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June 24, 2008 4:21 PM

Michelle Obama to raise money for Gregoire

Posted by David Postman

Gov. Chris Gregoire's campaign says that Michelle Obama will be in Seattle July 17 for a fundraiser. The event will be at noon, but the campaign has not released any other information. and there are more details here. The luncheon is at the WaMu Theater at Qwest Field. The minimum donation to get in is $200.

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Posted by Turbine

5:05 PM, Jun 24, 2008

What does Obama want Gregoire to do for her? She will do anything for the right "donation".

Posted by John

5:21 PM, Jun 24, 2008

The only way she can win is by buying her way through the election again! Not only is she getting money from china now she wants it from the Hood too.

Posted by JimD

6:01 PM, Jun 24, 2008

The hood?
Man, it sure isn't hard to tell what kind of folks hate Gregoire.

Posted by Chris

6:43 PM, Jun 24, 2008

The Gov must think she needs some help this time around.......Getting Obama's wife here must have cost her some big promises......But she always keeps those promises to ONLY those that donate to her....

Postman, where is your "take" on your papers article today regarding the Gov.....

Posted by AD

7:08 PM, Jun 24, 2008

JimD, your hypersensitivity about race is itself a sign of racism, not the high-minded, smug tolerance you'd wish it connotes.

Anyways, I hope Michelle talks about CHANGE when she gets here. WE NEED IT.

Posted by Particle Man

8:14 PM, Jun 24, 2008

Actually Chris, our Gov is advising Obama on Wa state and state to fed issues and each campaign is mutually supportive of the other.
As Washingtonians we can look forward to 8 years of strong support for such things as clean up of Hanford, fed money for roads and transit projects and major funding aimed at the cleanup of Puget Sound as well as for Salmon recovery.
Once we dump the coweboy and bring our military safely home states like Washington will finally have access to the fed funding they need.

Posted by John

9:01 PM, Jun 24, 2008

Particle Man,
How can you forget the goodies like a new hybird in everyone’s garage, $20,000.00 a year for anyone in the USA on Dec.1, 2008.
Free healthcare and free grocery for life, No more income taxes as we will tax big business and the rich until their dry. The rich in USA after Jan.2009 is anyone making more than $48,000.00 year will be tax at 35%. Big business at 85% a year no problem if they leave the good old USA cause we have an open heart to the world and the world will help us with our needs now and in the future.

Posted by JimD

9:02 PM, Jun 24, 2008

"...JimD, your hypersensitivity about race is itself a sign of racism, not the high-minded, smug tolerance you'd wish it connotes..."
Oh please.... I didn't mention or even imply anything about race at all.
Racial hypersensitivity?
Me thinks you protest too much ;-)

Implying Gregoire is using Michelle Obama to mine money from what our current culture typically refers to as "the hood" is a CLASSIST assumption, more than a racial one.
To the contrary - the Obama's star-power is a perfect match to the west-side's primarily older, more affluent democrats and younger political newbies.
Michelle ain't coming her to energize the "hood"
And it's pretty wierd to assume that's why Gregoire is bringing her here - although not surprising from those who loathe the governor - or for that matter, call "racist" a comment that has nothing to do with race.

Posted by John

9:21 PM, Jun 24, 2008

Please, let me break it down so even you will understand the reference to hood.
BHO’s and his wife are from Chicago, The Gangsters, The Underworld, The Mob the Hood. As an Italian American it’s no big deal chill out. I'm sure the obamas would understand.

Posted by JimD

10:04 PM, Jun 24, 2008


Hood is short for neighbor"hood".
It's primarily used to identify one's own struggling and typically lower-class neighborhood - although like much authentic grass-roots culture, "hood" has been co-opted by those of higher privilege wishing to appear less so.

In any event - I'm not worried about what the Obama's

I'm concerned about those who suggest Gregoire is bringing Michelle Obama out to court those of lower class (neighbor) hoods.
As part of a post accusing Gregoire of "buying her way through the election again!", it's clearly intended to disrespect Michelle Obama.

I may not take offense to a gay person calling me a fag in a spirit of good will.
But I'd feel a bit different if it came from someone who intends it to be an insult.
The comment above was an insult to Michelle Obama - and a pretty ugly one in my opinion, given the context and intention.

I'll say it again - a little more succinctly this time;
The Gregoire haters include some folks who REALLY like to hate, and aren't afraid to express it in the most offensive terms the opportunity or forum allows.

Posted by jake

10:10 PM, Jun 24, 2008

thank you democrats for this $4.50 cent gasoline. I love paying for your errors. I will bow down to you saviors. NOT

Posted by AD

10:18 PM, Jun 24, 2008

"The hood? Man, it sure isn't hard to tell what kind of folks hate Gregoire."

Okay, JimD, we're supposed to take your word and assume this smug little comment wasn't insinuating anti-Christine folks are racist, but rather just insinuating that they don't share the same class sensitivity that our high-minded, smug friends on the left do. Okay. Sure.

Well, if it's a class war we're fighting then Michelle can explain how and why the Rezkos bought the plot of land next to the Obama mansion and then sold it to them at a discount.

Or how Michelle Obama made $121,000 in 2004 but then, magically two months after her husband took office as a US Senator, got a raise to $316,000 a year.

