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June 5, 2008 2:08 PM

Burner's odds in 8th improve, says expert

Posted by David Postman

The respected Cook Political Report has reclassified the 8th District race between Congressman Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, and Democrat Darcy Burner. The experts there had listed the race as "Lean Republican" and now it is a "Toss Up."

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Posted by Goldy

3:06 PM, Jun 05, 2008

I can't believe you lend any credibility to those damn "amen analysts" at Cook.

Posted by Alex

8:58 PM, Jun 05, 2008

The only way Reichert getds my vote is if he pulls a party shift. Come on, Dave. Give it up to your conscience [that means - litterally - "with knowledge"]: You can't be a New Millenium Environmentalist and stay on board with the oil interests. Get real - or Darcy will take my vote!!!

Posted by evergreen_representative

11:30 PM, Jun 05, 2008

Considering that Reichert is one of the leading sponsors of an anti-1st Amendment, anti-dissent so-called domestic radicalization bill (can't remember the official name of it and it's too late in the evening for research), the Party of Commons may CONSIDER to help Burner in the 8th District if she or one her campaign officials sends a written e-mail or letter invitation for a meeting with Chairman Mark Greene, Secretary of State candidate.

Posted by Jake

10:08 AM, Jun 06, 2008

Perhaps you could start a riot tonight to show your support for the main stream Democrat party.

Itís your way or the highway, what ever happen to the Democrat cry of Tolerance?

Funny how you guys never mention that word anymore.

You deserve Obama and Burner.

Posted by teve

1:07 PM, Jun 06, 2008

Hey evergreen_representative, why doesn't Chairman Mark Greene get off his high horse and contact Darcy's campaign for a meeting?

Posted by Bothsides

2:34 PM, Jun 06, 2008

*NEW FLASH* Darcy Burner was just selected as cub scout den mother of the year, that ought to really drive her poll numbers up. The Seattle Times is so blatantly in her court it's pathetic, I mean come on, they ran a story on Sunday about who she endorsed for prez, why does it matter and who the hell cares.

Posted by JimD

5:37 PM, Jun 06, 2008

I'm sure the analysis forecasts significant down-ticket advantage for democrats in general.
We'll better know how much that's going to pan out in a few months, but it's certainly a good time to be a democratic challenger.
If Burner actually wins, it will be in the company of a lot of similarly hard-left candidates across the board.
Reichert and others have their work cut out for them, and pandering to environmentalists with lame positions while calling themselves change agents -- ain't gonna do it.

Posted by Phil

6:59 AM, Jun 07, 2008

Rubberstamp Reichert was a failure as a Detective, was a failure as Sheriff and is a big failure as a Congressman.
He needs to go back to the private life.

Posted by Turbine

8:55 AM, Jun 07, 2008

With all of the complaining about Reicherts voting record from the left, I am glad they can turn to Darcy's voting record for complete reassurance of her stances on the issues. What? she doesn't have any voting record? Has she ever taken a position on anything that wasn't 100% preapproved by Pelosi? Of course not, she doesn't think independantly becasue she has no experience.

Posted by NakedTruth

12:02 PM, Jun 07, 2008

Postman you forgot to put the disclaimer at the end:

This naked propaganda for the inexperienced Darcy Burner was bought and paid for by MSM for liberals or just the regular MSM.

Posted by bobbyp

6:51 PM, Jun 07, 2008

JimD: Please define for the peanut gallery what you consider "hard-left". Just asking. Seriously.

Posted by bwo

7:29 PM, Jun 07, 2008

I was working on the opposite side of Reichert in the 2004 election and I'll be supporting him of Burner. I'd rather have a newly found environmental panderer that another Californian democrat that thinks they understand what being a democrat means here. I don't need someone who lives in the corner of the district only for the last 6 years and is completely out of touch with over 1/2 the constituency that I've spent 80% of my life in. Reichert is starting to finally get some personality and semblance of independent thought in office. That's better than what I've seen out of Darcy in any of the position statements.
Man, do I wish Dave Ross would have run again. He would have at least ridden the 2006 momentum.

Posted by Mike in Seattle

8:29 PM, Jun 07, 2008

Support Darcy. With her vast years of experience she has the answer to the war, the economy, homelessness, global warming, budget deficit, saving the Sonics and getting the Seahawks into the Superbowl. What else could you ask for in a representative.

Posted by KS

4:22 PM, Jun 08, 2008

"Support Darcy. With her vast years of experience she has the answer to the war, the economy, homelessness, global warming, budget deficit, saving the Sonics and getting the Seahawks into the Superbowl."

Nice satire. Can she also stop the seas from rising as part of the ground swell for Obama ? This is Reichert's race to lose. He needs to put some effort and though into this campaign and speak of reform because a continuation of Bush policies is radioactive to voters. If he "dials in" this campaign, he may well lose to the progressive lefty loon empty pant suit named Darcy Burner.

Posted by KS

4:24 PM, Jun 08, 2008

Oops, that should read:
He needs to put some effort and thought into this campaign...

Posted by John

6:42 PM, Jun 08, 2008

Burner, Can't hold onto any job longer than 6 years.

Her plan is ending a war which we are winning.

That is her only platform for her election.

She and BO have allot in common.

If you go to her web site she has a picture of herself and Ashley Clark two peas in a pot for sure.
This is the best the party can do?

We would like to know more about her hardship with doctor bills for her sister.

Posted by Huskiebob

3:42 PM, Jun 10, 2008

And of course Darcy has continued to prepare herself for the US House of Representatives by continuing to serve her Homeowner's Association! Yippee. No one will accuse her of being overqualified!

Posted by concernedcitizen

6:11 PM, Jul 01, 2008

So many of the comments thus far are of a supposedly humourous nature. The comments aren't funny really, just slightly masking disdain and even hatred for women.
It's not funny and you aren't foolling the rest of us.
Stay out of public life with your hatred of anything not you...

Posted by Amanda Walker

9:20 PM, Jul 01, 2008

I usually vote Democratic, but I just don't think Darcy Burner has the experience, the judgment, personality, or (quite frankly) the concern for local issues to make an effective Congresswoman for the 8th CD. Given that the US House, Senate, and Presidency will likely be in the hands of Democrats after 2008, I'm actually campaigning (and voting) for Dave Reichert. I disagree with his support of Bush's foreign policy, but that will change with Obama. Quite frankly, as junior Congresswoman, Darcy Burner would not be making US foreign policy -- that will be in the hands of Obama, his Cabinet, State Department, DOD, CIA, senior Senators and Representatives, etc.

I'm really glad no-one was hurt in today's fire, and sorry for the trauma and loss of personal possessions and momentos the Burners suffered. Darcy has a support-network like no other fire-victim, and I'm sure will be running for office again tomorrow, as she stated. She's lucky her husband supports her financially and takes care of their kid. I wish them the best in rebuilding their home -- but I hope she loses the election again.

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