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October 17, 2008 3:09 PM

Washington newspaper editorial boards split over governor endorsement; Seattle Times endorses Dino Rossi

Posted by Kate Riley

Jim Bates/Seattle Times

Dino Rossi is running for governor.

Update: I have updated this Friday post with Sunday's endorsements by the Spokesman-Review in Spokane, The Herald in Everett, the Kitsap Sun, the Bellingham Herald and the Skagit Valley Herald.

In the Sunday, Oct. 19, newspaper, the Times editorial board will print its endorsement of Dino Rossi for governor over incumbent Chris Gregoire.

But you can read the Rossi endorsement now online.

Newspaper endorsements across the state are split with all all but one Eastern Washington newspapers that have endorsed so far going for Rossi. Eight of 10 seven of nine Western Washington daily newspapers that have endorsed have gone for the incumbent.

Joining the Times in endorsing Rossi are... far, the Yakima Herald-Republic, the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, the Centralia Chronicle and the Tri-City Herald. The latter's endorsement is especially a surprise. As the Herald's editorial notes, the Herald has endorsed Gregoire every time she has run for office, but the governor and the newspaper parted ways over her indolence on behalf of recruiting a company expansion for the Tri-Cities.

This Times' decision mirrors the Times' endorsement four years ago when both Rossi and Gregoire were running for the open governor's seat. Gregoire won by the narrowest of margins.

But this time around, the economic forecast for the state and nation is dire. And the Times argues Rossi is in a better position to cut the budget without raising taxes than the governor who increased state spending by a third during her tenure.

The Olympian and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer have reprised their support for the governor. But the News Tribune in Tacoma, the Vancouver Columbian, The Herald in Everett, and Spokane's Spokesman Review, the largest newspaper in Eastern Washington, which endorsed Rossi four years ago, have thrown in with Gregoire this time.

Also endorsing Gregoire Sunday were the Skagit Valley Herald, the Bellingham Herald and the Kitsap Sun.

Yet to be heard from is Spokane's Spokesman-Review, the largest newspaper in Eastern Washington, and the Everett Herald in Snohomish County.

Though The Seattle Times Company owns the Walla Walla and Yakima newspapers, the editorial boards of each are independent, often disagreeing with each other though they didn't in the gubernatorial race. In fact the Walla Walla and Yakima papers disagreed in the race for state commissioner of public lands and state treasurer.


Posted by jcricket

5:32 PM, Oct 17, 2008

I am shocked, just shocked. Not. Someone being in power a long time is not reason to jettison them, and Rossi is a reactionary out of touch with Washington in pretty much every way.

By the way, most of his proposed cuts will be the vital social services needed the most during this downturn as the laid-off people struggle to find work, afford health care and the basics.

Welcome to neo-Hooverism everyone. People who would gladly lower tax revenue and distribute it to the wealthiest 5 percent, or spend it all on an unnecessary war, are suddenly deficit hawks.

Again, not that I'm surprised. Your lack of reporting of the serious improprieties the BIAW and Rossi have been committing is about as transparent as the "balance" provided at Fox News.

If Rossi gets elected he will spend four years fighting a hostile Legislature, as his true rightwing colors finally come out, and then be thrown out of office having achieved nothing except stopping the progress we'll need to make in this state. Either that or he'll be G.W. Bush -- proposing spending like a drunken sailor while failing to raise taxes to get the revenue to cover it.

Posted by Harry

5:41 PM, Oct 17, 2008

If only Gregoire would repeal the estate tax that voters approved, she could have the Times' endorsement

Posted by Steve in Kent

6:02 PM, Oct 17, 2008

Problem with this logic is that you can't trust Dino Rossi. The first to go will be the minimum wage. The only thing lowering the minimum wage is going to do is deny our citizens of a decent wage. Do you seriously think that businesses that employ people at the minimum wage are going to lower their prices? NO WAY! Then he'll cut children's and family services. He'll try to push a transportation plan that, at this point and time, seems unlikely to work. If you want Dino Rossi to be the governor, then lets put the budget up to the people. Show us the numbers and see what we are willing to part with or willing to pay more on taxes. The budget downfall is not the governor's fault. This can all be blamed on the Republican party because their approach to deregulate everything and make it an ownership society backfired terribly and now we are paying that price. But don't blame the governor.

