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July 2, 2008 7:53 AM

AquaSox don't want baseball mixed with politics

Posted by David Postman

Dino Rossi’s campaign misused the mailing list of the minor league baseball team he is a part owner of to solicit donations to his gubernatorial effort. The invitation to a “NIGHT OF GREAT FOOD AND EXCITING AQUASOX BASEBALL” was followed up by an e-mail from the Everett team’s majority owners offering their “deepest and most sincere apology” for the violation of the team’s privacy policy.

The Everett AquaSox are the Mariner’s Class A affiliate. Rossi, along with former Mariner star Jay Buhner, were among seven who bought minority shares of the team in April, 2007.

The Rossi campaign invitation to the fundraiser was e-mailed to people on the team's mailing list. It invited people to join Rossi's Snohomish County finance committee for a $100 per person, or $200 per family, fundraiser at the Everett ballpark on July 7. The team plays the Yakima Bears that night.

After complaints from team fans, an e-mail was sent by Peter A. and Peter E. Carfagna, the father and son whose family is the majority owner of the team. It said, in part:

We recently learned that our personal privacy policy was compromised in an attempt to solicit your support for a partisan political fundraiser.

In that regard, on behalf of our family ownership group, we would like to express our sincere apologies.

Although we did not authorize this communication nor were we aware of it in advance, we have justifiably received numerous complaints from you expressing your displeasure. We take full responsibility and again beg your pardon.

We take your personal privacy seriously. We will remain vigilant in protecting your e-mail address from solicitors and vendors. We are taking immediate steps to ensure an incident like this never happens again.

I've asked the Rossi campaign if the candidate knew about the use of the AquaSox mailing list.

UPDATE: Rossi spokeswoman Jill Strait responds:

Our Snohomish County Finance Chair Tom Hoban, who is also a part owner of the AquaSox, requested the list from the AquaSox General Manager, who then gave a list of e-mails to one of our campaign staffers. The campaign believed that since we had received the list from AquaSox management, we had permission to send an e-mail about the upcoming event. We were wrong. It is our fault for not double checking. Dino Rossi was unaware that the list had been requested or used. We apologize to AquaSox fans who received this e-mail.

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Posted by JimD

8:34 AM, Jul 02, 2008

...and I'll look forward to their response.
Will they claim incompetence with managing a simple mailing list - some out-sourced data entry foul-up perhaps? (just think how they'd manage the state)
Or will they claim some twisted rationale for violating the fan's personal privacy?
And is Rossi improperly using OTHER team resources to advance his political ambitions?

Nice letter of apology from the team, btw.
At least THEY take the their fan's personal propriety seriously.

Posted by John

8:45 AM, Jul 02, 2008

I thought Gore's hot air caused global warming.
Sorry, I was wrong....,2933,374542,00.html

Posted by John

9:18 AM, Jul 02, 2008

Sorry, shocking news post shouldn't not have been posted here I'm sorry. I will move it .

Posted by upchuck

9:21 AM, Jul 02, 2008

even small scale district politics is all about lists: who controls them and how much effort and cost is required to produce the lists and what info can be corelated with the addresses or emails on the list. (of course so is today's model for corporate targeted marketing) and i don't think for a second that dems or any other pols wouldn't use lists they have access to.

IMHO, the real surprising blunder on dino's part (especially given the level of professionalism and legitmacy a stewide gov campaign is expected to have) is his failure to be more discreet about using this list of contacts he had access to.

Posted by David in Wedgwood

9:23 AM, Jul 02, 2008

Rossi made his fortune as a slum lord. This is just status quo for him. Ethics be damned!

Posted by JimD

9:37 AM, Jul 02, 2008

There actually ARE some commercial ventures that maintain a high standard of diligence in protecting the privacy of their members or subscribers.
AquaSox is apparently one of them, and Rossi owes THEM and their patrons some restraint from using his inside information to advance his own personal and political career.
The letter of apology from the majority owners couldn't be more clear.
Unless it follows a string of similar letters addressing similar indiscretions, it certainly suggests Team management puts some effort into earning it's patrons trust by keeping their private identity off-limits to the likes of Rossi or anyone else who seeks to violate that trust.

Posted by upchuck

9:54 AM, Jul 02, 2008

i agree with you JimD, i wasn't saying it was right what rossi did, just unfortunately common and usually more discreet.

