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July 23, 2008 7:36 AM

Step away from the blog and no one gets hurt

Posted by David Postman

I'm taking the rest of the week off. I'll be back Monday, but if you miss me you can tune in Sunday for KING 5's Up Frontat 9:30 a.m. on KING and 8 p.m. on Northwest Cable News.

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Posted by John

4:22 PM, Jul 23, 2008

Rossi: State Employee Unions Get Ready to Launch Rossi Attack Ads while Gregoire Negotiates their Pay Increase
By Bryan Bissell - June 27, 2008 - 9:39am
Release Date: Jun 27 2008

For Immediate Release Contact: Jill Strait

June 26, 2008 425-498-2008

State Employee Unions Get Ready to Launch Rossi Attack Ads while Gregoire Negotiates their Pay Increase

Redmond, WA - The Evergreen Progress PAC, made up of contributions from the Democratic Governors Association and 15 labor union PACs, is slated to start running TV attack ads against Dino Rossi tomorrow. More than 60 percent of the money for these ads comes from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Washington Federation of State Employees. Both groups have also given large sums to the State Democratic Party.

While these groups, whose employees are paid by state tax dollars, are pouring in hundreds of thousands of dollars to help re-elect Governor Christine Gregoire, she is actively negotiating pay increases for these same state employees.

"The incumbent is negotiating with these state employee groups using taxpayer money. On the very day that she is negotiating, these same groups are putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into a campaign to re-elect her," said Rossi campaign spokesperson Jill Strait. "Is Gregoire blind to this conflict of interest? Will the public believe that the Governor, who is negotiating with these groups, is unaware or unaffected by the fact that these same groups are paying for her re-election?

"Gregoire should refuse to negotiate pay increases until after the election and she should instruct her party chair to return contributions from these groups. Anything else gives the appearance of a pay-off. At a time when our state faces over a $2.5 billion deficit and families and businesses are struggling with rising prices, we can't afford to see our tax dollars wasted by Gregoire handing out political thank yous to her biggest contributors."

The SEIU currently has four contracts being negotiated by Gregoire that need to be completed by October 1, 2008.

1) Home health care workers - SEIU 775

2) In home child care workers - SEIU 925

3) Nurses in state institutions - SEIU 1199

4) Classified staff in higher Ed institutions (PSE/SEIU)

The Washington Federation of State Employees is also currently negotiating contracts with Gregoire that include increases in salary and benefits.

The Seattle Times on Tuesday highlighted the fact that both the SEIU and the Washington Federation of State Employees were major contributors during the 2004 recount, donating $418,000 and $250,000 respectively, and that both made out very well under Gregoire's administration. These same groups will now run TV ads to ensure that Gregoire stays in the Governor's mansion.

"Do you suppose these ‘independent' ads will coincidentally be a continuation of Gregoire's radio attack ads that went up this week criticizing Dino for the 2003 budget - the same budget that was passed by a Democratic controlled House and signed by Democratic Governor Gary Locke?" continued Strait. "And do you suppose that Gov. Gregoire, who was so offended last week by third party ads about her record, will show the same kind of anger toward these ads?"

Posted by John

6:08 PM, Jul 23, 2008

I know this is a old story however we have a few here who have a hard time or maybe in denial of the truth.

Rewarding Campaign Donors With Political Favors
and Big Money nothing new for Gregoire

Bellevue, WA...Recent news stories in both the Seattle P-I and the Seattle Times have questioned whether Gov. Gregoire has handed out political favors to her campaign donors while in the governors' mansion. But the pattern of questionable pay-offs goes all the way back to her time as Attorney General when she negotiated the tobacco settlement.

The settlement turned a few well-connected trial lawyers into multi-millionaires. Many of those same favored trial lawyers turned around and donated large sums of money to both Gregoire and the Democratic Governor's Association (DGA). One such lawyer is Richard "Dickie" Scruggs, who received a 5-year prison sentence today for conspiring to bribe a judge.

Scruggs and his firm received approximately $1 billion (not a misprint) in fees from the tobacco litigation, in which then-Attorney General Gregoire was a key negotiator. In October 2004, Scruggs donated $200,000 to the DGA which was then running negative TV ads against Dino Rossi. The DGA is also a sponsor of negative ads that began airing today against Rossi.