Posted by Sherry R

7:46 PM, Oct 17, 2008

We really shouldn't be changing leadership in the middle of a crisis and it is Frank Chopp who has spent the money more then the governor. She simply implemented what we asked her to by paying teachers and child care workers more.

It is amazing how often we think that if we build an industry that largely employs men that is good for the economy but when we invest in health care, living wage jobs and our kids (lower paying jobs often done by women) it is simply an expense.

We need to balance current investments with future benefits and not require our governor to pay off every quarter to the stockholders to say in office.

Posted by Matt in North Bend

9:07 PM, Oct 17, 2008

I'm disappointed with the Times editorial board.

Gregoire has the values and ideas we need to lead us through these tough economic times.

Rossi is not the "change" we need.

Posted by King, S

9:40 PM, Oct 17, 2008

After reading the Times endorsement it appears as if they have just copied and pasted one of Rossi's campaign commercials and turned it into an endorsement. The only reason they gave for the endorsement was due to the upcoming budget shortfall. I am completely disappointed with the Seattle Times Editorial Board. They gave no convincing argument to why Rossi should be Governor.

As has been pointed out, although Rossi may be more bold in cutting spending, those cuts are going to impact every Washingtonian from education, social services, and improvements on our infrastructure. This is just absurd. It is not the right time to change leadership while we are in the midst of an economic crisis.

Additionally, the Times claims that it is going to be a nice change to have a Republican Governor since we have had a Democratically controlled legislature for so long but if the Times knew anything about the legislative process, by having a different party for the legislature and the executive creates a situation where nothing gets passed due to competing interests and ideology.

Posted by Brent, Seattle, WA

10:10 PM, Oct 17, 2008

Logical thought is why I support Rossi. Why would the state tack on Sales Tax to any major state project, be it Light Rail, Roadways, General Maintenance, etc? SImple, it bloats the coffers of the general fund at the expense of Joe Taxpayer. That is a huge cost savings to JUST eliminate that one line item in every state project budget.

Posted by Bob Bobster

10:12 PM, Oct 17, 2008

Well, as for The Olympian and News Trabune...they are both owned by McClatchy.

Posted by WhistleBerries

10:15 PM, Oct 17, 2008


Mr. Rossi, in a very desperate attempt to disparate himself from the Republican Party, wants to be known as GOP.

Just that action should be an endorsement killer for The Times.

By the way, in Mr. Rossi's case, does GOP mean Greedy Obfuscating Politician? Maybe it means Goofy Oddball Prevaricator.

There is a difference between accepting upfront donations, which are out in the open, and publicly disclosed; opposed to secretive "greasing of the palms." That should be an endorsement killer for The Times.

Mr. Rossi should withdraw from this election. Maybe he would be a better off as a rep for the company that makes his hair dye

Posted by clarlynn

10:24 PM, Oct 17, 2008

I could not be any more disappointed. There are so many reasons not to trust Rossi. The builders,the environment, transportation, this is just shocking. Its sad really, when values of the many are set aside for whats important for a few.

This is the most lack of common sense I could think of. Rossi is the worst thing that could happen to Washington. Personally, I just cannot support someone that got where he is by lies.

Let's just hope, the majority of the state's population cares more about what's right for Washington than the Times and thier apparent lack of vision.

Posted by Betty

10:39 PM, Oct 17, 2008

How sad that the Times has decided to take the low road and recklessly gamble with such an endorsement. I suspect this will further tarnish their reputation and influence at a time when people are reducing their support for our local papers in increasing numbers.