Ahhh... the Obamas. Working class crusaders for the proletariat!!

Posted by JimD

10:57 PM, Jun 24, 2008

No. The comment was intended to insult the Obama's.
Classist, racist... or even sexist?
Same difference.
It's foul innuendo any way you look at it - with no other purpose than to appeal to the bias and prejudice of those swayed by class, race..and maybe gender.

My God - now that crazy Gregoire is going after the hood!

Give me a break...

Posted by JimD

11:24 PM, Jun 24, 2008

And by the way, AD,

The land wasn't sold to them at a "discount", and Resko was a high political roller not yet in trouble, and with connections to just about everyone when his WIFE loaned the Obama's the money, promptly paid back in full of course.

And just maybe...just maybe...Michelle Obama, a Princeton graduate with a Harvard law degree, actually EARNED her promotion to vice president after sitting in her previous position for four years.
You know how many Princeton/Harvard graduates are willing to work for a hospital management company in the first place, and then wait that long for a promotion?
Do you have any idea what her education is worth on the private market?
She could have made partner in a top legal office before she got that promotion, and making a lot more than she ever did working for that outfit.
Why do you assume she didn't earn it?
Could it be because she's a, better not go there....
Maybe it's because she's a woma....oops, of course not.
But for some reason, she obviously couldn't have been the best qualified candidate - ya know - so it must be because her husband was elected to the Senate.
No other possible explanation, right?

Never mind that no one blinks an eye when a white man reaps advantage from a family connection, a family history, a fraternity brother, or maybe through connections made at a private social club.
But gosh darn, a black woman, even with a Princeton/Harvard graduation being promoted to a 350k job after four years as a junior manager?
Someone from the hood?
It MUST be because she's married to Barack.


Posted by Quincy

11:28 PM, Jun 24, 2008

john capitalized "Hood" so clearly he means mt. hood. duh!

Posted by John

11:29 PM, Jun 24, 2008

I have spoken about the BHO doctrine that tells us what we can and can’t talk about. Thank God, he won’t be President as no one in this country could say anything against him without be called a racist. The guys is insecure perhaps all “d’s” are. He has laid this out again last weekend; it is him and the “d’s” that are bringing up the race card. I’m just saying they know a lot of sleazy people in Chicago a very corrupt city, when she comes here, she’ll bring bags of cash for the cause.
Nothing racial about it! Hood is hoodlums in my neighborhood.

Posted by AD

12:26 AM, Jun 25, 2008

JimD, the number one rule about ethics as it relates to government and politics is: If it appears unethical, it IS unethical. Ethical situations aren't like criminal courts where you can get off on a technicality. The appearance of impropriety is as bad as impropriety itself. Consequently, excuses like the following don't work:

"Oh, I didn't buy my mansion along with a convicted felon in a coordinated real estate deal. I bought it with the convicted felon's wife!"

"When I wrote the letter advocating for a $14 million government contract for my convicted felon friend, whose wife I have financial ties to, he wasn't YET a convicted felon. So I'm pretty sure he was a good guy at the time." and

"My wife just happened to get a $195,000 raise right after I took office. That was a pure coincidence and only because she was so individually valuable to her employer."

We expect politicians to be able to say "I know this deal may be on the up and up for whatever reason, but it just looks bad so I'm going to have to walk away." Barack and Michelle don't have that attitude!

Posted by upchuck

1:04 AM, Jun 25, 2008

John, thanks for explaining...

"from Chicago, The Gangsters, The Underworld, The Mob the Hood"

you mean like Nixon's 'los Chicago Boys' and those other thugs who, with CIA backing, ravaged Latin America for decades killing 100s of thousands in the name of free market fundamentals that sent inflation up to over 300%, expanded unemployment 10 fold???

Posted by upchuck

1:08 AM, Jun 25, 2008

I can't believe the double standard you guys apply to dems... going on about a 200k raise for a senator's wife with a haravard law degree who woked a demanding job when cheney made 50 million from halliburton for doing nothing but leaving to be VP. that's 250 times more!!!! subject

Posted by John

7:03 AM, Jun 25, 2008


Double standards?

You gotta to be kidding, Your Hilarious !
Can we stay within this decade please!

No NEW SUBJECT this will go on and on and on with no end! If I ran the times it would be headlines for months!
Talk about double standards !

Posted by takemeaway

7:22 AM, Jun 25, 2008

I wonder if the Gov'nor has ever been proud to be an American? IMPEACH!!!!!!!!

Posted by JimD

8:09 AM, Jun 25, 2008


Compared to what?
A guy who can't get rid of his lobbyists or distance himself from his associates (yesterday Charlie Black, tomorrow who knows) fast enough?

IF...IF.. Michelle Obama's career was advantaged by her husband winning a Senate seat, it's no compromise to government ethics in any way, shape or form.
You could argue it compromised the hospital management's ethics, but that's quite a stretch in the real world where promotions and advancement in private business are frequently tied to qualifications less relevant than education or job specific qualification - which Michelle Obama has in spades (pardon the tasteless pun).

And if every politician was held responsible for the future behavior of every friend or associate they made in life, I don't think there's a single one who'd survive that standard.

You can distort appearance to create any imaginary scenario you want.
When Jesus asked his male followers to leave their wife's and families to follow him in an all-male journey of love, does it mean he was gay?
After all, he never said one word against homosexuality.
Where there's smoke, there's fire, right?