"The more light we shine on Christine Gregoire, the more we learn about her habit of handing out political favors to campaign donors and supporters," said Luke Esser, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. "And Gov. Gregoire's habit of rewarding political supporters didn't just start recently. As Attorney General, Gregoire negotiated a tobacco settlement that made a few trial lawyers into multi-millionaires, who then turned around and gave big to her campaign. One of Gregoire's strongest financial supporters (and one of her ‘closest friends' in the tobacco litigation), Dickie Scruggs, was just sentenced today to five years in prison.

"As governor, Gregoire renegotiated a tribal casino compact that initially would have provided $140 million a year to the state into a deal that gave the state absolutely nothing. Not surprisingly, some of the tribes that benefited from the governor's actions are contributing generously to see her re-elected. And now, today, at the very moment that the incumbent is negotiating contracts with state employees, Gregoire is benefiting from huge contributions by some of those same unions, a clear conflict of interest for the governor. Every day more and more ethical questions are raised about Gov. Gregoire's behavior. These questions will continue unless Gov. Gregoire can break her habit of rewarding campaign supporters with political favors."

A 2004 Seattle Times article noted the connection between Scruggs and other trial lawyers involved in the tobacco settlement and Gregoire's campaign.
"Private lawyers who had worked alongside Gregoire on the tobacco settlement were even more generous....
Lawyers hired by the states to help take their cases to court received millions of dollars in fees from the settlement. Those lawyers and their firms already have contributed heavily to Gregoire's campaign, around $100,000 in direct donations.
On Oct. 8, the DGA got $200,000 from Richard Scruggs, a prominent tobacco attorney who also has made direct contributions to Gregoire's campaign. Scruggs said his firm made between $900 million and $1 billion in fees on the tobacco litigation."
It's not possible to specifically tie individual donors to the DGA to Gregoire's campaign; however, Scruggs said, Gregoire was uppermost in his mind when he made his contribution. ‘She was one of our colleagues and close friends in the tobacco wars, and I'd certainly like to see her get as much of it as possible, but it is not my call.'"
Even back in 2000, Gregoire was denying allegations of pay-offs from her trial lawyer friends.

"Nonsense," insists Fred Olson, Gregoire's director of administration. Critics, he says, are wrong to think the donations "must be a payoff, rather than what they are: a reflection that someone has a high regard for an elected official."

Gregoire will need to keep making denials so long as she continues to engage in such questionable behavior.

Posted by Bothsides

6:16 PM, Jul 23, 2008

Why, I'm shocked, just shocked. Yes, she should definitely keep running those positive ads JimD, in fact, she should run ads about the facts that John has pointed out above, she's sooo goood.

Posted by John

7:55 PM, Jul 23, 2008

Jimd & jamesb,
Have you read these post about your queen?
Jump in I can not wait to hear your spin.

Posted by John

9:56 PM, Jul 23, 2008

Gregoire Plays Hide-and-Seek With Her $2.5 Billion Deficit

Bellevue, WA... What do you do if you're a governor who can't defend a massive increase in spending that drove your state into a massive deficit? Blame President George W. Bush of course!

That was Gov. Gregoire's response when asked about declining revenues and the $2.5 billion Gregoire Deficit she created. Friday morning Gov. Gregoire attended a meeting with Sen. Barack Obama in Chicago to further strategize on how she can blame Bush for her budget woes.

"There's a reason it's called the Gregoire Deficit," said Luke Esser, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. "The Gregoire Deficit is one hot potato that our governor is not going to be able to pawn off on anyone else. I must have been out of town the day George W. Bush ordered Gov. Gregoire to increase spending by 33 percent, and also to raise taxes by $500 million. Blaming the president might give the governor personal satisfaction, but it won't make her $2.5 billion deficit disappear. The namesake of the Gregoire Deficit is the one person who has to accept responsibility for the crisis she has created."

Posted by John

9:57 PM, Jul 23, 2008

June 23, 2008

Down on Her Luck: Gregoire Caught Breaking Gambling Promise

Bellevue, WA... Casino compacts aside, Gov. Christine Gregoire was in more hot water this past week for "under-delivering" on a promise to protect kids from gambling.

This promise involves halting the state lottery from selling tickets featuring pictures of popular candy. Gov. Gregoire talked about the importance of not marketing lottery products to youth in a letter she sent to the state lottery director in February 2006. A Seattle P-I column says that in the letter, Gov. Gregoire expressed her worry about teens becoming involved in gambling at an age when they "do not fully understand" the risks involved. She even instructed her agency:

"We need to be very clear that we will not engage in any marketing strategies directed toward youth. ... I ask that you refrain from using tools that entice those young adults to play."

