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June 14, 2008 2:12 PM

Pelosi has big plans for country

Posted by David Postman

I had an interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Seattle yesterday. She was there for a fundraiser, to make a video for Congressional candidate Darcy Burner and to visit the Seattle VA hospital.

Pelosi and Burner talked with me at the Fairmont Hotel and we covered a lot of ground. My story isn’t on the homepage this afternoon, but you can find it here.


MORE: Linda Jansen, a Seattle reader, saw this morning's story and sent this e-mail:

You forgot to mention that Cindy Sheehan is running against Pelosi. She was the power center that kept the Dems from cutting off the funding for the war in Iraq, which you so blithely quote her as saying requires better management. How about the fact we never should have gone there and need to GET OUT!

Since Sheehan was just here in town and you are a political reporter, I'm assuming you knew about Sheehan's challenge. Shouldn't you include the above info about Sheehan, just to have the appearance of fairness?

I'm going down to SF to help Cindy get rid of Pelosi. We've got to get these Congress people to respond to the will of the people or this whole place is going down.

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Posted by evergreen_representative

3:08 PM, Jun 14, 2008

The Seattle Times and their reporter's fixation on Darcy Burner is almost a joke, now. How rarely does this blog report on the other 8 congressional districts in Washington, or just the ones that cover or border on Seattle? Even if Mr. Postman is going to continually focus on the 8th Congressional District, will we get to hear anything about candidates John Orlinski, Richard Todd, James Vaughn and Keith Arnold. Don't bet on it.

Posted by upchuck

3:10 PM, Jun 14, 2008

..."big plans" that include leaving the constitution "off the table"

Posted by evergreen_representative

3:14 PM, Jun 14, 2008


(grammatical/question mark)

Even if Mr. Postman is going to continually focus on the 8th Congressional District, will we get to hear anything about candidates John Orlinski, Richard Todd, James Vaughn and Keith Arnold?

Posted by Methow Ken

5:20 PM, Jun 14, 2008

If ever there was a poster-child to justify use of the term ''far-left'' to describe (D)s in Greater Seattle, surely this is it:

There are (D)s over there who think NANCY PELOSI is WAY too much of a centrist.

Talk about scary. I rest my case.

Posted by myopinion

4:48 PM, Jun 15, 2008

Pelosi and the Democratic controlled congress are a bunch of WIMPS.
They had their 3 am phone call moment when they had the chance to cut off funding for the war and failed miserably.

The Democratic Party needs some fine men and WOMEN with backbone like Senator Clinton.
I'm going Independent.

Posted by AD

11:00 PM, Jun 15, 2008

The reason Pelosi tacked on a visit to the VA hospital (it probably lasted about 11 minutes) was because if you do one "official" event, then it's an official trip and the federal government pays for the whole thing. She probably flew out on that big upgraded Air Force jet that she begged for.

Posted by upchuck

11:50 AM, Jun 16, 2008

ok myopinion, when did clinton call for cutting off the funding of the war... that she voted for?

Posted by KS

9:16 PM, Jun 20, 2008

Pelosi has shown how dumb she really is (no, not by stumping for feckless Burner), but by her current stand on no offshore drilling, in spite of the bad economic implications that have been demonstrated from this. Offshore oil can be obtained in just over one year according to experts. (the mainstream media has kept that hush hush to keep her and the Democrats in Congress from looking stupid).

Posted by John

9:42 AM, Jun 21, 2008


To accuse anyone without justification of saying that about Senator John McCain is indecent.
Iím calling on Mr. Postman, if he has any integrity to ban you from this site.
Youíre disgusting little kid who hides behind a keyboard and drops bombs.
I plan on monitoring this site to make sure your banned!
If not, Iíll proceed with further action against you and the Times.

I insist MR. POSTMAN you have JIMD apologize to me then banned him.

I donít want to leave this malice open ended.

Posted by bobbyboy

4:06 PM, Jun 21, 2008

My cat has as much public government experience as Darcy Burner.
Have the Democrats become so deserate that they can't find anyone to run who has at least been on a city council or commission ?

Pathetic !

Posted by upchuck

1:39 PM, Jun 23, 2008

your cat could also likely beat Reichart in the coming election, as his/her agenda is better for our country: nap, groom, chase yarn vs. more bush wars!!!

= )

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