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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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October 21, 2007 12:59 PM

Ranking the Pac

Posted by Bob Condotta

Here are this week's rankings:

1, Oregon --- Now rank third in the nation in rushing defense. Will be fun to see how USC tries to deal with that offense this week in Eugene.

2, USC --- Getting healthy, and Mark Sanchez may have just Wally Pipped John David Booty. Trojans looked like old selves again against Notre Dame.

3, Arizona State --- Showdown with Cal this week doesn't have quite the marquee value now, and may be a lot more winnable for the Sun Devils. But ASU will have to make do without Ryan Torain.

4, UCLA --- Maybe the most bizarre team in college football. Looks like they need to decide to just make Pat Cowan the number one QB for good and get that over with. UCLA now heads to Pullman where it has struggled through the years, losing five of the last seven times.

5, Cal --- Quick fall for the Bears, from BCS contender to middle-of-the-Pac-10. Defense just sixth in the Pac-10.

6, Oregon State --- Off-week to get healthy and now a home game against Stanford that could put the Beavers in good shape for a bowl game.

7, Stanford --- But the Cardinal keeps playing plucky ball and obviously won't be an easy win for anyone. Has lost only 11 turnovers, one reason it is staying in games.

8, Arizona --- Falling fast, but the Wildcats do have a conference win, something UW and WSU can't say.

9, Washington --- Remember when the front seven was being portrayed as the strength of the team?

10, Washington State --- A bye week to prepare for a home game with UCLA that may be the last chance to really make anything of the season.

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Posted by stankoniaks

1:25 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Yea, the Huskies are maybe showing more aptitude in hanging with these highly ranked teams for the first half when they wouldn't have the last couple years. But they're getting destroyed in the 2nd half. They simply aren't making halftime adjustments and that's all on the coaching staff. Is this team really that much better than the last few years? I mean sure they hang around for a bit, but they're losing these games by double digits and even in the USC when they were close, did u ever feel like they were going to win?

College football, unlike the NFL is one where upsets are more prevalent and can happen any week(i.e. Stanford-USC, South Caroline-Vandy, Colorado-OK). But in all of Willingham's tenure does he have a signitare win? NO.

The kids are ill-prepared and that goes on the coaching staff. Willingham seems like a great guy, but maybe the AD at Notre Dame was right.. Maybe Ty is the best coach from Sun-Friday. He just doesn't seem to inspire his players on Sat.

Time to move on. Bring in Mora.

Posted by rtk

1:28 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Bob, any read on how the players re reacting to the loss? I have a very bad feeling that if they lose to Arizona, we are going to see a lot of internal strife. I hope not, because there were enough good things on offense to give hope that the last half of the year might signal a turn around. But that will only happen if the tendency to give up big plays by the defense can be corrected. I think we all knew that the offense would have some problems, but the absolute stoning the defense has taken beginning with UCLA (a team that could not mount a succesful ground attack against Notre Dame) is stunning. If Arizona finds a way to beat the Huskies, I'm really afraid everything will come apart. If that happens it can carry over to next year and things will just spiral out of control. This team can still win but they have to hang together, which, under the circumstances, is a lot easier said than done. I say, stay togther kids, we're behind you - forget yesterday, it's nothing - it's your tomorrow that is important.

Posted by ryan

1:47 PM, Oct 21, 2007

i can't help but feeling like a loss to arizona will start a gilby-esque collapse (if it hasn't already started based on player comments this week).
w/ coaches & our genius AD continually talking about how our players just aren't good enough i have a hard time believing they are going to continue to put in maximum effort - which is already in question on the defensive side.
arizona on saturday just may turn out to be the biggest game in Ty's tenure.

Posted by david

1:56 PM, Oct 21, 2007

hey rtk and ryan, why would you think the huskies will lose to arizona this weekend? that is some pretty negative thinking. arizona is either as good (bad) as or worse then syracuse and boise state, and the huskies beat them. there is no reason to think the huskies wont win this season. arizona is not close to as good as the teams who have beat the huskies this season.

but thanks for being negative.