So how come the state just circulated 1.9 million candy-covered tickets featuring Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Milk Duds around the state in March?

As the columnist suggests, "That the games even exist suggests the governor isn't minding the store." Sounds like the old Gregoire habit of "talking tough" and then not living up to her promises.

Gov. Gregoire doesn't seem to give Washingtonians much credit. To condemn lottery tickets that appeal to children and then continuing to sell them makes as much sense as taking credit for limiting casinos while allowing the largest expansion of gambling in state history. Gregoire's brand of governing is based on an assumption that the public simply won't notice the contradictions in her policies. But we all know what happens when you assume...

That's why we give Christine Gregoire an "F" this week for her failure to control gambling.

Posted by Harry

7:58 AM, Jul 24, 2008

John, you need to seriously consider getting a life. Go outside. Read a book. Find a date. Volunteer to help somebody who needs it.

Posted by Postman

8:22 AM, Jul 24, 2008

John, please don't post press releases here.

Posted by John

9:42 AM, Jul 24, 2008

Is it appropriated for me if I remove the queen’s name from future posts on this thread? I have 3 more I would like to post here, if not here where?

Thank you for your concern however; I have an I- pod, which is waterproof so I can communicate with you from my spa or outside riding the horse or weather permits laying on a float in our pool.

Posted by Winston Smith

10:13 AM, Jul 24, 2008

John wrote: "I have 3 more I would like to post here, if not here where?"

Well let's see, John, perhaps you could get your OWN BLOG rather than try to hijack David's.

You could start here:

Posted by John

10:44 AM, Jul 24, 2008

Winston Smith,

This was an open thread and after waiting almost 8hrs. with no posts I then posted, I did not take over postman’s articles on how to make the queen look good.

I had no intended malice against this blog. However, It was hard seeing no posts on this thread, I thought the purpose of his blog. is to share political views.

I did not see any harm in posting these articles, However I know now it would have went on without any problems from you 3, if I edited her name out and replaced with Dino Rossi.

Posted by John

11:01 AM, Jul 24, 2008

I do not remember, who on this blog coined Christina with the title of Queen,
You did hit the nail on the head with it.:)

Posted by Winston Smith

11:13 AM, Jul 24, 2008

John, David asked you to stop posting press releases. You asked (to paraphrase) "If I can't post them here, then where can I post them?"

And I told you. You can start your own blog. You never know, it may some day be as successful as Matt Drudge's blog or Ariana Huffington's. Perhaps one day all the local political columnists may read your blog, just like they do David Goldstein's.

Why not? There is always room at the top. Go for it!

And if it does become as successful and influential as those others, I hope you remember who gave you the idea.

Posted by John

11:24 AM, Jul 24, 2008

“Winston Smith
11:13 AM, Jul 24, 2008
John, David asked you to stop posting press releases. You asked (to paraphrase) "If I can't post them here, then where can I post them?"
And I told you. You can start your own blog. You never know, it may some day be as successful as Matt Drudge's blog or Ariana Huffington's. Perhaps one day all the local political columnists may read your blog, just like they do David Goldstein's.
Why not? There is always room at the top. Go for it!
And if it does become as successful and influential as those others, I hope you remember who gave you the idea.”

I doubt you remember a post I did to the triplet’s jimd, jamesb and upchuck.
I would ask Jimd a question and one of the others would respond.
It was like sending a letter through the mail addressed to postman and you answer, the only explanation is your Postman.

Posted by John

2:57 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Posted by John

3:04 PM, Jul 24, 2008

The President of the United States of America scraps visit to wounded troops.

Posted by John

3:07 PM, Jul 24, 2008

Posted by John

4:36 PM, Jul 24, 2008

I spoke with Ryan Blethen a few years ago about how Steponallofus could be an anchor.
After years covering-up Clintons shenanigans. He agreed that he opposed him going into the news, as he would have to be bias. Jimd announced that Postman is a paid spokesman for TVW; I wonder what changed in his bosses mind? Could it be a tax break for newspapers? Or ??????????????????????

Posted by John

5:08 PM, Jul 24, 2008

The guy named "CHANGE "
Or short change us!