Posted by Disappointed

10:46 PM, Oct 17, 2008

How can a newspaper endorse a candidate when the front page story talks about a group dumping so many millions of dollars into his campaign? The Times should not have supported a candidate whose campaign gets the majority of its funding from a special interest group.

Posted by Susan

11:04 PM, Oct 17, 2008

Hats off to The Seattle Times for finally getting it right! The whiny liberals who think tax dollars grow on trees have finally met their match in Dino Rossi.
Good call, Editorial Board.

Posted by absentee voter

11:14 PM, Oct 17, 2008

I admit I voted for Rossi in the last election, but Gov. Gregoire has done an exemplary job. No one is perfect.

Rossi has ties to a questionable organization. I have yet to see Rossi in a photo, reaching out to the urban middle-class. He appears to cater to the upper-crust. He is a Republican but refuses to admit that on the ballot ("Prefers G.O.P. Party).

Neither candidate is qualified to deal with this economy. Change will occur regardless of who is in office.
Experience is the key and our current governor has it. Don't reward negative ads.

Posted by Betty

11:21 PM, Oct 17, 2008

Have you learned nothing from your misguided, disastrous endorsement of George Bush in 2000? Dino Rossi's recent false and incendiary sex offender mailing was straight from Carl Rove's play book. Also there was the ad in Eastern Washington warning the voters there not to let "Seattle steal the election again". Same as Bush - the politics of fear, hate, and division.

What were you thinking?

Posted by Just say no to Rossi's lies

11:32 PM, Oct 17, 2008

Rossi must've paid off the Times editorial board..or maybe a slice of his seedy real estate dealings..

Rossi is a crook..if he is elected, he will leave this state in shambles..

Posted by Redmond Pete

11:35 PM, Oct 17, 2008

This endorsement should come as a surprise to no one. Gregoire hasn't helped herself by running a terrible campaign. Rossi has run a classic Republican campaign based on distortions, fear-mongering, and outright lies, but this time Gregoire has wallowed in the mud with him. I fear he will win, and he will be a terrible governor if you're not upper middle class or big business.

Posted by Michael Timmons

11:59 PM, Oct 17, 2008

I have not heard on concrete proposal from Dino Rossi. Not one. All I hear from him is how bad Christine Gregoire is. In addition, he played a role in one budget, six years ago. What has he done since? He is absolutely in the pocket of the Construction Industry. He does not like the minimum wage. He tries to hide his party affiliation on the ballot, which seems like a slick and slippery trick.

So, a guy with very little experience, beholden to deep pocketed interests, who can learn on the job.

Sounds like the guy you endorsed for President eight years ago. How did that work out for Washington State.

Posted by elliott

6:50 AM, Oct 18, 2008

Another reason to stop spending any money with The Seattle Times. Dino Rossi is scarey. Check out the youtube video of a fake "press conference" from earlier this year, where Rossi begins with a prayer, then has a camerman forcibly removed by some off duty police officers..amazing!

Posted by John

7:33 AM, Oct 18, 2008

Very wise choice. Rossi has what it takes to make Washington one of the best states in the nation. I'm very proud that the Seattle Times has endorsed Dino Rossi for Governor. The last thing we need in Olympia is Gregoire. It disturbs me greatly that she had 1,300 sex offenders released from prison, and their locations are unknown. Dino would never had let that happen.

Posted by heywally

8:57 AM, Oct 18, 2008

Conflicted - I vote mostly Democratic but some of my economics ideas lean more towards the Republican side (but just some; I favor very increased regulation of the financial industry). I don't like Rossi's connection to the building industry but then again, who the heck has the money to build (or the people to sell to)? I don't think he will be able to 'destroy the environment' by himself.

Gregoire hasn't exactly screwed things up - the economy in WA remains as good as anywhere.

We are coming in to some tough times here and I think that whoever is elected will need to do some painful budget cuts. I think that Rossi will be able to do that 'better' and I'd rather see him take the heat for it.

