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Times reporter Bob Condotta keeps the news coming about the Montlake Dawgs.

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September 25, 2007 9:11 PM

Michigan transfer considering UW?

Posted by Bob Condotta

The rumor mill out of Michigan is that Johnny Sears, a cornerback who was a starter for the Wolverines when the season began before recently being dismissed from the team, is considering UW as his next destination.

UW coaches cannot comment on recruitable players and the only official word from the Huskies is that there are no current plans for any transfers to be added to the roster. There are expected to be some additions of walk-ons this week with school official starting Wednesday.

A source, however, said Sears had inquired about coming to UW.

Here is Sears' bio from and as you can see, he's from Fresno and was recruited by Cal at a time that current UW defensive backs coach J.D. Williams was the secondary coach for the Bears. Williams also is from the Fresno area, so there some ties there that would make this make some sense.

Here's a story that details Sears' depature from Michigan which sounds a little mysterious. Sears started Michigan's historic loss to Appalachian State but was then removed from the lineup the next week against Oregon. He had also been a punt and kick returner for the Wolverines.

As far as I can tell, he would have two years of eligibility left if he came to UW. He would have to sit out this season as a transfer and then would likely be eligible two games into 2008.

And obviously cornerback remains a position of need for UW.

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Posted by RedDawg

9:34 PM, Sep 25, 2007

Hmmm, wonder what kind of baggage would be coming with this possible transfer? Always a little leary about someone who quits one team and wants to join another. " I'm a Wolverine no matter what." Oh really?

Posted by Kevin

9:51 PM, Sep 25, 2007

Thanks for reporting Bob - I don't put a lot of faith in this stuff, last time I got excited about a transfer it was a certain Texas Longhorn. That didn't work out so well...

Posted by huskiesjv

9:52 PM, Sep 25, 2007

As much as I'd like to be completely excited about this guy coming in. All that I can think about is Michael Houston.

Posted by Tracy

9:53 PM, Sep 25, 2007

As long as he doesn't steal any Taxis I'll approach the news with guarded optimism.

Posted by RWUW

10:34 PM, Sep 25, 2007

Weather might be a factor for Saturday's game. Looks like 53 degrees as a high with 40 percent chance of rain. If it worsens a bit from that, like 49 degrees and 70 percent rain, then we're talkin'. Trojans won't like that.

Posted by Dave

10:37 PM, Sep 25, 2007

Maybe we can trade Murchison to Michigan straight up for this cat.

Posted by RJ

11:43 PM, Sep 25, 2007

Dang, I was hoping after App State and Oregon that Schilling wanted to transfer...

Posted by CG

6:26 AM, Sep 26, 2007

If he was dismissed from the team, does he have to sit out at all if he were to transfer?

Posted by JimBobJoe

7:21 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Great, another in the long line of Chris Handy, Quenton Freeman, Ashlee Palmer, Chancellor Young, Jordan Murchison, and Michael Houston. Nice track record with the tranfers.

Posted by JimBobJoe

7:22 AM, Sep 26, 2007

And how could I forget about Anthony Atkins?

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

7:34 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Roy Lewis was a transfer and he's the best player in a our secondary and one of the best on the defense.

Posted by johnb

7:48 AM, Sep 26, 2007

I would take a flyer on anyone who can return punts, and play in the secondary. We aren't exactly in the position to choosy. If the kid can start at Michigan I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be able to play at UW as long as his academics are in order.

Posted by JimBobJoe

7:59 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Roy Lewis transfered when Gilby was still coach. Not under Tyrone's watch.

Posted by camano

8:08 AM, Sep 26, 2007

As johnb stated I think we need to keep our options open. As long as he is a decent kid - who had offers from USC, Cal, and UM - I am interested.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

8:11 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Yes, though Ty has coached him his 3 years starting. Regardless, the point is that transfers can work out.

Posted by jh

8:21 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Why would any major college football program consider anyone that is now playing for another program and has been "dismissed from the team"? Or did I answer my own question?

Posted by Michael

8:28 AM, Sep 26, 2007

It's a position of need and why not take a chance on the guy. It doesn't seem like it's a criminal situation. Maybe it's just him wanting to come back to the West Coast and getting an opportunity to start.

Forget Schilling and all these other local kids who turned down UW. I don't care how good they are. When you don't want to be a leader and help rebuild a program then you should go elsewhere and be a follower.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

8:29 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Why would any non-Husky, die-hard and delusional ND fan continue to post on here when their team is 0-4 and has major issues that should be discussed on actual ND boards? Or did I answer my own question?

Posted by jh

8:35 AM, Sep 26, 2007

You might be interested in this Pete Carroll quote from today's L.A. Times..."He [Jake Locker] poses a lot of problems, and I'm having trouble seeing anything else when I'm looking at them". Nice respect...

Posted by Bob Condotta

8:37 AM, Sep 26, 2007

As my story tried to say, it's Sears who I am reporting is considering UW. Not sure yet how serious UW is about him. Also, he would have to sit out a year as a transfer --- it doesn't matter why you are transferring, you still have to sit out. I don't think the NCAA would reward players who have gotten dismissed from their team by allowing them to transfer immediately with no penalty. So yes, he wouldn't be eligible until two games into the 2008 season at the earliest.

