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May 6, 2008 11:17 AM

Reichert makes endangered list

Posted by David Postman

Congressman Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, is on Roll Call's list of the 10 most vulnerable members of Congress. Here's what Josh Kurtz says about him:

It's tough to go from hero cop to endangered incumbent in such a short stretch of time, but that's the former King County sheriff's fate in a suburban Seattle district that is steadily becoming more Democratic. Reichert still has a reservoir of good will to draw from as he fights off Democrat Darcy Burner for the second straight cycle. But Burner has become a more polished and confident campaigner -- and has outpaced the incumbent on the fundraising front for the past few quarters.

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Posted by km

2:22 PM, May 06, 2008

From hero cop to polished congressman would seem a more likely description of Dave Reichert's four years in Congress. From a job with significant visibility and limited speaking role, he's now both knowledgeable about a wide spectrum of issues and a polished public speaker. The growth this man has demonstrated in just four years is remarkable. Burner may warrant the praise you offer, but I'm convinced Reichert is worthy of at least similar praise.

Posted by Turbine

4:36 PM, May 06, 2008

You can always count on Postman to forward a negative article about Reichert. He will not take a critical look at Darcy's lack of experience, her arrogance, her unwillingess to work with members of the opposite party to acomplish ANYTHING. Heck she has never served in any public capacity . But she is as far left as they come just ask Goldy.

Posted by evergreen_representative

9:30 PM, May 06, 2008

I just heard a "left wing" radio announcer say that the American public has only two choices in the General Election for president. That was an outright lie, of course. There is nothing keeping voters from going outside the major parties for their choices for president and other offices except a willful resistance to reform of the political system and the hypnotic power of the Corporate Mainstream News Media (CMNM), although, institutional biases do make it harder for a fair democracy to thrive.

This is the same CMNM that keeps telling the voters of the 8th Congressional District that the congressional election only contains the choices of Burner & Reichert, which thousands of voters have come to find out otherwise through the campaign of C. Mark Greene, primarily, in the northern west areas of the district.

Today, I returned from a successful Party of Commons Convention at the Seattle Central Library where Senator C. Mark Greene was declared the nominee for the 8th Congressional District U.S. representative office. Mark gave a good speech and made an honorary reference to William Jennings Bryan, "the Great Commoner".

Our latest unofficial street poll (Committee of Commons & Political Affairs) shows Burner at 39%, Reichert at 38%, C. Mark Greene at 22%, and other choices at 1%.

Mark keeps gaining ground on Burner & Reichert with the Top 2 Primary getting closer.

Posted by evergreen_representative

9:41 PM, May 06, 2008

"Senator" C. Mark Greene -- no, that's not a typo. Read the POC_Senator blog for a full understanding.

Posted by Daniel K

11:38 PM, May 06, 2008

km said, "Burner may warrant the praise you offer"

Umm... what praise did Postman offer? He reported on an influential D.C. watchdog publication's assessment of the race.

Turbine said, "You can always count on Postman to forward a negative article about Reichert."

Perhaps that's because Postman recognizes that the district has probably never had a representative on such a list, and as such this is notable.

Posted by evergreen_representative

6:17 AM, May 07, 2008

I noticed that there wasn't a single public issue discussed so far in this thread, so I'll bring up one now. Dave Reichert teamed up with a Democrat from California, Jane Harman, to pass an anti-civil libertarian bill that ultimately seeks to criminalize dissent.

It's stalled in the Senate, now, because of its controversial nature that had previously gone under the radar. Some people call it "Patriot Act Lite." I guess the alleged "lite" aspect enabled the entire Washington federal House of Representatives delegation to vote for it. Even Jim McDermott, surprisingly, voted for it.

What are the odds that if Burner had been elected in '06 that she would have gone along with the crowd? I would say 99 - 1. 8th District challenger, Mark Greene, on the contrary, would have definitely stood with Dennis Kucinich and a handful of others and voted against that bill.

Posted by evergreen_representative

6:35 AM, May 07, 2008

P.S. (to evergreen_representative post regarding "Patriot Act Lite")

Error (faux pas):

The odds that Burner would have gone along with the crowd would be 1 - 99, not 99 - 1. It's very early in the morning for posting, and it has been a while since I've been to Emerald Downs.

Posted by Turbine

8:24 AM, May 07, 2008

NOw if Postman was forwarding the article "BURNER MAKES THE UNQUALIFIED LIST" it might be more relevant. The first list showing Burner as unemployed with no public service, no volunteerism no charity work, no support for local schools and no desire to serve her district,just her party.

Posted by Matt

11:37 AM, May 07, 2008

Endangered? I doubt it. I voted against Reichert last election cycle only because I wanted to get the Republicans out of the majority, not because he's unqualified. The 8th is leaning more Democratic, but Burner just isn't that great of a candidate to challenge Reichert.