Posted by ryan

2:00 PM, Oct 21, 2007

where did i say i think we will lose? please point that out to me. there's no reason to believe we'll lose saturday, UNLESS (as stated), the mental state of the team has plummeted, which wouldn't come as a shock based on statements from last week. is it really that hard to understand?

Posted by Worst team ever

2:20 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Does anyone here really still think we are better than boise st? Not a snowball's chance in hell. We gave up 465 yards AT HOME. Arizona WILL beat us next week and i really find it hard to believe that we are going to win another game this year.

Posted by J-Dawg17

2:33 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Breaking News!!!

We are reporting from the campus of the University of Washington. Earlier this morning when students and staff were arriving, they heard a faint moan coming from the direction of Husky stadium. When officials got there they noticed a man hanging from the flag pole by his underwear. After he was taken down it was confirmed that this is the Universities Athletic director. After being evaluated by medical personnel it was determined that he is suffering from (PTSD) All he wants to do is curl up in a ball and rock back and forth stating PLEASE NO MORE 91 PLEASE NO MORE 91

Posted by truth

2:45 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Worst team ever,

Quick correction. You guys gave up 661 yards. That was the second most ever given up at Husky Stadium.

go ducks

Posted by Cougar Pride

2:52 PM, Oct 21, 2007

You Huskie fan tink your so good with your stuff all. I want you to nknow that the Cougs will prov you all rong and win Apple Cup hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Locker will get hurt and the regurgince will go down like dead.

Cougar Pride

Posted by greenlake Dawg

3:04 PM, Oct 21, 2007

You must be a Cougar, do you even read what you write? Go back to grade school idiot. That was a dumb question, you can't read either.

Posted by VanWa SunDodger

3:18 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Interesting Bob's got UCLA at #4. With no losses in the Pac-10 and a scrappy Cowan at the helm, the conference title is theirs to lose.

When USC hands Oregon it's 2nd Pac-10 loss on Saturday, it'll be down to the Bruins, Trojans, and Sun Devils.

Posted by matty

3:29 PM, Oct 21, 2007

My first post here...For the sake of brevity, I'll stay away from the nuts and bolts, and stick to big-picture issues. Steve Kelley says that "as they...begin the softer part of their schedule, it is time to start winning." No doubt, but let's not kid ourselves. The next six games are surely easier than the last six, but they're hardly cakewalks--even WSU, in what will be Doba's last game. And truthfully we haven't been that close in the last five. Jake and the O is coming around nicely, but without a major improvement in the D, this team will be hard-pressed to match last year's 5 wins, even with an extra game.
But we have to realize that, for better or for worse, we're stuck with Tyrone Willingham for now. The program simply can't endure another coaching change, another lost year of recruiting, another change of systems. And I'm not sure that Mora or anyone else with other options would want to come in and try to clean up this mess. We'd most likely end up where Oregon State was in the '80's; a conference doormat with no end in sight. But if Tyrone Willingham isn't coaching for his job the rest of the way, Kent Baer is. This is not a well-coached defense, and that's putting it mildly. And boosters and donors have to use the stadium upgrades as leverage, and demand changes before they open their checkbooks.
As for Coach Willingham, he'll be back next year, but we've got to see an improvement in recruiting, and it has to begin at home. Stealing California kids away from Nevada and San Jose State is not going to cut it. Like it or not, we're not in a position to get a lot of blue-chip kids down there; but we've absolutely got to get those kids from Lakes, and we've got to get all of those good d-lineman from the state. Obviously, we need them, and they'll have a chance to play right away. And our one big recruiting advantage right now is that the cougs are in even worse shape than we are. Otherwise, Locker will be like John Elway was at Stanford. I'm willing to give Willingham his five years, but unless I see some real tangible gains other than #10, there better not be any talk of an extension. And if Willingham can't turn the corner in that much time, not only does he need to go, but Turner needs to go with him. I'm as progressive as the next guy, and I do think that divesity has intrinsic value when it comes to faculty, but coaching is a strait-up, bottom-line deal. This ain't Vanderbilt, Todd, we need W's. Period.
That being said, there's still plenty of time to turn it around and the jury is still totally out on the Tyrone Willingham era. And where there's Jake, there's hope. GO DAWGS!