Posted by P

12:03 PM, Jul 25, 2008

John, Keep up the good work! Don't let these pajama jihadists make you feel you are not contributing. They would like for everyone to just take a toke and forget about the facts. Everything is fine, as long as its a Democrat being a crook.

Obamanaia is losing steam. People are listening to his speeching saying, "great speech, but what is going do when elected?" All Obama does is speak a bunch of political buzz words without any meaning. That is why he is forced to flip-flop so much you actually need a spreadsheet to keep them all up to date!

Posted by John

1:50 PM, Jul 25, 2008

The 200,000.00 in Berlin, Two rock shows and free beer and food then ohb spoke to a bunch who couldn't remember his name.

Here is a good read on him..... what joker the d's picked.

Posted by John

1:53 PM, Jul 25, 2008

We only have the 3 that think there smarter than everyone else on this blog.
Typical d's attitude against the majority.

Posted by The Truth

4:54 PM, Jul 25, 2008

Posted by John

6:14 PM, Jul 25, 2008

I seen two reports from our troops in the Middle East

Posted by John

8:27 PM, Jul 25, 2008

I been trying to find his charity's he gave $60,300.00 in 2006
funny how someone can hide where the money went.

Here is some more federal tax CHANGES he did.....

Posted by John

9:01 PM, Jul 25, 2008

Here is his charity deduction for 2006 He had
Plenety of room to add mics deductions
I did not know you could do this.

His biggest charity like mine is his church.
amount 50% limit
Care 15,000
congressional black caucus 13,106
Muntu Dance theater 5,000
Misc. Recognized charities 4,700
Rev. Wrights church 22,500.00

Posted by John

9:20 PM, Jul 25, 2008

He and his wife are not big spenders for charity before his book deal.
Even though they where making close to $300,000
they gave to charity $1,000 and again used the term misc. recognized charities.
I 'm sure this is not legal but hey he's a "d" what would you expect from a crook. YES Crook, the more I look into his past the worst it gets.
Knowing Senator McCain he will not go after him.
lucky for BHO.,0,3205433.story

Posted by John

9:32 PM, Jul 25, 2008

This came out before BHO made a fool of himself this week.
Oh, not one gal fainted.

Posted by John

8:36 AM, Jul 26, 2008

Obama went overseas as President Kennedy and Ronald Reagan did in there term as POTUS.
It took one look at him to know what a fool he made of himself.

He thought if he left his wife behind he could jump 20- 30 points in the polls, realized now it was not his wife who should have stayed home. One has to ask why all the hoopla in EU the answer is they want USA to fail more than the “d’s” do.

Why can’t I get a break?

If postman doesn't banned me I type at you next week.

Cheers, life is good.

Posted by JimD

10:56 AM, Jul 26, 2008

I finally had to click on one of the press releases John is promoting via this The Seattle Times blog, which you keep posting in defiance of David's (your host's) request not to use it just to post press releases.

It was a scurrilous, racist rant supposedly written by an anonymous soldier in the middle east purporting to represent "99 percent" of our soldiers in service there.
As if the incorrect trip timeline didn't discredit it's authenticity, the press release goes on to insult the integrity, intelligence and patriotism of our troops in a manner only the most vile, racist, hate-monger would endorse.
The base had to be shut-down so Obama - the secret Muslim - could perform his Muslim prayers?
He flew stateside after leaving Iraq?
And on and on....such a slanderous depiction of our troops, one wonders if it was written by a fringe-left fanatic wanting to discredit them, which it does quite effectively for those predisposed to believe they're lacking core values of patriotism and decency.

Posted by John

1:14 PM, Jul 26, 2008


I was notified that you flipped out again so I had to log on and see for myself.

You have read everything I posted stop lying.

Nothing you can say surprises us anymore as we all know by your replies to various post you either can not understand the English language or you some how read between the lines and make up words to suit yourself.

I have thought this for a while but gave you the benefit of the doubt until now. Being a nice person and wanting to believe that everyone is honest I can no longer stand by and see your fabrications of lies.

When postman said please stop posting “ press releases” I did stop.
The rest where news stories.

Doubt you where in the military as you would know the words “need to know” as far as he knew BHO left for USA.
It is an e-mail again it is hard for you to read maybe you need glasses? Again, you read what you want. Perhaps you should read it about 30 times then maybe you can get it right.

