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July 30, 2008 1:01 AM

Planet Obama

Posted by Lynne Varner

Barack Obama leaves his Republican nemesis, John McCain, choking on dust by offering up pragmatic, proactive solutions for getting the U.S. out of one war and preventing full-scale eruption of a second. What if Obama trained some of that wattage on another vexing problem?

That would be reducing the ranks of the 500,000 children in foster care around the country and the countless more mired in poverty, poor public schools and healthcare that veers from little to none.

War has a way of keeping the focus on foreign policy, but at some point domestic issues deserve their time on the analyst's couch. Child welfare makes for a strong candidate. To hear more on this topic, go to my Q&A podcast below:

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Posted by Dave

11:57 AM, Jul 30, 2008

I wouldn't hold my breath depending on Obama to do something about child welfare. Look at his record.
1997 - Twice voted "present" on Illinois partial-birth abortion ban.
2003 - As chmn. of Senate committee he prevented Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA) from getting a hearing.
2004 - Michelle Obama sent out fundraising letter asking to protect partial bith abortion as a legitimate medical procedure.

How about when the baby makes it all the way outside the womb?
2001 - voted "present" on a bill to keep porn stores & strip clubs from setting up w/in 1000' of schools & churches
Voted against filtering porn on school & library computers

I would feel better about someone who's willing to reduce the ranks of children in foster care through better means than reducing the ranks of children allowed to be born.

Posted by john am

2:42 PM, Jul 30, 2008

The chief difference between Junior Senator Barach Hussein Obama and Senior Senator John Mc Cain is that Barach sat in the Reverand Wright's church every sunday and listenend to anti american propaganda contributing to his churches crusade to smear the USA. John Mc Cain was in a prision Viet Cong camp for about two years assisting his shipmates in every way he could with honor and courage.

I believe their experiences have molded them and for the good or bad.John is a dedicated senator as is Barach but for different reasons. Barach is dedicated to change our great country to be a litle more friendly to George Soros while John is deicated to preserve our customs and constitution and the health and welfare of all American citizens.

Posted by Big Bear

6:14 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Canadians have 100% national health care coverage. Parking lots around medical clinics in Bellingham and other US cities near the border are filled with cars bearing Canadian license plates.

When they can't wait 6-8 months to see a doctor, Canadians can come to the US.

If we get a single payer health plan, where can US citizens go? India I guess, but you can't drive there in a day.

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