Since you can distort virtually any appearance to make someone look bad, you HAVE to apply some subjective common sense.
The question then becomes, what are you comparing the Obamas to.
The McCain's? lol
The Obama's little property loan and her promotion are virtually nothing compared to the ethical baggage carried by his opponent.
Bring it on.

I admire your skill at this, AD.
You make me work ;-)
But you're applying a disingenuous double standard, and you know it.

In addition, and in defense of the inequities of unearned, inherent advantage, I find the attempt to dismiss a highly educated and accomplished black woman because prejudicial first impression says "the hood", highly offensive.
I know your motivation (at least) has more to do with their politics, than the racial or class sentiments some are using in a desperate attempt to discredit them.
But it skates on thin ice and is, I fear, a preview of how ugly our discourse may become as the Obama's more than likely accomplish what once was unthinkable.

Posted by Hinton

8:35 AM, Jun 25, 2008

So, the million dollars Oliar earmarked for Michelle's hospital had nothing to do with her massive, entirely unjustified and completely inexplicable pay raise, and that pay raise was "no compromise to government ethics in any way, shape or form?"

Jim, You're living proof that once you've drank the kool aid, there's nothing... NOTHING... that will get a fringe leftist off their fellow fringe-left candidate.

And no amount of spin can change that. Olair is dirty. His campaign is dirty. You and the other fringe left nutters will overlook that, as you'll overlook anything, to get him elected.

The only qualification you and your ilk are concerned about are Oliar's far left, anti-American views, as elucidated by his pastor, Rev. Wright.

Nothing else makes any difference to you and those like you. Oliar, a completely empty suit, is no more qualified by experience, temperament or vision to be President then his wife is qualified to perform brain surgery. But that doesn't matter to you.

We will long for the days of a Carter presidency, arguably the most disastrous president of the 20th century, in the unfortunate event that this racist bigot and his racist bigot wife are elected to the highest office in the land.

Posted by JiD

8:48 AM, Jun 25, 2008

Barack obama did NOT produce the one-million dollar earmark the hospital's paid lobbyists attempted to secure after Obama was elected - just as they continously lobbied for similar funding before he was elected, by the way.
No money or political favors - NONE - occurred in relation to Michelle's promotion.
IF michelle's promotion was helped by Barack's election, it sure didn't have anything to do with any earmarks.
Check your facts.

Posted by JimD

9:01 AM, Jun 25, 2008

...I mean, it's not like he took hundreds of thousands from a French government subsidized airplane manufacturer to improperly arbitrate a contract that resulted in it being awarded to the inferior proposal - not to mention at the expense of thousands of US jobs - and now has to be re-negotiated because it was so tainted and flawed - according to the non-partisan and independent Government Office of Accountability - and almost resulted in us buying an inferior product that cost more than Boeing's.

It's not like he surrounds himself with agents for foreign governments - including some dictators and sworn enemies of the United States - who pass out money for all manner of political favor, and in the case of his 35-year associate, confident and long-time staff manager Charlie Black, wistfully suggested than a new terrorist attack on the United States would be a 'big advantage" to McCain's campaign. (have you read yesterday's paper?)

It's not as if....well, I could go on forever.
You get the point.

Michelle obama got a promotion at work?
Must be a scandal!!


Posted by upchuck

9:28 AM, Jun 25, 2008

'los Chicago Boys' and their military muscle man Pinochet in Chile are relevant today becasue their political ideologies and ecomonic strategies are exactly the goals of the right wing of our governement: massive deregulation, nearly complete privatization through fire sales of public assets, including charter schools with vouchers, pay as you go healthcare, in effect transferring public wealth in to few private hands, and the private debt of the wealthy few to the public. All imposed on an unwilling public with violent oppression, which saw torture of the 'enemy' as a neccessary evil, and a propaganda effort that labeled any dissident such as non-violent union organizers as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

The intollerant and hateful labelling of Obama or anything 'liberal' in our current political dialogue by many in the hard right smacks of this sort of idealogical intolerance and political absolutist fundamentalism that sees itself as not engaged in a political debate nor view its adversaries as worthy politcal opponents; but rather as engaged in a battle for civilzation so dire that they must win absolutely, without political compromise, and thus if political means are not successful other means are justified.

you see the rhetoric here sometimes: people who want a train built are labaled as commies, a president who wants to talk to our enemies is labeled as a terrorist sympathizer, and the suggestion (whether rhetoric or not) that liberals and other opponents of bush's war to be shot for the unpatriotic actions, or at least the suggestion 'america: love it or leave it'. this sort of rhetoric (if that's all it is) does not even attempt to mount a debate on political issues. care to explain what policies you would like to see done differently compared with liberal dem policies and explain why you think your approach is better for society? no, we'll just label them as terroists, commies, america haters.

Posted by P

9:34 AM, Jun 25, 2008

Michelle Obama is helping the failed governor for a very simple reason; when all the rest of the state's democrat-females align themselves and supported Hillary, Gov. Gregoire threw her support to Obama as she threw Hillary under the bus.

JimD, the term "hood" was popularized by African-American hip-hop gangstas. Are they racist? JimD, could you possibly be more irrelevant, racist or intolerant?

