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October 7, 2006

McGavick on Foley

Posted by David Postman at 3:44 PM

I know the Mark Foley page scandal is mostly a House matter. But I saw this in our paper this morning from the Washington Post:

New Jersey's Thomas Kean Jr., who offers the GOP its most promising hope to take a Senate seat from a Democrat in November, called for Hastert's resignation Friday, as did the editorial page of the Los Angeles Times.

I asked Mike McGavick's campaign what he thought of calls for House Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign. His campaign sent this statement from McGavick:

This is a situation that goes beyond politics and political party. The investigation must be beyond thorough, independent and lead wherever it leads. And if it is discovered that the GOP leadership or anyone else knew the full extent of Foley's disgusting behavior before action was taken, resignations are only the first penalties that should be taken. Right now, even if it might be a good political stunt, I'm not prejudging the situation. The investigation that gives us the facts and all culprits must be thorough and immediate. I would only add that 'immediate' means "immediate" - not weeks or months.

The only timeline offered by the ethics committee was Democrat Howard Berman's statement that the investigation will be done in weeks, not months.

MONDAY UPDATE: Cantwell spokesman Amanda Mahnke says by e-mail:

Senator Cantwell believes inappropriate contact with a minor is unacceptable and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It's particularly troubling when it involves members of Congress and pages, who are under the care of the Congress. When parents turn to the Congress to care for high school students going to Washington, and that parental trust is violated, it is not only wrong, it's criminal.

Senator Cantwell hopes that the ethical and criminal investigations that are underway proceed quickly. Anyone who is found to be responsible for breaking this trust should, at minimum, lose their job.

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