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August 3, 2008 2:51 AM

Whom do you endorse?

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Posted by Brian T

4:56 PM, Aug 03, 2008

Several of these races are outside my district but I voted anyway.

Posted by char

5:46 PM, Aug 03, 2008

Thanks for running this poll

Posted by curly

8:35 PM, Aug 03, 2008

good poll, broaden it to include some outlyers.

Posted by Bob

9:42 PM, Aug 03, 2008

I am a Democrat but voted for Sam Reed for Secretary of State because of the professional manner in which his office dealt with the issues related to the 2004 governor's race.

Posted by Mister_Case

11:14 PM, Aug 03, 2008

DINO!!!! and of course Shawn Bunney for Pierce County Exec!!!

Posted by Nelson and Lynn Shinnick

11:17 PM, Aug 03, 2008

Our current Secretary of State, Sam Reed, has fought for our state to keep an open primary instead of forcing us to be controlled along party lines. For this alone he would get my vote. But additionally he has represented us in foreign countries in the past, overseeing their elections, because he is seen as a fair, knowlegable statesman. We are lucky to have him, and should re-elect him.

Posted by Lyng Wong

11:19 PM, Aug 03, 2008

It would help to have descriptions linked to the candidates/issues. I was on the fence for some because I didn't have enough info.

Posted by John

11:23 PM, Aug 03, 2008

Didn't answer all because wasn't informed on all candidates/topics.

Posted by Curt

5:57 AM, Aug 04, 2008

Where is Insurance commisioner Race?

Posted by Nancy Hanson

8:14 AM, Aug 04, 2008

Not prepared to vote right now, lots of these folks I do not know. Will vote mainly Republican, especially for President and Governor. Need to get on the internet and study, which I will do this week.

Posted by James

8:48 AM, Aug 04, 2008

Sutherland for Commissioner of Public Lands because the balanced approach he has brought to the management of state forest lands.

Posted by ric

8:51 AM, Aug 04, 2008

I like this poll........I wish I were a bit more informed on the candidates/issues........keep up the good work.

Posted by John

10:21 AM, Aug 04, 2008

Why no poll on the governor?

Posted by R Cochran

4:21 PM, Aug 04, 2008

Thanks for putting this poll out. some candidates are outside our district...

Posted by vicki

4:55 PM, Aug 04, 2008

Why no vote on the most important position? (Dino Rossi) Our state depends on it.

Posted by Max

5:25 PM, Aug 04, 2008

The two incumbent Supreme Court justices who are being challenged are excellent and should be retained. Vote for Fairhurst and Johnson!

Posted by john a white sr

6:39 PM, Aug 04, 2008

mary fairhurst is the one for our family

Posted by Marc Aurel

10:13 PM, Aug 04, 2008

Why are the regional newspapers not discussing Scott White's financial support for 46th district. This is a putative Democrat taking PAC money from fireworks, waste managment and corporate energy PACS

Posted by Colleen Arthur

10:18 PM, Aug 04, 2008

Randy Dorn cares for kids.

Posted by M Schwendiman

12:01 AM, Aug 05, 2008


Posted by Phil

6:19 AM, Aug 05, 2008

Mary Fairhurst is the epitome of honest and fair and should be retained in her positon forever.

Posted by Cathy M

10:07 AM, Aug 05, 2008

Sam Reed continues to be the most qualified to serve as Sec of State. He served successfully in the "trenches" as an auditor and was a leader during the 2004 govenor's race.

Posted by John

10:54 AM, Aug 05, 2008

out of my legislative district

Posted by Betsylew R. Miale-Gix

11:44 AM, Aug 05, 2008

The Public Lands race in particular is not getting enough attention in the press and there is a very clear difference between the incumbent and the challenger Peter Goldmark.
Little critical attention is being paid to the actual record of Rob McKenna either - again there is a clear contrast with qualifications and positions between he and the challenger Laudenburg

Posted by Hadit

7:31 PM, Aug 05, 2008

I support Randy Dorn for OSPI superintendent. Go Mr. Dorn!!

Posted by evergreen_representative

12:06 AM, Aug 06, 2008

Mark Greene for Secretary of State: He supports general postal mail voting and the Top 2 Primary, your right to vote for any candidate in primaries. Jason Osgood is against "Top 2" and against general postal mail voting.

Posted by FB

12:54 PM, Aug 11, 2008

What about the 36th District?

Posted by Colleen Smith

5:26 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Party loyalty is in conflict with constitutional loyalty. I know more people voting for a party than for our constitution. This is to our own demise. Hopefully, by the time we get to the generals, we will still have constitutional choices in some of these elected offices. How sad. I am sick of the word democracy. It isn't even in the constitution. I am sick of party loyalty usurping the constitution. Sheep, everywhere.

Posted by joh beal

7:23 PM, Aug 18, 2008

thanks for the opportunity but where are the judges?

Posted by Kelli Burton

8:36 PM, Aug 18, 2008

I choose Rossi, Marilyn Montgomery for Sec. of State, Glenn Freeman for Auditor, Arlene Peck for Lt. Governor, and Enid Duncan for School Sup.

Posted by Det Rekab

11:01 AM, Aug 19, 2008

I been a life-long Republican, but I'm endorsing Constitution Party candidates this year.
Also there is good information on the judicial candidates at

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