Posted by HuskyNationNYC

3:40 PM, Oct 21, 2007

FROM RJ LAST: I see a team that is getting better. I see a team that doesn't quit. You think the 2005 version of the Dawgs would have come back and tied tonight's game at 31. We tried an onside kick with just under 6 minutes in the game. A bold move designed to try and win. We lost to a more talented team, the 7th ranked team in the nation. Patience Huskies, the W's are coming again.

AGREED RJ..our d has made a mockery of things but the o is starting to get it done. W's are coming and I am not too worried about it. Dont count me amoung those that jump on and off the bandwagon. CHEER YOUR TEAM, THEY GET IT.

Posted by Mallory

3:42 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Yes. The Huskies are even better than when they beat Boise. Boise has played nobody. Not a single team that has so much as one vote in any poll. Boise is the second-lowest ranked team the Huskies have played. Boise gave up 67 points to Nevada, for god sake. Boise had Ian Johnson when they played Washington, they don't now. They suck and Boise fans just don't know it because of the schedule.

Posted by jh

3:55 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Someone recently brought up on another one of BOB's listings the definitive quote from Willingham's ND years that I had forgotten. It was stated by the ND AD, Kevin White - who recruited Willingham from Stanford - after the President and Board of Trustees went around White and fired Willingham after three years (and, coincidentally, a #42 listing in the national recruiting wars). The quote was that, "Coach Willingham was a terrific coach...Sunday through Friday". Ring a bell?

Posted by Toby Weymiller

4:04 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Willingham needs to go. His defense is embarrassing.

Posted by Sven

4:21 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Should UW and WSU be tied for 11th?

Posted by stankoniaks

4:22 PM, Oct 21, 2007

JH, I brought that up. look at the first post.

The Huskies have had a ridiculous schedule, and thus far they've basically lost to teams that had more talent than them. But there are some coaches taht seem to inspire players.. and get them to seemingly play above their talent. Dennis Erickson comes aross as one of those guys. I know ASU's schedule hasn't been difficult thus far, and they will be tested the next 4 weeks, but who thought they'd be 7-0 and moreso, win each game rather handily (except a close one to Wazzu)?

Posted by Bronco fan

4:29 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Keep Boise out of your whinning. Don't try and drag them into your cesspool. Your team is botton feeding this season and no bowl in sight.
Our coaches will take the scheudle dealt them, the lower caliber players brought in after your Pac 10 claim all the higher ranked ones and make the most out of what they have. That would be a winning program that can make it to the bowl season. Fix your own program before you worry about the ones that don't need fixing.

Posted by stankoniaks

4:35 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Despite our complaints, UW is more talented than Boise State, hence the sentiments that we've beaten the teams we were more talented and should have beaten. I don't know why anyone is therefore bringing them up.

Did anyone see the ending of the LSU-Auburn game? Does Mildes have balls or what?

Posted by greenlake Dawg

4:36 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Hey Bronco fan. Why is your turf Blue? Because it reminds America how little you guys really are. Go to your WAC Blog so you can be big boy in the play ground.

Posted by Normy

4:46 PM, Oct 21, 2007

If I were a Huskie I would lobby for Mallory as A.D. She would be a vast improvment.

Posted by Bronco fan

4:47 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Snappy one greenlake. Did you stay up all night after the game thinking that one up?
I never saw the sign saying "UW bloggers only, let us do our whinning alone".
You are more then welcome to come onto a BSU blog and and brag up your deason.

