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June 1, 2006

In Other News

Posted by David Postman at 9:24 AM

Jim McDermott is filling in for Dave Ross on 710 KIRO this week. His performance is being listened to carefully from Blatherwatch on the left and The Radio Equalizer from the right.

UPDATE: Blatherwatch again on McDermott on the radio, and the blatherer is not impressed.

In 2004 Ross had to step down from his KIRO show when he became a candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional District. McDermott hasn't filed for re-election and gave KIRO a letter indicating that "at this time he is NOT a candidate for re-election," KIRO Program Director Tom Clendening says via e-mail. Because of that, he says, "our legal dept. believes there are no equal time considerations." (CONFLICT ALERT: I have been a fill-in host on KIRO.)

McDermott continues to be news elsewhere. The Pittsburgh paper has a story on the congressman's legal fight which "has the elements and plot twists of the most intriguing kinds of Capitol Hill dramas, and it still has no final episode."

Former state Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt is going into the lobbying business, says The Stranger.

The new Comedy Central fake news show will be set in Spokane. How can they find anything strange or funny there? Sound Politics is looking for ideas.

Attention Republican candidates. If you want John McCain to help you, be careful what you say about the Senate's immigration plan.

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