Posted by jimvaughnforcongress

5:12 PM, May 07, 2008

Dear Seattle,

Here is a copy of my reply to Sound Politics earlier today. Oh by the way, my name is Jim Vaughn, former army major, who joined fellow officers called the fighting democrats to run for congress and get the war in Iraq turned around. Bottom line is we are tired of politicans stand in front of the troops for photo ops but not standing behind them when it comes to armament needed for protection or veteran benefits.

2. Dear True Soldier,

I am with the right party. As a small business owner, I believe that this is where I belong. The democratic party has lost sight of a lot of issues in the name of partisan politics. Actually, I can appreciate your position regarding Dave Reichert. I vote for the person not the party. I vote for the issues not the party. Truth be told, I voted for Dave in the last election and would have done so in this election if he had kept a promise that he made to me. Tells you something about how I feel about Darcy Burner.

Now I am running against Dave because he broke a promise to me and turned his back on the disabled veterans. Here is the rest of the story.

Last spring, I was at a Veteran Fair sponsored by Dave Reichert. I informed Dave that Sally and I have a business that is focused on assisting veterans obtain full time employment, with the priority going to individual returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. I told Dave that we would like to help the seriously disabled veterans. We are spending billions to rebuild Iraq and at the same time shuffling the disabled veterans to the bottom of the deck. At that time we had over 700 seriously disabled service members at Fort Lewis.

With today's technology and the internet, I was seeking money to fund a program to assist our disabled Veterans with a home office and the training so they can work from home in a meaningful profession. Dave told me that if the grant process did not work out that he would submit a bill through appropriations.

Common sense tells me that this would receive unanimous approval in Washington D.C. It would be political suicide to vote against such a bill to assist disabled Veterans. This would have been a huge boost to Congressman Reichert's career. However, repeated e-mails and telephone calls to his office did not result in any action.

Dave Reichert has not passed one piece of legislation. Currently he is ranked 419 out of 439 congressmen, which is below representatives from Guam, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that are non-voting members. Dave Reichert has sponsored 32 bills since Jan 4, 2005, of which 28 haven't made it out of committee and zero were successfully enacted.
Typically, new employees have a 90 day probationary period to prove themselves. Dave Reichert has had a two year probationary period. The job is not a good fit for him or for us. The Republican Party wants to keep Dave in office and not because he is a strong congressman. Dave will do whatever the party tells him to do in order to survive. We have seen that he is a yes man for George Bush. I ask you, "If Dave Reichert were in the board room with Donald Trump on the apprentice, what would Donald say?"

Posted by Turbine

8:07 PM, May 07, 2008

He would say "Darcy, you were fired 5 years ago and you are fired again now." How about giving the candidate from your party a primary contest Major? I might even seriously consider voting for you. But Please don't try to tell us that Darcy is in any way shape or form a better choice for congress. If you have the ambition to serve ,run as the anti-Burner alternative, I thonk you will find that Dwight doesn't want anybody that cannot be "told" what to do.

Posted by Turbine

9:20 PM, May 07, 2008

I see a website Major, I do not see an FEC filing.

Posted by jimvaughnforcongress

10:21 AM, May 08, 2008

Dear Turbine,

FEC Number is C00449751

Don't see the filing number on other websites. Will put this on. If it is a concern to you, it will be a concern to others.


Posted by Turbine

2:50 PM, May 08, 2008

So when and where is the first debate with Burner scheduled? What has Dwight Pelz done about your announcement? Is he staying neutral? Or is he giving you "Friendly advise " to get out the of "Chosen ones" way? Most likely he hasn't said a word to you.

Posted by jimvaughnforcongress

11:47 PM, May 08, 2008

What is to debate? I have taken a stand on the issues and offered solutions. All Darcy has done is play party politics, call for immediate troop withdrawal and place our troops in greater danger. What has she said that has any substance. Darcy is a typical party girl, playing party politics.

Jim Does Listen and Understands: I frequently hear voters voice their frustration over the choice of candidates. They typically feel like they are making a selection between the lesser of two evils. If there were a third candidate called “None of the above” he or she would certainly win. I hear voters concern about the issues and their frustration with campaign rhetoric. A recent poll described in the July 16th Economist, asked voters if they thought their elected officials represented their priorities. Only 17 percent said yes. And, if we look at the policies being put in place by those in office we repeatedly see that the American people are correct – their views are unrepresented. As a result, I have listened to the voters and have addressed their issues.