Posted by everett fan

10:39 AM, Jul 02, 2008

This is the fault of one minority owner who has hijacked some other organizations he belongs to trying to promote his Rossi agenda. Much as I support Rossi's opponent, not really his fault. He needs to get his organization under control (including the BIAW)

Posted by everett fan

11:49 AM, Jul 02, 2008

Wasn't going to mention names, but that's the guy.

Posted by GrumpyShoe

12:01 PM, Jul 02, 2008

What's the problem? I'm certain that enough analysis will reveal that the list was obtained legally via the Homeland Security Constitution-be-damned backdoor. Wasn't there a WMD somewhere within 1000 miles that could be used as justification. I'm sure there was at least one minority of Middle Eastern decent on the list. This is just plain mismanagement of how to be a successfully corrupt politician.

Posted by Bothsides

12:08 PM, Jul 02, 2008

"...and I'll look forward to their response."

Well JimD you got one.

To say this was a slime ball attempt at campaigning is ridiculous. I would not blame a D or an R for this type of thing. The rules are so complex, I can understand how they are accidentally broken all the time. Sure, each side should have experts that know the rules, and I'm confident they do, but when you are handling day to day activities you are bound to break one of the rules inadvertantly. To me this is a non-issue, and it would be the same if it was from the govs campaign as well. They were notified, they made the correction and they apologized, what else can they do, hang em all......

Posted by Gregoire sucks

12:33 PM, Jul 02, 2008

stop crying about it

Posted by Particle Man

12:38 PM, Jul 02, 2008

"Not really his fault"
This campaign and this candidate have created a culture of lax at best ethical standards. In fact all too often ethics are not on the table at all in Rossi's personal and political life.
Just a few recent "oversights":
Rossi fund raises at a 501C3 christian leadership lunch.
Rossi fund raises at a military lunch.
Rossi campaigns under cover of Forward Washington while being paid $125,000 by BIAW to do so.
With these and the well known rule bending and direct compensation deals while he was in office, it is no surprise that a campaign insider would not even think twice about sending out such an email.

Posted by R. Travaille

1:22 PM, Jul 02, 2008

So I guess its ok for Gov Gregoire to raise funds in the Govnors Mansion at a dinner??

Posted by Particle Man

1:34 PM, Jul 02, 2008

Traville, the difference is that never happened even though it would have been within the law.

Posted by AR

2:56 PM, Jul 02, 2008

The issue is that the team's majority owners have issued an apology but the campaign office has not offered the same.

I see it as a clear measure of the candidate's ethics that the same level of aplogy has not been forthcoming as soon as it was clear this was not sanctioned.

I receieved the same "form letter" but only after I complained.

The email also violated CAN-SPAM rules since it does not list the source of the list nor an opt-out


3:45 PM, Jul 02, 2008

Did Rossi campaigner Hoban make the request for the list under color of his authority as a minority owner in the franchise?

If so wouldn't that constitute a fraudulent violation of his contractual obligations?

Otherwise, what is the GM doing releasing these lists to political campaigns?

Sure, this puts GM Brian Sloan in a difficult position, having to put a minority owner on the spot in order to defend himself.
If Rossi's guy Hoban were anything other than a partisan coward, he'd make a public statement taking the heat for his General Manager instead of leaving him hanging like this.

Posted by Bothsides

3:46 PM, Jul 02, 2008


This was posted before noon, did you not see it.

UPDATE: Rossi spokeswoman Jill Strait responds:

Our Snohomish County Finance Chair Tom Hoban, who is also a part owner of the AquaSox, requested the list from the AquaSox General Manager, who then gave a list of e-mails to one of our campaign staffers. The campaign believed that since we had received the list from AquaSox management, we had permission to send an e-mail about the upcoming event. We were wrong. It is our fault for not double checking. Dino Rossi was unaware that the list had been requested or used. We apologize to AquaSox fans who received this e-mail.

Posted by Mike

4:26 PM, Jul 02, 2008

Who cares? He is a part owner of the team

Posted by Shaft, John Shaft

4:31 PM, Jul 02, 2008


I'm a part owner of Boeing.
Should I be granted access to all of their email lists?

Posted by JimD

7:29 PM, Jul 02, 2008

"...The campaign believed that since we had received the list from AquaSox management, we had permission to send an e-mail about the upcoming event..."

Well..I bought a car that goes 100 mph, so I assumed it was ok to drive that fast.

God help us if Rossi and his troupe of imbeciles take control of state government.