Posted by dh

4:54 PM, Oct 21, 2007

There is a big difference between losing to a better team and getting crushed physically. For whatever reason, lack of talent or the passive approach to playing the game that the coaching staff teaches, this team does not play physical football. Seen any big hits delivered by anyone wearing purple this year? When the opportunity is there to put a hit on the opponent the Dawgs don't take it. This team pushes people out of bounds and rides people down, they don't administer any punishment to the opponent. Once the team stops playing touch football and starts to enjoy the thrill of hitting again they will start to rebuild the program.

Posted by J-Dawg17

5:09 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Another idiot shows his colors. Way to spell Bronco fan.

Posted by Huskywannabe

5:10 PM, Oct 21, 2007

First off my disclaimer: I did not attend the UW. I went to a small school near by which had 0 sports teams.
However, my teacher/mentor was a UW grad and rabid Husky FB fan. I had to learn really fast which player played where and
know all the players names. The QB then was Tom Flick. I have been following Husky Football since the Six Killer days. Remember Robin Earl, what a stud full back! I think he started out as a tight end, but its been so long I can't be sure.

Ok, end of disclaimer.

Is it okay for me to comment now?

Actually, I just have a few question and observations as I haven't played Football for forty years now. Which was high school.

1. The coaches are saying the defensive line was worn down
because Orygun had the no huddle. Question: Why didn't
Baer put in alternating units on the D line every other series?
The younger players are the ones they have recruited and are
said to have real talent. They just need experience. So, why
weren't these younger D line players mixed in with the
Seniors on alternating series?
There were also lot of three and outs for the offense in the
first quarter so, wouldn't it have made sense to alternate
defensive players and keep the D line fresher for the 4th qtr?
Also, it would have given these players some experience
for next year.
Lastly, in the first quarter, why didn't the coaches call a time
out to give the defense a break, or substitute, or give the D
some coaching or maybe just a rest. I don't think the
Dawgs used all their first half time outs did they?
Of course this is a lot of hind sight on my part. I was just
sitting on my fat a$$ on the couch with my chips and beer.
We could never expect the coaching staff to have the time
to think ahead and plan on using time outs if needed.
Besides, who would have know Orygun would use a no
huddle offense.

2. In the third qtr. when the Dawgs had scored a TD, had
stopped an Orygun series and were seriously moving down
the field running the ball. It seems to me the offense had
the ducks on their heels. Then, a long bomb was called and
of course was intercepted. That was clearly Lockers fault!
From my perspective, this is where the momentum changed
from the UW to the U of 0's. Does anyone else agree?

3. Lots of you are saying the onside kick was not a big deal. I
kind of disagree.
I say kick it down field and again put in younger, fresher
defensive players. There might have be an incomplete pass
or some other event when the Dawgs could have substituted.
Heck they had time outs left to sub didn't they? Let the kids
have a go at it rather then gambling, throwing in the towel
or grasping at staws. You can insert what ever analogy you
want here.

4. Another question: I know Orygun has a great offense, but I
was not impressed with their defense. Which is why they will
not win against S.C. next week. How, would anyone else
here rate the Orygun defense compared to the other teams
the Dawgs have lost too the last few weeks?

5. I know for myself, I am sick of picking up the paper everyday
and reading a headline on A1 that says "Stay the course,
victory is near". But now, you are telling me, I am going to
be reading this same headline in the times sports page for the
Dawgs? "Stay the course, victory is near".??

Okay, thats all from this non UW poster stuck in Duck country. I do thank you for letting me express some thoughts about your team. There are a of us out here that bleed PURPLE and GOLD even though we didn't attend your fine Institution.

Good luck to the Dawgs next Saturday.


Posted by Nebdawg

5:12 PM, Oct 21, 2007

I'm upset our blog has been hijacked by: Duck fans who are so classless they can't just beat us and move on, (like their team will). Bronco fans, who, even though we kicked their butts, still think they're better than us, (kind of like the black knight in Holy Grail); illiterate Cougar fans, who can't put a thought together, and husky fans who sound like they'd rather we lose, just so we can justify firing the coaches and AD. Husky fans are even responding to the one who won't be named here. Unbelievable!

