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June 3, 2008 7:39 PM

Sims switches to Obama, Inslee holds with Clinton

Posted by David Postman

King County Executive Ron Sims, a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton since last year, tonight endorsed Barack Obama. He said in a statement:

As a superdelegate and President of the National Democratic County Officials, I supported Senator Hillary Clinton early on and am truly honored to have been co-chair of her Washington State campaign. She is an extraordinary leader, and I have maintained my support for Senator Clinton through the grueling national primary and caucus process. Through it all I have been impressed by the wealth of riches we have had with two exceptional candidates. Now it is time for me to join other Democrats to unite behind Senator Obama. Senator Obama will bring much needed change and excitement to this country when he is elected President of the United States.

Sims becomes the first state superdelegate to switch in the drawn-out campaign for the Democratic nomination. Two superdelegates, Ed Cote, and Sharon Mast, have yet to say who they back.

Congressman Jay Inslee, a Clinton co-chair here along with Sims and former Gov. Gary Locke, is sticking with Clinton at least until tomorrow. He said in an e-mail:

This is an historic moment where two candidates have advanced historic causes, so we should all be proud of what Democrats have acheived. Sen. Clinton has asked for our thoughts and I will give her my advice privately tomorrow. I know we will be a united party for this noble cause.

Sims was a (relatively) early backer of Clinton. He endorsed her last September and was named to her Environment and Energy Task Force and was named a co-chairman of her state campaign.

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Posted by Methinks They Lie

8:33 PM, Jun 03, 2008

When is Inslee's reelection again? I need to know when to start supporting his opponent.

Posted by jan

9:46 PM, Jun 03, 2008

Sims is once again communicating that he can't be trusted to stick with anything by this extremely sickly timed reversal.

Maybe he had a chat with the editorial board of the Seattle Times, just like he did when he flipped and flopped on the transportation ballot last year.

Who will Sims be for when the weather changes next?

Posted by Turbine

10:17 PM, Jun 03, 2008

I hear that Darcy Burner is waiting until after the election in November to decide who she iwll support.

Posted by BillyG

10:44 PM, Jun 03, 2008

Good for Sims! We need to get started on the general election. He's making the obvious decision for the party.

Posted by WaitNoMore

11:41 PM, Jun 03, 2008

I remember Sen. Cantwell saying that she will support whoever wins majority elected delegates. This happened couple of weeks ago and she hasn't changed her mind. WA state overwhelmingly supported Obama and I am purturbed how Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray and Rep. Inslee are stikcing to Sen. Clinton even now. When the next election comes none of these people are getting 6 votes from my family. We're all upset about this hold out.

Posted by Fesler

12:22 AM, Jun 04, 2008

What a flip-flopper. Never have really liked the man and now even less so. Thrice voting for him only because the alternative was bad, well, not this time".

No" to Obamanation!

Posted by Expat Dan

12:45 AM, Jun 04, 2008

I have always supported Inslee in my district, but now his splittest attitude at a time of unification reeks of the old politics. Maybe time for change in the 1st District too!

Posted by AD

3:52 AM, Jun 04, 2008

Who are Ed Cote and Sharon Mast? Why do they, as individuals, have as much power as tens of thousands of regular voters? Why does the "Democratic" Party insist on electing it's nominee in a way that rewards party insiders, loyalists and donors while discounting and disregarding the wisdom of regular voters?

Are they worried what would happen if they let regular voters decide the nominee??

Posted by jimD

7:29 AM, Jun 04, 2008

Both Sims and Inslee would be criticized no matter how they handled their dilemma.
Sims is taking heat for timing his inevitable switch with last night's delegate count crescendo - a symbolic preview of the unity we now must accomplish.
IIslee chose to delay his switch until Clinton takes her final curtain call.
Both represent legitimate and honorable approaches to the situation, yet both are being criticized for not taking the other's course of action - which leads me to believe supporters of each will eventually comes to terms with two reasonable approaches to this next stage of party unity.

Posted by Bothsides

11:31 AM, Jun 04, 2008

And really, who cares who Sims or Inslee support either way, what possible weight do they have. This whole endorsement thing has gotten out of hand.

Turbine, The Seattle Times ran an article about who Darcy supports on Sunday. Why do we care who Darcy Burner supports, they might as well ask the dog catcher who he supports and run an article on that.

Posted by RonK, Seattle

12:00 PM, Jun 04, 2008


Posted by Bill S.

4:08 PM, Jun 04, 2008

What a weasel!

Posted by mark

5:08 PM, Jun 04, 2008

Inslee has committed political suicide with his continued Clinton superdelegate position. It is anything but rational.

here is just one of the many "jay inslee" websites out there......

Posted by KS

10:50 PM, Jun 06, 2008

At least Inslee shows some loyalty, which is more than can be said for the rest of the weasly lot.

Posted by David F

12:57 PM, Jun 08, 2008

Given the mess of this year's demo president's race, I wonder if the Dem Party will consider having less superdelegates in the future? I think there are too many of them and they hold to much sway over the outcome of the election.

I generally like Ron Sims, but I wonder if one "hidden" role of the superdelegates is to insure them a place in their candidate's team.

David F

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