So I am surprising myself here and voting for him (and Obama).

Posted by TrueRedHead

9:32 AM, Oct 18, 2008

"We really shouldn't be changing leadership in the middle of a crisis…"

"This is just absurd. It is not the right time to change leadership while we are in the midst of an economic crisis."

"So, a guy with very little experience, beholden to deep pocketed interests, who can learn on the job."

LOL. Just a guess, but I'd be willing to bet the authors of these comments wouldn't use these same arguments when telling us why they support their choice for president.

Posted by Shawn

11:12 AM, Oct 18, 2008

The Times has just flushed away all credibility with this endorsement. Not only have they bought into the vitriolic misrepresentation and outright lies of Rossi, they have proven that they have little concern for the overall well-being for the future of Washington.

As a state employee who works for the Department of Ecology, I want the Times to tell me to my face why they want to put my job in jeopardy! Why do you want to roll-back the efforts that have been made over the last 4 years to clean up Puget Sound? Why do you want to turn your back on enforcing this state's laws that protect shorelands and wetlands? Why do you want to give the building industry a blank check that allows them to irresponsibly destroy this state's green-spaces and water quality by allowing them to build wherever they want, whenever they want with little regard for mitigating the impact to their actions? Why has the Times decided that they decided to support the destruction of this state?

The Times is now an official joke. I now wish that I still had my bird...this endorsement certainly belongs on the bottom of a birdcage.

Posted by Had enough

12:46 PM, Oct 18, 2008

So if I am to understand the Times correctly, even though Dino Rossi would:

• Pay back his huge debt to the Builder’s Association by gutting the state’s land use and environmental laws and only marginally enforcing those which remain;

• Deregulate health care and let the sick fend for themselves against insurance and drug companies;

• Pander to business by lowering the minimum wage, and likely follow that with reduced unemployment and worker’s compensation benefits;

• Return gays and lesbians to second class citizens (or worse) by rolling back the civil rights protections they have only so recently gained;

• Ignore global warming and dismantle what state government has done to date to actively address it;

• Restrict in every way possible a woman's right to choose and otherwise neglect reproductive health;

• Abandon our state’s long-term effort at education reform by lowering expectations of our students and increasing class size;

• Identify for help only the “most deserving” among the poor and vulnerable, presumably telling the rest to “buck up and stop whining;”

• Push a transportation plan widely recognized as a political gimmick, with a funding strategy that he knows can’t work;

• Constantly be at odds with the Obama administration (that the Times so glowingly endorsed), guaranteeing Washington gets short-changed at the federal level; and

• Continue to flaunt the state’s campaign financing laws as he builds a war chest for his 2012 reelection effort;

I nonetheless should vote for him, ignoring the progressive leadership Governor Gregoire has brought to all these issues (and the partnership she would have with D.C.), because he says at least he won’t raise taxes??? Of course, she says the same thing, but The Times uses a lot of words and some twisted logic to simply call her a liar.

This endorsement comes as no surprise, but that makes it no less shameful, particularly given the more in-depth and sophisticated thinking displayed by many on your editorial board over the years. As one right-wing blogger gleefully exclaimed soon after the endorsement was posted “It could have been written by me!”

I’m guessing the vote (assuming such things are allowed) pretty much got down to the Blethen family against everyone else, and it’s not difficult to figure who wins that one. No wonder, as they embrace this short-sighted race to the bottom, their newspapers continue to lose some of their best and brightest - and I’m betting it’s only the start.

Posted by Rick

12:50 PM, Oct 18, 2008

It is fascinating to read the comments of all of the Gregoire cry babies. This coming in support of a woman that literally stole the 2004 election. After almost four decades on the public payroll, she is the one that has lost touch with reality. It’s time for her to go get a real job. In her first term, Washington State has lost more jobs than almost any other state in the country. (Sure, blame Bush but almost 49 other states managed to do better!) While I don’t agree with him on every issue, Rossi has proven that he has the discipline and intelligence to stop the drunken spending spree our state has been on. Gregoire did a fine job as Attorney General but is clearly over her head in her current role. Say goodbye Chris!

