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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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April 1, 2008 3:07 PM

Taking a look at Florida

Posted by Bob Condotta

It's common for football coaches during the off-season to visit with other coaching staffs around the country, and the Huskies were no different.

UW offensive coaches recently visited Florida where they exchanged ideas on the spread offense with coaches there.

"We just studied some things,'' UW offensive coordinator Tim Lappano said today. "We went down there and exchanged some ideas with coach (Urban) Meyer for a couple days. It was good.''

Lappano said he was also able to study Florida QB Tim Tebow, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, and that he thinks Jake Locker is in the same class.

"He's right there, believe me,'' Lappano said, comparing Locker to Tebow. "He's right there. He's not far away.''

UW coaches also visited Missouri, apparently looking primarily at the defense of the Tigers, which improved drastically last season after Missouri coaches simplified the scheme a bit. Missouri runs a 4-3, and indications are that at the moment the Huskies are likely to stick with a 4-3 base while sprinkling in some 3-4 looks from time to time. UW's depth chart released today shows a 4-3 defense and coaches didn't mention lineups using a 3-4 in conversations with media today.

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Posted by 2tite4U FoSho

3:44 PM, Apr 01, 2008


TY Is the man with the plan

Posted by Ballard Bob

3:45 PM, Apr 01, 2008

I just LOVE how Ty is having all the coaches learn from some of the best. Ty is so smart for this. Tebow and Locker play similiar styles so it only makes sense to send them on a mission.

Posted by asd

3:49 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Anyone else remember that Locker and Tebow were both members of the same Elite-11 camp? That was one loaded camp!

Posted by Tired of negativity

3:53 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Ty has done nothing but earn and extension this off-season. We have been hearing rumors that Ty is going to get an extension soon. I hope it happens sooner rather then later.

He has recruited a great class and staff this off season, he has the players really going at it with conditioning and he has his coaches learning from the some of the best staffs. WOW is all I can say. I can't wait for the Spring game. I'm gonna be camped out early for this sucker. Seems like just yesterday we had so little talent that the final score was 3-0 for a Spring game.

That alone should tell you what an extremely impossible job this was when Ty was hired. FOUR MORE YEARS, FOR MORE YEARS!

Posted by Jellster B.

3:56 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Glad to see that Kirton has moved to the DL. Gives me hope we can at least have a servicable line. Kirton has a much better chance of making it to the show with this move. Really great move on Ty's part. I can't wait to see Kirton use his athletisism on defense. He could turn out to be a wrecking ball. I can actually see him playing Nose Tackle. 2008 is looking more and more like the season of the Dawg!

Posted by Beebop

3:58 PM, Apr 01, 2008

When you open a can of whoop-ass, Tyrone Willingham jumps out.

Posted by Posidawg

4:02 PM, Apr 01, 2008

I am so pumped about what this staff is doing. Thanks for all the time on your blog Bob. This has been a busy day and I am happy to read each post. It is so nice to read about all the good things that are happening at the UW this off-season.

Posted by 2tite4U FoSho

4:06 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Big cars, big wheels, big chains
Big pimpin, big money, big dreams
Dreams, Dreams
Big dreams
Dreams, Dreams
Big Dreams

2008 is the year Ty gonna take his misery out on da rest of the Pac. They best be hiding or they be riding their way to cuz Ty is jiving all up the five, give the man a dime.

Posted by Husky Chuck

4:10 PM, Apr 01, 2008

The rest of the country better look out if was start running the same offense that Florida runs. Locker will win the Heisman next. I could totally see Locker running for 2,000 and throwing for 3,000.

Locker is the savior and now is his time. He is going to rise out of the ashes to lead us too the promised land. Hallelujah my brothers, Hallelujah.

Posted by contemplative fan

4:17 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Now that the defense is shored up we are looking like a BCS team this year. Are we going to start running the same plays that Florida runs.

I like the spread, but I also like us just pounding it down teams throats. I'd like to see a misture of the two. Husky football has always been about moving it 3.4 yards on every down. We are back like a heart attack this year.

Go Dawgs and In Ty I Trust!

Posted by Bigdawg

4:18 PM, Apr 01, 2008

If this off-season keeps up we are going to have to call Ty, coach Winningham!