Posted by Mike

5:19 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Nebdawg, what classless comments are Duck fans making on this blog entry? I might have missed one, but I just scanned through and I can't find any.

Posted by Nebdawg

5:25 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Mike, the idea that duck fans are on the husky blog is classless as far as I'm concerned. Note the title Husky Football Blog. Is there a Duck football blog, not sure because I haven't been out looking for one. There are no rules to keep dusk fans out, so I'm sure they have every right, but I don't log on looking for any insight from duck fans.

Posted by Mike

5:36 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Okay, go check some of the Oregon blogs, there were plenty of "classless" Huskies on those prior to the game.

This is a Husky football blog, you're right. However, it's not a Husky Fan forum, it's here to provide info and commentary on Husky football. Speaking of Husky football, who did the Huskies last play?

Posted by FloridaHusky

5:36 PM, Oct 21, 2007

To all you guys complaining about people calling for Ty's replacement, ANSWER ME THIS:

If you have the worst kickoff coverage in the PAC-10. And it has been evident since game 1 with teams consistently starting drives on the 35-50 yard line... What would you do as a GOOD head coach?

See the problem?

Inability to recognize problems and correct!

Posted by mora09

5:43 PM, Oct 21, 2007

You're right on Florida, Tyrone either doesn't see problems, or he has no idea how to correct them. Whatever the case, enough is enough. I used to think he deserved at least 2008 to get this thing fixed. Now I think things are really on the verge of total collapse. If that happens, he must go at the end of this season. You could tell on the first play of the game yesterday how things were going to go when we gave up that kickoff return to around the 40 yard line. By the way, I've seen many college kickers this year still able to get it into the end zone on kickoffs. Ballman only gets it to the 5 or 10.

Posted by Ducktransfer

5:49 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Jake....transfer to Oregon. You only lose one year of eligibility, but you end up with a shot at the National Championship and the Heisman. I am telling you...become a Duck. Get out of this loosing situation before your career is ruined. Uncle Phil will give you a big Nike contract once you graduate and head to the NFL... transfer to Oregon. all Washington star these blogs...look at all the complaining. The fact that you will be playing in run down facilities with a track around the field for your whole career if you become a Huskie. Go to Oregon.

Posted by socal husky

6:05 PM, Oct 21, 2007


Beautiful town Eugene is, but you guys are idiots.

Posted by Ducktransfer

6:19 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Okay...a very fast job of hammering out the comments, but while you are correcting spelling errors and grammer....the best football players are thinking about heading to Oregon. I hope the Huskies had a bunch of recruits in to watch the Ducks play.

Posted by Tarn

6:27 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Matty, great post...very insightful! There are some idiots here but an idiot you are not. Keep posting for balance...

Posted by Sea Legs

6:33 PM, Oct 21, 2007

I think recruiting is a little over rated at this point. Even in the UW hey day, we were NEVER in the top 10-15 in the country in recruiting. I am more deeply concerned about the lack of conditioning. These guys need to get bigger and stronger so they are not a half step away from making tackles!

Posted by lockerfan

6:37 PM, Oct 21, 2007

i'm pretty sure it wont be UO that jake ends up transfering to, if im hearing right he's been talking to lloyd carr about going to UM more then the rumors of tennesee

Posted by Shut up Ty haters

6:37 PM, Oct 21, 2007

All you Ty, Turner, and Husky haters/doubters, shut up! Stop peeing your pants because we lost to another top-10 team. When you're rebuilding a program as fragile as the one Ty and Turner inherited you are given no favors by playing the schedule we were given. The most important thing is that the people who matter (players) say they believe 100 percent in Willingham. You people who say Dennis Erickson is a football God at ASU? The program he took over was in way better shape than the Dawgs, and they played patsies until they played the Dawgs last week. If we had their schedule we'd have built up the confidence by now to win some big games. Our schedule allowed ZERO room for error, and that's a lot to expect right now from our guys. So to all you impatient fans that expect Willingham to win against the nation's best RIGHT NOW, SHUT UP!! You'll be the same people that are kissing his butt in two years when the program is much better. Take some stability pills.

