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October 31, 2006

Late but positive reviews for Linnea Noreen

Posted by David Postman at 4:54 PM

Congressman Jim McDermott's independent opponent Linnea Noreen has been getting praise from a variety of pundits.

Words of support for Noreen usually come in pretty close proximity to criticism for McDermott. But she has begun to be taken seriously in some corners.
In his Puget Sound Business Journal column, Glenn Pascall writes about Noreen under the headline:

"A new kind of politics in McDermott's shadow"

Pascall has known McDermott a long time and writes:

With a twinkle in his eye and a touch of devilish Irish delight, Jim has always enjoyed sticking it to his opponents, believing that the road to justice lies over the bodies of the unjust. This has led him at times into a temptation, known in times past as "excess of zeal."

At this point in the election cycle, what's the point of raising such issues? In this case, there is a point because there is an alternative — and an opportunity to help launch a new style of politics and a new generation of elected leadership. The specific example: Linnea Noreen, running for Congress as an Independent on the Nov. 7 ballot.


On why she is running against McDermott, Noreen says, "When a person is not doing their job, they need to be held accountable. The person who represents Seattle in Congress needs to be in the forefront of education reform, structural reform of the health care system and federal transportation financing. Jim McDermott is doing none of the above. "

Pascall says Noreen is "an intriguing example of what could be the next chapter in American politics. "

In The Seattle Times, columnist Ryan Blethen agreed last week:

If we lived in a country where two parties did not make politics a monopoly, McDermott might worry about the independent candidate in the race, Linnea Noreen.

When asked, the average moderate or independent-minded voter would rattle off a list of desirable attributes in a candidate: smart, listens, passionate, critical thinker, articulate, open ... the list goes on. My guess is that if you did not put party affiliation next to the three candidates and voted only for their positions, voters would check off the box for Noreen.

For a liberal's view, Michael Hood at blatherwatch says he'll vote for Noreen, violating his pledge to vote only for Democrats.

Linnea Noreen says she doesn't expect to win, but she'd just like to pull 10% against McD to prove to strong Democrats (are you listening Jennie Durkan? Hey, Peter Steinbrueck! Nick???) to run against him. Noreen is an articulate, savvy, informed young woman who's spent some of her 29 years in the non-profit sector and helping progressive candidates. We're voting for her despite our vow to never vote for anyone except Democrats again.

To be able to write this; for Noreen to run against him, is a luxury of which we couldn't partake if Jim was in political trouble against a Republican. But since he's not (yet) we can, so we urge you to vote for Noreen and make a political statement in the safety of the blue zone that is Seattle.

Unfortunately Hood cannot avoid sexist comments about Blethen's praise for Noreen. If Hood's trying to get Seattleites to take Noreen seriously, it would be better to stop assuming that only an ulterior motive could propel a male to write kind words about her. She's faced these sorts of comments throughout the race.

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