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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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December 29, 2007 8:28 PM

More on Neuheisel

Posted by Bob Condotta

Lots of interesting reaction out there on the hiring of Rick Neuheisel at UCLA has already surfaced so thought I'd pass some of that along, as well as some of my own thoughts.

First, here's a news story from the Orange County Register that notes that DeWayne Walker also has interest from LSU and Texas. So it may not be as simple as UCLA or UW for Walker. This story from the LA Times focuses solely on the Neuheisel-Walker angle and points out that keeping Walker will also be key to keeping UCLA's recruiting class intact.

Michael Ventre of says that UCLA will eventually regret the hiring of Neuheisel while Tom Dienhart of The Sporting News says hiring Neuheisel may not matter much for UCLA if the school doesn't decide to pay its assistants more as well as loosening academic standards. Pete Fiutak of Fox Sports says Neuheisel is "a proven winner,'' a point some of you might debate.

A couple of thoughts of my own:

--- First, I haven't heard anything from this end on Walker other than a general consensus that no one will be surprised if he stays at UCLA. His job security is probably better doing that than anywhere else he could go, which could be pivotal given his son's status as an incoming freshman.

--- The Neuheisel hire could also impact UW's search for a running backs coach. Dino Babers, a member of the UCLA staff under Karl Dorrell, has been rumored as a favorite for the spot even though he said last week he has had no contact. But his preference is probably to stay at UCLA and he has a previous relationship with Neuheisel, who tried to hire him at UW on at least one occassion (that was the one assistant position during Neuheisel's UW tenure that changed quite a bit). Another name I've heard for that spot is Kelly Skipper, who was WSU's RB coach for a few years under Bill Doba and is now with the Oakland Raiders.

--- Hard to imagine a time when the lineup of coaches in the Pac-10 has been more interesting --- Pete Carroll, Dennis Erickson, Neuheisel, Mike Bellotti and Tyrone Willingham have all coached teams to BCS bowls (all but Willingham on that list have won one) and then throw in Jeff Tedford, Mike Riley and promising newcomer Jim Harbaugh, and it's hard to imagine a time when it's seemed more interesting top to bottom.

--- Some of you have already pointed out that Neuheisel went 3-0 against Willingham while at UW. Those were some of the most memorable games of Neuheisel's UW career, as well. In 1999, UW beat Stanford 35-30 when Marques Tuiasosopo had his 300-200 game, and in 2000 UW came back to win the game when Curtis Williams was tragically injured. The 2001 game was interesting, as well. Stanford went 9-2 in the regular season that year, losing only to Washington State at home and at UW, a 42-28 Husky win that's closer than the final score indicates --- the Huskies scored a clinching TD with 10 seconds left.

--- Neuheisel was 33-16 at UW but what many close to the program think is more relevant is that he was 8-9 in his last 17 games. That was the period when the Huskies began not to be able to run the ball well --- they never topped 200 yards rushing in any of his last 23 games as UW's coach; and began to give up points in bunches --- UW gave up 30 or more points in eight of those games. One person close to the UW program once told me that they thought the best thing that ever happened to Neuheisel's coaching reputation was that he was fired in the manner he was, his theory being Neuheisel might have been fired in a year or two for on-field performance. Being fired for something else --- and at the time he was --- allowed him to merely point to his overall record of 66-30 as evidence of his coaching acumen instead of the fact that both UW and Colorado began to lose more the longer he was in control. Certainly, you can wonder forever what would have happened at UW had he stayed. The question I've always had is how much different the QB situation in 2004 --- the biggest factor in that team's going 1-10 --- could possibly have been? Neuheisel recruited all of those guys (Isaiah Stanback, Casey Paus and Carl Bonnell) and it was under Neuheisel's watch that Stanback was first moved to receiver. This isn't to be positive or negative about Neuheisel, merely to wonder what it was that he would have been able to do to make those guys succeed where Keith Gilbertson couldn't.

