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October 17, 2006

First anti-920 ad hits the air tomorrow

Posted by David Postman at 5:46 PM

The No On I-920 campaign starts airing its first TV commercial tomorrow. In the effort to save the state estate tax, the committee's ad portrays the estate tax as a "tax break just for multi-millionaires" and says the money raised from the tax goes to important education programs.

Here's the script read by a male announcer:

I-920, the estate tax repeal.

It sounds good. But here are the facts:

99.5 percent of Washington residents don't pay a Washington estate tax, including family farms.

But I-920 does cut $100 million a year in education funding.

A tax break for multi-millionaires that takes millions from our schools.

The visuals are a series of shots of the initiative, a woman at a ferry dock, kids getting on a school bus and a closing shot of a sad-looking little boy in a classroom.

Sandeep Kaushik, communications director for the anti-initiative campaign, said the ad begins airing tomorrow in Seattle and Spokane and is the first 30 second shot in what will be a $1 million TV campaign. He said the ad is trying to correct what he says is "misinformation and distortion" about the effects of the estate tax.

"In some ways you could call it a simple cost benefit analysis: What is the cost of this tax, who pays it, can they afford to pay it. And on the other side of the coin, who benefits, how do they benefit and how many people benefit.

"We feel pretty confident that when they see that they'll move to the no side."

UPDATE: Here's the ad.

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