Posted by Get a clue

6:44 PM, Oct 21, 2007

One more difference Shut up Ty haters, Erickson is in his 1st year, Tyrone is year 3 and Erickson almost has as many wins already as Tyrone.

Posted by woofman

6:49 PM, Oct 21, 2007

It's time to make a major change for the sake of the future of Husky athletics in general and our beloved football program in particular. Nebraska has shown us the way. Sack Todd Turner and initiate a candid, honest evaluation of the present state of Husky football: Coaches, players, recruiting program. We don't have Dr. Tom in the wings; We have one better: Don James. Bring him in as an interim Athletic Director with the primary reponsibility of evaluating the football program. If DJ says stay the course and honor Tyronne W's contract, then it is the right thing to do. If he says wholesale changes are in order, then move forward and cut the losses.
So why not just fire Willingham and staff and get on with it? Fairness. Is three years really enough given the tumultuous end of the Neuheisal era and the acknowledged weakness of Gilby's last recruiting class and Willingham's first?
So why throw Turner under the bus? Because we have seen his hole-cards and they are disengenuous. Is Todd Turner, aka, PC Slick, capable of giving us an honest evaluation of the state of Husky football and making hard decisions? No. His version of truth is telling the Husky nation what he thinks we should hear. His blog musings reveal that he is more interested and excited about hob-knobbing with his friends back east than burning the mid-night oil for Husky athletics. Most anything that comes along in his personal or professional life seems to be more important than his AD responsibilities. At least he is up-front about this, but it reveals Turner's loyalty to the UofW is a mile-wide and an inch deep. I'm not saying that Turner - and Willingham, for that matter - should be working 16 hour days with a cot at the office like Jeff Tedford does. Not to worry. Won't happen in either case. The picture of our AD is crystal clear - a twilight smoozer,yes. A mid-night oil-burner, no.
The bigger questions is what has Turner done to date except drive the Husky football further in the ground? We have seen grandiose plans that don't have a chance of coming to fruition unless Phil Knight moves to Seattle and becomes a Husky. And then there is the cowardly and incorrect decision to solve budget problems by raising ticket prices at the most inopportune possible time, thereby driving away working-class Husky fans. (Wouldn't it have been more courageous - and fair - to hold the line on pricing with the understanding that only loss of season ticket sales would necessitate an increase in price?) Turning his back on less well-heeled Husky fans still rankles. Meanwhile our AD has retreated to UofW's administrative mahogany row, comfortably entrenched as a member of the oligarchy with platinum credit cards and private club memberships at the ready.
Sacking Turner and bringing on DJ as an interim AD would signal that the school is firmly committed to doing what it takes to right this almost capsized ship. And it would serve as an apology and acknowledgement that mistakes were made to Husky fans everywhere.
So when should Turner's ticket be punched? At the end of the season. Sooner, given a loss/lack-luster effort against Arizona, Stanford or Wazzu. Immediately if contract extension and Tyronne Willingham are used in the same sentence.

Posted by teak

6:52 PM, Oct 21, 2007

They play hard and never give up. They put in a great effort every game. Their effort as individual and as a team is admirable. It is difficult to train hard, practice hard, and play hard and the effort not be reflected in the win column. That the team is not as deep as some of the other teams in the conference is no fault of these young men. The coaches need to come up with schemes and rotations that help our guys stay in the game in the second halves when game fatigue exaggerates the disparity of depth. Lets continue to encourage and support our guys and acknowledge their very significant work and effort.

Posted by Shut up Ty haters

6:58 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Get a clue,

Do some homework before you crown Erickson. Give him a program with the same recent history of the Huskies and the Huskies schedule and then maybe your comment would have some merit.