--- I recently talked to someone close to the UW program who told me that Neuheisel told him after the 2002 season that he (Neuheisel) knew he had to get tougher, acknowledging that discipline was an issue. That's why he went out and hired Phil Snow as co-defensive coordinator and Dan Cozzetto as offensive line coach, each tough, no-nonsense type of coaches who weren't the prototype "Neuheisel'' guys. Snow is now with the Detroit Lions, Cozzetto back with Erickson at Arizona State. Neuheisel was fired before UW fans got the chance to see how that mix would have worked. But it will be interesting to see what kind of staff Neuheisel puts together at UCLA.

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Posted by JYDAWG

9:19 PM, Dec 29, 2007

Good post Bob! Very interesting commentary!

Posted by SmallDog

9:21 PM, Dec 29, 2007

Think about it.......If you were coach Walker would you come to Dawgville for one year under T-Willy, and one more year under the new Dawg coach who doesn't want you? Duh....

Or, do you stay in Westwood, keep the same clothes,live in the same house, with your children in the same schools? Duh.....

Did anyone on the UW campus really think that a two year contract would attract a coach with options to sign on to this train wreck? Duh....

Posted by ???

9:25 PM, Dec 29, 2007

smalldog, bob's post has nothing to do with predicting Ty's future. Can you actually contribute anything relevant to the topic?

Posted by Tanarick

9:37 PM, Dec 29, 2007


Would DeWayne Walker consider filling the head coaching vacancy at WSU?

Posted by SmallDog

9:44 PM, Dec 29, 2007

Dear ???,

I'll type slower for you.....

I did....

Does anyone of us think that the program isn't challened in hiring due to the national perception that T-Willy is a lame duck?


Posted by Bread Winter [sic]

10:02 PM, Dec 29, 2007

SmallDog:: Your comment has been automatically tagged for comment.

When asking for a contribution, to state that 'the national perception that T-Willy is a lame duck' is incredibly presumptuous.

Pure fence-gossip folly.

Which is fine, but not a solid contribution. Sorry. The robot says so.


Posted by Ballard Amino Acid

10:06 PM, Dec 29, 2007

"That's ENTerTAAAINment!"

Newsy as UCLA coach? Are you kidding me? Can this offseaon get anymore entertaining? Look at the potential national, if not regional, spotlights warming up for next year.

A Pac-10 opener with Oregon

Oklahoma and the Schooner replays. (Send the 'W' car out with faux schooner siding. Take the penalty when we're up big.)

Notre Dame in Ty's house in year 4.

Now add Newsy returning to town, happy there's a track separating the fans and Bruins.

The return, once again, of Dennis Erickson. What's local wunderBoy got for year two?

New young fiery WSU coach in first Apple Cup. Be sure we're reminded how he hates purple.

It's just too good folks! It's Great Fun to be a Husky!

Ballard Freakin' Amino Acid

Posted by SmallDog

10:22 PM, Dec 29, 2007

Dear Bread,

Do you really think the statement is "presumptuous"?

Tell you what....jump up on the web and inquire with any of the beat writers from the other Pac-10, Big-10, Big-12 schools. Ask them how long T-Willy will be the Dawg coach...

That should give you a national view....

How deep is your head in the sand? Up to your ears yet?


Posted by Vegas Dawg

10:27 PM, Dec 29, 2007

I wasn't aware that Texas and LSU were both in the hunt for Walker. So what we now know if that he has a choice to stay at UCLA, or go to two other powerhouse programs, or move north and work for Tyrone.

Hmmm. I think Tyrone needs to look around some more for a DC.

Posted by good ol' george

10:58 PM, Dec 29, 2007

Like I said earlier, with Neuheisel in charge, whoever is QB will reach All-American status, but the running game will all but disappear. All those running backs who wanted to go to UCLA will end up somewhere else, knowing that wherever they go, they will actually carry the ball behind an offensive line that knows what they're doing.

