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July 17, 2008 11:39 AM

With Gregoire and Mrs. Obama

Posted by David Postman

I'm in the WaMu Theater inside the Qwest Event Center. Michelle Obama is the headliner at a lunch fundraiser for Gov. Chris Gregoire.

It cost $200 per person to get in. There are seats for 1,600. (You do the math, though the campaign is hoping people will give more than the minimum.)

More when the action starts.

Former Gov. Gary Locke is the first speaker. He was a Clinton supporter during the primaries. He says there are more than 1,600 people here.

Locke said:

Gov. Chris Gregoire has been an awesome governor.

I wonder if Gregoire regrets any of those not-so-awesome things she has said about the Locke years.

Gregoire and her daughter, Michelle, are on stage. Gregoire is showing the crowd a small, electronic counter:

It tells us how long before George W. Bush leaves office.

Gregoire, who has backed Obama since February, said she wanted to give a big thanks to Hillary Clinton for running for president, and for now backing Barack Obama.

Gregoire is comparing what she says are her accomplishments here with the failed policies of the Bush Administration; and then asking the crowd to "imagine if we had a partnership in the other Washington with Barack Obama."

When Gregoire mentioned that, “I have an opponent,” the crowd booed and hissed. That made Gregoire chuckle a bit. She said that Republican Dino supports the Bush agenda.

In fact, he is so enamored with George W. Bush he has named his dog Dubya. W. I feel sorry for the dog. …

Now, what’s the difference between George W. Bush and my opponent? Absolutely nothing.

As we sit here the state Republican Party circulated a video about Michelle Obama. Eli Sanders posted it here.

Obama is speaking now, starting by thanking people who backed Barack Obama, she said, "before Barack Obama was Barack Obama."

As Eli points out, a similar video has been used by Republicans before during a campaign stop by Mrs. Obama.
Obama says her first date with her future husband was when Barack Obama took her to visit a church on the Southside of Chicago where he had done work as a community organizer. They were both attorneys at that point. But Barack wanted to show Michelle what he had done there.

She said she was impressed that he was as comfortable in that basement with poor people from the neighborhood as he was when he appeared on stage at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

The man he is today is the same man he was in that church basement. He is just as clear and consistent. What he was able to do in that church basement was what we , barack helped us to believe in ourselves.

She said that Barack doesn’t want voters to believe in him, but to believe in themselves. She said the question in November is:

Do we settle for the world as it is today or do we fight for the world it should be?

Talking about Gregoire, Obama said that the governor's accomplishments show "change we can believe in." That's Barack Obama's campaign slogan in a year, Michelle Obama said, "when everyone is talking about change."


Obama says:

The world as it should be is a world that Barack and Chris have been fighting for their entire lives and they are doing it in a way that we haven’t seen before. These are candidates who are doing it person by person, block by block.

But the truth is, they can’t do it alone. Barack can’t do it alone. He needs Chris. He needs Democratic governors across America who are smart and talented and passionate and hard-working and people who understand nuance, who understand complications.

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