Posted by twalker

8:46 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Give the kid a break. He was recruited by Cal, USC and Michigan our of high school. I am sure UW probably tried as well.
Now that he has spent 3 years playing at Michigan you guys assume he'll commit a crime or fail academically if he comes to UW?
Hopefully he'll be starting opposite of Davenport - another transfer - game 3 of next year.

Posted by jh

8:59 AM, Sep 26, 2007

...of UW is willing to take other team's problems...why not just recruit JUCOs? At least they haven't been "dismissed from the team".

Posted by stankoniaks

8:59 AM, Sep 26, 2007

I'm an alumni of UW, but am now a grad student at Michigan. I had season tickets all 4 years at UW and have had season tickets for the past 3 years at michigan. With that being said, lemme say..

Sears is terrible. I don't know if anyone remembers the Ball State - U of M game last year, but it was closer than it should be; that was because Sears kept being beat deep.

The USC game, Sears getting beat again (though the whole Mich. secondary was getting torn up by Booty).

The Appalachian state game.. that was Sears getting beat deep. He also fumbled on a kickoff return. I was in the stands yelling "Johnny Sears sucks". Remember what it felt like when McDowell was getting beat by OSU? Thats how it felt watching the Michigan games w/ Sears, except Sears is not a true freshman. Coincidentally Sears was replaced in the lineup by a true freshman, who has outplayed him.

As a hardcore Husky fan, and a Michigan fan who has watched him the last couple of years, Sears is not a good cover corner; Michigan needed help to replace Leon Hall, and Sears failed. His return skills are suspect at best.

UW would be better served having McDowell or Mosley man the position next year after a year of seasoning.

Posted by Dave

9:16 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Thanks for that scouting report stankonia, and nice handle. If you're right, perhaps we would be better off without this Outkast. ;)

Posted by purple

10:28 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Well, that doesn't sound too promising (stankoniacs scouting report). However, if JD Williams thinks there is enough talent there and that he can be "coached up" into being an effective corner, then I suppose we should trust his assessment. Then again, Michigan has produced some great DBs over the years and you'd think they'd be able to get the most out of this guy's talent. Who knows? Guess we'll just have to trust the coaches on this one. Sears' profile does show that he had offers from Michigan, USC, Cal, etc. so there must be some raw athletic ability there.

Posted by jh

11:00 AM, Sep 26, 2007

For all of the UW Phi Beta Kappa's that are faking my and other bloggers...let me explain how this goes down...You fake my initials in an entry...i notify the blogmaster at the newspaper, one Bob Payne, that someone is counterfeiting, he looks up your e-mail address...and permanently bans you from the site. So feel free, boys...and adios.

Posted by derek

11:21 AM, Sep 26, 2007

and then they come back with new email adresses...

Posted by jh

11:23 AM, Sep 26, 2007

Then the process begins...once again...

Posted by derek

11:36 AM, Sep 26, 2007

and then you change your email again...

they will keep coming back like colin hay

Posted by ryan

11:49 AM, Sep 26, 2007

grow up JH. "i'm going to tell mommy", unreal.
there's a video of sears on youtube, michigan fans are not unhappy to see him go.

Posted by HarborDawg

11:57 AM, Sep 26, 2007

For all you out there faking jh's initials in an entry...let me explain how this goes keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it and finally, he'll realize there is no point for an ND loser to continue posting on Bob's blog and he'll leave. Be very afraid.

Posted by Dave

12:17 PM, Sep 26, 2007

ah I don't know, harbor, that is kind of bush league isn't it? although I admit, if there ever was a guy who could dish it out but couldn't take it, it is jh

Posted by Tony Reali

12:20 PM, Sep 26, 2007

MUTE: jh

take your cryin' elsewhere

Posted by Tony Realli

12:22 PM, Sep 26, 2007


I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

Posted by jh

12:27 PM, Sep 26, 2007

...all right! Let's get back to Willingham's recruiting record for the last 8-years...

Posted by HarborDawg

1:00 PM, Sep 26, 2007

Dave, go back and re-read jh's posts throughout the offseason.
It wasn't a case of constructive discussion by an ND fan.

Posted by jh

1:10 PM, Sep 26, 2007

I think I have a real follower/fan in HarborDawg! Thanks!

Posted by Dave

1:34 PM, Sep 26, 2007

No argument there harbor. He has acted at least as stupid to me as to anybody else. I'm just not into spoofing his initials. Like I say though, it is pretty funny to see him crying to mama about it.

Posted by jh

1:50 PM, Sep 26, 2007

you UW "dogs" really know how to pull my chain! Damn you...

Posted by Brandon

9:47 PM, Sep 26, 2007

Sears was reportedly kicked off Michigan's team for his love affair with marijuana. I'm glad that he's off our team, Tyrone shouldn't let him come to your team.

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