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July 15, 2008 5:11 PM

A Chuckle at the New Yorker

Posted by Bruce Ramsey

I cannot join in the outrage over the “terrorist Obamas” cover on The New Yorker. You cannot take this cover seriously. If it were put out by McCain supporters, with the aim of sowing fear and loathing among the lumpenproletariat, then O.K. We could all go into righteousness mode. But it wasn’t. The New Yorker is a magazine run by liberals and sold to liberals. Obama is their guy. Their cover is a highbrow giggling at the lowlifes who are afraid of Obama.

Of course Obama is black, and subject to racism. But he is also a politician running for president, and as such is subject to jokes, snide and cynical comments, etc., the same as McCain, Bush and the Clintons. The rules apply to them all.

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