Posted by Jason in Redmond

1:41 PM, Oct 18, 2008

It doesn't happen often but I have to agree with TrueRedHead's post. So if we shouldn't change leadership during a crisis does that mean we should amend the constitution and re-elect Bush?

My problem with Gregoire is that she hasn't acted on a lot of things I felt should be. Things like the 520 bridge, the Alaskan Way Viaduct, or keeping the Sonics in Seattle. I'm not even a Sonics fan but when she finally started doing something about it (writing a letter to the President of the NBA) it was too late. We get to continue to pay millions for comittees to look into 520 and the viaduct mostly because if a decision was forced on either of these it will be unpopular with different groups. Elected officials are put in a position to make tough decisions and I don't see her making those.

I voted for Gregoire last time, but this time around I am willing to give Rossi a shot and see if he can do a better job.

Posted by Jay

2:30 PM, Oct 18, 2008

Trust ?
Was that word really used by the Times in an article about Dino Rossi ? Who are you kidding?

I work in a state agency. Like other agencies we have seen our budgets frozen, cut, limited, or otherwise compromised in recent years thanks to the overall economy and to foolish and short-sighted initiatives. We have had tremendous turnover because qualified people simply have better paying options.
Yes, I know, everyone has to do more with less these days. But we, and other agencies like ours, are getting to bare bones. Do the citizens of Washington really want some small-government zealot to come in and pull the rug out from under us completely? We already have fools like Eyman pushing efforts to drive our infrastructure, health care and social services into the ground. Is the Times recommending that we actually put someone in charge that will do the same thing???!?!?

Posted by Bob the plumber

2:30 PM, Oct 18, 2008

So Dino will balance the budget without raising taxes? The the Times advocates increasing the health insurance premiums that state employees pay from 12% to 33%. For me that would be a $600 a month increase to a total of $900 a month for my family. The Times wants no new taxes but wants to balance the budget by taxing state employees. I guess we need to take a look at tax breaks for newspapers and get rid of those, it's only fair.

Posted by Scott

7:06 PM, Oct 18, 2008

All these comments sound like a bunch of desperate liberals scared that their blue state is going to be taken over by a Republican. And I'm loving every second of it.

Its ironically humorous to me to hear you all say Dino ran a campaign on lies, and then fall for the blatant lie by Gregoire about him lowering minimum wage. Learn the facts before you spew nonsense like that. Gregoire has let spending become out of control, and Dino is the guy who can right the ship.

So go ahead, cry about his GOP label, continue to talk about Bush, but at the end of the day Rossi is up in the polls. And this time, you won't have your dead people to bail Gregoire out when she loses.

Posted by Matt

10:50 PM, Oct 18, 2008

I applaud the Seattle Times endoresement of future governor Dino Rossi. It takes a fair-minded, independent-thinking editorial board to endorse a republican governor in the blue city of Seattle.

The reasons listed for supporting Rossi are all valid, especially in our state's current economic disaster. He has painted himself as the candidate of fiscal responsibility, and the one who will change the culture of Olympia. This is exactly what Washington needs. Thank you Seattle Times!

Posted by TrueRedHead

11:35 PM, Oct 18, 2008

Agreed Scott - But one has to wonder how many of those 24,000 felons registered to vote are Democrats.

Posted by mvbarer

1:26 AM, Oct 19, 2008

This is incredible, but then you have endorsed George Bush. Our state has weathered surprisingly well through this financial crisis. Dino Rossi is a threat to everything Washingtonians hold near and dear.
His negative mudslinging campaign has been a disgrace. He has zero credibility and a blank smirk that suggests something is up with him.