Posted by Turbine

7:36 PM, Jul 02, 2008

Hey Postman maybe you can rehash when Gregoire tried to auction off a dinner at the Governors mansion as a fund raiser for Darcy Burner? Now there was a delliberate act, made by the Governor herself that should have cost her an ethics violation, but it didn't. It is about as relevant as this story. But I understand yor logic in trying to get a dig in at Rossi, it's what you do. If you are remotely active in your community, you get a bunch of invitiations to fundraisers all of the time R and D by virtue of being on e-mail lists, if you don't like them, block them and move on.

Posted by Blake

9:21 PM, Jul 02, 2008

Was the list counted three times, twice in Rossi's favor and the last count against him before someone raised a fuss? NO? Then GET OVER IT!

Posted by jamesb

9:53 AM, Jul 03, 2008

Sounds like you are the one who needs to “get over it”. You obviously don’t like the outcome of the last election but the existing laws were followed and the courts ruled. I’ll bet you aren’t as concerned about the 2000 election in Florida.

Posted by plimsoul

11:44 AM, Jul 03, 2008

I find myself in agreement with John Shaft, above.

It seems like a really crappy thing to do for Rossi's campaign and his fundraiser, Hoban, to lay this all off on the Aquasox General Manager. After all, as minority owners, Hoban and Rossi are two of the GM's bosses. Haven't we all been in a situation like this one?

You know, when your boss screws up, tells some little lie, or screws the pooch, and you stand to take the heat for it unless your boss sacks up and does the right thing. Who hasn't been there? And if you're lucky you're working for a decent human being who recognizes your predicament and takes their own bullet.

Well, that apparently does not describe Dino Rossi.

Too bad for the Aquasox GM.

Posted by Jimd

2:23 PM, Jul 03, 2008

I get the sense that Rossi, like many of his followers, somehow believes he has license to break some rules because of the picture he's painted of Gregoire doing same.
Indeed - the more he discredit's Gregoire's integrity, the more he can compromise his own.
This is the classic, "...I may have burned down the garage, Dad, but my friend Billy burned down his whole house dad!"
This blog is filled with Rossi supporters who keep posting "but what about what Gregoire did...isn't that worse?"
It is the WORST form of ethical abuse - a relative morality that finds it's standards of behavior in the worst examples of others, rather than reaching for something better.
I dare say - the Soprano-themed ad was a slanderous disgrace, but Rossi's finger-pointing excuses and CONTINOUS disregard for the rules of the game is not much better - just on a lesser scale, I assume.

Posted by Josh

5:32 PM, Jul 03, 2008

JimD, your posts are typical of the straw man argumentative fallacy so regularly relied upon by the members of the Leninist “Intelligencia,” i.e. the Washington State Democratic Party. You realize that if this campaign is run strictly on Dino’s vision versus Gregoire’s record as Governor, i.e. burning through the State’s largest budget surplus in four year with nothing to show for it, putting the squeeze on small business owners through a gross-revenue based B&O tax, etc., that she will lose (similar to 2004). Instead, you are so arrogant in your perceived intelligence that you think you can use smoke and mirrors to distract the voting populace from the issues that really matter. Rather than arguing on taxation, education and transportation, you want to pin the future of our state on your spin of the use of an excel spreadsheet of email addresses. In your words, Jim, “God help us…” since Gregiore and her troop of imbeciles have run that State of Washington into the ground over the last 4 years.

Posted by JimD

8:54 PM, Jul 03, 2008

"...You realize that if this campaign is run strictly on Dino’s vision versus Gregoire’s record as Governor,..."
Well, that's IS how it's being run.
The problem, obviously, s comparing the apples of "vision" to the oranges of reality.
Anyone can promote a "vision" better than any politician has delivered, left or right.
I'm running of a vision of rainbow stew and free bubble up.
Even Rossi can't compete with that.

Posted by Al

9:32 PM, Jul 03, 2008

“The problem, obviously, s comparing the apples of "vision" to the oranges of reality.
Anyone can promote a "vision" better than any politician has delivered, left or right.
"'Im running of a vision of rainbow stew and free bubble up.
Even Rossi can't compete with that.”

Senator Obama, is running on “vision” his record is not great,
Good thought Jim, works both ways.

Posted by JimD

6:55 PM, Jul 04, 2008 you've put bannanas into the apples oranges mix.
Since there's no incumbent, Obama's vision is running against McCain's vision.

No so with our governor who's already in there working and dealing with reality of day-to-day state management, running against someone who can promise anything to look better by comparison.

I'll take Obama's vision over McCain's any day - even with a significent discount for the reality of what he can possibly do.