Posted by JimD

9:34 AM, Jun 25, 2008

...and for those who judge charater by class and race, "from the hood".

Posted by JimD

9:54 AM, Jun 25, 2008

For those who popularized and embraced term "the hood" as a term to describe their own, it wasn't intended as a self-demeaning characterization..
However, when someone uses it as an demeaning insult, it IS a demeaning insult.
I'm glad you're so concerned with who's a racist and who's not.
But before passing this profound judgement so carelessly, you need to learn a little more about what it means - the reflection of someone's heart and beliefs, more than the technicality of the words they use.

To borrow your own logic, your TWICE accusation that my I'm a "racist" because I object to the negative CONTEXT in which "the hood" was used to DEMEAN Michelle Obama by negative connotation, reflects a racist viewpoint.

Posted by JimD

10:09 AM, Jun 25, 2008

Are you suggesting Gregoire should have supported Clinton because she's also woman?
Isn't that akin to suggesting she should have supported Clinton because she's also white.

Gregoir "threw Clinton under the bus" because she owed her something due to their similar (intended) gender?

That's really think gender dictates that loyalty above every other conceivable reason she - and many other women - found to endorse Obama?


Do you feel that way about race too, or is this standard just unique to gender?

Posted by John

11:30 AM, Jun 25, 2008

your an race baiter !

The world of words do not come from your area of life.
Both of them are hoodlums and I must add give hoodlums a bad name.

Posted by P

12:31 PM, Jun 25, 2008

JimD, you're a fool! Political correctness, as you practice it, is the very same kind of nonsense practiced by Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Communist China. Congratulations for appointing yourself the forum proctor. Too bad you don't get it!

The only CHANGE Obama will produce is what will be left over after he confiscates earnings from the workers in this country. Luckily, he won't be given that opportunity. He's an empty suit without any qualifications for the most important job in the world.

And yes, stupid, "hood" is a term popularized by "gangsta-rappers". It is your interpretation that is at fault. You are no better than the aforementioned totalitarian dictators you mimic.

Posted by P

12:37 PM, Jun 25, 2008

No, JimD, Gregoire owned Hillary for her support, both rhetorically and financially, in the 2004 governor's race.

By goodness, how narrow-minded and racist you are! Whatever happened to open and fair debate? You cannot have it when the forum "proctor" criticizes other posters for voicing their opinions.

Grow up! Try to realize that Gregoire is a self-serving liar and cheat. She should be tried and sentenced for stealing the 2004 election. She should not get your vote if you're an honest person. But, of course, we all know that is not true from reading your daily Democrat talking points.

Posted by P

12:41 PM, Jun 25, 2008

"Whether children of color are overrepresented in the child-welfare system is a topic that's long been discussed in certain circles. An extensive report released today answers the question of racial disproportionality definitively.

"Does it exist?" said Department of Social and Health Services Secretary Robin Arnold-Williams. "Yes, very clearly."

Yet, we are supposed to elect the very same people who created this mess in the first place!

The Democrats have controlled the executive branch of this state's government since 1984! So, who should be blamed for this racist behavior? Republicans?

Of course we all know what JimD would say. But then, who cares what that political hack says?

Posted by John

1:35 PM, Jun 25, 2008

No difference between Congressperson Maxine Walters, BHO, and his gal all three went to the same church for 20 years and learned how to hate America.

BHO says he is for change that is a laugh, on energy he says No, No, No and on taking money from the hood he says YES, YES, YES.

BHO will meet with Iran with no conditions but on debating an old man in town halls across America he says No, No, No, No.

Now BHO has been re-packaged with American Flag on his lapel now says he and his gal love America. I say, No,No,No!!!!

He and his gal are fakes the media has said, stay tune for more re-packaging until we get it right.

gregoir, will need his skills with the mob to get her elected to Gov. 2 years of her and look where we are next year Billions in default.

Posted by jamesb

2:05 PM, Jun 25, 2008


Your “arguments” are so scattered and you offer no support for what you present as facts. Maxine Walters is originally from Missouri and has lived in California for decades. Are you suggesting she travels to Chicago once a week for church? Do you have even a shred of evidence to support your claim? Or is this just a case of throwing as much mud against the wall as possible in the hopes that some will stick no matter how factually inaccurate. You apparently feel Rev. Wright is anti-American because of a mini sound bite but don’t feel the same about the Good Reverends Falwell or Robertson who said basically the same thing within days of the 9-11 attacks? Try comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges.

I doubt you have the will to do so but you might also consider dropping the name calling and personal attacks. If your arguments are valid and your position is indeed the better one, it should be able to stand on its own. Try dealing with the merits of opposing views.

Posted by JimD

2:50 PM, Jun 25, 2008

The reason children of color are over-represented in the child welfare system is that people of color are still disproportionate inhabitants of the poorer classes.
And you blame democrats for that?
What are you implying?


Posted by John

3:03 PM, Jun 25, 2008

BHO, says Send our money for energy to groups who hate is in OPEC ,
Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes !

Posted by jamesb

3:13 PM, Jun 25, 2008

What are you talking about. Not that I expect you know but I thought it would be fun to ask.

