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August 7, 2008 7:28 PM

8th District: Money update & web ads

Posted by David Postman

Two items from Emily Heffter about the 8th District congressional race.

Candidates in the close 8th Congressional District race released their fundraising numbers for the month of July today.

Rep. Dave Reichert, the two-term Republican incumbent, raised $115,474 during July, compiling $929,113 in cash on hand.

Democratic challenger Darcy Burner raised more -- $350,837-- during July, and reported having almost $1.5 million in the bank. But those figures don't include a large television ad buy Burner's campaign made this week. They won't say exactly what that cost, except to say it was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Burner has been outpacing Reichert in fundraising throughout the campaign, but she's also been spending more.

ALSO: Reichert released two web video ads today that will start showing up embedded in web pages visited by 8th Congressional District voters. The campaign has the technology to track, via cookies and other tools, what people are looking at.

The two ads are launching the same week Burner kicked off her first television ad.

The bulk of Reichert's 45-second ads show him in an office discussing his energy plan and his view on taxes. The ads are linked to Reichert's Web page here and here.

The web videos will cost between $20,000 and $100,000, according to a campaign spokesman. That's less than TV spots would cost. The campaign may buy television time later in the campaign, she said, but they believe the web is a better way to reach the "tech-savvy" demographic in the 8th District.

Burner has released a couple of videos this campaign season and posted them on her web site. Most recently, she posted a video of campaign volunteers talking about why they were working for her campaign. This spring, she posted a video acknowledging her sometimes-criticized hairstyles. It shows her going into a salon to get her hair done by buzz-cut sporting Montana Senator Jon Tester.

"Hmm," she says in the video, "Maybe I should stick more to talking about the issues."

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Posted by N in Seattle

9:39 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Talk about damning with faint praise...

Burner took in more than *three times* what Reichert could attract during July. That's not merely "raising more", it's a huge differential.

Not only that -- the details show that nearly all of Burner's contributions came from individuals (over half of it as small donations). whereas the great majority of Reichert's came from PACs.

Posted by hinweis

10:54 PM, Aug 07, 2008

For a sharper analysis of Burner's first TV ad, head on over to Red County.

Posted by Lisa

11:34 PM, Aug 10, 2008

"the details show that nearly all of Burner's contributions came from individuals"

Ah, you mean as in liberal bleeding heart saps who gave to her campaign because some blogger told them it would give her "breathing room" after a tragic house fire?

In what warped mind is giving to a political campaign the equivalent of helping someone get back on their feet? Wouldn't it have been truly selfless to call for donations to a charitable organization instead?

Just who are these "individual donors"? Oh yes, the nutroots. And how many of these folks live in Washington State, let alone the 8th CD?

Posted by A Concerned Citizen

1:39 PM, Aug 12, 2008

Burner led over Reichert in individual donations during her 2006 campaign as well as before the fire that destroyed her home.

Individual donations are important as an indicator of public support, as opposed to party organizations, PACs, and special interest groups.

The donations solicited after the fire were specifically to allow Darcy time off from raising campaign money personally while attending to her family's needs. At no time were they construed as charity. Any politician in any office will tell you how time consuming it is to raise money for a campaign - never mind how frustrating it is to spend time that way compared to public meetings and discussing the issues.

By the way, Darcy has the far better record of attending public forums where constituents can learn more about her positions. Reichert, on the other hand, seems to avoid public appearances almost entirely, unless he can control who is asking him questions.

Posted by Bothsides

8:19 AM, Aug 13, 2008

Every time I see her comercial I want to throw up. Lead women at Microsoft, her credentials are barely enough to run for her high school student body president, let alone for congress, the Dems can do better, bring in a real candidate, the dog catcher would be a better fit.

Posted by Jeff Owens

12:02 AM, Aug 14, 2008

Is the Reichert campaign nuts paying $100,000 for a 45 second Internet commercial? That money would have been much better spent on radio commercials.

Does Reichert really think voters in the mushy middle who are going decide the outcome of the election in the 8th are actually going to watch a Reichert video on line. Well Reichert proves a sucker can be elected to congress twice.

Im not voting for either Reichert or Burner because a congressional seat is a terrible thing to waste with an idiot.

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