Posted by RedDawg

11:58 PM, Dec 29, 2007

Not holding any grudges here against neu. Hopefully he's learned from his past mistakes and changes his "slick" ways for the ethical way. Time will tell. I seem to remember CU fans warning Husky fans about what he had done to their program and would do to ours. Ouch! Were they ever right. By the way, can somebody call Rick and tell him this is a non-contact period for recruiting? Couldn't resist. Go Dawgs!

Posted by rb

12:21 AM, Dec 30, 2007

small dog: making baseless claims followed with the disclaimer "duh..." does not make you sound any more credible. It does however make you sound like a moron.

Posted by MelloDawg

2:40 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Ah yes, rb is back.

11-25 Overall
6-20 vs Pac-10
1-8 vs NW Schools

What's it going to take for you next year accept Willingham needs to be given the axe? Try not to call people morons who actually pay attention to the statistics in front of them instead of blind faith.

Posted by ???

6:29 AM, Dec 30, 2007


First, learn to proofread if you are going to make comments like "I'll type slower for you."

Second, you are lying about Ty being a "lame duck", simply so you can slam him.

Third, Bob's post has nothing to do with the status of Ty.

So, as stated earlier, can you actually contribute anything relevant to the topic that Bob has posted?

Posted by ???

6:34 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Mello, the dude has also had 10 win seasons and conference championships.

your assumption that Ty is going to get the axe next year is simply an attempt to predict the future based solely on your hatred of Ty.

What makes you pathetic is all the people who challenged your selected facts in previous threads, and your inability to address those counterarguments. In consequence, you have zero credibility and your argument carries zero weight.

Posted by Saltherring

7:17 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Regardless of who is coaching UW in 3-4 years, we know one thing: that UCLA will be an easy win for us. Tricky Ricky will run UCLA's program into the ground like he did CU's and UW's. He will concentrate his recruiting efforts on big-name, nation-wide QB's, RB's and WR's and pretty much ignore the down-in-the-mud kids who make or break your program. While at UW, he expended so much effort on the Reggie Bush types that solid local players felt ignored and opted for WSU, Oregon, OSU and Cal. I'm betting he'll do the same at UCLA. Kids are wising up to flim-flammers like Neuheisel.

Posted by crapola

9:01 AM, Dec 30, 2007

USC coach said, they were a great program up there
(UW)....what's he trying to say?

Posted by Chris

9:01 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Ty Willingham is the definition of lame duck. Visit Coaches Hot Seat if you need confirmation.

Nice job security.

Posted by P&G

9:07 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Neuheisel, who cannot start to recruit until he passes an NCAA coaches’ exam, could be put to the test early given the number of wavering recruits in the Bruins’ Class of 2008.

Posted by Nebdawg

9:16 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Oh, if coaches hot seat says it, it must be so! They have a proven track record. They must talk to Emmert every day to get an update on TW's status.

Posted by tarn

9:25 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Great news with RN at we get to experience the penalty for 12 men on the field from the other side of the field...good luck Bruins will need lots of patience with all the drive stopping penalites you will experience during his tenure. God bless you UCLA!

Posted by NC Husky

9:25 AM, Dec 30, 2007

The Huskies should consider Ellis Johnson of Ms. State... He was the DC on Alabama’s last NC team. He also shut down Auburn, Alabama, Kentucky, Ole Miss, and UCF in the Liberty Bowl. Most pundits agree that defense is the strength of the team. With the exception of major west coast ties he is a rock solid DC.

Posted by Snow

9:47 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Of course Ty is a Lame Duck. Do you really think the new AD will want to be associated with this loser?
Unless Ty wins big in 2008, he is gone on Dec. 8, 2008.
If Emmert gives Tyrone the freedom to pick his staff, he will give the new AD the freedom to pick his own football coach.
Any AD with a clue will look at Tyrone and show him the door as soon as possible.
Coaches that have their teams stuck at the bottom of the conference year after year after year don't get to stick around.

Posted by Beaux Arts Husky

9:51 AM, Dec 30, 2007

At least Tyrone is #1 at something. Hottest seat of any coach in the nation. Congratulations Tyrone, you've finally accomplished something.