If you read my biography, it will be obvious that my credentials are superior to my opponents. As a former Armor Officer, I understand military operations. At the end of my military career, I worked as an analyst. My last two projects were:

2004 Airborne Study: Conditions that would cause us to go into another war in the Middle East and how we would fight the initial entry battles. Bottom line is that I understand the issues in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My last project was the creation of a Prioritized List of Capital Expenditures that I briefed to Senior Officers at the Pentagon. This program became the cornerstone for the US Army Long Range Budget Planning.
During the first Gulf War, Senior Army Officers knew that there were going to be significant budget and personnel cuts after the war. This was a tough time and serious issues had to be addressed. For example, do we fund trucks to replace a worn out fleet that had been in action since the Korean War? Do we fund research for synthetic skin and synthetic plasma? Do we continue R&D for anti-aircraft weapons? My job was to create a program to prioritize all US Army expenditures/military programs, which covered a $300 billion dollar budget. The analysis provided senior officers with a prioritized list of expenditures allowing them to determine which programs to fund during a recession and time of downsizing.
With the eventual withdrawal from the current Gulf War, the huge budget deficit, and a recession looming overhead, we are again faced with another series of budget cuts. One of my strengths is the ability to prioritize capital expenditures and address serious budget issues in order to keep the essential services. Now that we are facing another serious federal deficit, recession and trade deficit, we need experience individuals to represent our country.

However, I want to highlight that I am far from perfect. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and at 53 years of age, I have lived long enough for life to have dealt me some hard times. I left active duty after the first Gulf War, and struggled to find employment during the recession. I know from personal experience what it is like to be on the road for over a month on business and come home to find out the company I worked for went bankrupt. No paycheck and credit cards maxed out for expenses that were to be reimbursed. At that point in my life, I became self employed so to never place my future in another persons hands. After struggling for nearly three years and barely surviving the crash my company folded in the fall out from the 911 disaster. Again I had to start over. Life is not always fair and bad things happen to good people.

I would not ask a voter to do something that I would not do myself. Voters have made it very clear that their main concerns are the economy, the war in Iraq, and our health care system. Because of the recession and my personal experiences after the first Gulf War, I have particular concerns regarding the employment opportunities for our returning veterans and the lack of medical coverage for their families once they are released from active duty.

Does Darcy Listen? At a Darcy Burner fund raiser, I hear the pain and frustration from an Iraq veteran and family member that lost his son in Iraq. Rather than listening to this individual, in a demeaning tone of voice, Darcy asked this gentleman sit down and be quiet so we (she) could talk about ending the war. This man served in Iraq, has been there and could probably shed some light on the issue. If this were my fund raiser, I would have invited that gentleman to the podium and let him speak and he is welcome to speak at any of my events. Since Darcy does not listen to the voters during a campaign, we can only assume she will not listen if elected.
Darcy Burner’s You Tube Video stating that there is no end in sight, that it is time to bring the troops home and other anti-war rhetoric is a serious concern. We all want this war to be over and have our service members back home. However, this is a global society and comments that we need to get immediately out of Iraq lends support to the Islamic terrorists. When our military is trying to restore peace, these comments create a feeding frenzy for the zealots and place our service members in greater danger. In the interest of safety for our troops that are currently in the field of operation, drawn down discussions and exit plans need to be conducted behind closed doors. Darcy’s publishing and broadcasting her views, gives the terrorists information that could be used to their advantage. Remember the saying, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.
A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq: proposes expanded use of non-military personnel working at the grassroots level to strengthen the capacity of towns and villages to resist the insurgency on their own, as well as an internationalization of the effort. The end goal should be the creation of a network of local Provisional Reconstruction Teams reaching the entirety of the Iraqi population, thus addressing the medical, agricultural, educational, and commercial needs of the population served…. The Department of State, Agriculture, Commerce, Transportation, Justice and Treasury must be directly engaged in creating this solution, rather than assigning everything to our military.
The trouble is that the world is not an ivory tower. Given the capture and torture of American service members and civilians, grass roots diplomacy is a dangerous undertaking? Would you want to be a member of a Provisional Reconstruction Team at this time?
The plan issues a statement that the President should restate that, “The United States does not seek to control Iraq’s oil.” Why are we not using the money from the oil fields to rebuild Iraq and pay for our war efforts? Where is that money going and what happened to the saying, “To the Victor Go the Spoils”? Being politically correct is often times synonymous with nonsense.

Posted by Turbine

9:10 AM, May 09, 2008

You had better call for a Debate early and often if you want to win Jim .I doubt you can get her to agree to do it , you might embarass her. You are not the chosen one with the State Democratic party, you will need to make your case to ALL of the people since we no longer have a closed primary. It will be the difference between having your name on the ballot and really fighting for the position. Make sure you tell us if Burner tries to "Buy you out" with a campaign position in return for dropping out of the race, Cantwell did it, twice.

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