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October 30, 2007

Sherman asked prosecutors for campaign cash

Posted by David Postman at 4:08 PM

Democrat Bill Sherman criticized acting County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, a Republican, in Sunday's Times for taking money from spouses of his employees. Sherman thinks that's a dodge around Satterberg's self-imposed ban on donations or even endorsements from employees.

Sherman has made the same pledge, and told Times reporter Stuart Eskenazi that his was a "commitment with meaning, not just words." But supporters of Satterberg from within the prosecutor's office sent Eskenazi copies of e-mails that Sherman sent them early in the campaign looking for money and endorsements.

"Please consider making a financial contribution to the campaign. ... Please join the growing list of people and organizations endorsing and supporting my campaign."

The e-mails were part of a mass mailing Sherman made to donors of his failed 2006 campaign for the state House. Sherman told Eskenazi he culled through the list of about 2,000 supporters before sending out the e-mails, hoping to exclude any recipient who works at the prosecutor's office. But at least a couple got through. Sherman said:

"There may have been some people in the office who received a mass e-mail, that may be true. But had any of them responded to it with a contribution or endorsement, I would have refused them."

Sherman is also refusing offers from co-workers to volunteer for his campaign, while Satterberg last week said he accepts behind-the-scenes "sweat equity" support from his staffers.

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