Posted by John

3:18 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Jamesb wrote:
“Your “arguments” are so scattered and you offer no support for what you present as facts. Maxine Walters is originally from Missouri and has lived in California for decades. Are you suggesting she travels to Chicago once a week for church?”Do you have even a shred of evidence to support your claim?
Sorry, you’re going to hate this answer on her way from Ca. to DC Sunday stop over!

“I doubt you have the will to do so but you might also consider dropping the name calling and personal attacks.”--------------------------------------------------------------------
Personal attacks?

--------------Could you please be specific?

“Try dealing with the merits of opposing views”---------------------------------------------

That is not a problem, but when you two guys within one body attacking you it hard to do especially when this person is blinded by hate!

I'm a nice guy but upchuck/jimd makes me do this! :)

Posted by jamesb

3:39 PM, Jun 25, 2008

I don't hate answer when they are supported by evidence. You have offered none. You also kind of skipped over my asking wny Rev. Wright is treated differently than Revs. Falwell and Robertson.

No one makes anyone resort to personal attacks. Political discourse in this country has become more about name calling than fact. It's too bad. Again, if your views have merit, you should be able to present them in a civilized maner. Seek the better angels of your nature and perhaps you will be a better advocate for your views.

Posted by JimD

3:49 PM, Jun 25, 2008

jamesb (welcome back btw, it's been a while),
You'll notice this "John" thinks all African-Americans are the same, all "liberals" and "democrats" are the same, all republicans are the same (better of course, but he never says why) just goes on and on.

No salient points or reason - just barely intelligible one-liners he apparently thinks are clever, like
"...when you two guys within one body attacking you it hard to do especially when this person..."
??? Beats me...but I think he's complaining about being attacked...?
Here's a list of other notable "John" quotes upchuck prepared yesterday.
"Never thought upchuck was a bigot too."
"You need to increased your medication."
"is it the grave yard shift going through trash cans that makes you so mean?"
"You must sleep with one eye open and ware a tin foil hat."
"get back to the trashcans and find some dinner."
"...the people who hate America live in the same cesspool as both you."
"Your both are IDIOTS !"
"Try to have a good day it's Friday!!!! Oh I forgot you don't work, sorry."
"You’re a hopeless depressed person."
"You’re disgusting little kid who hides behind a keyboard and drops bombs."
I'm sooo tempted to suggest he exemplifies the most ignorant among us.
But that wouldn't be fair.

Posted by John

4:07 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Jimd,and whoever
Come on man , now 3 of you!

Posted by John

4:36 PM, Jun 25, 2008


Let’s get one thing correct THE SEATTLE TIMES is not fair or open to any view then what’s best for the “d’s” agenda. The two whatever’s are blinded by hate.

This blog is for amusement with an African American who thinks the world turns around his mind and thoughts.

I would not waste my time copy/paste the words these two have said on this blog.
Anyone seeing both of these guys off their medication knows.

To this I stand by every word I have called them or him.
You'll get your answer when I finally get mine about the BHO past!

Posted by jamesb

4:50 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Oh John,

Nice try buddy but you don’t seem up to the challenge. You are the one throwing stones and all I asked was for you to support your attacks with some evidence. I have to assume you have none.

Your statement that the Seattle Times is biased also requires some degree of support. Do you have examples of how the Times is biased?

I find your use of the term “hood” and your statement about this blog being an amusement for an African American illuminating. Kind of a “point a finger at me, you point three back at yourself” thing. I’m not accusing you of bigotry but I can sure see why people reading your posts would think so. BTW…..who is the African American you speak of? I have seen Postman on TV and he is not an African American.

What about Obama’s past did you ask about? I must have missed that?

Posted by JimD

4:57 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Oh - it's worse than that.
He thinks upchuck and I are black!
After all - we like Obama and stand-up to racially offensive postings.

Posted by JimD

5:04 PM, Jun 25, 2008

The recurring theme of "your medication", "being off your medication" and "don't forget to take your medication....reminds me of how some will use what's been drilled into their head, to insult others.

Some serious issues here I suspect, and John's medication thing is apparently only the tip of the iceberg.

Posted by John

5:05 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Who knows with jimd what he is?

He said he was African American one day; maybe he was off his medication who knows but him.

Try reading the archives in the last 3-4 weeks.

About the Seattle times, you have to be kidding me? that is funny thought you might have a sense of humor.

Posted by jamesb

5:19 PM, Jun 25, 2008


I do have a sense of humor but I was in no way kidding about asking you to support your accusation that the Seattle Times is biased. I’m asking for specific examples. I can think of one “news” organization I think is nothing but biased and I can sight examples…specific examples. Can you do the same about the Times or will I just get a “go read for yourself” non-answer? Can you actually support what you are saying John?

Posted by JimD

5:20 PM, Jun 25, 2008

John wrote:
"...Who knows with jimd what he is? He said he was African American one day; maybe he was off his medication who knows but him..."

Another absolute and complete lie.

Posted by John

6:42 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Jimd and or upchuck ,

You are a crack up whoever or whatever you are.

I don't care what you are be black ,white, yellow or red.

Your throwing out the racist remarks no one else.

Your are a race baiter.

You cannot defend BHO or his gal so you throw out a bunch of twitched garbage and call it truth.

Your mind of thought is so long and down a rocky road you cannot remember what the point was, either can we.

I believe in the truth and with you there is none.