Posted by DawgAlum

6:59 PM, Oct 21, 2007

I'm reading a book titled "Saturday Rules" by Austin Murphy. He spends 2006 following USC and Notre Dame, among others. There is an alarming quote from Brady Quinn when he was under Tyrone. Steve Slate, Quinn's uncle, says that Brady commented, "I really don't feel like I'm being coached." Slate replied, "You're 19 years old. What do you know about it?" Later, Slate said, "In hindsight, I thing Brady had a point." I sure hope we don't squander Locker here under Willingham's regime...

Posted by SoCal Dawg

7:09 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Sea Legs, see my post on the previous thread. 1980 UW recruiting class was ranked #12 in the country.

Posted by Claire

7:18 PM, Oct 21, 2007

I'm throwing in the towel.....jumping off the bandwagon and hitching myself to the Sun Devil wagon for now. Might as well get a good thing while the good thing is happening. Sorry mutts.
When they hire a young, progressive, personal, and inspirational coaching staff....I will be back!!

Posted by Irwin Fletcher

7:33 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Remember people, everyone said with a FR. QB and the toughest schedule in the nation, 7-6 would be a great year. So that means that 5-8 or 6-7 could be considered a decent campaign. Let's see how these next 6 games go before throwing in the towel. If we can't get 3 or 4 wins against AZ, Stanford, Ore. ST, WSU and Hawaii, then all these attacks on Tyrone, Turner, and Lappano might have merit. Didn't mention Baer because he deserves criticism and a pink slip right now.

Posted by iowa husky

7:58 PM, Oct 21, 2007

dam, I love the fact that literally the entire top end of the pac 10 is in the past for the Huskies. A strong finish will mean a bowl game! go dawgs!!!

Posted by dhdawg

8:02 PM, Oct 21, 2007

I agree with the comments about AD Turner putting the burden of money rasising on the backs of the loyal season ticket holders during the worst of time.

Posted by dhdawg

8:10 PM, Oct 21, 2007

And then there is the cowardly and incorrect decision to solve budget problems by raising ticket prices at the most inopportune possible time, thereby driving away working-class Husky fans. (Wouldn't it have been more courageous - and fair - to hold the line on pricing with the understanding that only loss of season ticket sales would necessitate an increase in price?) Turning his back on less well-heeled Husky fans still rankles.

I agree.

Posted by kdawg

9:15 PM, Oct 21, 2007

For all of you saying ASU is a surprise, remeber, the last two years they underachieved under Kotter

Posted by matty

9:35 PM, Oct 21, 2007

Tarn, thanks, buddy. And you're right, there's definitely no shortage of idiots on this blog. S.U.T.H., sounds to me like you're the one who needs to take your meds, dude. But let me point out that there is definitely an alternative to the grim scenario that I and others have outlined. If the current freshmen and sophomores all commit totally to an offseason strength and conditioning program, if Middleton, Kearse and the other top in-state kids decide to stay home and turn this program around, if we get a dynamic young DC with an aggressive, smash-mouth style; then, yeah, we most definitely could be contending for a Rose Bowl and a national championship within a year or two. I mean, this is the University of Washington we're talking about! We have a great tradition, tons of money, the best freshman in the country, and we're the flagship university in a state that produces great high-school talent every year. Of course it can happen, and if I didn't think it could, I'd be calling for Willingham's head, regardless of the consequences.
My point is that if it's going to happen, it's got to happen NOW. These next six games are much more important than they might seem, and this off-season is probably the most critical in the history of Washington football, and definitely the most important in Tyrone Willingham's coaching career. We don't get to sign Jake to five-year deal, you know. What I'm saying is that what we, as fans, alums and boosters, can do is make sure that Turner feels the heat every day that he sits in that AD's chair, because we all know that it rolls down hill. You want the stadium upgrades, make the changes and make it happen. Everyone in this program needs to understand that this year, there's no off-season. This year is make-or-break. If they do it, they'll get more than a new stadium, they'll all get bronze plaques on the stadium walls. Otherwise, maybe we need to listen to woofman's idea.