Posted by uw94

4:24 PM, Apr 01, 2008

So it looks like we are staying with the 4-3. I suppose it doesn't matter what you call it as long as we know the other team on their collective arses. I have not been this pumped about Husky football in a long, long time. Ty has put together one the best coaching staffs I can remember at the UW. The rest of the country better watch out. We can really surprise next year.

Our schedule is pretty tough so it might be more realistic to see us being a national player in 2009, but with Jake and Ty at the helm I can totally see us going to a BCS soon.

Posted by Purple Balls

4:29 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Paint it purple baby! We need to start coloring everything purple at Husky stadium. Anyone else notice all the nike green eveywhere? We can run some kind of commando art project where we paint everything purple...real purple, not that puke blue color that nike uses. I want our original grape colored purple we used in the 90s. Real purple. I'm sick of nike. Lets bring back the purple and crush people. Our next step should be to get rid of nike. Why are we letting the enemy design our junk, man? we should burn all our nike gear and get something that looks like it belongs. No more blue or weasels. I want grap purple and real bad ass looking dogs. BOW DOWN TO FRICKING WASHINGTON BABY

Posted by Husky19

4:36 PM, Apr 01, 2008

With Kirton moving, this just tells me one thing. Not that Kirton is going to be a contributor but rather how strong our TE position is for 2008!

With: Gottlieb, walk-on Romeo Savant and studs in Izbicki and Middleton, it is obvious that Kirton could be utilized better. But to move a 5th year player and a part-time starter only means that the coaches are super confident in the personnel.

I hope Kirton does well and makes a difference. Too bad he didn't move earlier, the guy can't catch but he is one hell of a jumbo type athlete!

Posted by Ty's NOT the man

4:49 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Settle down doggies. Willingham has created some off-season excitement. So what. It will all come crashing back to reality when you guys win 4 games again next year.

Posted by uw dude

4:51 PM, Apr 01, 2008

i hope lappano studied the way florida uses percy harvin (sp?) as a WR/RB. I'd like to see Polk used the same way since he can also play both positions.

Posted by Gary

4:54 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Moving Kirton indicates more creativity and fliexibility iis already going into the thinking about the defense than occurred all last season. Johnie is athletic, can run and can change direction quickly. If he can make the transition, he will have more success in getting into the backfield than the D line was able to generate last year. As one poster noted, it would certainly have been better to do this last year, but last year is gone, and this is a gamble that has only an upside. There was not spot for him at tight end or running back. Good sign that things are indeed changing.

Posted by Mike D

5:00 PM, Apr 01, 2008

contemplative fan:

"Now that the defense is shored up we are looking like a BCS team this year."

I'm sorry, when did that happen?

Posted by SpokaneDawg

5:03 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Johnie Kirton, I'd like you to meet Donald Jones.

Posted by Beebop

5:08 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Tyrone doesn't have blood. He is filled with magma. Tyrone uses pepper spray as breath freshener. Mr. T pities the fool. Tyrone rips the fool's head off.

Did I mention that Ty is a real badass?

Posted by Bigdawg

5:12 PM, Apr 01, 2008

It is about time we get rid of the weasel. Anyone else notice that the program started going downhill when we changed the logo? We changed it after the last rose bowl. I swear to god Nike figured out some kind of subliminal mind control image. Get rid of the weasel and bring back the color purple. Is it that hard to figure out what purple looks like?

Posted by mean_people_suck

5:12 PM, Apr 01, 2008

So is Ty getting an extension today or not?

Posted by mutt

5:18 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Some of you people(?)really and truly need to lay off the glue!!!!!!!!

Posted by uw94

5:29 PM, Apr 01, 2008

I don't think Ty is getting an extension today. We probably have to wait until the new AD is hired first. Emmert obviously likes what he sees but I think he has to take things slow because he is trying to play both sides right now. There is a small minority that wants to wait and see what Ty does this year, but they are pretty vocal so maybe he is trying to wait until after a big win to give him his extension. Emmert is a pretty wise leader.

Anyone else remember when Bab's gave Rick and extension after the 12 men on the field game? Talk about bad timing!

Posted by asd

5:32 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Nice to hear about the Florida news. Locker has more talent then Tebow ever thought about having. If Locker had the talent Tebow has around him, he would have won two Heisman awards last year.

