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June 12, 2006

McGavick may be ahead in battle of the Web

Posted by David Postman at 7:39 AM

UPDATE: The Maurone critique seems to have been done right before a new version of Cantwell's Web site went up for testing. The new one is online for debugging purposes and is set to be announced tomorrow. So poli-geeks, watch carefully and send me your reviews.

UPDATE UPDATE: Maurone has posted comments on the new site.

A Microsoft program manager has posted on his personal blog a comparison and contrast of the campaign Web sites of Maria Cantwell and Mike McGavick. And despite Cantwell's obviously superior high-tech credentials — she's a former senior vice president of RealNetworks — Jeff Maurone says in an open letter to Cantwell that McGavick's site is the real deal.

"At your site, I find a few bland and dry pages, some non-changing content, nine (count 'em) photos stretching back a few years, a page to submit information to volunteer (I haven't heard back yet), and — actually, that's about it. When I go to Mike McGavick's site I am bombarded with all of the 'right' tools needed to run a progressive campaign ..."

Maurone argues it matters.

"Until your web-site learns to love the netroots, it will become more and more difficult to follow your campaign and be passionate about it."

In Spokane, Doug Dobbins has some thoughts on political Web sites, too. He's an IT guy who ran for the state House as a Democrat, and if you get past the deep geek stuff in his critique of political consultant Christian Sinderman's new Web site, he too, gets on the McGavick Web bandwagon.

"Heck this man did not even work for Real, but could make a play that he is the real tech candidate."

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