Jimd, Your a sad lonely guy who has 3 personalities. You spend too much time in a small box and you have the feeling everyone is after you.
I must say your rants are humorous maybe you need to get married.

I would guess being a “d” or a liberal (I’m being nice) in America the land of the free is something you despise.

Posted by William

3:24 PM, Jul 26, 2008

In fairness please, give us the link you’re referring to.


Posted by john am

3:45 PM, Jul 26, 2008

This is a good example of propaganda or misinformation.A recent editorial suggests that Barrach Hussein Obama was told by the American Govt.not to visit the American wounded in Germany. The truth is the only guideline he was given was the trip to see our wounded would not be political in nature. So Barrach seized on this opportunity to thumb his nose at our black and white wounded warriors to make it seem like he was the aggrieved party.His sensibilities seem to have been wounded.

John Son, San Diego, Ca

Posted by karl J.

6:58 PM, Jul 26, 2008

Posted by JimD

2:09 AM, Jul 27, 2008

That's not news, John.
The press release in question is scurrilous by any standard.
Its racist undertones and hate-mongering disinformation is self evident.
And it disrespects our troops by misrepresenting their professionalism and decency.

Everyone knows how to navigate the web if they want to find indecent content - be it child porn, snuff films, white supremacists...whatever - it's all out there, John.
Imposing YOUR particular indecent content preference on a Seattle Times blog is highly opportunistic and inappropriate, which you admit by acknowledging the consequences.

Posted by Patriot

9:43 AM, Jul 27, 2008

We want free speech on Postman’s blog

Posted by thatrich

10:30 AM, Jul 27, 2008

"Its racist undertones and hate-mongering disinformation is self evident."

Being lectured about "racist undertones" from Democrats who run campaign ads with "racist undertones" against Italian Americans is rich indeed.

Posted by Bill J

11:41 AM, Jul 27, 2008

Mr. Postman please read the e-mail from an Air Force man.

This is not what he called”Press Release or hates rhetoric.”
Let us read for ourselves, for us to decide what is news worthy, not what Jim and his cronies want us to read.

Posted by JimD

12:13 PM, Jul 27, 2008

There's are bountiful opportunities to find every conceivable kind of political propaganda you want on the Internet.
No one's "free speech" or opportunity to find this content is affected by this blog's management one way or the other.
Postman on Politics is a rather esoteric newspaperman's blog soliciting open comment and discussion on subjects of the host's choosing.
It represents the very wide and unfiltered personal opinion of its participants, mostly in their own words.
Let's maintain its purpose instead of turning it over to those who openly advertise their intention to make it something else.
There's plenty of something else on the net.
There's only one Postman on Politics.

Posted by The Truth

1:10 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Thread is open why make trouble if you don't like it don't read it.

Posted by John

2:04 PM, Jul 27, 2008

This is not a press release.
It's human interest.

Obama’s wife was a director for Tree House Foods she made over one Million in income nothing (wrong with that) before she quit on March 22, 2007 due to? Could someone please tell me why she would give up such a cushy job?

Perhaps this is why…
Three House Foods is the food distributor to the Non- Union, Democrats despised Wal-Mart. Yeah, and these democrats sure watch out for the unions and are against free trade unless it going in their pockets.

Upchuck this is for you!!!!!

Posted by John

2:06 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Should have said

(nothing wrong with that)

Posted by The Truth

3:03 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Posted by John

3:22 PM, Jul 27, 2008

McCain's lack of Judgment!

Best I get this stuff out as Postman has been e-mailed by you know who.

Posted by John

3:35 PM, Jul 27, 2008

This is not a Press Release.

For educational purposes.

I stumbled on to this web site today, If offend by cursing do not go.

I spent about an hour and had read stuff that would make your hair curl up.

As I scrolled down the post I started to see words that have been used on me.

Very interesting site give you a look into the “d’s state of mindlessness.

Have shower ready you’ll need it.

Posted by John

9:52 AM, Jul 28, 2008

Wea web site: One campaign for the teachers to contact their fed reps and tell them to stop funding “The DC voucher experiment”
Their reasons to stop are hilarious as you read this think of your local school or any Government Dept.

The DC voucher experiment has not achieved its goal of raising student achievement, so it should end on schedule this September.

The Bush Administration is pushing to reauthorize the program and increase funding from $14 million to $18 million per year despite strong evidence it is not helping DC students.