Posted by Gary

5:46 PM, Apr 01, 2008

I agree. Bring back the same Husky logo that graced Husky Stadium when Sixkiller and Brunell and Moon and Entman played the game. Bring back real purple too. TIme to go retro; retro was when good things happened at Husky Stadiuml.

Posted by Warlock

5:46 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Morgan Rosborough and Jordan White-Frisbee are 700 pounds of man love pounding it up the middle. Screw the purple reign teams. We are going to be Purple Pain! Every team we play is going to get rammed up the middle till they cry for mercy, and then we will ram it again to humiliate them.

Our defense has to be improved this year, simply because it is statistically impossible to be worse. I hated our bend and break defense last year. It is so nice to hear we are going to attack and attack on defense this year. We might lose some big plays by blitzing, but I'd rather go down with our guns blazing then just trying to slow the other team down.

From all I have been hearing from people that are around the team, the kids all look like they have doubled in size. I had a friend tell me that the majority of the team has put on massive amounts of muscle.

I can really see us going far next year. Besides USC every other team in the Pac has some serious question marks to answer next year. Ty and company just might surprise the world in 2008.

Posted by Gant

5:49 PM, Apr 01, 2008


Now we all know you are really a coog. Only a coog would be so cheap as to know anything about sniffing glue. Even a duck can afford better. ROTFLMAO

Posted by boobie

5:57 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Wow, no one is mentioning that Ty and staff went and visited Gary Pinkel. One dawg helping another. Talk about a coup. I love how this staff has no worry about learning more from some of the best.

Last year we didn't have enough bullets in the chamber. This year we have a fricking loaded RPG. All we need now is to upgrade our body armor and we are good to go.

Posted by Purple Pain

6:09 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Lets just paint the whole damn stadium purple. If you ain't gonna take the track out anytime soon, do something for this year. Git er done!

Seriously, I wish the UW would just look like they were trying to do something with the stadium. I don't want to see anything but purple. Paint the seats, the concrete, the steel, everything...toilets, field. Seriously, who needs to see the gold? When is the last time anyone but a girl wore gold to a Husky football game anyway...and I agree about that stupid blue color they are trying to pawn off as purple. It reminds me of those "Yellow" semi-trucks you see driving around with the orange signs.

compare this with this

It is amazing how the color purple seems to have changed in the last 15 years. GET RID OF NIKE! If Emmert could do just one darned thing this year to make me happy he would get rid of anything reminding me of Nike, the weasel logo and that stupid blue color. I buy all the gear I wear at the games at Value Village because it's the only place I can find real Purple jerseys without a stupid weasel on it!

Posted by Norther Dawg

6:37 PM, Apr 01, 2008

A few evening thoughts:

1) I like seeing some enthusiasm. Now will folks please bring it to the stadium this fall for home games!? I want that place rockin' again!!! No more sitting on your hands!!!
2) I don't know where this extension stuff came up, but it seems like there's no reason to make any moves on this front until we're at least halfway into 2008 if not after the season.
3) I'm glad to see some creativity being applied here. We need our best athletes on the field. As an example, I think not having Kirton on the field has been a mistake. Maybe putting him on the D-line will allow him to utilize that size and athleticism!
4) WE SHOULD DROP NIKE COMPLETELY!!! THE UW SHOULD NOT GIVE ANY BUSINESS OR PROMOTION TO THE ENEMY! Frankly, every college that competes with Oregon in any way should seriously look at Reebok, Addidas, or elsewhere for their sportswear contracts. Screw Nike and the Nike Ducks!
5) I agree 100% about the weasel logo. (Yet another B. Hedges idiotic move.) Please bring back a real dog for our logo!!!
6) Please bring back purple and gold as our colors. Not ugly blue and "my kidneys are failing" piss-yellow. Our colors are PURPLE AND GOLD!
7) Let's get that stadium project going. And let's do it right. (Not half-assed.) We need to make our stadium the crown jewel of the Pac10 and the west coast. If we do it right, it will be worth it. Imagine going to the best football stadium on the west coast every fall to watch our Huskies whuup up on other teams.

I suppose that's enough for one post. Here's to at least 8 wins in '08 and then a top 10 ranking in '09!