Posted by John

1:35 AM, Oct 19, 2008

"Rossi doesn't have those problems. When he says he'll cut spending, you can believe him, because he has done it, and because he represents a constituency that wants it done.

Consider one example: the proportion of health insurance paid by the employee. In the private sector, the employee's share differs, but averages more than a third. At the state, the employee's share is 12 percent.

A few months ago, Gregoire agreed to keep it at 12 percent. She could try to take back this gift, but it would be difficult. For Rossi, it would not be so difficult. He would probably say that in the midst of an economic crisis, it was unfair to save an employee's benefit by raising taxes on other employees who don't have that benefit."

Nice reasoning there. All employees should just forget about good benefits. All employees should be screwed equally!

Posted by sjalways right

2:16 AM, Oct 19, 2008

seattle times you endorsed a "thievin gop" for governor!! you people have lost your values and morality for endorsing a "gop" candidate for governor!! finko wants to take money from the general fund to finance puget sound transportation projects/problems....and you want the "tribal indians" to wn him and the state??

Posted by Mark

7:09 AM, Oct 19, 2008

Bravo! Somebody, ANYBODY, needed to call attention to the fact that in just four short years Gregoire has spent like a proverbial sailor on leave. There IS a limit to state spending and program growth, and we've reached it.

Thanks to the Seattle Times for having the political courage - in this bluest of blue towns - to say so.

Posted by Markus

7:26 AM, Oct 19, 2008

Glad that the times used their brain and endorsed Dino Rossi. Even if I like the policies of Christine Gregoire, I just think she's power hungry.

Posted by Shawn

8:52 AM, Oct 19, 2008

"Though The Seattle Times Company owns the Walla Walla and Yakima newspapers, the editorial boards of each are independent, often disagreeing with each other though they didn't in the gubernatorial race. In fact the Walla Walla and Yakima papers disagreed in the race for state commissioner of public lands and state treasurer."

Hmmm....this final paragraph (that I don't recall seeing yesterday) screams out as a veiled attempt to evade the fact that Times Company has an overt "conservative" view that is being reflected in the editorial opinion of their papers. Sure, the editorial boards may not always agree. But it is obvious that when the patriarch of the company wants to promote an agenda (a la Rupert Murdoch), those editorial boards are content to acquiesce.

Posted by Harold Pettus

9:11 AM, Oct 19, 2008

Way to go Times. The first thing Rossi would do to cut spending is slash and gut every program in aid to the economically disadvantaged, further widening the gap between the rich and the poor -- the very imbalance that spawned the enconomic crisis in the first place. That isn't government -- it's law of the jungle.

Posted by EndoMan

11:15 AM, Oct 19, 2008

Frank Blethen may not blink when papers that are part of his empire endorse "down ticket" candidates but I'm skeptical he allows dissent for governor. I doubt, too, that a majority of Seattle Times editorial board members support Rossi, if you exclude the Blethens, emeritus and otherwise. Of course I could be mistaken about all of the above - but we'll never know because ed board meetings are private. How about streaming them live on the web??? In any case I absolutely appreciate the Times' endorsements, because they make it easy to make up my mind when I'm on the fence. In those cases, I always vote the opposite of whatever they recommend.

Posted by shilon

11:40 AM, Oct 19, 2008

I'm voting for That One (and for Rossi).

Posted by jintac

11:54 AM, Oct 19, 2008

Dear Mr. Rossi,

The minimum-wage MUST be a "living-wage". It is, in fact, just that for thousands of (if not over a million) citizens in this state. These are people that do not have the education to obtain a high-paying job. Some of this may be their fault but it is not government priority to punish those who may have lost opportunities. It is the government's job to ensure that any working-class citizen can pay the bills on a 40-hour a week salary. Seeing as inflation is increasing, and is likely to soar in the coming months, a minimum wage decrease would be incredibly irresponsible. Indeed, the grand sacrifice is possibly that of employment. However under-employment for the masses, in my opinion, would require greater social service investment than unemployment for the few. I would love to see a study regarding this in fact. I digress though as I am certain that the minimum-wage must protect our working-class citizens, not inhibit them.

