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August 31, 2006

In other news

Posted by David Postman at 8:02 AM

(UPDATE: At the Seattle Weekly, Philip Dawdy is not amused by Savage. He says the nightclub ordinance is dumb, but Savage is dumber.)

  • On the Stranger blog, Josh Feit says Mike McGavick's admission of his DUI showed Democrats were asleep at the wheel, though he's finding it not so easy to get the records.

    All you ever hear from Democrats these days is: "Man, we gotta play hardball like the Republicans. We got to play mean and dirty. Man, if I had been running Kerry's race..." etc etc etc...

    Well, my question is: Why didn't the Cantwell campaign have this first?

  • With the state's top-two primary ruled unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit, Krist Novoselic — from grunge pioneer to Grange activist — looks to the future of partisan voting. He says:
    Either the unpopular and flaccid Pick-A-Party primary stands (unlikely), or we take the party designation off the ballot to have only two candidates on the ballot each November. The current primary system is obviously broken and we already have non-partisan elections in many municipalities. Either way, there are no new ideas on the table. It's not hard to see that, like a tragic opera, our story is doomed to endure continued heartbreak and frustration.

    Novoselic hopes Pierce County's Amendment 3 passes this November. It would create instant runoff voting in county races and, he hopes, a model for a statewide system.

  • In the King County Journal, Sen. Pam Roach is upset about the ranking she got from the Municipal League, in part, because one of her reviewers had a pierced nose. And multiple piercings at that. And we know Roach is not a fan of body art on kids today.

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