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Chief political reporter David Postman explores state, regional and national politics.

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June 3, 2008 7:39 PM

Sims switches to Obama, Inslee holds with Clinton

Posted by David Postman

King County Executive Ron Sims, a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton since last year, tonight endorsed Barack Obama. He said in a statement:

As a superdelegate and President of the National Democratic County Officials, I supported Senator Hillary Clinton early on and am truly honored to have been co-chair of her Washington State campaign. She is an extraordinary leader, and I have maintained my support for Senator Clinton through the grueling national primary and caucus process. Through it all I have been impressed by the wealth of riches we have had with two exceptional candidates. Now it is time for me to join other Democrats to unite behind Senator Obama. Senator Obama will bring much needed change and excitement to this country when he is elected President of the United States.

Sims becomes the first state superdelegate to switch in the drawn-out campaign for the Democratic nomination. Two superdelegates, Ed Cote, and Sharon Mast, have yet to say who they back.

Congressman Jay Inslee, a Clinton co-chair here along with Sims and former Gov. Gary Locke, is sticking with Clinton at least until tomorrow. He said in an e-mail:

This is an historic moment where two candidates have advanced historic causes, so we should all be proud of what Democrats have acheived. Sen. Clinton has asked for our thoughts and I will give her my advice privately tomorrow. I know we will be a united party for this noble cause.

Sims was a (relatively) early backer of Clinton. He endorsed her last September and was named to her Environment and Energy Task Force and was named a co-chairman of her state campaign.

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June 3, 2008 4:11 PM

Locke, a Clinton co-chair, now backs Obama

Posted by David Postman

Former Gov. Gary Locke told Seattle Times reporter Ralph Thomas this afternoon that he has switched his support to Barack Obama. Locke was one of three co-chairmen on the Clinton campaign here. We're waiting to hear from Ron Sims and Jay Inslee.

It’s clear that the primary contest is over. Sen. Obama has done an incredible job of inspiring and energizing voters. We need to bring this to an end. We can not wait. This can not go to the convention. It’s time for us all to rally around Sen. Obama.

We should and must rally around him. I am very proud to support Sen. Obama.

Locke said he's not worried about the long, bitter primary fight. In fact, he thinks it will help Obama because it fired up the Democratic base, brought in a lot of new voters and given a lot more exposure to key Democratic issues such as health care, the environment and the economy.

The Democrats have had the luxury of two incredibly outstanding candidates.

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June 3, 2008 9:19 AM

SEIU's new political plan

Posted by David Postman

One of the nation’s largest unions revamped its constitution at a convention in Puerto Rico yesterday. Among the changes at SEIU is system that will send more money from locals to union headquarters in D.C. SEIU Leaders say will use that to launch an unprecedented campaign to help elect Barack Obama president and send pro-union lawmakers to Congress.

In Washington state, the Service Employees International Union is the largest active unions. But the new union rules will see more dues money from members here going to finance campaign activities in states more likely to decide the presidential election. David Rolf, president of SEIU Healthcare 775NW, said:

I think there’ll be an exporting of resources and talents to some of the swing states to mobilize union members.

Rolf says SEIU will still be active in campaigns here. But, he said, “We aren’t seeing competitive races emerging all over the state.” That means money and resources can be sent elsewhere.

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