You can take your canned speeches and sing to the wind, as I said before to you, both political parties are corrupt after saying this the Republicans are by far better to keep this country safe and have the moral values to lead this country into the next century.

Whereas the "d's" will not protect us but put us in harms way.

The energy solution for them are higher gas prices and send us back to the stone age.

Posted by John

8:17 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Sure I can give you specifics on the times.
Lets, start this in steps.

Haliburton no bid contract the times went berserk over this and went for a good month or so. Yes or No?

Senator Craig bathroom dealings went on for weeks maybe a month Yes or No?

Jack Abramoff went on for months Yes or No?

Richard Clarke went on for months Yes or No?

Valerie Plame went on for a month or so Yes or No ?

"Scooter" Libby went on for months Yes or No?

Richard Armitage was reported one day Yes or No?

Posted by JimD

9:33 PM, Jun 25, 2008

Just in articles associated with Valeria Plame alone, Richard Armitage has been the subject of almost 50 separate articles, editorials and letters in The Seattle Times during the last couple years alone - and several hundred going back to the first revelations about the leak.
That's a little more than one day's worth.
Search it yourself on The Seattle Times' home page search feature.

What's your point?

Posted by John

9:41 PM, Jun 25, 2008

So your jamesb too ?

I give up talking to you or your ilk.

Posted by John

10:08 PM, Jun 25, 2008

To jimd
You pick and chose what you want to address illustrates how insecure you are.

If you could read , it said “Let’s do this in steps”

I had 4 more pages to go through but you couldn’t wait for me to even finish.
No more games.

Posted by jamesb

11:04 PM, Jun 25, 2008


I am not jimd.

You made a nice list of stories but failed to make your point. The length of time a story is covered does not demonstrate bias unless of course the Times were the only media outlet carrying the story. The examples you chose are in some cases still in the news. There are stories relating to the Plame case in the Washington Post, Associated Press, LA Times, Fox News, CBS News and The Wall Street Journal all within the past two weeks. Again, I ask you to show how the Times is biased. Mind you, I’m not defending nor condemning the Times. I simply ask you to support your claims.

Posted by JimD

11:08 PM, Jun 25, 2008

No I'm not Jamesb.
But since he's not here, I'm also interested in the point you were trying to make.
You asked how much coverage Armitage got and I told you and gave you the specific reference and where to find it.

State your case if you've got one.
Where's your evidence that The Seattle Times is biased?

Posted by matt

12:17 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Michelle Obamma received a bugus raise of $195,052 annually after Barack Obama was elected senator. Check out this article on Michelle Obama

Posted by JimD

8:14 AM, Jun 26, 2008

No - Michelle Obama, a Princeton graduate with a Harvard law degree, received a PROMOTION to vice president after four years with the firm. That is in line with what the hospital paid other VP's.
It may seem incomprehensible to the "average Joe" that anyone is worth that much, but many similarly find it incomprehensible that a plumber charges $80 an hour to fix a toilet.
The hospital received no special funding or treatment from her husband what-so-ever. (in fact, it failed to secure an earmark it had lobbied Obama for prior to her promotion)
The had four years of employment with the hospital prior to the promotion, and by all accounts, a very good attendance record ;-)
Could it be, Matt, that Michelle Obama - with her double platinum education - was simply the best qualified person for the job? (and in fact, the only Princeton/Harvard graduate in the running)
If her status as a Senator's wife gave her some extra clout and prestige, so be it.
There's nothing bogus or improper about that in a society where connections and associations are routinely acquired for one benefit or another.

Posted by John

9:10 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Posting on this blog is like addressing a letter to someone with three people living in the same house. Jimd forgot who he was again!
I thought you wanted a discussion on the times, I was wrong you have your mind made up.

This post was as I said in steps you couldn’t even follow the direction of yes or no answer.

Your assumption this was an open and closed test is simply wrong, I am the storyteller here I thought?

It was a simple Yes or No questions which both you failed miserably.

If you could have follow the steps through this list and waited for the other 3 posts you would have seen the point “ I was making.”

The problem with people like you, whoever you are today is you do not want a discussion of the truth or really debate a issue you skip around the issue to suit your agenda.

BHO is a poster child with no backbone or substance prompt up by, a guilty democrat institution with the help of media.
I was willing to play your game but after this sorry find jimd or upchuck to play with.

The labels I called you all stands with no regrets.

Posted by JimD

9:36 AM, Jun 26, 2008

I don't know about JamesB, but I'm still waiting for you to present evidence - any evidence will do - that The Seattle Times is biased.

If you want to change the subject to:
"...BHO is a poster child with no backbone or substance..." that's fine with me.
Go ahead - give us your evidence that Barack Obama has "no backbone".
And why do you think he's a "poster child"?

Posted by jamesb

9:50 AM, Jun 26, 2008


Your yes or no questions are not “discussions”. Prove your point Sir. Show how the Times has been biased. Simply stating that a story has been in the news shows no bias. I am more than willing to wait for you to show how the Times has been biased but you have yet to do so. I did a simply google search and found the stories on the Plame case in several other media outlets. Are they all biased because they cover an ongoing story? Or are they biased in your mind because they are covering a story that creates a problem for your point of view?
Your implication that I can not follow your simple steps is insulting. I have not insulted you. You have done nothing but insult others (jimd, Upchuck and Obama) because you do not have anything of substance to offer. You make accusations and can’t back them up.
When you address me, you are addressing one person living in one house. Tell your story Sir. Show us how the Times is biased.