For two straight years, federal evaluations have found no overall difference in academic achievement between students in the voucher program and public school students.

The Government Accountability Office has documented myriad problems associated with lack of accountability, including spending taxpayer’s money to support private schools that do not charge tuition.

Private schools are exempt from public accountability standards, including No Child Left Behind requirements.

I urge you to end to the DC voucher experiment, not extend it as the President has proposed.

Posted by John

12:01 PM, Jul 28, 2008

This blog showed the queen’s tax return, looks like she is a poor person.
Postmans points out at the end :
If you are a candidate with little wealth, the public will know about your finances with more specificity than if you are well-off. And if you’re super rich, you can pretty much keep that to yourself.

Postman who said “I’m not an accountant - boy, am I not an accountant”

However, Postman left out a lot of the queens money one has to ask why?

To show a couple near or close to being on welfare and Dino having too much wealth who knows but postman.

Here is what postman left out.

The Gregoires’ 2007 filing is typical of the three released today: The Gregoires reported a gross income of $180,179, with no adjustments. They listed $14,798 in itemized deductions and $10,200 in exemptions — accounting for themselves and one dependent, their youngest daughter, Michelle.

That left a taxable income of $155,181 on which the couple’s tax bill was $32,443, of which the Gregoires had to pay the IRS $3,119 in addition to withholding.

Their itemized deductions included $2,234 in sales taxes, $3,779 in real estate taxes, $4,976 in gifts by cash or check and $4,284 in other gifts. The campaign did not release a detailed list of those other donations.

Personal financial affairs forms required by the state provide limited information on candidates’ assets and debts, lacking exact values.

The state forms use five categories covering a range of dollar values, and the top value range has no ceiling, meaning anything worth more than $75,000 or $100,000 falls in the same category.

Gregoire’s state filing showed some more detail than her tax return. It lists a 15-year mortgage on their Olympia home as worth $40,000 to $99,999 and another debt secured by the home worth $4,000 to $19,999.

The Gregoires also reported a state worker retirement plan and unspecified stocks each worth $100,000 or more; a bond fund, investment account and IRA each worth $40,000 to $99,999; a second IRA worth $20,000 to $39,999 and a savings pool and savings plan each worth $4,000 to $19,999.

Two of the more colorful items were gifts: a $949 pair of skis from K2 Sports in Seattle and a $350 “customized cowboy hat” from the state Cattlemen’s Association.

Posted by Postman

12:03 PM, Jul 28, 2008

Hey Patriot, you want free speech on my blog? It's all free here. You don't have to pay a thing. But it is my blog. I set the standards and the overwhelming majority of people who post here have no problem with that. Those that don't need to find another place to play.

But just to be clear, this blog is not here so John or anyone else can post a bunch of press releases. That's just boring.

Posted by Patriot

1:33 PM, Jul 28, 2008

to Postman

My post was not for you but for jimd who wants to control posting on this blog.

Posted by John

2:49 PM, Jul 28, 2008

Posted by john am

11:30 AM, Jul 29, 2008

The only reason junior senator Barach Hussein Obama opposes U.S. offshore oil rigs is that the fringe democratic idiots are also against the idea that the USA should not be free from foreign suppliers of crude oil.

Notice none of these knot heads who believe wind mills are the answer to all our problems are saying very much now that the price of gas has dipped below $4.00/ gallon.So junior senator its time to come up with another hair brained idea.

Posted by John

11:50 AM, Jul 29, 2008

Where is George Sores**, BARBRA STREISAND, Baldwin, Pro-Choice, Anti-Gun,and the rest of the immoral group of losers. The “d’s” have told them to shut up and go away this election cycle. Let’s not forget who is really behind them.

** We found him he is busy buy oil on speculation.

Posted by John

12:37 PM, Jul 29, 2008

BO was on Meet the press Sunday; when asked a simple question avoids the question and takes off with a non-question answer. He is really not ready for prim time.
He was asked about John McCain’s offer on Town hall meetings his response is I cannot waste my time on town hall meetings I want to spend all my time talking to voters.
He is not ready for prim time.

Posted by John

1:05 PM, Jul 29, 2008

It has been reported BO has 300 advisor's for his campaign run for POTUS.
God help us if he steals the election they say he will need 14,000 advisor's in order to understand the job of being POTUS.

Posted by The Truth

4:45 PM, Jul 29, 2008


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