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June 9, 2006

Lefty blogger gets radio gig

Posted by David Postman at 1:15 PM

David Goldstein of has gotten a regular talk show at 710 KIRO. Blatherwatch has the details and the congratulations to the KIRO staff for giving Goldstein a weekly spot.

And now that Goldstein is going mainstream, he wants his first official guest to be Tim Eyman, the inspiration for horsesass. In his invitation to Eyman, Goldstein says, "Now I know you might have some reservations about appearing on the air with a host who made his name by calling you names, but this is radio, and you are, after all, a media whore."

"Again, please remember that this is radio Tim, radio - tens of thousands of people hearing you talk - so if there really is no such thing as bad press, what do you have to lose? And besides, we're going to talk about you anyway, so why not be there to defend yourself?"

But wait, wasn't it Goldstein who was just telling us dupes in the press to ignore Eyman?

"So to my friends in the media I'd like to suggest that you take Timmy at his word one last time, and refuse to give him any coverage at all. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No clips on the news, no column inches in the paper... not even to curse him out. The guy just dissed you. (Again.) Don't reward him. Can the press resist? "

Apparently not.

Goldstein makes it seem like it'll be a hard sell, what with calling Eyman names and all. But don't be surprised if Eyman accepts the invitation.

UPDATE: Eyman responded to Goldstein and said he'd come on the show, but only if he could stay the entire three hours Sunday night. Goldstein says one hour is the best Eyman can hope for, and in the e-mail thread I just read (forwarded to me by Eyman), said, "Funny, Tim. I doubt the audience can take three hours of me, let alone three hours of the two of us." Responds Eyman: "Let me know if you change your mind, coward."

UPDATE UPDATE: Goldstein and Eyman send along the latest, and we'll assume, the last, of their e-mails.

To summarize, there's no way Goldstein gives Eyman three hours. "Truth is
you're not all that interesting. (snip) Whatever. If you want to pass up a chance to plug your car tabs initiative that's up to you."

Eyman says Goldstein has "chosen to crawl underneath a rock to hide from me after I accepted your pathetic challenge. Gutless coward."

You've got to feel a little sorry for Goldstein. He's clearly having a Groucho Marx moment trying to accept he's a member of a club he's never been a big fan of. As he told me in an e-mail last night:

"I guess I gotta get it through my head that I'm now kinda, sorta media too. Kinda sorta."

LAST UPDATE I PROMISE: Goldstein posts the entire e-mail thread at

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Bush visit

Posted by David Postman at 8:22 AM

President Bush's trip to Washington state was made official this morning during the White House press gaggle. Spokeswoman Dana Perino only said Bush will travel to Washington and New Mexico for "political events" next Friday. Details to follow. All we know so far is that Bush will headline a fund-raiser for Dave Reichert.

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Another run at the federal estate tax?

Posted by David Postman at 7:51 AM

Both Washington senators voted against repeal of the federal estate tax yesterday. But it is clear from reading the papers this morning that the fight isn't over. And a lot of attention is focused on Maria Cantwell as a possible swing vote in a compromise plan.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Senate Leader Bill Frist "hopes to win over" a small group of senators, including Cantwell, for a second run at repealing the tax. "Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Cantwell, Ms. Landrieu and other Senate Democrats met in Mr. Frist's office to discuss a deal," according to the Journal.

And on its editorial page, the Journal says that Cantwell and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana "were so torn on the vote that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wouldn't let them out of his sight until it was over." You can read it here thanks to Economics and Liberty.

People on both sides of the estate tax issue have their eye on Cantwell. Robert Kuttner in the Boston Globe, included Patty Murray, too as a potential swing senator in a pre-vote piece:

"Who exactly needs Cantwell and Murray to support another huge tax cut for the wealthiest? Their own families? Campaign contributors?"

I'll watch for the Kuttner follow up.

Human Events mentions Cantwell in its piece arguing against the "angry left's class warfare," though she's not among the angry or the left.

UPDATE: Cantwell's staff says there were not many details discussed in the meeting with Frist yesterday. The statement Cantwell issued yesterday does make clear that she's open to a compromise:

"I support repealing the estate tax for small businesses and family farms. A 55 percent tax rate is unfair for America's small businesses and family farms who deserve tax fairness. It's my hope that we can find an estate tax reform compromise before this expires in 2011. The vote today the Republican majority pushed was a vote for full repeal " sneaking in tax cuts to multi-millionaires at the expense of education, healthcare, and other vital initiatives. We need reform, but this reform must be within reason. We need a well thought-out policy, and I will continue push for a compromise that will truly help America prosper."

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