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July 12, 2007

"Balance" that will make you dizzy

Posted by David Postman at 1:34 PM

Josh Feit writes about Dino Rossi and Forward Washington today. Feit criticizes the group for a decidedly partisan bent on what is supposed to be the non-partisan group reviewing Rossi's Idea Bank. Feit writes:

The only balance is committee member Lou Guzzo, who used to work for former conservative Dem Governor Dixie Lee Ray.

I'm not sure why working for the most conservative Washington governor in my lifetime brings balance. Shouldn't what Guzzo writes today mean more than a party label from so long ago in political history it has to be measured in geological terms?

I assume Feit didn't read what I wrote about the Idea Bank guys the other day. But he apparently also missed this at Horsesass. It includes lots of samples of Guzzo's work and current thoughts. He's a Democrat who thinks FDR was a Socialist, complains that today's Democrats "tried to destroy our role as the world's peacemaker," claims the Vietnam War would have been easy to win except for "the loud-mouthed peaceniks at home" and "that traitorous scamp, Jane Fonda — who is at it again today," and says "the perpetrators of the DDT ban should be put on trial for murder."

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