Posted by henry

10:15 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Why did you waste our time posting the coacheshotseat info about Willingham? It is obsolete: "We predict a 3-10 record for Washington in 2007, and we see no way in the world that Coach Willingham can survive..."

I guess TW's seat wasn't so hot.

Posted by LA Husky

10:20 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Hot Seat hasn't been updated in a while. The commentary is all mid-season stuff. Not to say he isn't still on the hot seat, but I doubt he'll get the ax after 2008, unless there is an obvious disaster. He's got another tough schedule, he's still rebuilding and he's got a bunch of young players. All the more reason to bring him back for season 5. I was a campaigner for TW getting the ax this season, but since it wasn't done this year, it's doubtful it will be done before his contract runs out. Doesn't make sense at this point. After 5 losing seasons in a row, no one will argue that TW needs to go.

Posted by RBDawg

10:20 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Give Slicky R a few years and he absolutely will
be in the NCAA doghouse for these reasons:

1. He has a law degree and it is in his "nature" to live in the grey areas of all rules.

2. The big bad NCAA remembers and won't forget. It won't be difficult to find discretions in his program.

3. Competing with USC for the top Cali recruits will take on its own competitive environment where he will feel compelled to win at all costs.

RB Dawg

Posted by Nebdawg

10:40 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Snow, how about Frank Beamer, he was 24-48-2 in his first 6 years, now he is 164-84-2 and has 15 consecutive bowl appearances. Va Tech made great decisions sticking with Beamer as he built the program, even though he had 6 years of failure to start with. There is a prime example that is 180 degrees opposed to what you said.
I agree with the posters who are basically saying Skippy, AKA RN will find a way to wear out his welcome after 3-4 years. He's dynamic but hasn't shown the integrity to last long term.

Posted by purple

11:15 AM, Dec 30, 2007

NC Husky: Ellis Johnson of Miss St is a brilliant idea. Any reason to think he would be interested? Also, if Walker is in the mix for Texas, that implies that Akina is out as DC. Never mind the Texas defense this year (they lost a lot of people on D to the NFL), Akina's Arizona defense was superb, and Texas has not exactly been a pushover in recent years.

Posted by Brad

11:26 AM, Dec 30, 2007

Another day where Walker hasn't said he is staying at UCLA. Which leads me to believe he is coming to UW.

Posted by Husky 2002

11:45 AM, Dec 30, 2007

The weasel is fools gold, and fucla is full of fools. I can't wait for the spring game. I wanna see Boyles, Aguilar, Logan, Chris Polk, Woods, Duncan, Aldrich, Richardson, Yakaboski, Griffin, Shuggert, Fancher, Armelin, Izbicki, Fouch and Locker in action. Should be fun to watch!


Posted by SamllDog

12:15 PM, Dec 30, 2007

Dear ???,

Are you a child?

Do you beleive in the Tooth Fairy?

Have you looked at T-Willy's lifetime coaching record?

If you have, what in it make you think next year will be any different?

When your parents get you up from your nappy let me know how you can rationally support your position.

Posted by SamllDog

12:19 PM, Dec 30, 2007

Dear RB,

If I was a moron....

I would blindly support T-Willy....

Think that next year will be different....

And, sign my posts "Go Dawgs"


Posted by NC Husky

1:05 PM, Dec 30, 2007


There are a ton of reason why Ellis Johnson would be interested. 1. He IS at MS. State. While he has belp a team that has been the doormat of the SEC return to a bowl game, it is very difficult to sustain that success while attempting to recruit SEC calilber talent to come to the "second" (after Ole Miss) or third school ( after Southern Miss) in the state. 2 He is a guy who would love to be a head coach at a major university. He is more likly to reach that goal as the author of the Top D at the first,second, or third place team in the PAC 10 than at a middle or lower end SEC school. 3 Big Market with great schools for his young kids. 4 The challenge of being in on something that is obviously going to be the next big thing in the PAC. 5 A large market where his work will be showcased on TV every Saturday.... I could go on but you get the idea. I just hope TW makes a run for him.

