him a fair shot (which I think 4 years is). If he can't get it done, I won't be losing any sleep over seeing him go. The other reason I lobbied for him (even though he pisses me off) is because I wanted that recruiting class to stay intact. We all saw how many recruits went soft at UCLA with their coaching change last year. They held it together, but I'm not sure UW could have done the same. The thought of not holding that class together was more unpleasant than keeping TW for another year.

Posted by BoiseTruth

5:05 PM, May 30, 2008

- wouldn't help UW

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