I’m waiting.

Posted by John

9:52 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Close you eyes and talk to someone who may care what you say!
Your keeping up with your labels kid.

Posted by John

10:08 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Maybe you missed parts of this post. Tell me which part you do not understand?

Posting on this blog is like addressing a letter to someone with three people living in the same house. Jimd forgot who he was again!
I thought you wanted a discussion on the times, I was wrong you have your mind made up.

This post was as I said in steps you couldn’t even follow the direction of yes or no answer.

Your assumption this was an open and closed test is simply wrong, I am the storyteller here I thought?

It was a simple Yes or No questions which both you failed miserably.

If you could have follow the steps through this list and waited for the other 3 posts you would have seen the point “ I was making.”

The problem with people like you, whoever you are today is you do not want a discussion of the truth or really debate a issue you skip around the issue to suit your agenda.

BHO is a poster child with no backbone or substance prompt up by, a guilty democrat institution with the help of media.
I was willing to play your game but after this sorry find jimd or upchuck to play with.

The labels I called you all stands with no regrets.

Posted by jamesb

10:16 AM, Jun 26, 2008


Obviously you can’t prove your point. You resort once again to name calling. You add a single line and then re-post your previous. Do you really believe that saying the same thing over and over again makes it true?

Once again Sir, Please show us how the Times has been biased. Stop the infantile name calling and show your evidence.

Still waiting………

Posted by John

10:26 AM, Jun 26, 2008

to jamesb

May I ask you a simple question?

Posted by jamesb

10:29 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Ask away

Posted by John

10:40 AM, Jun 26, 2008

Actually I’ll ask two questions.

What political persuasion are you?

What was the insult I said to jamesb?

Posted by jamesb

11:05 AM, Jun 26, 2008


I lean toward the democrats but have, and probably will, willingly vote for a republican if I think they are the best candidate. In the ’04 election, I voted for two republicans for statewide office.

In regards to your second question:
From your post @ 10:08 this morning “ This post was as I said in steps you couldn’t even follow the direction of yes or no answer” Implying that I can’t follow directions is an insult.
From the same post “ The problem with people like you, whoever you are today is you do not want a discussion of the truth or really debate a issue you skip around the issue to suit your own agenda” Again, you make implications about my “agenda” and accuse me of “skipping around the issue”. I have been consistent. I have repeatedly asked that you show evidence for your statement that the Seattle Times is biased. You have yet to do so. My “agenda” here is to make people back up the statements they make. If you can prove your point, I will listen. If you can’t, you shouldn’t be making such statements.

And the last line from the same post “ The labels I called you all stand with no regret” A self admission that you have resorted to infantile name calling.
Lastly, you continue to think I am Jimd. I am not. I have not posted on this blog for awhile but I am a very different person than Jimd or Upchuck.

Now that I have answered your questions, please show how the Seattle Times is biased.

Posted by John

11:21 AM, Jun 26, 2008


If someone says you cannot follow instruction and you call it insulting then why couldn’t you answer any of the Yes or No questions?

Could you please answer this without saying I’m insulting you?

I went into this challenge that you presented to me not being Republican or Democrat, Jamesb wouldn’t answer any of my questions and someone else who forgot who was jumped in.

This back and forth could have been avoided and the real issue about the times could have been addressed if only you could answer the YES or No’s

I ‘am sorry Jamesb that you took a question and turned it into a insult you seem like a reasonable person.

Posted by jamesb

11:37 AM, Jun 26, 2008


Let’s get back to the issue at hand. You made the claim that the Seattle Times is biased. I asked you to substantiate that claim. You gave me a list of questions which you want answered in a yes or no format. I’m not going to answer in a yes or no format. Like I said previously, I’m not going to be dealt with like a hostile witness at trail. I don’t see how my answering those questions in your format proves anything. I showed you the results of a quick google search on just one of those stories and asked if the fact those other media outlets are covering that particular story shows any form of bias. You failed to respond.

Now, I ask you once again. Please demonstrate how the Seattle Times is biased. You are the one who made the accusation and therefore should be able to back it up. I have made no comments either way about whether or not the Times is biased. You should be able to prove what you say without asking anyone anything.

What do you have to support your accusation that the Seattle Times is biased? Please lay out your case Sir or retract your statement.

Posted by John

11:55 AM, Jun 26, 2008


The list of YES or No's was not the final results of this issue for me it was a starting point.
As I have said in posts on this subject I had the three other posts to add to my conclusion on the times.

This is not the King county election dept.

I have given you JamesB the opportunity to respond to my questions you refused, you had the one chance not three.
Your refusal is my answers jamesB

Have a good day!

Posted by jamesb

12:27 PM, Jun 26, 2008


Nice try but you have failed. Again, you made the accusation and can’t back it up. Your attempt to turn this back on me falls short. No one has prevented you from posting these “other” posts. Why have you not posted them?

Due to a total lack of evidence in supporting your claim, this case is closed. No evidence has been offered on your part to show the Seattle Times is biased. You have proved nothing more than your own inability to back up your statement.

Next time you come to play, be prepared my friend.

PS….I’ll be away for the remainder of the day but I’ll be back if you want to take another shot.