Posted by SnohomishRick

1:12 PM, Dec 30, 2007

Smnalldog has got to be Geno from the basketball blog. Same moronic and immature posts. It doesn't matter if you support Ty or not, try supporting the team and give up on the Ty bashing at least until we have a three or four game losing streak next year.

Posted by MattySimone

1:48 PM, Dec 30, 2007

Has anyone talked to walker? this is killing me? Bob whats the last word you heard?

Posted by Guest

1:49 PM, Dec 30, 2007

Such intra-program hatred on this blog needs a break of levity. So here is a humorous lead-in to the LA Daily News lead story on hiring RN for their coach:

"The running joke among many of UCLA's coaches is that the school's letters actually stand for the University of Compliance, at Los Angeles. That theory is about to get tested with the announcement Saturday naming Rick Neuheisel as the Bruins' new football coach."

Posted by SmallDog

2:00 PM, Dec 30, 2007

Hey SnohomishRick,

This has got to be Rick Fenney from the "I'm a Husky Felon" board right?

How's the weather in Sheridan? Oh, that's right, you've been released to a halfway house in Phoenix.

It must have been comforting to have fellow Husky felons Dean Kirkland, and Matt Jones in the same prison?

Have any stock tips?

Posted by mattysimone

2:57 PM, Dec 30, 2007

time to bump the offer to walker. WE HAVE TO LOCK HIM UP! I was just reading about all the kids that have committed to ucla and basically about 5-6 of the top commits 4-5 star players said if hes gone and eric scott the wr coach leaves then thats gonna change there mind. a few mentioned babers as well. 5 are studs on D and then another 6-6 wr. 3 years 1.8....lets go emmert! if ty is around two million then walker deserves top dollar as well.....time to spend some serious cash on coaches if they want a new stadium. I dont think people realize how much this could swing the program to get babers and walker to go along with TY. GO HUSKIES!!!

Posted by ???

4:19 PM, Dec 30, 2007


yes, I have looked at Ty's coaching record. Tell me a coach that has done better at Stanford in the last 40 years, including one of the greatest football coaches ever.

Are you a fortune teller? If not, then you have no clue how good Ty will do in '08. So stop pretending otherwise.

Posted by ???

4:24 PM, Dec 30, 2007

the above post should have read 35, not 40 years. Ralston was the last dude who made Stanford a solid team, and it took him 6 seasons to do that.

Posted by SmallDog

4:43 PM, Dec 30, 2007

Dear ???,

Montlake isn't Palo Alto is it?

Are you that desperate to prop up T-Willy?

If that's your standard why even keep score?

Let's phone Seattle Parks and see if the Dawgs can compete in the flag football league in 2008.

The "he was good at Stanford" matters why?

Keep that cranium shoved down in the sand! :)

Glad you're up from your nappy.


Posted by ???

5:01 PM, Dec 30, 2007


You just showed that you have to discount facts that you don't like to try to argue your position. In consequence you lose any credibility that you wish you had. The fact is, Ty guided the toughest programs to coach to being the best team in the conference.

That's more than enough credibility to disprove your fortune telling nonsense. Ty has not failed in '08, no matter what bs you try to pass around.

Posted by Dr. Bread, I Presume.

5:53 PM, Dec 30, 2007

Smalldog and other 'Lame Duck' appliers,

Ty has two years left on the contract. Hence he is not a 'lame duck' coach, despite what ANY beat writer, opposing recruiter/fan, or web site would like to state as their fact. Only the views of Ty's boss(es) matter and as of now he is on contract for two years.

We all know it COULD EASILY be his last year, (like duh..), but...
to take for granted as being true in the absence of PROOF to the contrary that Ty will be fired with one year remaining is, by definition, presumptuous. No really. I googled it up.

Now I don't have anything against being presumptuous. That's half of what we got in sports entertainment and it's fun to do. But you asked.

And BTW, the sand is only at my feet and it feels good. Very warm. Thanks for asking.

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