Posted by Northern Dawg

6:38 PM, Apr 01, 2008

oops.... missed the second "n" in northern!

Posted by asd

6:59 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Funny, I though you were just making a play on words like with a Nor'Easter.

What is really funny is that so many of these Ty haters said they would never go to another Husky game if Ty was retained, and yet season ticket sales have gone UP. I'll bet most of them have never been to a Husky game in person let alone are even real Husky fans.

I think it is all a giant Nike conspiracy, orchestrated by Phil Knight, to try and keep us in the gutter. Paint it Purple baby, Paint it Purple.

Posted by Michael F

6:59 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Johnie Kirton the next Donald Jones?

I like the enthusiasm, but come on man.

Donald Jones ran a 4.5 forty and squatted 700 pounds.

Johnie Kirton is around a 4.9 at best and squats 12 packs of Krispy Kreme's every morning.

Posted by Tmh915

7:22 PM, Apr 01, 2008

No extension until we see what happens on the field and the scoreboard. But I am glad to see them doing some research. Anything on defense will be an improvement over the spread defense they had last year.

Posted by cougzzzz

10:12 PM, Apr 01, 2008

rogers > locker.

Posted by mutt

10:34 PM, Apr 01, 2008

Whats the matter Grant did I hit nerve, watch it Fred Flintstones sneaking up behind you...boogy..boogy! Me purple man, not red man!
Oh, one other thing, Elmer's glue doesn't work, so i hear.

Posted by MelloDawg

1:16 AM, Apr 02, 2008

To all those who think the news about Ty getting an extension was real: CHECK YOUR CALENDARS

April Fool's. most Typologists, you guys seem to believe anything that's put in front of you

Posted by Andre

2:44 PM, Apr 02, 2008

Not to rain on your parade here, but by what means do you think Ty will go much better? Really? He coached at Stanford when the pac10 was horrible, and had moderate success at best. Any time he crossed the path of any out of conference decent team he got crushed. Then he goes to ND, recruits some of the worst classes ND had ever seen. Even Ole Miss out recruited ND in those years, that's right OLE MISS!! Then, he comes to UW and the recruting ranks again drop through the floor. Not that recruting rankings are the be all end all, but UW went from a consistant top 25 recruting team into the 50's and 60's. Ty has offered 30+ scholarships to players with no other D1 offers. Sure this year was a decent haul, but also had 26 schollies to give, and ranked 24th by rivals.

No offense but proof is in the pudding. I've seen nothing in Ty's entire career to tell me he's nothing more than a great individual with mediocre coaching and organizing skills. I think being 6-6 w/an apple cup win would be a very successful season w/Ty. Sorry, he's not the man to bring the huskies back.

Posted by SpokaneDawg

5:50 PM, Apr 02, 2008


"He coached at Stanford when the pac10 was horrible, and had moderate success at best. Any time he crossed the path of any out of conference decent team he got crushed."

Really? Joey Harrington and Mike Bellotti might disagree. The 2001-2002 Ducks finished #2 in the nation. That was probably the greatest Duck team ever. They spent the entire year ranked in the top ten except for the week they dropped to #11 after Ty Willingham's Cardinal team beat them--in Eugene.

But you probably knew all this. Didn't you?

I can't wait for 08/30/08 (you're probably dreading that date just like all the other Ducks).

Posted by MelloDawg

1:54 AM, Apr 03, 2008

Ah yes, leave it to Spokane to always use Ty's record against Oregon while at Stanford to make him seem like a good coach at Washington.

Sound confusing? No kidding.

Posted by Dave

10:43 AM, Apr 03, 2008

If one game proves so much, what about his 3 losses to San Jose State during that era or the 69-17 beat down Texas put on the Rose Bowl team of '99?

Posted by MelloDawg

11:38 AM, Apr 03, 2008

Dave, shh, don't provide evidence which shoots down Spokane's paper-thin theory about why Ty was great at Stanford.

Posted by Dave

11:51 AM, Apr 03, 2008

Yeah, I actually think he did a good job at Stanford overall but taking the Ducks win out of context is misleading. And the bigger issue is, just because he had a couple of good teams at Stanford doesn't prove he is the guy to rebuild UW into a powerhouse, which is the task he took on here.

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