Posted by Shut up Ty haters

10:42 PM, Oct 21, 2007


Don't know if you've ever been around a D-1 football program before but these dudes never have an offseason. All that rah-rah stuff might work for a pop-warner league rally cry but only gets a passing glance from the big boys that actually make a difference around here. Yes, the absolute key is starting with getting the local talent to stick around and then going from there. But this whole build a stadium/win football games thing goes hand in hand and IS a multi-year process that you, I, and everybody in Husky Nation need to understand. Take a step back, folks, and recognize that the team is getting better every game. Some only seem able to evaluate a team based on what they see in the W-L column and for some reason are naive enough to not factor in the quality of opponent. It disturbs me that sports-talk radio and newspapers acknowledge the bloggers out there who know so little and yet are blowing their tops and making themselves heard.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

6:50 AM, Oct 22, 2007

Why isn't anyone talking about how pleased they are with Lappano, he called a great game! That screen pass was the best call by far. Jake and Rankin played very well and Reece/Russo did pretty well too. Gottlieb had a nice catch or two. Our OL isn't quite there yet. We'll get a better defense but Baer still has to go. There is no excuse for giving up that many rushing yards to any team. He is the weakest link on the staff and TW should get a top-notch DC! We'll beat Arizona, have a chance to upset a reeling Cal at home, and will also beat Stanford and WSU. The OSU and Hawaii games will determine if we go bowling. Lappano is clearly coaching up Locker as he was making smart moves in throwing the ball away instead of trying to force it like young QBs do sometimes. Recruits love Ty and he has very good assistants like Lappano, Tormey, Hart, Williams, and Baggett. He needs to replace one or two other guys to have a truly stellar staff cause he's the general who trusts his lieutenants and gives them autonomy. Not all are good enough to have that autonomy so they need to go b/c they are holding TW back.

Posted by Sven

7:15 AM, Oct 22, 2007

Assuming a win over Stanford is foolish right now.

They have as many Pac-10 road victories this season as Ty has in his entire Washington tenure.

Ty has kept Baer for eight years (three different jobs). His failure to hold Baer accountable for past debacles is coming back to haunt now.

Posted by Sea Legs

9:44 AM, Oct 22, 2007

Okay, so "NEVER" may have been too strong, but listen to my point... Recruiting is somewhat overrated! Even your example of 1980 shows the hit and miss nature of recruiting. Tell me how the 1986-7 classes were rated that went on to win the 1991 National Title. If my memory serves me correctly, they were rated about 15-18th (although recruiting is a different animal these days). My point is that we have always been able to do more with less. We have a history of overachieving and developing players throughout their time at UW (aside from the last couple of years), and the current team could improve drastically by being in better condition, by being stronger and faster (and those two do improve with training - they are not just God-given abilities that never change). My hope is that these Huskies learn how to win, but to do that they need to experience winning. To experience winning, they need to get stronger and faster.

Posted by ryan

9:48 AM, Oct 22, 2007

actually hfny, i totally agree w/ your statement about lappano - for as much as i've hated lappano he did a good job on saturday. the screen pass was something we've been missing all year and was clearly a great call.

Posted by jh

10:02 AM, Oct 22, 2007

Recruiting is the lifeblood of college football. There will always be exceptions...but you'll never get "rich" by expecting your #42 will beat his #6.

Historical fact shows that Willingham has never been a good recruiter. He doesn't like to recruit...and, at least over the last 6-years, it shows in the quality/quantity of his players. And as far as Locker...Willingham signed Locker...he didn't recruit Locker.

Posted by jh

10:13 AM, Oct 22, 2007

P.S. Just checked "Team Rankings"...Willingham has dropped another position in the last week. He's now ranked at #43 in the nation...7th in the Pac-10.

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