Posted by Independent

12:09 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Way to go!!! It's nice to know that the Times relies more on content than just the political party affiliation. I applaud you for it. For all those who simply rely on political affiliation, do yourself a favor and actually learn about what the candidate did and stand for. It’s sad that people have different standard when comparing candidate. Using the fact that we are in a crisis and that we shouldn’t be changing leader, then I do hope that you’re using the same standard when electing for president. Open your mind when voting. No, I am not a GOP, or should I say republican. BTW, if you’re not smart enough to know that they are the same, you should not be voting. I voted democrat last time; however, this time around, I will vote for someone I think is better suited in fixing the economy. You cannot blame everything on Bush. He is responsible for the situation that we are in; however the democrats have been running congress for the last 2 years, and the last time we had a GOP governor in Washington State is back in the 80s. You cannot take credit for when the economy is good and then blame other for when the economy isn’t. The state of our Washington State economy is not solely due to Bush but also our governor and congress, which are mostly democrats.
As for having the governor and congress to be from different party, I believe that it is a good thing. It prevents one from advancing their agenda without much opposition. This has led to our state spending money that they don’t have.

Posted by Scott

12:20 PM, Oct 19, 2008


How many 16-17 year old kids do you know that are supporting a family on minimum wage? Because if you are 18 or older, Dino's training wage would have no effect on you. If you want to dislike Rossi at least do it on factual beliefs, not some desperate lie that Gregoire made up.

Posted by Sid Wicks

12:21 PM, Oct 19, 2008

I too am shocked.
I am still not sure I am reading the headline right.
Nice work Seattle Times.
Perhaps this time when Dino wins they will actually allow him to govern?
When he wins in November I think that will make it 3 out of 4? Right?
For those of you grousing about minimum wage, please, please, please, take an ECON 101 class.
It will be enlightening, I promise.

Posted by rstone184

1:16 PM, Oct 19, 2008

I will never vote for a candidate who is too ashamed to say he's a REPUBLICAN because of the stigma he knows it would bring upon him. Prefers "GOP" Party? Come on, we all know he's just trying to fool voters because he knows that many have no idea what the GOP party really is. If he can't be trusted to truthfully admit which party he belongs to and is supported by, there is NO WAY IN HELL I can trust this man as our Governor. The Seattle Times should be ashamed of itself for endorsing this REPUBLICAN, who is just another lying, cheating politician.

Posted by Had enough

2:49 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Actually, as I discovered in a brief web search, the count in Western Washington is now eight out of ten in favor of Governor Gregoire.

Missing in the list above are her endorsements from the Bellingham Herald, the Kitsap Sun, and the Skagit Valley Herald -- all certainly as deserving of mention as the nod to Dino from the Chronical.

And it's nine out of eleven if you count the Oregonian, which has a large circulation in Southwest Washington.

Must make you folks on the Times editorial board just giddy to know you alone stand side-by-side with that bastion of forward thinking from Centralia . . ..

Posted by Kate Riley

3:12 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Thanks, "Had enough," for noting the other Washington newspapers endorsements. I've added them and the links to the original post.

Posted by Shawn

3:49 PM, Oct 19, 2008

The addition of the Skagit Valley Herald to the list of Gregoire endorsements is a very pleasant surprise to me. I have been interviewed by them a few times over the last couple of years over projects I am involved in in Skagit County and have noticed a somewhat conservative slant to their reporting (even have had quotes of mine misrepresented to fit better with the message they wanted to convey). The fact that they have a conservative leaning is not all that surprising given the fact that Skagit County in general is very conservative. I am impressed that they are willing to see through the Rossi facade...something the Times chose not to do.

