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February 26, 2007

The search for green-leaning Republicans

Posted by David Postman at 9:06 AM

At Sound Politics Eric Earling issues this challenge:

Off the top of your head, name a prominent Republican in Washington State who talks a good game on the environment. You know, someone who has stood on the proverbial stage with Democrats and offered a compelling case for Republican positions on related issues

I can't think of one.

I can think of a few that could if they wanted to, but none that currently fit the bill. This can hardly be considered a good thing.

Commenters there, including Stefan Sharkansky, have suggestions of some who Earling has overlooked. (Meanwhile, just one post down Stefan continues his campaign to show that cold weather in winter disproves global warming.) But in comments on Earling's post you can see one reason why the Republican Party has not embraced the environment: Some on the right see it as a danger. As Doug Parris wrote:

Like Primordial Islam, "Environmentalism" cannot be assimilated; it cannot be accomodated; it must be crushed.

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