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August 10, 2006

Darcy Burner's first TV spot

Posted by David Postman at 12:23 PM

Democrat Darcy Burner's first TV ad in her campaign against Congressman Dave Reichert began airing today. It's a 60 second, fairly soft, bio spot. You can see it here.

In this first step in introducing herself to 8th District voters, two things stick out. Burner clearly is stressing her military ties. The ad points out in the narration, photos and graphics that both her father and husband are veterans and that she lived in "military towns." (Her brother is in the military now and served a tour in Iraq. The ad doesn't mention that, though Burner includes it in speeches.)

The other thing was that the last piece of the ad is Burner talking about the American dream "slipping away." I've seen Burner speak and she is quite good. But I've watched the ad several times and her voice and on-screen presence lacks the full confidence she shows in person. That's something Reichert does exceptionally well, too; even more so on TV. Burner's brief appearance in the ad comes off almost as if she were trying to restrain herself.

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Cantwell looks to "prosecute" if Dems take Senate

Posted by David Postman at 11:02 AM

Sen. Maria Cantwell's campaign aide (and former opponent) Mark Wilson appeared on her behalf Tuesday night at the 43rd District Democrats meeting. (My colleague Jim Brunner was there and shared his notes with me.)

Wilson spoke right after Hong Tran, and he got a little dig in at Cantwell's primary opponent:

"I'm Mark Wilson and I'm also not going to be your next U.S. senator."

He said the Senate race was a chance to "get that gavel in our hands," referring to something Congressman Jim McDermott had said earlier about plans for oversight hearings if Democrats take control of the House.

Said Wilson:

"What a tragedy it would be if in fact we capture the House but not have the ability to prosecute in the U.S. Senate."

What would the Senate prosecute under Democratic control? Wilson didn't say. I asked the Cantwell campaign to elaborate on what their ambassador to the left said. Spokeswoman Katharine Lister said Cantwell wants Congress "to do more to hold the administration more accountable for its actions and spending in Iraq."

"The Republican Congress has refused to hold meaningful hearings on no-bid contracts or fraud related to reconstruction efforts in Iraq or even to fund veterans' health care, especially mental heath care, for our troops coming home. The best way to do that is for Democrats to regain control of both the House and the Senate."

The 43rd District couldn't agree on which legislative candidate to endorse Tuesday. The Slog has the tally. Cantwell easily got enough votes for an endorsement.

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