Posted by Had enough

4:51 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Thanks Kate. The count's still not accurate. Seems it should read "Eight of ten Western Washington daily newspapers that have endorsed have gone for the incumbent."

Posted by Van Mungo

5:13 PM, Oct 19, 2008

I trust no politician; however, I have less mistrust of Governor Gregoire than I do of the one-trick pony Dino Rossi. What has he done for us lately? He has made ludicrous promises that fall into realm of delusion. His camp has lowered the bar regarding campaign smearing. Whether Governor Gregoire can win without the Times endorsement, she has my vote. I voted for Rossi 4 years ago and came to be ashamed of that. This time, I firmly vote for Christine Gregoire and believe she is better equipped and certainly more highly regarded by our trading partners than Mr. Rossi.

Posted by lmbaker05

5:49 PM, Oct 19, 2008

What poor rationale to endorse Rossi. Because he's a Republican and helped write a budget before, he's best suited to govern? Ask economists what the most important factor is to future economic development and you'll hear it's education. Yet Rossi, as he did in the Senate, will cut funding for educators and for schools. Though he doesn't identify any specific cuts he'll make (just thousands upon thousands of decisions?) his opposition to minimum wage and the voter approved Estate Tax is in line with a supporter of "trickle-down" economics, and we've seen how poorly this has served the average American on the national level. Gregoire has done well so far in building the state reserve, focusing on education funding and working to bring together interest groups from around the state. She's done a comendable job governing with a focused agenda built on much more than luck. It's promising to see editorial boards from Bellingham to Spokane and Vancouver recognize Gregoire's achievements. I just hope the P.I. can continue to hang on in Seattle, because it much better reflects the editorial perspectives of voters in the region.

Posted by Kate Riley

6:01 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Thanks, Had enough.

You are right again. It's fixed. Thanks.

Posted by Surprised

6:49 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Wow, Kudos to you. What a bold move!

Posted by Stephanie

7:56 PM, Oct 19, 2008

I voted for Rossi last time and there is no way in heck that I would EVER vote for Rossi now that I know more about him.

As a PR professional, his ads are downright lies. NOT PR SPIN... LIES! I've never seen such terrible lies in my life. There are many other reasons I'm not voting for him-- even though I work for a big company and am a Christian. I am really hoping and praying we don't trust him with this kind of power in our state.

Posted by Rossi once, but NEVER again

8:03 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Dear Mr Rossi,

I voted for you last time, but never again. You are a cross between a used car salesman and a Nordstrom ad. What have you done for us lately... besides having your own "state of the union address" even though you weren't Gov? That was just weird. I am all about voting Republican (or GOP... haha) but never for you. I would gladly vote my dog into office before you. Too bad you couldn't keep my support. You really are the worst candidate I've seen in my 35 years of life here in WA. You don't belong in politics, if you ask me.

By the way, my favorite was when you were asked about campaign issues and all you could muster was "I'm not running on that issue" when tough questions like abortion came up. Really? If you're running, you're RUNNING on every issue! Like they say on SNL, "Grow a pair!" ;)

Posted by Jumping

8:08 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Interesting take on things. Just when the Republicans nationally have shown how flawed their economic policies are, the local paper endorses Bush Lite. The question is not whether the budget will be balanced, but how. Rossi will do it on the backs of the children and elderly of the state. It has been said that you can tell a lot about a state by how they treat their weakest. You can tell a lot about a newspaper too.

Posted by Mike

9:19 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Only Dems are too stupid to know what G.O.P. means. They also have proven they can't properly fill out ballot cards.

If you are too stupid to vote or understand a widely-known acronym, should your vote even count?

Posted by Mike

9:27 PM, Oct 19, 2008

Gregoire missed a court deadline (for her biggest case at the time) as the AG that needlessly cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. She has run our state into the ground after stealing an election. She has failed to deal with traffic, needed infrastructure improvements and lost the SuperSonics. She is a moron, and needs to go.

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