Posted by Al

11:20 AM, Jul 05, 2008

Obviously, you would like to revisit or re-write history.
President Clinton, with the support of congress order our military to attacked the country of Iraq numerous times within his eight years.

Why did the Democrats support this Jim with hardly any opposition within the Democrat party?

The same Democrats gave President G.W.Bush the same support until the loss of American troops started to rise. Then Senator McCain wanted to send more troops (The Surge) into Iraq. The surge has accomplished it’s objective. This is vision in reality Jim.

You like Senators Obamas un- proven vision, which means to us present and past judgments, which has been reported intensely over the past few months with dire reports of his less than satisfactory judgment calls over twenty years.

Jim, please defend his judgment over the years?
Rev.Wright his mentor
Antoin Rezko land deal

Don’t change the subject about the Keating 5 fiasco, which you have brought up on this blog in the past here is the real completion not your spin:

“Robert Bennett, who would later represent President Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones case, was the special counsel for the committee. In his opening remarks, he slammed DeConcini but went lightly on McCain, the lone Republican ensnared with four Democrats.

"In the case of Senator McCain, there is very substantial evidence that he thought he had an understanding with Senator DeConcini's office that certain matters would not be gone into at the meeting with (bank board) Chairman (Ed) Gray," Bennett said.

"Moreover, there is substantial evidence that, as a result of Senator McCain's refusal to do certain things, he had a fallout with Mr. Keating."

Among the Keating Five, McCain took the most direct contributions from Keating. But the investigation found that he was the least culpable, along with Glenn. McCain attended the meetings but did nothing afterward to stop Lincoln's death spiral.”

waiting for your answers on the two questions Jim.

Posted by JimD

6:15 PM, Jul 05, 2008

Presidents sometimes need and use the support of congress to leverage a specific behavior we desire from our foes.
It does not mean they implement all out war - just as Clinton did not instigate a full-fledged invasion of Iraq.
Rather, it's more commonly a message that we mean business - the proverbial stick in a carrot and stick approach to foreign policy.

A good number of democrats went along with the Iraq invasion because we trusted the intelligence interpretation the administration presented us, and trusted the rosy predictions of competent on-site management promised us.
Now we've found out - beyond any doubt and detailed in government investigations - that the administration lied about various intelligence components and deliberately presented distorted conclusions that had no basis in rational analysis, including the unbelievable absence of a cohesive plan for how to manage a post-Saddam Iraq.

The surge has NOT worked, to the extent it's only scaled back the violence but has provided no significant political progress - the purpose of the surge if you recall (although I don't blame you for being confused since the war's objective has been repeatedly changed to fit the current situation).

It's more than clear to many - including much of our military brass, a majority of congress, a full 3/4's of the voters in the U.S. and the majority of those living in Iraq - that the Iraqi government is not going to stand up on its own until it has to.
The longer we stay, the longer we delay their necessity to do so.
The stalemate is, in effect, stalled and perpetuated by the surge.
A slow and deliberate withdrawal is obviously the way to wean Iraq off U.S. assistance.
This is also the stated view of many in the administration and current military.

I can't defend the cast of characters Obama has met or worked with over the years.
A few odd-balls like Wright are not of much concern to me.
Resko would be more of a problem of course, except there's no evidence of even a hint of wrong doing in the minor interactions he had with the now disgraced financier.
There's simply nothing there.

McCain was released from any direct connection to illegal behavior in the Keating-5 scandal.
But only by the skin of his teeth, and in the absence of any pro-active attempt by McCain to right a wrong being foisted on the American people.
McCain's involvement was not unlike someone who realizes he's getting involved in a crime, distances himself to protect his own hide.....but stops short of calling the cops.
Some speculate his near brush with indictment was a wake-up call that's responsible for his more recent declared disdain for government corruption.
Is he sincere, or has he been over-compensating all this time to create a reformed sinner persona?
I tend to go for the latter, given his cozy relationship with numerous conflicts of interests and unabashed representation of corporate interests above the people he represents.
Not the kind of credibility I'd like in our next President, but you're certainly entitled to disagree about how ethical our next POTUS should be.

I know Obama is an empty suit - we all do.
I simply trust a clean-slate empty suit more than I trust the current status quo.

Posted by AL

7:31 PM, Jul 05, 2008

What was the reason Clinton Attack the country of Iraq during his eight years as POTUS?

I can not remember.

Hillary, was right during war we do not need a intern as POTUS.

Posted by JimD

5:24 PM, Jul 06, 2008 you're quoting Hillary as "correct"? LOL...

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