Posted by John

4:40 PM, Jun 26, 2008

To JamesB and whoever,

Hard to believe we have two “d’s” with the same attitude and IQ on this site.

The chance for something like this to happen is remarkably slim to none.

Have a great evening whoever you are tonight.

Posted by jamesb

5:08 PM, Jun 26, 2008


Again with the personal insults. Now you think you know enough about me to question my IQ? Is your point of view so weak and ill conceived that you can do nothing but throw barbs?
I have done nothing more than ask you to support your own statements. I have not questioned your sincerity or your motives. You have tried to turn the tables and have grown frustrated that I have not played along. You pretend that my refusal to answer a bunch of questions in a yes or no manner somehow has kept you from presenting the evidence you have that the Seattle Times is biased. You call people kid, or d’s or suggest that it’s one person writing under several screen names. You have no basis for these claims and when pushed to back up your talk, you resort to a third grade game of “I’m rubber, you are glue” Give me a break.
You could have actually done some research and proved your case if the proof exists. How many times did the stories you consider questionable appear in the Times compared to other media outlets? What is the Times track record on endorsements? You might not have come up with the answer you want but at least you would know the truth instead of parroting talking points you have heard from others. Are you content to have others tell you what the truth is? Are you afraid the truth may be something other than what you want it to be? Or are you nothing more than an ill informed lazy blow hard that doesn’t know his rear end from a hole in the ground? I’ve given you numerous chances to answer the main question (whether or not the Seattle Times is biased) and you have done nothing but dance around it.
I, and others reading this blog, have no alternative than to believe you are all talk and really don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

Posted by John

5:39 PM, Jun 26, 2008

To jamesB or whoever.

Have a great evening.

Posted by jamesb

5:52 PM, Jun 26, 2008

same to you John.

Posted by JimD

5:59 AM, Jun 27, 2008

Well hell, I'll answer your questions about the stories you posed.
None of those stories ran for the length of time you stated.
I have no idea what that has to do with showing how the Times is biased, but if you're not willing to explain it, I suppose maybe you don't know either.

Look John. The Seattle Times homepage has a search function the upper corner.
The whole paper - every story, letter and editorial - is archived on-line going back years.
If the paper is biased as you claim, surely you can find something ANYTHING there to back-up that statement.

If you can't find any evidence of bias out of years and years of stories - the whole newspaper archive at your fingertips - then you're obviously wrong.

I'm still waiting for you to explain why you think Obama "has no backbone", but finishing either one of your thoughts is fine with me.

Posted by John

9:04 AM, Jun 27, 2008

to jamesB,jimd

I thought you could at least come up with a viable come back (both of you). No use, trying to engage in discussion with someone who has no idea what he's talking about that includes all of you.

If you would have least given me the curiosity to finish my argument then make fools out of yourselves fine I could except that. Far be it for me to get in the way of fools making more Asses of them selves.

Posted by jamesb

9:27 AM, Jun 27, 2008


Get off the cross sir. No one kept you from posting or explaining anything. Both Jimd and I offered you advice as to how to find and demonstrate the evidence to support your claim. How can either of us come up with a counter-argument when you have failed to offer anything to support your claim? How can I answer these mysterious other posts of yours when you have not posted them?
I see Jimd answered your list of yes or no questions and yet you still have not followed up. What is the hang up now John?

PS, your “sorry wrong post” postings on other threads isn’t fooling anyone. Intelligence is measured by the number of times you make the same mistake and you have made that “mistake” numerous times now. You are either doing that intentionally or you just aren’t paying attention.

Posted by John

10:16 AM, Jun 27, 2008

9:59 AM, Jun 27, 2008
“It means stop pretending others are keeping you from making your case. “

I’m not buying that answer I doubt any other God fearing person on this blog will either.
I will not respond to anything you post from here on. There was no need to bring that up you should be ashamed of yourself, but that is asking too much.

Posted by jamesb

10:37 AM, Jun 27, 2008


Again with the excuses. You can’t respond to me because you know you have never made your case.

PS, if you want to play this silly game of “oops sorry wrong post”. I’ll follow you around the blog and answer everywhere you post

Posted by JimD

1:23 PM, Jun 27, 2008

Looks like this thread is about to roll down into the archive when David posts the next story on top.
Just as well...since John can't seem to find anyting - ANYTHING - to support his criticism of bias at The Seattle Times.

Last chance, John. It doesn't have to be a university study - just one snippet, just one little example of the paper's bias your charge is true.
You've got the whole Seattle Times archive right there in front of you.
It shouldn't be hard to find SOMETHING for goodness sake.

Have you ever read The Seattle Times, John?
Are you familiar with its reporters, its editorial staff (hint hint) or it's wire sources?

Posted by John

3:20 PM, Jun 29, 2008

Hillary, is now out of the ring, today we have in the black trunks with Pinko Pokka dots, Barrack Hussein obama who said No,No,No,No to President George W. Bush in supporting FISA Bill and also NO,No,No,No, to wearing American Flag.

In the White trunks with Pinko Pokka dots, we have Barrack Hussein obama who said Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes and voted with President Bush on keeping FISA and Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes, to wearing the American Flag.

May the best …….

“d’s” are losing another election to a REPUBLICAN

Cannot get it RIGHT again.

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